Page 271: A Short Interlude
A Short Interlude
Summary: Tiaryn takes a brief rest from the noise of the inn, Rutger flirts, and Jaksyn blushes.
Date: 15/04/2012
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Town Square
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
April 15, 289

The inn is hopping busy, even more so than usual, as the menfolk are returning from war and the locals are going out on the town. Tia has been inside but is now taking a break from the happy cheerful din. She's just outside the inn, Jacob not far off and Bethy seated impatiently on a bench. Tia has the Lady Isolde's harp in her lap, and she's playing softly, enough so that anyone just outside the inn can hear. With the happy racket inside, folks there have no way of knowing there's music anywhere to be heard, other than their raucous bawdy drunken songs. Subconsciously, Tia is echoing the songs that are being sung, her fingers strumming the harpstrings without her even really noticing.

From inside the sounds of merry making can clearly still be heard as the door opens and out stumbles Ser Rutger Nayland, with a half smile fresh upon flushed cheeks. There's a faint laugh there from the eldest Nayland as he brushes down the front of his doublet. A long dinner with the Longbough's and then longer remaining still in the company of fine men. One hand comes up and smooths over his damp hair, scritching it back with a sigh. There's a glance back to the tavern, before he's taking a few steps before he is turning and looking back over to the bench. One hand rests at his hip before one hand smooths over his beard, that he hasn't shaved yet. " Milady." a bow of his head and part of his body, before he is catching sight of Jacob and Bethy.

"I assume the air too hot in there for you?"

Having found a place to put his things, and having had a bath, Jaksyn finds himself sitting near the inn. Not really doing much of anything at the moment, the young Smith's son from Hag's mire turned Stonebridge guardsman is just enjoying the night it would seem.

Tia's fingers still momentarily on the harp, though as someone within begins leading a song again, they twitch, as if still wishing to play. Her blue eyed gaze is sober, but not uncomfortably so. "M'Lord Nayland," she says with a polite dip of her head. "A pleasure to see you again. It is in fact a tad too hot, yes," she agrees, a little ruefully. "Also boisterous, and it has been a while since I've been in such a crowd. A little air seemed just the thing." She pauses, and then her one hand does leave the harp, as she gestures towards Tordane Tower, a hint of mischief agleam in her eyes. "The tower is that way, if you are heading there. And if not, well, there's a bench for a seat just right over there." Across the way, on the other side of the door to the inn, of course. She takes a breath and then adds, Please forgive my manners that I did not introduce myself earlier. I am Tiaryn Flint." There are many people around and about tonight, Stonebridge seeming more full of life and people than it has in quite a while.

Rutger offers a wry smile back towards the Lady Flint, before his hand moved to rest easy at his sword hilt. "Yes well, many bodies pressed against the wood, would do that I suppose." a faint chuckle there before he is tilting his head for a moment. "And indeed it feels good out here, even now I can feel the difference-specially as the wine burns through me." There's almost a sad sigh there. There's a look off to the bench and then in the direction of Tordane Tower "I thought that was a smooth line in order to learn the young lady's name." a chuckle there "I see old hands, such as you and I are not easily fooled by such things."

It appears that Rutger does indeed know who Lady Flint is, even if this is his first time meeting her. " You were married to A relative of Lord Anders were you not? Or are you his young sister?" Perhaps the drink is blurring, or he is trying to be charming. Still he takes a step towards and offers his hand. "Still, the pleasure is mine."

There is a brief turn of his head as movement catches Rutger's attention and he nods over to Jaksyn. "Ah- a guardsman. Why are you out here, good Master?" he let's it hang for a moment, to allow the fellow to introduce himself.

Standing quickly, Jaksyn Casts his eyes downwards "Jaksyn Trehearn, Ser. I was transferred here from Hag's Mire, I know no one and have no stomach for the drink, ser. I was enjoying the sounds, and the night though, glad that for the first time in months someone wasn't trying to kill me."

Tia politely holds her hand out, as Rutger offers his hand, but in such a way as to not invite liberties. Something that Bethy approves of, naturally, that fine woman watching hawk eyed. Tia tilts her head a bit, as she gets considered an old hand at something. Ah well, tis no doubt true, that. "I was married to Lord Anders' cousin, Connell, yes." Not a sister, no. That might have made things a lot easier, actually. "And some things, Lord Nayland, do not bear falling for a second time." Her attention goes to the guardsman as Rutger looks his way. At the man's words, she smiles, thinking he reminds her somewhat of Master Vis. "And it is a pleasure to meet you, Master Trehearn. I hope that I am not disturbing your peace with my music?"

There are not many liberties one can take with a lady's hand. Still he bows his head as if to place a kiss on her fingers, but does not. Instead he releases them as his head comes back up. "His cousin, you say? I had merely thought you his younger sister-But I knew there was a death there." Of which he bows his head "Please do not take this as me treating such a loss frivolously. Indeed I have had good strong wine, and am a widower myself." his hand coming to his heart. "Mm. perhaps, but a man can still try when struck with a lovely sight."

There the Nayland lord looks back to Jaksyn and offers a slight nod. "Well done Master Trehearn, I do remember you amongst my father's troops. I do believe you were with Lord Rafferdy." a grin. " Oh I sometimes have a stomach for drink Trehearn, but as for not knowing someone, I do my damnedest to get to know them. I am sure you'd make fast friends with any here. Specially tonight."

Flushing a bright red in the night air, Jaksyn keeps his eyes downcast as Tia addresses him, barely managing to stammer. "Uh. N…no miss..m'lady! Not at all…it it was fine music!" The boy gives the impression of trying to hide behind himself without moving As Rutger addresses him once mroe he nods again quickly. "Indeed m'lord, I may, perhaps I will join them…shortly."

