Page 028: A Neighborly Visit
A Neighborly Visit
Summary: Lord Camden and Company from Tall Oaks arrive for a visit at the Roost.
Date: 09/August/2011
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Courtyard — Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
August 9, 288

Last night saw Anais go for a moonlight tear with two of her guards, much to the consternation of her sisters when she returned. There was quite the commotion in the Banefort suites, and a good deal of yelling not at all suited to high-born young ladies. But by the morning, it had all cooled to icy silence. Which probably explains why each of the Banefort sisters went their own direction. Anais has apparently inherited the courtyard in the squabble, and trails only a single guard. "Bruce, if you say I told you so, I will…do something even more unladylike to you," she threatens with a sigh. Bruce, for his part, seems entirely satisfied to just look smug.

The courtyard, always settled with constant hustle and bustle of the Hall's residents, is no more silent today than it could possibly be any other day. Retainers and servants move to and fro, the high stationed moving as well through their duties. One of the few places the Lady of Camden seems to be able to go about her business without most anyone paying her much mind. of course, being a ward of the Terrick's and no visiting dignitary, Liliana is perhaps afforded a few more luxuries of privacy than the blonde-tressed young woman making her way into the area. But for all of it, she seems content to her work, set as she is at one of the far trellises, gathering a small selection of greens and flowers. It's been a few days on, since the dustup at the Inn, and the evidence of her travails have blossomed on her face. The left side of her face is bruised over in a rainbow of bruises, the rashing, having been well treated by the Maester scabbed over and healing. She would likely look a dreadful sight, if she had not deigned to let down her hair and style it to cover as much of the sides of her face as she can manage.

In search of something other than sisters to engage herself with, Anais hones in quickly on Liliana, making her way toward the other woman. "Liliana," she calls over, approaching with a small smile. "What is it you're gathering there?" She doesn't seem to notice the bruising and rashing at first, focused as she is on anything that might lead to cheerful, non-accusational conversation.

"What little of the outdoors can be brought into the interior of the Hall, Anais." That's said cheerfully enough, though, perhaps with just the slightest hint of stiffness. More for the pain of moving her cheek and jaw and less to do with the Banefort Lady, who seems to have settled easily enough into Liliana's good graces. "The retainers have turned a blind eye to these trellises here," which are nearly to the end of the courtyard, "And they try not to scold me overmuch for picking them to bring in for the Lady's rooms." Meaning the ladies of the tower, and not one in particular, "Of course, I am often required to engage the chambermaids to deliver them, but it seems worthwhile, especially in this summer heat." Liliana seems up to the task of working as she speaks, in the midst of picking and cutting a selection of greenery and flowers from one of the far trellises in the yard. Anais is not terribly difficult to spot, her bright head a sharp contrast to Liliana's. Also, she's a Banefort sworn hovering over around her like a mother hen.

"Flowers," Anais muses, tipping her head to one side as she watches. "Someone suggested I should bring some flowers to Jaremy. I wasn't sure how well they'd really be received, though. It doesn't seem a very manly sort of gift." She reaches forward to brush the back of one finger against a bloom, thoughtful, before looking back to Liliana and blinking. "Good gracious," she observes in surprise, though she keeps her voice low. "What in the name of the Seven did you get yourself into?"

The courtyard is busy today, with plenty of people moving through it, but Anais and Liliana seem to have taken up their station at a trellis. Liliana appears to be gathering flowers, while Anais looks on with a Banefort guard in attendance.

"Ay, Annie." Cayt certainly has no issue discovering his fair sister even in a bundle of flowers. For his part, he's carrying a finished hide, folded four times over and then rolled into a neat little bundle and tied off with two lengths of twine to sit contentedly under his arm as he jogs along through the busy courtyard, slowing at times to let someone pass before him, but moving with an easy lope when the path opens itself to him. "Pulling posies for the— ay," he interrupts himself mid-thought, and tips his head to Liliana. "Lady."

