Page 018: A Short Walk
A Short Walk
Summary: Revyn visits his niece to speak to her of what is to come.
Date: 30/07/2011
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Isolde Revyn 
Rose Gardens - Tower Hall
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
Sat July 30, 288

The last day of the tourney and the Lady of Stonebridge takes a moment for herself, the announcement to come is something to prepare for and so her dress has been chosen to reflect that. A deep rich lavender done with gold and cream embroidery weaves down the two front waist ties of cream, small purple flowers along the bottom. Her hair is down up, curled and coiled at the back of her head to embrace a thicker gold circlet and the rest cascades own her back. The neck of the dress hugs her shoulders and bares the neck and collarbone to wear a gold necklace rests. The arms of the dress hug her slender form and a curve of fabric of cream is attacked to each shoulder in a near chiffon like feel. It drapes from one shoulder the next and then hangs do either side, covering her bard shoulder blades but giving some sight of them.

She moves, a few attendants watching her and as she slips her feet out of her shoes, they gasp and move to takeup the small slippers.

Since the confrontation of Nayland and Terrick at the Roost, Revyn has been absent from the Tournament with whispers moving on the wind that he'd been sent on a mission on behalf of the Roost. Then, last evening, he'd been reported as returned and had met with Jaremy before retreating to the Mallister camp. Now, with the final day of the Tournament in preperation and while those participating are busy preparing themselves, he's made his way to the gardens of the Tower, no doubt to seek out a specific person. From all appearances, he would seem to be ready, for he's already donned his armor. The only 'out of place' item is the single ribbon of forest green that is secured around his left forearm, a token and favor that he fights for his wife.

With the gardens reached, he moves further within them and it only takes a moment's gaze for him to spot the attendants and then, Isolde. A smile dons upon his lips as he begins to make his way over in her direction, a single hand lifting upwards as he calls out, "I had hoped to find you here."

"My Lady, your feet, they shall get dirty…" Isolde's gaze is cast about the garden and she sighs with an absent sounding tone, "They can be washed. Nothing that is done can not be undone. gives me peace." Her skirts are held aloft so as to keep them clean but as the sound of armor moving rises up, she turns to look, the voice hitting her ear. "Lord Uncle!" Her happiness is rather evident as she smiles briliantly for Revyn and turns, moving to greet him with a rather fond hug that leaves her skirts to drag in the dusty earth. The attendants lift up cries of dismay, one being a Nayland who just clucks her tongue - not at all used to Isoldes personality. "I see you have intent to fight today! Shall I cheer for you or will my dear Aunt be the one to hoist your colors?"

Drawing near, Revyn can't help but allow the smile to warm his lips as the attendants 'scold' Isolde for her behavior, but when she moves towards him and offers that hug, he's returning it just as fondly. When it ends, he takes a step back so as to give her a nod of his head, the smile remaining upon his lips for now. "Indeed, I do. It's been sometime since I've had the opportunity to test my skill against anyone but the Terrick's. I do fear I may find myself .. rusty." One hand lowers to his belt, thumb coming to loop into the leather that holds his sword in place. "Your dear Aunt will be hoisting my colors, for I fight for her, but I would not complain should you cheer for me as well." There's a shift of his body and then he's offering his arm to her. "But enough of tournaments. Tell me my dear neice .. how are you doing?"

Her smile remains at his presence and Isolde gladly slides her arm to his. "Well rusty or not, you shall be a glorious thing to see on the field this day." She walks with him, the attendants following after and eyeing the hem of the dress that brushes the dusty ground. At his question, her head dips and she looks forward, a beat before she speaks, "I am doing as well as can be expected. I have come to accept many things." She peers up at him, "A good Lady bends for the path chosen for her and makes good of what she can. This I will do in all things, as much as possible." She turns her head forward to gaze over the red blossoms in all their splendor, nearly spent. "Will you be there tomorrow? At the wedding? I know it would not sit well with your Lord Brother..but it would give me heart if you and my sweet aunt would."

"Your praise is much appreciated, Isolde." As they begin to walk, Revyn takes but a moment to look around before his attention returns to her, offering a slow nod of his head. "Wiser words have never been spoken. This may not be what we want .. but it is to be and as such, we have little course but to accept things." His free hand cross over his body, coming to rest lightly on her arm that loops through his. "Jerold be damned, Isolde, for I will not miss such a thing. Your aunt and I will be there and we will welcome your husband as nephew." At least in public, no doubt. "Regardless of what has come to be, tomorrow you truly become the Lady of Stonebridge. I am proud of you, Isolde, as I know your father would be."

