Page 441: A Slave to Semantics
A Slave to Semantics
Summary: A patrol leaves the Roost and dicussions are had relating to vigilanties and semantics
Date: 06/Oct/2012
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Streets, Terrick's Roost
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Sat Oct 06, 289

With the early morning's duty done and dealt with Darion is now riding from the tower with a group of men-at-arms. Not a huge group, just a enough for a patrol. A morning star hanging from his side as usual and spear and shield in his hands. Riding along the still rather empty green.

Mortimer is, as per usual,out and about around the town. He's so far made little progress on his latest investigation, but it's still early days yet and he's hoping a few questions in the right ears today will get result in what he needs. With his mind on those matters he doesn't immediately spot the approaching patrol, but the sound of their hooves does draw his attention long before any issues might have occurred. Ensuring he's safely off to the side he pays them little further attention, other than to nod respectfully as the Terrick lord approaches.

Darion smiles and rides along, glancing towards the man, dipping his head. "Master Mortimer. It is good to see you again. Are things as they should?" He asks. Might as well see if there is anything he can do before he sets out. "I just thought of riding on out on the patrol." As if it wasn't obvious with the small group he has with him. Though perhaps it is more just so that the man knows that a patrol is out. He is the deputy after all.

Nathaniel is riding from he east toward the tower when he, too, spots the approaching patrol. His business is not urgent. He slows his mare when he sees the mounted men, and watches, and then notes that they are talking to someone. He nudges his horse forward to pause at the edge of the group on horseback, just close enough to determine if this is anything that he should mention to the lords at the keep. Then he spots that the man is Mortimer, and his posture relaxes slightly.

"m'Lord," Mortimer replies briefly, "good day to you." A quick glance is given to the men, with nods to those he knows of old before he turns back to Darion and his question. "All is in hand here," not quite as they should be, but in hand at least. "Good luck to you then Ser," he states, after the intention to patrol is stated, "may the gods watch over you and bring you all back safe and well." Now really isn't the time for another missing Terrick after all. As for Nathaniel, he isn't spotted yet as Darion is taking up his attention.

Darion smiles, "Please, Darion is enough. Or ser." He offers with a bright smile. Nodding to the man's words, "Good to hear, and thank you." Smiling rather sweetly as usual before starting to make his horse trot, spotting the courier. "Master Corbitt." He greets, about to continue on.
Darion is upon horseback, leading a small patrol of men. Darion carries a morning star at his side and shield and spear in hand. Armor clad as well, of course.

"Aye m'Lord," Mortimer replies with practiced ease, it's almost as if Darion isn't the first Terrick to try and get him to drop the proper formailities. As it looks like the man is about to head off again he steps a little to the side once more, ensureing that the horses have all the room they need then turns to seek out Nathaniel, since his presence has now been announced.
You paged Justin with 'thanks'

Nathaniel bows as well as is possible from horseback when he Darian's attention turns in his direction. "Ser, Master," he greets. "Things are relatively quiet this morning," he reports. Then he directs an additional note toward Mortimer. "Miss Caul did finally indicate where the attack happened, although she seems still unwilling or unable to give details about her attackers."

The sound of approaching riders heralds the arrival of Nedra, accompanied by one of her armsmen and her maid Shalla, returning from their morning ride. Nedra is guiding her chestnut colored mare, Jinx, in a rather sedate pace for the change. LIkely because all the racing and jumping was done before they were within sight of the walls again. Her guard, Petyr, gestures to the gathered patrol to draw Nedra's attention and as result Nedra slows Jinx even more, approaching with a logical measure of wariness.

Darion nods to both of the men. Moving along a bit, "Attackers? Someone attacked her?" He asks, surprised that he has missed that. Furrowing his brows a bit. Though his attention turns as Nedra comes riding. Dipping his head to her, "My lady. Ser. Mistress." Greeting them all.

Ah, the curier is hiding with the patrol. Once he's spotted the man, and the information has been imparted Mortimer nods once and then states simply, "she gave me one name and detailed descriptions and I'm about trying to match those to more names this very morning." Not entirely due to him wanting to stay well clear of any potentional explosion between Jerold and Justin, but he's not going to be sorry for the excuse to be busy about the town. "Where did she happen to indicate?" he then asks, "that she did not tell me,even when I asked." The arrival of another group of horse is noticed, but since he's out of the roadway and recognisable as no threat, he pays them little actual attention, other than to keep track of their progress so the proper obediences can be given when they are close enough. To Darion he just nods, "Aye m'Lord, but as I said, the matter is in hand and the Lord Sheriff is aware."

