Page 321: A Question of Approval
A Question of Approval
Summary: Saethwyr asks Einar for his approval with regards to courting Tiaryn
Date: 09/06/2012
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Saethwyr Einar 
Town Square followed by outside Tordane Tower
Tue Jun 05, 289

It's not been long since the ladies had been kidnapped and then promptly rescued. A day or two, at the most. It's evening, and Saethwyr is just returning from having been out on a ride. Though for the moment, he's leading his mare instead of riding. He's without his cloak, which… well, he doesn't mind so much, considering who it is that's got it for the time being. Lifting his left hand, he lightly pats his mare, who whickers softly before reaching out to nudge him with her nose. Saethwyr smiles a bit, and keeps walking, heading on a leisurely route back to the stables.

Einar is, in truth, on the way to the inn. It's been that kind of few days really, what with his good-sister and good-cousin both being kidnapped, the later of which being pregnant with the grand-heir of his house. Still, his duties are over for the day and if he can grab a quick beer with Lord Desmond, his fellow squire, then all the better. Crossing the town square he moves to skirt round the horse and knight that would otherwise have been in his way.

Crossing the square, the Charlton Knight pauses as a man moves to skirt around him. He watches the other man for a moment, then recognizes him. Shifting his weight, he offers a bow to the man, his horse standing behind and to his left. "Good evening, Lord Flint," he offers by way of greeting, a bit of a smile coming to the corners of his lips.

So close to beer and yet, now, so far. Given the nature of the greeting, Einar can not help put turn to face the knight and give the man a brief nod in reply. "You have me at a disadvantage Ser," he states, curiosity rising since he doesn’t recognise the man. Then the saddle blanket is spotted and he asks, "House Charlton?"

Holding the reins to his mare in his left hand, he watches the other man for a moment, then inclines his head slightly. The movement is enough to cause a bit of his hair to fall forward and lightly veil one of his eyes, something which often happens. "I apologize for the disadvantage, my Lord," he says in response. "Aye, House Charlton. I am Saethwyr," he offers, giving a nod. The mare behind him perks her ears, listening, and she reaches forward to lightly nudge her master's shoulder.

It should be quite apparent to anyone watching that Saethwyr's name is known to Einar. Pausing in his progress he turns to face the other man and study him carefully for a moment or two, expression carefully neutral, very carefully in fact. "Ah yes," he answers after a moment, "your name I know. Good to put a face to it at last."

That his name is known to Einar does become apparent to him, and he raises an eyebrow slightly. This could be either a good thing or a bad thing, the trick is figuring out which the case happens to be. "I have found it to be good to have the faces that go with the names as well," he says, a thoughtful tone to his voice. "Though I would hope that my name is known to you for a good reason rather than an ill one," he muses, a hint of a smile touching his lips.

"I think perhaps Ser," Einar starts, still doing his best to give nothing away, "that that would depend upon how you reckon good and ill." His beer, for now at least, is forgotten, and the knight in front of him as his full and undivided attention. "A good evening to you though Lord Saethwyr," he states, simply enough as that had been the initial greeting. "I hope you find it a pleasant one."

Saethwyr inclines his head to Einar, easily accepting that opinion. It makes a sense, after all. "Indeed, my Lord," he says softly. He's quiet for a moment, perhaps considering something. "Lord Flint, if you have a moment? There is a matter that I would wish to speak with you about," he offers, watching the other man. He's been meaning to speak with him about certain things for a while, but… well, now's as good of a time as any. If it works for the other man, after all.

Einar glances between to Inn and the Charlton stood in front of him for a moment, before figuring that he may as well take a few minutes out now so he doesn't have to think about things over his beer. "Here, or somewhere more private?" he asks, his brain working over permutations and possibilities and coming up with the conclusion that he'd rather it be somewhere less public.

"Somewhere more private would most likely be better, my Lord," Saethwyr says, bit of a smile touching at the corners of his lips. "If you have the time for such at the moment, that is," he adds, in case the other man had been headed to somewhere important. Considering what he wishes to talk about, he has a preference for somewhere private as well. Just in case.

Einar nods once, both in understanding and agreement, before considering the best option for re-location. There are a number of Charltons at the Inn so that's out, but then there are other drinking holes around town, or even the tower itself. In the end though, the later option gets his vote and he turns in that direction, confirming without any particular enthusiasm, "I have some time just now."

The Charlton Knight gives a nod to Einar as he chooses where to head to. "I appreciate you giving me the time, Lord Flint," Saethwyr says, giving a bow to him. He shifts his hold on the reins, and then starts to follow along. The mare lightly nudges his shoulder, and falls into step behind him, not that she had much of a choice in the matter.

Einar doesn't make to head into the tower, what with the horse tagging along, but instead finds a secluded spot near it's base and turns back to the following Charlton. A brief, questioning glance asks if this will do before he asks more formally, "and how can I be of assistance to House Charlton this evening Ser?"