There is a look of loving relief and she leans her head gently to his armored shoulder. "I am glad of it. I would be quite dismayed were you not to remain for it. You give me joy, dear Uncle." Isolde lets out a long breath at his praise and nods her head, "I can only hope I do his memory justice and see that Stonebrige remains as he wished it to. He was a good man, there is never a day that I do ot wish for his return. Perhaps my mother would be happier. But I am unsure of what would make her happy anymore." The Lady walks at her Uncle's side. "The announcement, it comes after the melee. I fear how the Terricks will respond. There will be decorum of course..but I fear their eyes."

Her words draw that smile slightly larger as Revyn gives a slight dip of his head towards her, "There is little that you could do to dishonor his memory, my neice. Fear not, in that regard. A path has been laid before you and you shall walk it with your head held high, now. Do that, and you will give his memory the honor it deserves." While those words might speak the truth, there's no hiding the fact that he is dismayed at having to speak them. "The Terricks will be displeased and upset. But beneath that, you -are- family to them, Isolde. No matter what shall happen, you will find safety in the Roost should it be required. For now, though, do not dwell on that in which you can't control." There's a slight squeeze of his hand on her arm before it falls back to his side, "No matter what name you bare, whether it be Terrick, Nayland, Mallister or Frey, you will always be a Tordane at heart. Never forget that."

"You are a welcome boon, my Uncle." Isolde confides as they stroll together. "You words are good to hear and they give me strength. This day is not only oppressively hot, but was held down so by what is to come. I will do what is necessary of me." The Lady nods her head, barefeet gracing the earth still as the attendants carry her shoes and follow at a respectful distance from the two. "I shall gladly cheer for you to day, I do pray you lift your colors high." She smiles. "Master at arms.." Curls her hand aroun his and the other rests on his forearm. "This armor, goodness it makes you bulky."

A soft chuckle escapes Revyn's lips as he offers her another nod of his head, "Then my words of wisdom are done for today. A gift from uncle to neice, where politics of Houses has no baring." The attendants behind are paid no attention and for him, it's almost as if they are not there. "I will fight today as I have fought on every other occassion. To win. And should the Seven decide that I am to lose, then I shall do so with my head held high." Her mention of his title has him offering a grin as he lifts his eyes towards the sky, "I hope to face Jarod in the Melee. He has taken well to my training and if I am to lose, I would like it to be by his hand. But please .. do not tell him that I've said so, for I would never hear the end of such a thing."

A faint smirk traces Isolde's lips and she nods he head, "Your secret is safe with me, dear Uncle. I think that I will not have much chance to talk to him anyway. But consider it held in sacred trust." She pats his arm in reassurance. "I know the melee is not long from now…" She begins and gives a look to the sky. "Would it please you to escort me to the events? I would so enjoy a strong arm at my side." She intones and gives him a gentle gaze. "Family counts for much." The attendants wait, hearing that she might be ready to go, one rushes to fest something for her feet.

"Remember my dear neice, one never knows when she will see another that she did not expect." Those words are offered with a soft smile and then, at the mention of escorting her to the event, Revyn dips his head into a low bow. "It would please your uncle, greatly, to escort the Lady Tordane to the final event." His head lifts back up, the smile remaining firm on his lips now, "And it would be my honor, Isolde. We should begin to make our way to the tournament grounds, then." The movement of the attendants finally catches his attention as his gaze shifts to the one that rushes out, a faint grin now replacing that smile.

Looking with him towards the departing servant, she grins too, showing teeth. "Have to keep them on their toes.." She laughs a bit and then regards Revyn. "Your words are of wisdom, dear Uncle. One never knows the future and what it holds. Time will be telling enough.." As they begin to walk back towards the entrance to the gardens, she slows, the girl with he basin of water rushing to try to meet them. She sets it down and releasing her uncle's arm, Isold reaches for his hand to help steady her. She dips a foot within and swirls the water. Perhaps she had allowed her feet to get dirty just for this reason. She lifts her foot and the girl is quick to lift her apron to clean it dry before sliding her shoe on as the other extends it to be taken.