Page 470: A Northerly Welcome
A Northerly Welcome
Summary: Nerys and Garett come to an arrangement.
Date: 05/11/2012
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Garett Nerys 
Orchard — Tanglewood Manor
Fragrant and far more orderly than the neighbouring wilderness of the Keeps gardens, the orchard is evidently well cared for and maintained. Immature apple trees are laid out in neat rows, with a few of their elders toward the far end; step-ladders and woven baskets awaiting the sweet produce for the kitchens and the towns brewers. Its a pleasant spot, safe in the shade of the high walls. One can stroll from here toward the main gardens, or closer toward the exterior of the Keep itself, where a vine-covered walkway appears to conceal a little seating area beyond.
05 Nov, 289 AL

The wedding has been a few days over now, but the small party that came in from Stonebridge is not wholly returned. Einar is still in residence at Tanglewood Manor, as is Nerys. But most of the rest of the nobles have returned to their homes, and so, for a little while, peace reigns. And there's nowhere as much peace as in the orchards. The summer apples are still in fruit, and the Flint lady is walking her slow way through the trees, picking such fruit as catch her eye, the basket tucked against her side. Josef and Jaqlyn are not so far off, the handmaid doing her own spot of collecting, while the sword minds them both.

Garett had no real desire to go to Highfield, not since the last time he was there, and the upleasantness that came along with it for him personally. But things have…changed since that time. And when your old mentor gives you an order, one still has the tendency to jump at them. So, off to Highfield he goes, until such a time that arrives in the garden after asking a few questions of Nerys' presence. Directed and shown, he walks into the glade. There is scowl on the face, as if a dark cloud is hanging over his head, which is only increased by the long scar that runs down the side of his head. "Lady Nerys." he offers coming with an accetable distance away. There's a distinct lack of feeling, emotion, in the words. No content, but no nothing, really.

Nerys paused, as a soft sound from Josef alerted her to company, but in the end, she finishes adding the apple to her basket, before she turns to hand it off to Jaqlyn, "Thank you, could you set them down with the rest?" With the trivialities out of the way, Nerys turns her full attention to the man approaching, eyes studying his face, before she smiles, "You must be Lord Garett Westerling. I am sorry I was not able to meet with you before we left Stonebridge."

Garett doesn't smile, but if he did, it might seem like it was an expression that wouldn't exactly be fit for his face. He does however bow fluidly. There's a glance at her man nearby, a silent nod given, but nothing more than that. "It's not a problem. I could use the travel. But Lord Stark was adamant in that I see you." Beat. "In his own way." The memory his last conversation with the bitter old Northmen is still somewhat fresh in his mind. "I would have seen you and Lord Anders here at the wedding, but I didn't it would be the right time, nor did I wish to intrude. Thought it best to wait until a more appropriate day." There's something frosty about his tone, even if none of it really directed at her. Could just that's how he is. "He told me he spoke to you about the…comprimise he and I sorted out?"

Nerys drops into a courtly curtsey, in answer to the bow, moving close enough that they can speak without needing to raise their voices. Josef remains close at hand, coming to settle not far from his charge. No different than any other guard, the nod given him by the Lord returned. "Yes, I had heard of the difficulties that happened here. And was not expecting to see you until I returned to Stonebridge, but I thank you for taking the time and making the effort to return to a place that has been so unfriendly to you." Nerys gives a slight nod of her head, acknowledging the polite words offered regarding the discussion with the Stark Lord, but seems neither pleased not offended by the tone she hears in the Westerman's voice, "You have a need to find a place in the Riverlands, my family can provide you the sanctuary you require."

Garett's jaw sets. It could be the things that happened to be him before going to Highfield to deal with Cherise and Sela. Such as his wife leaving him. Things that Tristan no doubt told Nerys told about. And it's not like the Westerlord is going to bring them up himself if has the chance not to. "Difficulties happen. They also pass. Dwelling on them does no good to me or anyone else." is what he does say. "The effort was made because I respect the Flints. It is me asking to see you, so I thought it respectful that I go to see you, not the other way around." A nod follows. "I do. Westerling seems to care little for it's members in the Riverlands. And considering the previous actions of my family, there seems to be little they want with me. Which is fine. Truth be told, I spent half my life in Winterfell. The Starks were more a family to me than own were."

And if Garett seems unwilling to divulge his recent troubles, Nerys seems equally uninterested in bringing them up again. Such as she needed to know has already been divulged to her. "Difficulties do indeed pass. And I find that looking to the future is much more fruitful than dwelling on the past." Nerys allows her hands to smooth her skirts as she studies the man, "The stone hand is not gentle. But perhaps a man who has lived most of his life under the claws of a lion is no stranger to hardship. If it is a place within my family's household in the Riverlands you seek, then there is one for you. We have few knights, and fewer still that have extensive experience in the Riverlands. You would be valuable in training our men at arms. If some other greater position can be found for you, that would be for my Lord Brother to decide."

"You will find that I am a man who does not seek power or prestige." Garett replies stoically. Perhaps too much so. If anything, there's not much doubt to his upbringing if it could be displayed by sheer countenance alone. "Hardship, no matter who's yoke it might be, is hardship nonetheless. It merely takes different forms. And the only thing that remains is the amount of damage it inflict and if you let it determine who you are. But, as I said, there are few aspirations I have. I only wish to be useful, for I have little else to give besides my mace and my knowlege, such as it is. I make no illusions that I come from a rich or prestigious House. Maybe once, but those days have long since faded into memory. The future is all that I have left, Lady Nerys. If you and your Lord Brother are willing to accept me within your ranks, then I wholeheartedly accept."

"If you do not, then you are unlike your liege lord and most of their vassals. But I will not fault you for it. There are some things that are more important than power or prestige." Nerys glances to her sword, before she goes to bridge the final distance between herself and the Westerling, "I do not believe that there is no other use in you save the mace and your knowledge of war. But perhaps there will be time in the future to discover what other gifts you bring to House Flint. Come, let us go and find my brother, that you may swear your bonds of fealty to our House and set aside your allegiance to the Lords of the Crag and of Casterly Rock."

"You find, Lady Nerys, that I am unlike most lords you've met." Garett notes in a way that he is more aware of how much truth there is in that phrase. Something he has first-hand experienced. When she looks at her sword, his eyes follow, glancing at the weapon. And then, there is almost a look of approval in his stony face, and may of been a vague nod of respect along with it. "I understand. If that is all that is deemed for me in service to the Flints, then that is what it will be. But. I have missed the feeling of being valued for something." Again, there's beyond just frozen words, but it lacks defination. Turning to leave with, he scratches at his scar, as if it idly bothers him. "Should you wish practice with that, let me know." he then adds absently, almost casually, heading off with her.