Nathaniel inclines his head to the deputy. "She said that it was outside the inn, master. That still covers a great area, but considering how such attackers often work, I'd guess that they were waiting outside the front door, hoping to make a spectacle and example of her. I'm glad that you have some better leads. I don't' care what her habits with men are, she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from people who should know better." He turns in his saddle to see Nedra and her pair of escorts approaching. Again, he bows as much as possible from horseback, and calls, "Good day, lady, to you and your companions! There is no danger, only a patrol preparing to ride, and needing what little information the deputy and I can give to them."

Nedra brings Jinx to a halt once she recognizes Ser Darion and Courier Corbitt, "Good day to all of you in return," she replies, aiming a respectful nod toward Ser Darion, a glimpse of a smile to Nathaniel and a polite nod to the gray haired and moustached man with a serious demeanor. "I hope we aren't in the way," she adds, gesturing with one hand to her maid and armsman, "the weather was simply to fine this morning to resist."

Darion listens and nods, "I am sure you will have things under control. I will see if there is anything, although I am sure whoever it was is still within this town. I will just make sure that we don't have any risk with bandits. Should be back in late evening." He offers so they know if another patrol is needed to find them. Just in case. Then he looks to the lady in case she has something to offer. "It is good ro see you, lady Nedra. I do wish to get to know you better at some point. We keep meeting each other on such short occasions as this." He offers with a playful tone and smile. "Be well. I shall ride out before the day grows too late." A respectful nod to them all before he heads out with the patrol.

"Did she also happen to indicate when?" Mortimer asks of Nathaniel, "that information too she wouldn't say." To him, it doesn't so much matter if they were trying to 'teach' her something or simply getting some cheap thrills in where they could, it was a clear breach of Lord Jerold's peace and he intends to deal with it as such. Nedra's nod is returned with a deeper one of his own,one of those that's borderling nod/bow, but he offers a polite and respectful, "m'Lady." He'll leave the question of if she's in the way to Darion, although he suspects he knows already what the answer will be. A further nod is given to Darion as he makes his departure and he reminds himself to have that word passed abck up to the stables at the Keep. They're likely to be the first to know of a return after all.

"Aye, lord," Nathaniel acknowledges Darian's comment about when they should be back. Then he watches the departing patrol before he turns his attention to Mortimer, and shakes his head. "She never told me when. That itself might be a clue. The Seriff gave her a strict curfew - the ninth hour after midday. If she broke that curfew before they attacked, she migth not want to say when." Finally, he assures Nedra and her escorts, "I am sure that you are welcome to continue your ride."

Nedra inclines her head in a nod, a small smile forming on her face as she speaks to Ser Darion in return, "It would appear, Ser Darion, that it is merely fate that such short occasions as this are all that seem to present themselves as opportunities to exchange words. I'm sure that this will pass, with time, especially now that you're making your presence known more, here at the Roost." She guides Jinx a few steps to the side after she speaks, clearing the way so that there's no crowding on the road. "Good day then, Ser, and happy hunting," she adds.
She turns her attention toward Nathaniel and the man to whom he is speaking and wonders, "Has there been any forward process on tracking down the squires that assaulted that girl, Master Corbitt?" she wonders in a low voice, a fine hint of anger just barely shading her words.

Darion nods to the men. Then chuckles to Nedra. "True enough my lady. Till next time."

Using the same words he had with Darion, Mortimer turns to Nedra and states calmly and simply, "the matter is in hand m'Lady." He doesn't know how much she knows so doesn't elaborate as to exactly what is known or what isn't, although that's also because they're out in public and there are many other ears around that could be connected to gossiping tongues.

Nathaniel bows to Nedra when she questions, and then nods to Mortimer. "This is Master Mortimer Trevelyan, lady, deputy sheriff under Ser Justin." Glancing to the man, he reciprocates, "This is Lady Nedra Mallister. She was there with me when Miss Caul admitted that she was attacked outside the inn by the squires. The lady is aware of Miss Caul's circumstances as well. She has taken some personal interest in the situation because squires are involved, and due to the terms of the young woman's sentence."