Well, not many if they stick with the hand, tis true. Tia will appreciate the courtesy, especially as she is still in mourning, if not dressed in full black. Half-mourning, if there is such a thing? Tia does smile, as she listens. "Lady Ilaria is quite a pretty thing, if shy. And Connell's untimely death was at the Battle of the Trident," she says softly. "It has been quite some time. But - you are a widower yourself? My sympathies on your loss then, m'Lord. It cannot have been easy." Her hand, once released, returns to the harp, instinctively. A moment and she glances impishly towards poor Jaksyn, as he blushes and stammers so. "Thank you," she says simply, not quite sure what else to say that won't make the situation somehow worse. And then it does occur to her to ask Rutger, her attention turning back to him, "Have you news of Anders? He is coming home as well, I expect?"

Rutger grins back to Jaksyn. "Trehearn, please do not think I am trying to shoo you off or in. I am rather trying to offer thoughts. It is your night of Freedom, my boy, and I shan't be ordering you about." A grin there. "How do you think of Stonebridge as opposed to the lovely Mire? I have spent many a time in that village, being born of the Sevens myself."

"ahh, A Haigh, you say? Interesting." But whatever knowledge he has on the Haighs is lost as he looks back to the Flint woman. "Ahh, he rode with Stark did he not? I am sorry for your loss. Many fine men did not come back from the Trident on either side." And there he falls silent for a moment before waves a hand towards Tiaryn dismissing the sympathies. "It has been some time, since. But, I do thank you. My boys-would do good to have her, but they manage on." a faint chuckle. "I am thinking a good septa has her hand on them, as they are too young to start serving as pages or even thinking of squiring." The next question has him pausing for a moment. "Yes, I do believe that Lord Anders will be returning home, as he is not dead but quite hearty and hale, last I saw him."

Smiling slightly, eyes still downcast, Jaksyn offers the slightest of shrugs. "it is definitely much drier here m'lord. Though time away from the mire on the Iron Isles has cured my waking up with nose bleeds."

"Ilaria is a Haigh, yes, though I myself am not," Tia says with a bit of a smile. "I was born a Camden." And she'll just leave it there, really. She then inclines her head, to the conversation about Connell. "He did, indeed, ride with Lord Stark's men. I am told he acquitted himself well." Her interest shows for a moment, though it's in the idea of what is said more than anything. "You have boys? I am sorry for their loss as well then. It must be even more difficult to be a child and missing one's mother. Unfortunately, I have no children of my own."
She pauses, glancing over at Jaksyn curiously to see what he has to say. "I don't believe I've ever been there, the Mire or its fortress. It sounds as if it might not be quite so appealing as some places?" she says softly.
A smile crosses her face at Rutger's comment about Anders though, relief obvious among the list of emotions that show on her face. "Excellent news that, thank you. I imagine he will be here soon if he's not already arrived and found his wife." That wouldn't surprise Tia in the least.

"Oh I would have placed your looks closer to a Westerman, with your hair as it is. Still the Camdens were a fine house." A dead house, and he treads on that no more. "My heart is to your loss so fresh- but rest assured dear lady we repaid the Ironborn tenfold for the razing of the Oaks." And there he dips his head before his smile shows again. "I do. Two of them actually. the eldest is into his eighth year with us, and his younger brother is six. They are young dears, who I believe will quickly outgrow their father and become young men."

A nod is given as he lets hands clasp before him. "I will allow Master Trehearn to speak on the lovliness of the Mire, but I can tell you the Fortress of the Sevens is spectacular. A wonderful view and in a living rush of tides. We see many fish and birds, all of them what you would expect to see in a thriving river land environment." And with that he looks back towards Jaksyn, as if to allow the man to talk.

"Nosebleeds you say? I never had that trouble Trehearn. I am glad you are rid of it though."

Nodding slightly, Jaksyn once again flushes in the moonlight. "P..perhaps not m'lady… a swamp, but…but it was in the swamp my uncles taught me to fight, and making my way through fens there taught me to be keen of eye for danger m'lady. It is my home." Managing to suppress his fear of women by closing his eyes and pretending he wasn't talking to a lady born a league above his station, he manages to stammer his way through the statement. Addressing rutger, he adds. "It is the dry air M'lord, or drier than I was used to having lived most of my life in water or very near to it."

Tia isn't sure she's quite got the picture of the Mire, but she listens to what is said by Jaksyn, her face showing a gentle curiosity and interest. "Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to visit, and see for myself," she suggests. And then she gives the poor lad a chance to recover, as she looks to Rutger. Her head inclines, and she says, "Thank you. That is good to hear. I was hopeful that such would be the case." She takes a breath and then takes up the topic of the children, as it seems a topic of life and joy, rather than grief and destruction. "Eight and six, they are of an age where they will run that poor Septa ragged," she says, with a bit of a laugh. She stirs slightly, glancing towards the door of the inn, and then she sighs. "I am certain that Bethy is soon going to tell me that it is too late to be outside, and that proper ladies of distinction should be within their residences by now. Which - may be correct, this is true. But I am not convinced I will find much sleep this night, given the party that will be beneath my chambers." That's a little dryly said, even as Tia gets to her feet. And as she moves, Jacob and Bethy are on their feet in an instance, moving to her side. "It is a pleasure to meet you, m'lord. Master Trehearn. Gods keep you both."

A grin shows on Rutger's face. "Of course My lady. A pleasure again." the knight offers as he turns to make for the Tower. A slight pause as he looks back over his shoulder for a moment. "And good eve to you, Master Trehearn, go forth and multiply as the Mother would say." a grin and with a whistle, the Nayland lord takes his time to walkts on his way.

Bowing to Tiaryn and Rutger, Jaksyn replies. "Evening M'lady. thank you…for the…honor of your c…conversation. And you as well M'lord."