Following along, Saethwyr is quiet for the walk to the tower. He gives a small nod to the unasked question, indicating the location to be acceptable. "Well, my Lord, it's more myself that I wish to speak to you on behalf of rather than my House," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. "I wished to speak with you in regards to Lady Tiaryn," Saethwyr says, no sign of hesitation in his voice. He knows what he wants, after all.

If that's an unexpected response then Einar doesn't show it, instead he simply nods once as Tia's name is mentioned. "Say what you wish Ser," he replies evenly, "and I will listen." Certain previous conversations with others have given him an inkling of what might be able to occur, but he wants to hear it from the man himself. Information from other is all well and good but not perhaps quite so telling as impressions made first hand.

Information is always best when it's delivered from the source, after all. Once Einar is voice his willingness to listen, he bows respectfully. "Thank you, my Lord," he says politely. "I understand that Lady Tiaryn is in a time of mourning, and I respect that. I assure you, I have honourable intentions towards her," he says, a sincerity in his voice that often ends up there when speaking of Tiaryn. "I would seek to court her, my Lord, if she would wish it, when her mourning time has ended."

"I think, perhaps, Ser," Einar answers after a careful moment, "that you mistake me for my Lord Father? However, since he is far away to the North and I am here, I will answer as best I can in his stead." Of course, Saethwyr could ride all the way to the Finger if he wants, but the round trip might take him a while. There's another pause before he continues though and a frown crosses his brow. To those that know him it's a common enough sight and would indicate that he's thinking. "You say Ser," he starts once more, "that you respect her mourning, and that I appreciate. You must however forgive me if I question you words regarding your intentions. You claim them to be honourable, yet I am informed of at least one occasion where you have acted entirely improperly. That combined with the actions of others in your House leave me with doubts that I can not easily dismiss." He doesn't his best to keep a level and even tone, but there are hints here and there of what can probably best be described as annoyance. He'll let the other have his say though having so far only heard one side of the events.

The Charlton Knight can't help that he was told Lord Einar was the person he should speak with, alas. "You are welcome to question whatever you wish, my Lord. I will explain or answer what I can," he says softly, half bowing to the other man. He falls quiet, though, listening to what the man has to say. "My Lord, the actions of others in my House are not necessarily actions I would take myself. I do understand having concerns because of such things, but I would prefer my intentions to be based on my own actions," he says respectfully. Though at the mention of him having acted improperly, he tilts his head slightly to one side. "My Lord, if I might ask of this incident that you have mentioned, where I acted improperly?" he asks, a note of curiosity in his voice.

"I understand your desire to be judged for yourself," Einar answer openly, "but you in turn must understand that when one potential Charlton suitor is so speedily replaced by another then questions must be asked." It's certainly true that Quellyan never got as far as asking permission to court, but that did at least seem to be his firm intention. "I hate most fervently to talk of my good-sister so, but given your House's recent manoeuvrings in land that is still to the best of my knowledge in the keeping of House Camden, she has the potential to be an important player. Doubly so given that the Lady Camden herself is still a ward of Lord Terrick." There's a definite frown there, even having to think that others might take Tia for a pawn in the game leaves a decidedly sour taste, let alone giving voice to such a possibility. "There Ser," he starts again, having taken a deep and steadying breath, "is my concern regarding your House, the specific incident of which I speak however was relayed to me upon my recent return from the North. Around the time of the Frey tournament one of our men at arms, a man of good standing and long service I might add, was on duty watching my good-sister when you, as I am told, disregarded his warnings and had the gall to openly kiss her." He's still managing to keep it cold and detached, but still, there are hints there of emotion if you look for them. The Flint it seems, is less than impressed.

"I do understand that such a thing would cause concern, however, I was unaware that there had been a previous suitor from my House," Saethwyr points out, his tone bearing honesty within it. He was unaware, not one to give credit to rumours if he had even heard such things. "I am unable to speak to the maneuverings of my House, my Lord… I am not made privy to such decisions and choices. There is no intent by my House to wed me to someone for the benefit of the House — this is a choice which was left to myself. Lady Tiaryn is truly like a star in the night's sky, and I would wish only to make her happy, my Lord. To see her smile is like a gift," he says softly, his voice sincere. Yet at mention in detail of his impropriety, he softly clears his throat. "It is true, my Lord. I did kiss her, briefly, on the lips. It was meant as a token of thanks, for that she had gifted to me her token to bear in the melee. I meant it not as an impropriety, and I most humbly offer an apology for having done so," Saethwyr says, giving a humble bow at this point. His action was bound to come back and bite him on the ass, but at least he owns up to it rather than attempting to brush it under the carpet.