"I'm sure the matter is well in hand, Master Trevelyan," Nedra replies, offering a nod again to the Deputy Sheriff now that the introductions are made, "but that does not at all negate the issue that squires did such a thing in the first place. For what ever addle brained reason they did such a thing in the first place, it's unconscionable." Again, that fine thread of very carefully controlled anger just barely shades her words, and again she nods to Nathaniel, as he has spoken - exactly - of her stance in this matter.

Mortimer nods as Nathaniel speaks, thens turns to address Nedra. "M'Lady, it is not yet known if those responsible were of noble, or common birth," although the possibility of the squires being young lordlings is why he ensured Justin was made aware of it as quickly as possible. "Either way though they will be held accountable for their actions." The deputy it seems, isn't a fan of vigilantes and those who act outside Lord Jerold's justice.

"I know that some in the town speak ill of her. Now this has happened, and not even a month has passed in her sentence," Nathaniel laments wearily. "She is no marvel of virtue, but I continue to hope that she will rise above all of this. Such treatment might cause her to think that she is getting nothing less than what she deserves, and she might begin to earn it."

"I quite agree," Nedra replies in turn, "it matters not whether the squires in question are of noble birth, or not. The knights who are responsible for training them are equally responsible for their actions. If I had even the smallest GLIMMER of hint that my brother's squire - Percy - was involved in this?" Those blue-grey eyes again hold a glimpse of anger, "Once Kamron was done with him, AND Ser Justin, he'd rue the day that he was born. Squires, Master Trevelyan, are knights in training. They should, by all measures, exemplify the status of knighthood to which they aspire. THIS is not a fine example of such conduct." She rests one hand on the pommel of the saddle as she dismounts, landing lightly on her feet with a quiet rustle of material as she settles her riding skirt into place with her free hand. "Whether she deserves to work off her punishment is one issue, and something else entirely. But she does NOT deserve to be treated in such a manner. It's unacceptable."

"Some in the town will talk ill of another for arriving later than them to the Sept," Mortimer replies to Nathaniel. Idle talk and gossip though as not illegal like fists and boots are. "How she behaves herself is her choice to make though, and her's alone." For Nedra though, he can perhaps put one fear to rest. "I won't claim to know the lad well m'Lady," he starts, "but he certainly does not fit any of the descriptions given and as such is not under suspicion." He just nods a the lecture though. He's known enough squires in his time to know that while some of them understand that, some can be entitled little brats who consider themselves about the commonfolk. Thankfully though, most seem to grow out of that stage. "I can also reassure you that her indentured status has no bearing on how this is being handled. She is resident in Lord Jerold's lands and no currently outlawed which means she is entitled to the full protection of his law."

Nathaniel nods in agreement with Mortimer before he turns to Nedra and asks, "Lady, I remember that you wanted to speak with Ser Justin about this very matter, among others. If you have not arranged a time with him, I urge you to do so. He is extremely busy in these days. Perhaps you should speak with Lady Anais as well. She is aware of the conditions under which Miss Caul serves."

"They /why/ does she call herself a Slave, Master Trevelyan?" Nedra asks in turn, and it's the inflection the word 'slave' that clearly is the root of the source of all anger, at least on Nedra's part. "Slavery is outlawed. It is forbidden in Westeros! Last I heard, slavers - who are caught actually attempting to ply this trade - are executed or banished to the wall." She nods to Nathaniel and agrees, "I have sent word to him that I wish to speak with him, we've arranged to do so, on the morrow. Lady Anais very busy, however, I would not wish to take up her time if this matter could best be resolved by speaking with Ser Justin."

"You will find, m'Lady," Mortimer replies firmly, "that slavery is not tolerated in any form upon Terrick lands. It is illegal and an abomination as the KIng has rightly judged." Had Nedra not been a lady, he might have taken a front at the implication of the word, but he's doing his best to keep it under control. There is a hint of annoyance, or maybe even anger as he continues though. "You ask why she uses the term? Two suggestions come to mind. The first, that she knows the reaction it will garner and uses it to elicit sympathy for her situation. The second, that she simply fails to understand all the implications of it." He pauses a moment to take a breath before continuing. "Allow me to state very clearly, that she is denied her freedom in only the way that a convicted prisoner in a dungeon is. She is serving the sentence for a crime she was convicted of under the due process of law. She is not the property of the leatherworker, nor Ser Justin, nor Lord Jerold. She will not be bought, sold, or traded like horseflesh. Once she has paid the debt of her actions, she will be as free as anyone else." It seems to have touched a nerve, and he's aware of that so once he has explained he then adds, "my pardon m'Lady, but such words should not be banded about lightly."