"Despite what the Maesters would have us believe, healing is not the sole domain of men. And I am of the firm belief that it takes as much a woman's hand as a man's to heal a body in flesh and spirit. A gift of flowers is a balm for the soul, and reminds that there is someone who sends their good thoughts in the form of the things fair and beautiful in the world. I do not think you could go amiss in sending them to the Lord Jaremy. if you like, when we finish here, you are more than welcome to send these." A head tilt, at Anais' surprise, "A bit of a row at the Rockcliffe, I took a blow meant for the man attempting to see me safely out of the Inn. It is honestly worse than it looks." Mostly. "I have had worse. I could tell you a few stories of falling out of trees and tumbling down in the woods. I am well enough."

A light day, an easy day, for the most part, as the two women converse. A semi-familiar voice catches Liliana's eyes, the approach of Caytiv causing a bit of a stir, as he fords the sea of activity in the yard. "Master Hill." Nor does the activity die down in his wake. Indeed, a flurry of guards begin to traipse out of the portcullis, and towards the gates towards the road, whispers passing Johnny down the lane.

"Oh, no," Anais shakes her head to Liliana, smile flashing. "You've picked those. If I'm going to send him flowers, I'd think the least I could do is pick them myself." She glances to the guard at her shoulder, smile turning rueful. "I'm sure my sisters would be quick to say it would be the most ladylike thing I've done in weeks." As Caytiv approaches, she raises a hand. "Cayt. I suppose the end of your evening was better than mine? Or Lady Liliana's day, for that matter. What was the fight over?" she asks the other woman, a glimmer of a more serious concern in her eyes.

Caytiv is quiet, with an eye leveled toward Liliana and ears metaphorically pricked up as she tells the tale. "I had a right proper sunset, Annie," he murmurs when asked. He is standing beside his sister at the trellis, the both of them looking across to the Lady Liliana in quiet discussion over flower-picking. Well. The lasses are picking flowers. Not Cayt, of course. Cayt's hauling that deer skin about again, but this time it's less bloody and fresh, and neatly bundled. "And as for the Lady's eve, some of the jolliest nights end in fists, don't they? But to have a Lady hurt is sure a sore end to it all."

"I believe some of the people attending the Inn took poorly to the singing styles of one of the other patrons." That's about as politely as Liliana can manage to convey the gist of the altercation, and the man behind it. "Well, if you do not want these, I am almost finished, and you may have the run of the flowers." A smile, at Caytiv's comments, saved from being full-fledged by the tightening of the muscle in her jaw. "It is good to see you in such good spirits, Master Hill. I did have a rather jolly night of it, at least at the end. And my face will heal well enough, or so the Maester tells me. And beside that, there is something freeing in having no prospects, such as your sister has." Hooray for the unmarriageable. Freedom! The commotion behind him does gain a bit of a look, particularly the Terrick sworn moving out towards the gate, gaze sent between Caytiv, Anais and herself, Liliana's dark head peeking around the man. Thankfully, she has barely an inch difference between his head and hers, and he doesn't block her view overmuch, "Are we going to battle?"

Not long after the guards departure through the portcullis, the sound of multiple horses returning can be heard, though when they finally crest into the courtyard, they are clearly not the sworn of Terrick. Nor do any of them appear to be knights, for four of the five riders are clad in leather jerkins and seem to be protecting the fifth, who is just a little more elegantly dressed. Where the sworn of Terrick tend to swords and other such weapons, the men of this group carry bows and seem to bare the crest of House Camden upon their armor. Seated in the center of the group, Sarojyn urges his horse just a touch further into the yard before he's pulling back on the reins and drawing horse and group to a halt. Eyes play to his guards and as he begins to dismount he's offering, "See to the horses and then to yourselves. It's been a long ride and we could all use a rest." There's a murmured reply of 'Yes My Lord' and as one of the guards dismounts, the reins are passed along to him so that the horses can be led off, leaving Sarojyn free to finally look around the yard.

