Page 502: A Sheriff and his Deputy
A Sheriff and his Deputy
Summary: Justin and Mortimer catch each other up on developments.
Date: 08/Dec/2012
Related Logs: Follows on from Mortimer's departure from In the Courtyard of Four Eagles
Mortimer Justin 
Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Friday, Dec 07, 289

It's dark at the Roost, as tends to happen after nightfall, but there are still a few people about the streets. Those heading to, or from, the Rockcliff, the odd guardsman on patrol, or indeed the deputy sheriff on his way home after meeting with the various nobles gathering for the search. Odd how they're coming out of the woodwork to help now a little Lady is missing. Pushing such uncharitable thoughts out of his head Mortimer makes his way across the town square with his cloak wrapped tightly around him. Not that it's helping much mind, being as soaked as the rest of him from the torrential rains of earlier in the day.

Justin has dismounted from his horse, also damp from being poured on earlier while out on the road. He's wearing his plate and maile, dust of the road bespattering his boots with mud, as well as his horse. His dark grey woolen cloak is heavy with dampness, his bow unstrung and the oiled flap over his quiver closed to keep the rain out.
The Sheriff runs his hands down his horse's legs as he stoops, feeling for warmth or swelling in the limbs. The tired grey wuffles the back of Justin's dark hair softly.

Chilled and tired he might be but that's not enough to stop Mortimer from spotting the form of his boss. Having already had to detour via the tower he figures a few minutes to pass messages and news is unlikely to kill him, nor indeed, overly worry his wife, so he turns in his progress and heads for Justin instead, hoping he doesn't look quite as bedraggled as he feels. "Evenin' m'Lord," he offers as he draws near, knowing the value of identifying approaching figures in the dark, "any news?"

"Mortimer?" Justin drops the hoof he was trying to feel but couldn't see too well. He rubs his hands together to get some of the mud off, then on his thighs since he has no maile to cover his legs past his halberk. "Rumors, gossip, wild tales. No news of the girl or of the Hunter on Terrick lands that I've seen. Plenty of mention of the woman bewailing her lost children and strangeness." Justin sounds tired himself, "What's Ozric and his brothers been doing in all of this?"
A hand pats his horse's shoulder before he takes up the reins to tie his horse, "I think my backside is permanently saddle shaped now." Gah, aches to sit.

"Aye m'Lord," Mortimer confirms for Justin as the other man finishes with his horse's foot. Still hugging his cloak close he nods as the lack of news is shared then smiles faintly at the question, "expressing his deep concern and giving me messages to pass to people from what I've seen. But then I've been out at first light and back after dark about every day since we last spoke, so they could have been doing a great deal and I'd not know."
Moving to stand down wind of the horse, to use it as something of a windbreak he continues, "speaking of messages, two were for you." He gives his best 'don't shoot the messenger' look then conveys them, 'firstly, you're not to go out on patrol until you've spoken to him. Second. We've got a load of visiting nobles up at the tower. Not sure if you've heard or not but a little Lady was taken from Heronhurst and they've followed tracks this way. Description I've heard sounds like the woman I met. Anyway, they're here to search and Lord Ozric has decreed that they can do so only if accompanied by either you or myself."

Justin arches a dark brow, "I can speak with him if he's about but I'll not sit around for a day or two waiting on his pleasure. What's he think I have been doing on patrols?" The Sheriff frowns, "He's got himself and all his brothers and he's not sending them to keep an eye on them?" This Terrick huffs a disgusted breath to himself, keeping what else he thinks of his cousins to himself, not pleased. "I heard about the girl." He gives no indication if he's going to do as Ozric's ordered.

Mortimer eyes Justin for a moment, getting a read on the other mans thoughts as best he can. "He was around last night m'Lord," he then offers, "and I've not heard word of him leaving since, but as I said, I've not been round much myself to know for sure." Shaking his head slightly he adds, "our searches in the woods have found little," by which he means nothing, "but the Ashwood squire is going to keep at them while I escort the nobles." He racks his brain briefly, knowing theres something else he needs to share but not immediately being able to bring it to mind. Not until he happens to glance towards the Rockcliff that is. "Oh, and Mistress Dorsey is healing at last. Stonebridge's maester came and dug something out of the wound I believe." Good news over he lowers his head slightly and delivers the bad, "can't claim any progress in finding the owner of the arrow that got her though I'm afraid."

Each piece of the news is taken in stride without any change in expression, up until the last parts about Dania. Justin looks sharply to Mortimer at that, then exhales a breath, "Well, there is that. Good. I'd prefer not to loose her in all this. She's good at what she does, even if …" He frowns, "She doesn't always know her place." Damned uppity women. Justin shakes his head faintly and walks around his horse, "I'm out on my feet. I need a meal, dry bed and sleep. I'll see if I can find Ozric in the morning and if not, I can leave him a message. Thanks, Mortimer. Keep me informed of where the group is and I'll head out. We need a breakthrough. I'm gett'n tired of hunting but not catching anything useful." Months of it now.

"She's good at what she does," Mortimer echos with a nod of agreement. He looks like he's about to add something else when Justin mentions being about as tired as he is himself and so he replies instead with a simple, "rest well m'Lord. The plans just made are to head for where they last found tracks, being the most recent an' all. Will be out towards our eastern border somewhere. I'll have all of them though, and any that arrive over night or before we leave, so I doubt we'll be hard for you to follow once you're on the road again."

Justin gives Mortimer a nod, "Just don't be letting them trample all over the tracks. I could try to track myself but not if the original trail is destroyed by others first." Nothing much to be done for it when he's not out there with them. Justin rubs his face, "You get some rest too. None of us very sharp when we are worn down. Give your wife and son my best and tell them to stay close in town."
A hot bath in the inn, his bed to crash in, and a groom to take care of his horse. Maybe a meal somewhere in there if he doesn't fall asleep first. Or one in the morning if he does. Justin drags on up the steps of the inn and goes inside.