"The lady used it only to question why Miss Caul herself used it, master," Nathaniel explains to Mortimer. "Indeed, it is possible that she uses it to gain sympathy where she can. By her own words, she has worked as a mummer, a player on a stage for show." THen he nods to Nedra and adds, "I have known the lady for some time, and have found her to be kind and compassionate, however, I know that cunning people will use even that good intent to their evil purposes. I am sure that the lady is wise enough to know that as well, and to have considered it during the night that has passed since we met our … visitor."

Nedra is silent for a moment in return, her expression pensive as she considers the words spoken first by Mortimer and then by Nathaniel. While she is in full possession of both traits that Mallister's are known for - stubbornness and loyalty - she also holds a fine portion of Temper inherited quite honestly as well. The only redeeming quality being, as far as she is concerned, is that the former is tempered by a healthy measure of logical practicality. It's in this quiet pause that Nedra considers the words spoken by both men, considers further the appearance of Freya, the spoken words, and in light.. "Intriguing," she finally murmurs as she draws a quiet breath, shaking her head. "And I slipped right into the net that she'd cast. Well done," she muses with a small touch of a smile. "The mere notion of slavery absolutely infuriates me. More so, because she too is a young woman who has very little say over how her future is shaped. Very well done. So, a player indeed, and perfectly clever, as well. My apologies, Master Trevelyan," said in a tone of clear and honest sincerity. "I should not have spoken to you in such manner, let alone in such tone of voice. I meant no accusation and, indeed, I withdraw the question. The matter of her status as a 'slave' is something that I will speak to Ser Justin over, so that he is very well aware that she is declaring herself to be such and the effect it may well have on others who catch word of such claims."

"Please m'Lady," Mortimer replies, traces of the emotion that had coloured his previous words now gone, "think no further on it. I am just glad and can have been of help clearing up any…" he pauses momentarilly, trying to figure have best to finish, before settleing on "misunderstandings." It seems that things are clear and distinctions understood so he'll say no more on the matter. He can gues just how well Justin will take the news, especially with everything else the young man has on his mind at the moment, but Nedra is indeed right that he should know at least.

Nathaniel dismounts as well, and bows more fully to the lady before he judges, "Lord Justin should know that the word has surface, and probably more than once before our interview with Miss Caul. He also should know that she is the chief one uttering it. So far, the townsfolk have not used it to refer to her. That provides some measure of comfort, but it also suggests that she should understand how unwelcome such words are." Casting his eyes toward Mortimer, he adds, "You know, much better than I, her history as a performer. For her, this might be as much stage as the front stoop of the leatherworker's shop where she entertains the children by juggling and performing little tricks. The difference is that this 'trick' has more serious consequences than fooling someone into believing that a copper has appeared behind his ear."

"I believe I will go see if I can catch Ser Justin today," Nedra decides as she gives a quick curtsy to both men and leads her mare, accompanied by her guard and her maid, toward the city itself again. "Good day to you both," she offers with a smile accompanied by a wave.

"I know her and her family of old aye," Mortimer confirms, then clarifies, "although most of this mummers business is from after she left these lands a few years back I think. First that was known of her return was her arrest though, so she might have been playing it before then." The idea that she's playing everyone who'll listen is one of his greatest fears, and a large part of why those who work for Justin in his role of Sheriff are keeping a close eye on her (although not close enough it may seem). He however has no proof as of yet, although an over zealous use of the word slave may be a good indication. "It could be though, yes" he answers simply, "and you're right about the consequences if true." With Nedra's departure he offers her a respectful bow and offers a simple "Good day m'Lady," before her turns once more to Nathaniel. "I should probably be on my way myself," he apologises, "but if I spend all day talking about the progress of this matter then nothing will ever actually get done. Good day to you."