"Gods, I hope not," Anais muses at that question, shifting to follow Liliana's gaze. "I'm reasonably certain the Naylands are better prepared for it than we are. Gwyneth, and Elinor, and Shayla are all upset with me for going out," she explains to Caytiv, grimacing. "Though for their own reasons, of course." As others enter the courtyard, her brows rise slightly, and she catches the inside of her cheek between her teeth. "That's new," she murmurs, taking a hesitant step toward the group.

Unmarriageable, huh? Cayt does not, of course, understand the ways of the courtly system, nor how the titled ladies may come to have the freedom to frolic in drunken places as their chambermaids do, but the prospect of it being so is enough to draw an interested stare from the Hill, but, with the spectre of battle brought up, he looks away without so much as offering her the promised buckskin. "Nay, looks like it's a visitor of some sort," he pieces together, sending his sister Annie a look. "Peh. You've done no wrong, have you?"

The brightness that overtakes Liliana's face, visible to the rest of the courtyard across Caytiv's shoulder is nearly transcendent, as she catches sight of the men making their way into the courtyard. Quick hands set down the bowl, perhaps a bit more shakily than she would normally be given to do, "Come, come!" The urgings given to Anais and Caytiv both, as Liliana gathers up her skirts, the quickness of her steps, as she begins to fairly run across the distance separating herself and the two Banefort siblings she's standing with, and the smartly dressed man and his archer guards recalling less the elegant, mostly, young woman of eighteen she's become, and more the eight year old who would often run to meet her beloved father and uncle upon their return from their rangings in the forests of Camden. "Uncle!" Human missile incoming, indeed, the young woman clearly seeming to have no fear of the guards, but having eyes only for the Lord in their midst.

Having spent much of the last few years within the forests of Tall Oaks, Sarojyn's eyes seem to slowly play over the surrounding courtyard and the stone which makes it up and it's not until he hears that call of Uncle that his head is turning a touch to the side to see the approaching figure of Liliana. Guards take pause in their movements, but when they see the Lord turning towards the approaching woman, arms extending in a clear invitation of a hug, they simply turn back towards the stables. With a hint of a smile upon his lips, he's offering a quick, "My dear niece. I can see your time here -has- been for naught.", though those words a marked with humor and clearly a jest.

Anais quirks a brow at Caytiv as the other woman goes running, pausing to pick up the discarded bowl of flowers before following at a somewhat more sedate pace. Her smile broadens at the reunion between the pair, and she makes sure to let them have a bit of a reunion before she gets too close. "If you are Liliana's uncle," she says as she approaches, looking over the guards, "I can only assume that you must be Lord Camden." She sinks into a polite curtsey, graceful despite the bowl of flowers in one arm, smile easy.

Caytiv quirks a brow right back to his sister. Don't ask him, he didn't chase her off. He'll wait on his sister being done fussing with the flowers, and even go so far as to offer her his arm, dressed up in his livery as he is, to stroll her on over there after the Lady Liliana. He has no guess as to who this guy is, excepting, when Liliana shouts 'uncle,' Liliana's uncle. So he leaves the guessing game to Annie, who's better at that than he is, and just goes along with her supposition with a bow of his head. "Lord."

Indeed, all for naught, Liliana looking much as she must have looked during most of her childhood. Ruffled, scraped up, but decidedly alive with joy. For all their differences, perhaps, from the other noble Houses, there is no doubt at all, that the love between this family is deep and abiding. Liliana fairly throws herself into Sarojyn's arms, quick tears springing to her eyes, for this man she hasn't seen in well on two years. Not since the Camden guard delivered her to Four Eagles Tower, has she seen hide or hair of her folk. The hug duly delivered, Liliana looks up, hair at least falling away enough that the Lord can see the state of her face, "Maester Sebastian sent no raven, I did not know you rode down from Tall Oaks." Another tight, rib-cracking hug, before she finally seems to make up her mind to comport herself as a lady should, and she steps back, offering a polite bow to her Lord Uncle, turning to bring Anais and Caytiv into the small circle, "My Lord Uncle, Lady Anais of Banefort, and her brother, Master Caytiv Hill. Anais, Lord Sarojyn Camden, Lord of Tall Oaks."

