Page 308: A Stroll Among Cousins
A Stroll Among Cousins
Summary: Riordan runs into Jocelyn, and the two take a stroll together. Gratitude is given, and they talk about the upcoming melee and other things.
Date: 24/05/2012
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Jocelyn Riordan 
Merchant Stalls - The Twins
A section of the tent camps at the Tourney Grounds where craftsmen hawk their wares.
Wed May 23, 289

Here at the Twins, the sun sets over the large collection of tents and pavilions housing scores of noble men and ladies who continue to gather for the tournament. In addition to the shelters for nobles, though, there are also industrious craftsmen who have taken the oppurtunity to offer their services. Smiths are some of the most in demand, but with the joust over, the farrier that Riordan Nayland currently speaks with seems slightly less so, and the man seems utterly focused as the Regent of Stonebridge oversees the work the man has just done on the Nayland Knight's own charger. "Hmmm," is the only sound that comes from Riordan at the moment, as he carefully inspects one of the newly shod hooves. Nearby, a guard in Stonebridge colors lingers, watching over his lord.

Unlike the rest of the crowds, Jocelyn was coming back from the open fields. There wasnt much to see over that way, but it was interesting to watch some practice for the coming events. She weaves through the crowds, being such to stay out of the way of swinging tools that are being used by the Smiths and craftsmen.
Her Lady's maid eeps loudly, just as Jocelyn guard takes her by the warm and pulls her back before she runs into a craftsmen. "My apologies." Jocelyn says to the craftsmen and then looks up at her guard in appreciation. "You'll becareful about not, My Lady, too many of these men are grabby and desperate for work from the Lords and Knights." Jocelyn simply nods her head and continues on her way.

Riordan purses his lips thoughtfully, patting his horse's side and letting the charger drop it's foot. Under the skilled handling of the Regent, the charger seems perfectly willing to tolerate being near to the sounds and smells of the nearby craftsmen, while Riordan handles paying the farrier. "There, the agreed upon amount," he says. The farrier opens his mouth, perhaps to try and haggle, but at the Nayland's raised eyebrow, he falls silent. Then, as Riordan turns, he glances to the side at some movement nearby, and spots a familiar face. "Cousin!" he calls, a happy grin on his expression.

The familiar voice drifts to Jocelyn and she looks side to side before she spots Riordan just a little ways a way. A smile appears accross her lips and she lifts a hand midway to wave to him.
At the sound of Riordans voice, her hard too releases Jocelyns arm for her to move about freely. Keeping an eye out for movements. The ones she seems to not be paying attention to. The ones that will get the man killed if he isnt watching.
Jocelyn gives the craftsmen that seems to have had some dealings with her Cousin a once over. After a long pause she nods her head at him and then dismisses him as she looks back to Riordan. "Ah, you are looking much better the times I've seen you recently, Cousin."

"Mostly thanks to you, my lady," Riordan notes, with a wide grin that is only slightly self-depricating at the memory. "I apologize for you needing to see me in such a state. And I thank you as well, for the care you gave me. I am in your debt." And, indeed, he offers his cousin a deep bow of gratitude, before handing off his horse's reigns to the guard. "See him to the pickets. I'll remain with my cousin and her escort, and you can find us after." The man only hesitates a moment, before offering a stiff nod, and moving off with the steed. "How have you been finding the Tournament thus far, Cousin Jocelyn?" he then asks her, turning back to her once that is dealt with.

"Very exciting, indeed." Jocelyn replies when all business is handled with the steed. "I was just out watching practice sessions just now. Some, it seems do not wish for the events to be over as soon as they are." she smiles, turning her head back to look back to where she just came from. "Deteremined men." Her hands grasp hold of one another in front of her as she stands before her Cousin. "How does your sister, My Lady Cousin, Roslyn fair? I fear I have not seen her since the first day but for a moment in passing. She was not well when I saw her last. A cold, I believe."

"Indeed. I think many hold those practices simply to draw eligible ladies such as yourself," Riordan notes, with a bemused and teasing smile. "But yes, it is indeed exciting. I've missed the feel of such." It's certainly no secret that Riordan traveled the Tourney circuit, himself, in years past. As to the question of his sister, the male Nayland nods his head to Jocelyn, saying, "She is doing better, thank you, for which I am glad. I felt guilty enough that she took sick due to our travels of late, and had half a mind to forbid her coming here with me, but… well, being a Nayland woman yourself, I am sure you know the futility of such a thought." He offers the smallest of winks to his cousin, then moves alongside her, and offers his arm. "Might I escort you on your travels through the camp, dear cousin?"

"Oh Cousin…" Jocelyn laughs softly, "You know better than I that it makes little difference if those men find me eligible or not. Or that I become attracted to them or not." She looks up at him, "It's best to have indifference to them on all accounts, for the moment I start to care of one of them, I'll be promised to another." She says these words as if they are matter of fact and with no humor behind them. It would appear she believes them completely.
"I'm glad to hear she is doing better." Jocelyn takes her cousins arm at the offer of it to her, "Thank you. However, yes, I do not see Lady Roslyn sitting by in her chambers while everyone else watched you at the tourney. Just as I would have risked my good health for such a thing, if I were in her position."

"Well, I did not say it was practical. But many a man likes to show off, and even more so wherever ladies abound," Riordan notes, with an easy grin. He nods in light approval of Jocelyn's sentiment, though, or lack-there-of. "You are more sensible then some of your cousins. Myself included," he notes idly, lightly patting the hand on his arm as they begin to stroll through the nearby stalls and onwards in the direction Jocelyn was taking before he waved her down. "Mind you, she at least allowed me to take her to the Maester before we left. And had he deemed it utterly irresponsable to let her out, my Lord Father and I would have done what we could to keep her there. But as it was, we all compromised on her coming, and me bringing vial medicines to pour down her throat." He chuckles idly, noting, "It is true what they say. A good compromise leaves noone being happy with the results."

