A Thing of Nature
A Thing of Nature
Summary: IC Poem, given by Rutger Nayland to Rosanna Groves
Date: 10/05/2012 (OOC Date)
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Inside the plain box, wrapped in deep purple ribbon, Rosanna would find a rolled up piece of parchment, that when unrolled would show Calligraphy-painstakingly done with a Grand tree Drawn at the top, And bits of nature worked into the words and border without overwhelming the script kept on page.
May 10 289 A.L.

Your hair like firelight

Dances with a shift of breeze

Hiding your eyes

Which shine and haunt,Clear as crystal and more precious than stone

Your laugh

The seed of a great tree which

Roots itself into my soul, bearing sweet fruit.

When you dance

It is akin to leaves caught in the air, during autumns twilight.

Graceful and enchanting. Gifted by the seven

And your words, like water, life giving.

Oh to drink from that font.

You are a thing of nature

And beauty

Stunning to behold, and that would make a man pursue till his heart burst

Whom I would pursue