Page 292: A New Era?
A New Era?
Summary: In a dockside tavern, Marsden tries to sway Kittridge from his neutral skepticism of the whole Stonebridge mess.
Date: 06 May 2012
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Kittridge Marsden 
A Dockside Tavern - Stonebridge
Scummy and dingy.
06 May 289

Despite the tensions running deep in the town, men udner the colours of green and gold do manage to find their way into Stonebridge. Though perhaps relegated to the less than up and up parts of the thriving trade hub. As it stands the Half-septon who is currently parading as a whole septon finds himself down on the docks. Boards creaking under as he is making his way towards one of the lesser establishments of the town. The Fisher's daughter.

Once inside it is clear to him, that it smells like a fisher's daughter as well-or at least a part of her. The sale scent of ale, fish cooking, and smoke seem to make up the tavern's less than cheery atmosphere. However, not to be undaunted, Marsden makes for a table, where he can keep an eye on the door. And perferabbly to a cracked glass window for fresh air.

Kittridge already occupies one of those window seats, indeed sitting across from the last empty window-side chair. He's not really taken much pains to disguise the fact that he's a lord slumming it, not dressed showily, but still too nicely for most of those in this particular establishment. He drinks the local swill as willingly as any, tilted back in his chair, gazing out around the greasy pane to the docks beyond.

Perhaps it's that or some shadowed familiarity that catches Marsden's eye. But the septon does hold for a moment, as he looks over the room, and settles on Kittridge. Hands come out of the flowing sleeves of his brown robe, before he draws himself near. "My Lord." he intones on a safe bet, before he is coming down to join Kittridge. "What are you drinking?" He asks, before he is turning his scarred face to try and hail or scare down a wench.

Kittridge turns to look at Marsden as the man joins him, and blinks for a moment before shrugging, "Ale, I guess? Not sure it's quite fit for the name, Brother. Strange place to be begging, this," he suggests, jerking his chin at the brown robes.

"Well, usually one doesn't have to beg a Fisher's daughter my lord. They usually give it up if they can't bite through your coin." Marsden quips before he is is waving a hand, bringing a freckled, and not too homely of a lass over. "Ale." he states and motions to Kittridge "For him as well." It appears the Brother as it were is buying drinks for the Lord. A slight nod there as hands fold over on the table. "I just needed a place where I can stretch my earnings at the moment." Which is an odd thing to say.

Kittridge looks slightly puzzled by this response, but nods his thanks as Marsden orders him a round, drinking the one he's already got and asking curiously, "So are you not a Begging Brother, then?"

Marsden glances back towards Kittridge and there is a pause before he looks down to his robes. "Well, I don't beg. But, I don't have a sept of my own. So I guess I am in between." he reports for a moment. A laugh at that. "I have many titles, but recently, I go by Septon Marsden Streem." Which any good Septon doesn't carry a surname. "I believe you're a Mallister man?" he asks as brows hone in "Or one of their vassals? I remember you-Iron isles, yes?"

"An unusual thing for a septon to go by," Kittridge comments, and then nods, "House Groves," he says, "We are vassals of the Mallisters, yes. And yes, I was on the Isles. You…" he tilts his head, "You were with the Lady Danae, at the duel, weren't you?"

"I've heard worse." he admits before grinning back towards Kitt. "Ahh, yes. Groves, you lot had the other bowmen, besides Piper, and Valentin." And Marsden raises a brow to the next question before he is nodding. "You would be correct there." a flash of teeth. "I am Lady Tordane's man."

"Aye, we've archers among our levies," Kittridge nods, "Some fine ones, too. My man Ser Tommas Belte was mostly in charge of them on the Isles." He lifts a brow at Marsden's pronouncement, "Are you indeed? I see. I am surprised to see you here, then, septon."

Marsden grins. "Ah, don't think I know Ser Tommas, but I do know a good bowman when I run into one." A nod there before he chuckles. "I am surprised as well, my Lord. I half expected to have been arrested given my hand in all this, and my loyalties." he admits "But, the Naylands have not tried one thing. Perhaps they lay low, like an adder waiting for us to stick our noses out."

"Well, you would know Ser Tommas if you'd ever run into him," Kittridge says, "He's big as a house, just about. Our Giant of Kingsgrove." He drinks, and snorts at that guess about the Naylands and says, "Maybe so. I can't say I'm much familiar with any of those involved in this business."

Marsden nods. "I will take your word on him being a giant. My lord." A grin as the serving wench comes back and places a fresh cup for Kitt, where as Marsden is give his drink finally. There's a flash of going, that the septon passes into the woman's cleavage, before he is looking right back at Kittirdge. "Perhaps for the best, My lord. It is rather a sticky situation." a pause there. "Did you know, Lord Tordane?"

"Only in passing," replies Kittridge with a shake of his head, "We met on the Isles, I think, but never really exchanged more words than pleasantries that I can recall. I remember him fighting bravely, but." He shrugs.

Marsden nods. "I served him before his wife." he states plainly before he is taking a drink from his mug. "As it was, you know the King granted him this land, and now the naylands are loathe to part with it." A sniff. "And that is where we are today-though throw in a view vile rumors about my ladyship, and well." a sigh there. "Would she have some friends that would take up her cause- but please know Ser. I don't plan t' beg for that."

"So I have heard," Kittridge nods, "It all seems rather complicated." He drinks, polishing off his first tankard as the next appears, "What does your lady intend to do, then?" he asks, expression wondering, "It seems a difficult position she has found herself in. I wonder she didn't just keep quiet after the duel and pretend it had never happened."