"Would you really expect nothing less from Ser Rygar's sister?" Jocelyn asks him teasingly, "If I get the smile, then we should at least share similar ideas or at the very least senibility." As they stroll she keeps her eyes forward, only occassionally looking up at him when he speaks. She pays attention those that they pass, though not greating them, she notes them.
"Has she allowed you pour that medicine down her throat?" She asks interested, "Somehow I do not picture her being the time to take medicine in kind." she laughs just softly and looks up at him.

"Point," Riordan concedes with a light laugh and a broad smile, glancing aside at his cousin. "Though it isn't just the smile. You are far more personable besides," he notes, with even more fondness then he has shown in the past. Apparently helping him get more sleep and getting rid of a headache earned his young cousin points in his book. "And, well, as to that, I have my ways," he adds cryptically, amusement in his eyes, as he replies regarding the inquiry about Roslyn. "Though I should likely have guards placed on my quarters the next time I fall ill."

"I believe being personable comes from being away from home for most of my impressionable years." Jocelyn returns. When she looks at him this time, the fondness she sees in his eyes stirs something inside her, before she realizes that she had fallen into looking at him the same way. She was drawing closer to her cousin.
Laughing again softly, "I do hope you've learned. When you get ill, just have your guard come retrieve me." she says, "I'll get to you before your Sister has a chance to make her retaliation."

"Yes, that is right, you spent most of your recent years here, correct?" Riordan asks, gesturing a hand at the nearby shadow of the Twins themselves. "How did you find it?" he asks, curiously. He does not seem to mind any closeness sought out by his cousin, though seems rather distracted by her words, as he lets out another easy laugh. "Indeed, I have learned that lesson well, my lady, and shall hold you to that promise." His eyes smile just as much as his lips as he says that. "Just be glad I am not likely to participate in the melee, or I would be needing your skills far too soon, I think."

Jocelyn looks toward the Twins as he gestures, "Yes. They were kind to me. As kind as one could be to someone that is not their own." she says honestly, "I do not believe they ever fully trusted me. However, I feel that if I had been in their position I would not been much better then they were. They served their purpose and I would like to think that I made enough of an impression to be liked."
"I do not think I could watch you in the Melee, if I am being honest cousin." Jocelyn shakes her head, "The joust is one thing, but melee, it makes me uneasy for even those I do not know." There seems to be a soft spot in her. Not one that she allows to show often.

"Well, our family has had perhaps not the best history of late with our overlords," Riordan admits, with a nod. "But I am glad that you upheld our family so well, Cousin, in there eyes." He smiles to Jocelyn, and there is true pride for her in his eyes, before he nods to her admission regarding the melee. "I've never cared much for the melee, anyhow. The Joust is my passion, and it takes true skill." He studies his cousin, perhaps making note of the soft spot, but showing easy acceptance of it as well. "Besides, if the fighting on the Isles taught me anything, it is that even though I can make a good showing in such as needed, I am no infantryman. I am a Knight, a cavalryman. That is my place in this world."

"You would think," Jocelyn says thoughtfully, "That considering the fighting that is done enough as it is, men would not wish to perform in melee tourny's." on this point she seems somewhatever confused by the reasoning and shakes her head, "But then again, maybe it is their way of keeping themselves trained and well equiped." Looking up at him for confirmation or understanding on the matter.

Riordan considers the thought for a moment, pursing his lips, before answering. "The training is certainly part of it. The melee is open to all, so it is good experience for those who have yet to face real battle, I suppose. As well, there is also the reality that not all men can participate in the Joust, or simply lack the proficiency to. Indeed, there are annointed knights who have little enough skill for it. And yet, unless they be hedge knights with little pride, most seek to make a name for themselves before the lords and ladies of the realm. The melee allows for this." He glances to Jocelyn, and gives the lightest of rolls with his shoulder. "In the end, though, every man is different, as is every woman I've no doubt. All find pleasures in different things." A pause, as he offers a smile and a chuckle, before noting, "Besides, it is also often more exciting to bet upon. Unlike the joust, there is far more chance and luck involved, so the odds tend to be greater, as are the risks and the rewards."

"Perhaps this is why I did not take the to the swords when my Father thought I should learn." Jocelyn says and a smile comes onto her face. "I do know how to lift one, perhaps /I/ shall try, if its open to anyone." This of course is said in jest, as he is well aware not only would her parents forbid just a thing, her Brother would probably have a stroke of some sort. "I could pick it up and take stabs or something of the like."

"He did?" Riordan asks, lifting an eyebrow in mild surprise at that. Her words, even said in jest, actually have Riordan studying her for a time - though given who the younger of his sisters is, perhaps it is little wonder. In the end, though, he gives a small chuckle, and notes, "Well, as long as you don't offer yourself as squire to Rowenna, I suppose I can't complain overmuch." And, on that note, he will change the subject to more casual lines of conversation, as he and his lady cousin continue through the lanes of the camp, followed by Jocelyn's guard and maid.

"He did. They did not last long, and I was terrible at it." Jocelyn explains, "I do promise that I will not go to Lady Rowenna and ask for such a task." she easily laughs with him, "I do not I would live through such a thing." And when he changes the subject to easier conversation she falls into it with him. She easily leans into him and walks between the waves of people.