Einar is content enough to give the man in front of him a few points for his honestly with regards to the kiss, but then takes them all back plus a few extra as the details are given. An eyebrow raises sharply at the words spoken as he had been told, or maybe now he thinks about it, just assumed, that is was her hand that had been kissed. "Ser," he states abruptly, his words far more clipped and precise than before, "what exactly is it that you wish from me and this conversation?" The other part of the conversation is shelved entirely for now on the basis that 'your cousin was up to what precisely?' comes way below 'you did what to my brother's widow?' on the scale of priorities.

And that's what one gets for being completely honest, it seems. "My apologies, my Lord, for taking the long way around," Saethwyr says softly, inclining his head towards the man. He has a large family, and keeping track of what all of them are up to would take a large team of investigators to do. "What I wished from the conversation was your approval," he replies honestly. Not that he expects to get it, with the way the conversation has gone. And not that he needs to have it, as he understands the lay of things. "I spoke with Lord Aleister first, and he has granted his own approval to my choice as well as confirming that the choice is, in fact, mine to make. I wished you to know of my intentions towards Lady Tiaryn, and that I care about her and wish for her to be both safe and happy," he says sincerely. He hasn't had a string of lovers left behind him, nor other indiscretions to mar his name. Alas, one impulsive impropriety could well slay any chance he might have had, despite apologizing for having made the action at all.

It might well be said that Einar has grown protective of his good-sister since finding her half-dead after her flight from Tall Oaks, possibly though it's never been quite so apparent as it is now. She might be older and more worldwise than him, but he has both her reputation and the memory of his brother to look out for and it's a burden he does not take lightly. "Ser," he replies, tone still short, "I wish there to be no ill feelings between our houses, Lord Anders and Lord Aleister are friends from a long way back after all. Nor, and perhaps more importantly, do I wish any harm or hurt to come to the Lady Tiaryn. These points I am sure we can both agree on." He pauses there a moment, mostly to give what he's about to say one quick run through in his head to make sure it's what he actually means. "You come seeking my approval but I think the best advice I could give you on that score is to take the ride North, for you are far more likely to get it from my Lord Father." But that's a whole different kettle of fish that he isn't about to go into. "As it stands though you are here and asking me so I will give you what answer I can. As it stands Lord Charlton, due to your actions alone, I can not give you what you seek for. Since my brother's death, and that of her family at the hands of ther reavers, it now falls to me in part at least to stand for her honour and integrity. Those which you have already shown willingness to endanger. However." He gets that last work in before stealing a quick breath, and turning slightly so he's very much square on to the knight. TOne loosening a fraction he finishes, "however. As you have stated your wise for her to be happy, I will state mine. From what I have heard, when she is with you, she is happy and I would not deprive her of that wothout a very sound reason. As such, if from this point there are no more indecent actions on your part, and provided that she remains happy and content, and no evidence comes to light regarding nefarious motives," another brief breath, "then I will not stand in your way. I am afraid Ser, that that is the best I can offer you."

"Aye, my Lord, these are points to which we can both agree," Saethwyr confirms, giving a nod to enhance what he's said. He has no desire to harm or see any harm come to Tiaryn, after all. It would go rather against keeping her both happy and safe. He manages to maintain a neutral expression when it's said that approval will not be his, though his dark eyes perhaps betray him slightly by showing a bit of emotion within them for a brief moment. Then there's that key choice of phrase, the inserted 'however', which causes a spark of hope to be known to the Knight. And he listens ever so attentively to what's spoken beyond that. "My Lord, I assure you, I have no nefarious motives. I realise assurances are little without actions to back them, but if there is a way to prove such, then I will do so. I will do all that is within my ability to keep her both happy and content, and I will be mindful of my actions. I thank you, my Lord, for giving me this chance," Saethwyr says gratefully, bowing gracefully, respect in the motion. The best that Einar has to offer turns out to be in line with his intentions, so he's not about to argue over it.

Einar would have to admit to not being entirely sure if there is anything in particular that Saethwyr can do, at least in the immediate future beyond that which he has already promised. The rest? Well that's more of a case of wait and see really, oh, and keeping his ears open. In the end though he simply states, "Lord Charlton, please do not take offence if I say that I will be watching carefully. My good-sister's well being means a lot to me and it is not something I will see jeopardised. That being said, was there anything else you wanted of me? It has been a long day and I find myself wanting my rest."

Wait and see sort of things can only be dealt with by time. And actions made over the course of that time. He can be a gentleman, right? Right. "I take no offense to that, my Lord. I understand, and would not seek to jeopardize her well being either," he says, giving a nod. Saethwyr considers for a brief moment, and then he softly shakes his head. "Nay, my Lord, this was the only matter that I wished to speak with you on. I thank you for your time, and I bid you rest well," he offers, giving a bow. Unless Einar has anything else to say, he'll not keep the man from his beer or rest any longer.