A nod follows. 'It is, truly." the half septon agrees, before, some air is blown through his nostrils. "Well, Ser." he begins as one hand moves over his smooth, bald head. "She intends to rule the seat that was to be her husband's." of course "And make it a fine and fair place for trade." which one could argue it already is. "Some, may have done that Lord Groves." Marsden says with a half ticked grin "But our Lady has steel in her bones. She wants what is right, for her own child's legacy and for her Husband's last dreams."

"She wants to be Lady of Stonebridge," Kittridge replies dryly, "And she can't possibly know if she'll even have a child. I may not like hearing about those sorts of things, but I don't think any man's quite so in the dark as to think two weeks will tell it for sure." He waves a hand, and drinks as he does, "Not that I bear your lady ill-will, Septon, by only acquaintance with her was pleasant enough, and my sister spoke well of her, but… let us be honest. Her husband wanted Stonebridge, and on the chance he died he wanted someone to be there to still stick it to the Naylands, and your lady agreed because she is a cousin of a declining house with few enough other prospects that this seemed worth the risk for the potential reward. Am I close?"

"Her Maiden head was taken on the wedding night, my Lord." Marsden states. "If anything she'll quicken.." he states before he is looking back towards the Groves lord. one hand raised from his mug. "None taken, I assure you my lord." Marsden responds, before he is taking another long sip of his ale. "To that.." he responds. " I cannot say." A brief look given over to Kittridge. "From what was confessed to me, they saw each other as friends and allies first. It was their joy to come to be lovers as well." he simply states. "If there was any ill will behind it or made as a sticking point-then you would have to look hard for it." Or not. Still the septon does state all with a straight and dead face. "And no offense meant lord, when what you have proposed sounds more like it comes from the other camp."

"If taking a girl's maidenhead guaranteed she'd get with child, septon, there'd be a great many more bastards running about than there are," Kittridge replies dryly. He drinks, and shrugs, "I'm not of either camp, myself. And it seems to me there are three now, if the rumors are true that the Charltons back her. Charlton, Nayland, and the rest of us who don't look to the Twins. I've no reason to believe the rumors either side would have me mark."

Marsden smirks. "It's a garauntee she wasn't fucking before hand, if I may be crude." Marsden asks, before there is a brief nod, more ale seeming to be the exact thing he needs. "That is good to know. Please understand, that I find myself often wondering who is loo,king to stab us and Lady Danae in the back over all this." a sniff before he's tipping back more ale. " As for the Charlton's I can't tell you if they are. There are some things that are confided to me." And others not. Though it is unlikely he would state one way or the other.

"Like I said, septon, I've no real call to believe either side's rumors. The bit about her lying with the regent seems awfully convenient for my taste, as does your side constantly talking like you know for a fact she's got a son on her already. You're all saying what you must to try to get ahead, and I don't fault you for it, but I'm not going to fall for it, either." As for the Charltons, the Groves lord shrugs, "I guess we'll see in time, won't we? Any Frey's as bad as the next for my house, it seems like."

"I understand, Lord." he states as he looks down into his cup before he is looking up to Kittridge. "Well, perhaps we are optimistic. I don't know her cycle of the moons, nor will I press her handmaiden for such information." the Septon says before he's raving a hand for another flagon. Though that next bit brings him pause. "How so, Lord Groves, if I may ask? I know where your House pledges, but how would that be bad for you? Your dealings would not be with them from Charlton. Just Tordane." that being said the septon sets his empty cup down with a sigh. "And who knows indeed how it'll shake out. I do know that the Lady will be loyal to those who were loyal to her."

Kittridge drinks, and tilts his head, "And if Tordane looks to Charlton, or Nayland, then they will favor Haigh and Erenford for tariff breaks and make up the coin lost by putting higher rates on Terricks and Groves," he says, "That has been the way of it so far, and that is how it is doing business with Hollyholt, I can't see why Stonebridge would be any different. Unless she intends to go it alone and swear direct to Tully," he inquires, skeptically.

"That I cannot say, nor do I know. I am merely a septon." Marsden says. though, really he is her half septon, so not all of that is true. "I would not be surprised if she chose to do so, as it would be safer than trying to come back into the fold here, don't you think?" he asks as a brow raises. "And yes-that is trade with Hollyholt. This is trade with Stonebridge.. A new era."

"Is it?" Kittridge raises a brow, "A new era? Because it seems to me this is much the same as it was. The Naylands claim it, an unknown claims to be a Tordane and have the true right, everyone jockeys for support and Tully's favor and likely both are as much right as wrong and in the end it matters very little to the running of the place except that this idiotic 'feud' continues. Terrick against Nayland, Mallister against Frey… it's all children bickering. I shouldn't wonder if the Blackwood just took it away and kept it for himself the way these houses carry on."

"If he did, there would be something new to feud about, would there not? Mallister would find another wound to pick at until the Frey decided to pick back, and then you'd have a new front. Whether it is Nayland and Terrick at the forefront, there will always be a wound." MArsden quips, before he is moving to rise. "But." and there he leans in. "I know Lady Danae is indeed different and canny. If there was the right support to this. She'd be the one to end the cycle-even if for a little while." Marsden tries to assure.

"Probably," Kittridge shrugs, "They always find something." He doesn't sound terribly impressed with either side." He drinks, and then shrugs at Marsden, "Well, she isn't ending it at the moment so much as stirring it up again, is she?" Yet another shrug, and he says, "I guess we will see how it goes, Septon. I wish you and your lady good health, and good luck, whatever that might mean."

"Seven guide you an yours, Lord Groves. Should you ever take it up. She's a worthy lady." And with that Marsden raps once on the table top before he is moving off to sneak outside of the bar, and likely find his way back to camp.