Page 046: A Small Discussion
A Small Discussion
Summary: After the large meeting in the Library, Avinashi and Jacsen have a quieter talk.
Date: 28/08/2011
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Avinashi Jacsen 
A quiet room in Four Eagles Tower
A nice, clean room with some chairs, a table, possibly a bed.
28 August 288

Jacsen and Avinashi depart the small library together, and Avinashi is content to be silent as they make their way down the steps and to whatever location the young Lord Terrick has chosen. It is once they step inside the room and the door closes that Avinashi regards her lord with a little more comfort and a little less formality. Still, she is quiet, allowing him the option of speaking first.

"Forgive my brother," Jacsen requests, or perhaps suggests, as they step down the hall together, the weight of his statement left for when they retire into a side chamber, the weight on his leg easing when he finds a surface to sit upon. "He and his former squire do not see eye to eye on several matters, and it rears its head enough at times to make them both forget the better graces of their nature."

He returns that comfort, and the lack of formality that Avinashi gives him, his smile warming some as he ponders her. "You've become quite popular amongst the folk of the Roost already, it seems. I am quite certain my brother Jarod is rather smitten."

She finds a place to sit, lowering herself as she considers. "It is quite the peculiar topic for a pair of men to debate so passionately; the theoretical likelihood of women warriors. There is more to that than just philosophy." Avinashi's lips twitch upwards. "You sister does not have any secret aspirations to take up the sword, does she?" For her reception at the Roost, the Dornish woman nods. "Good," she murmurs, "that is as it should be, if I am to do my duty well. Jarod is rather smitten with Dorne. It is the trapping that beguile him, not the woman, but I do believe he attempts to be… gallant, in his way."

"He is smitten with the notion of a Dornish woman, which I think lies somewhere between what we both have to say," Jacsen remarks, with a quiet chuckle. "As to his debate with Lord Rowan… well. Their parting was not completely amicable, nor foreseen. More than that, I'd rather not say."

He would rather not say, and so Avinashi does not ask, merely dipping her head a little in acquiescence. She waits, instead, hands resting in her lap, to hear what it is Jacsen would wish to say.

"There is a woman, new to ownership of the Rockcliff Inn. I would like you to find a moment to meet her," Jacsen observes, "As she is upon work that is favored by my lord Mallister, and to the benefit of Terrick's Roost. I would like to enjoy sound relations." He lets out a slow breath, sinking deeper into his seat. "This matter with my brother…"

"Then I shall do so," Avinashi agrees with a small nod. "Will you tell me," she asks gently, "of this matter with your brother? Things seem more tangled than they were, even before you left Seagard."

Jacsen's lips thin on that topic, but he does not neglect to share what he knows with his trusted Avinashi. "The short of it is that my brother lacks the qualities needed to handle the most delicate of matters, and in seeking to follow what he thought trustworthy counsel," he frowns, "Which indeed it seems it was not, he made quite a mess of some things that did not need to be a mess. Most presently, the matter of Lord Anton Valentin's patents of nobility."

Avinashi considers all of this, studying Jacsen's face as she does. "Your brother needs wisdom," she concludes, "or, barring that, a very, very good wife. But, it is unclear. What has he done in regards to Lord Anton Valentin that has brought about such trouble?"

"He thought it… prudent to seek word from King's Landing of the noble patents of Anton Valentin, when it had been whispered in his ear that the man might be less than what he claims," Jacsen remarks for the sake of the Dornish woman, shaking his head quietly. "He seems exceedingly competent at taking piss poor advice of late, and ignoring the counsel he should be taking."

The Dornish woman's eyes widen a little and she sucks in a small, surprised little breath for Jaremy's decision. "And who whispered such a thing so strongly that this was the Young Lord's response?"

"I think his Amelia, the whore he took too close into his confidence, though the idea might not have originated from her," Jacsen concedes, shaking his head some. "It's all quite the mess, Ashi, one I am still struggling to untangle, before I can start setting everything to right."

"The one in the dungeon," Avinashi inquires very carefully, "who is to be hung for murder and who is known to be a spy?" She frowns, just the smallest bit, as the complexities of the current mess begins to make themselves clear. "I shall meet the new owner of the Rockcliff, now seems a particularly important time for this family to have many friends. What else might I do to assist, my lord?"

"The Lady Camden. She's a touch… peculiar at times, but a valued ward of my lord father and one I should like to count in our confidences, when the circumstances permit," Jacsen remarks, his attention never leaving Avinashi, even when he begins to rub at his leg. "I would like your assessment of her, and the new owner of the Rockcliff besides."

"Of course, my lord," Avinashi replies. Her gaze shifts down to Jacsen's hand and the knee it rubs and then back up again. "Would you rest a while, my lord? I expect things will get more complicated yet, before they can be unwound. It is the nature of things."

"And so it has been since the day I arrived, it seems," Jacsen concurs, letting out a faint sigh. "But I knew it would be difficult, getting my hands on all of this that seems to swirl about the Roost. I am glad I've you here to help me puzzle through it all, Ashi." There is something of a hopeful smile in that. "And I will rest, yes."

She smiles softly for that, her gaze dropping for a moment. Well pleased by such light praise, it seems. "I would wish to be nowhere else," Avinashi replies quietly. She rises gracefully from her chair, twitching the folds of her strange garb back into place. "I will leave you to your rest, then, my lord. Be well, until we speak again."