For the moment, all else is forgotten as Sarojyn draws his niece into his arms and returns that hug, the smile warming considerable upon his lips as he allows it to linger. Then, when she draws back and he can see the state of her face, that smile fades his right brow lofts upwards, "It would seem we have things to discuss." Later, it would seem, for he's allowing that smile to return to his lips. "A raven was sent only to Lord Terrick, for I thought to surprise you with my arrival." The second hug is returned and when she steps back to offer that bow, he's dipping his head towards her. Eyes then play towards Anais and Caytiv and to the first, he's offering a bow from the waist, "You would assume correct, Lady Banefort. Allow me to congratulate you on your recent engagement to the Young Lord." Then, as he lifts from that bow, there's a slight dip of his head towards Caytiv, "Master Hill."

"Thank you, my lord," Anais smiles warmly to the man. "It's a pleasure to meet you. And to see Liliana so happy," she adds with another smile for the other woman. "There seem to be many visitors here of late. I'll confess, it's quite a change from the Banefort. And it does keep things interesting." Again she hesitates, glancing toward the entrance hall, then to Liliana. Betrothed to the heir who happens to be ill and out of commission is certainly an awkward sort of position when it comes to hospitality duties.

"And well you've seemed at doing so, Lord," Cayt smiles broadly, in regards Lord Camden and his surprising of his niece. "Why, when we were talking over yonder I reckon't her just about to burst into flames, she were so tickled pleased. Fair met, Lord Camden. You need anything carried in, ay?" he goes on to ask, withdrawing his arm from his sister's arm to pat her about the shoulders once but disengage himself enough to be useful if there's a use for him.

A respectful dip of her head, Liliana accepting the Lord's commandment for what it is, "Yes, my Lord." But even the dire task of eventually having to explain herself pales at the joy of the arrival, and her smile is paramount, as the trio are introduced around. At least she's her wits enough about her to catch sight of Anais' expression, and she offers, "I will see to preparing the hall, if you will, my Lord." which means more telling the chambermaids to get cracking and less preparing herself, "Surely you must be tired from the journey. I will bring you something cool to refresh you." Couched as a statement, but with enough of a question in it to be asking for Sarojyn's permission. "There is a comfortable place there, if you like." A small seating area, shaded over with leafy trees. They do do it up right at Terrick.

In the courtyard, a bit of an odd group. A group of five leather-clad men, all bearing the crest of House Camden, one of them, better dressed than most, the Lord Camden to those who would know him, is standing with Liliana, Anais and Caytiv, the other four Camdenites seeing to the disposition of the horses they rode on.

Caytiv's offer draws a slight shake of Sarojyn's head, once that's followed by the faintest of chuckles, "I appreciate the offer, Master Hill, but there is nothing to be brought that I can not handle. Thank you all the same." Then, he's looking to Anais, the smile remaining upon his lips as he dips his head in a slight nod, "I am glad that my visit pleases her so. It is not often we venture from the Oaks, but I fear she would have been quite displeased if I had ventured out without coming to visit." Eyes play back to Liliana, the smile growing just a touch more upon his lips as he dips his head towards her, "After the ride here, something cool would be much appreciated. Thank you." Eyes then play towards the shaded seating area as a faint grin now takes hold of his lips, "Shade. I was wondering if such a thing existed outside the Oaks." Most likely a reference to the ride of the roads and being out in the sun.

Anais shoots a grateful look to Liliana, moving to take over entertainment for the few minutes relaying hospitality orders may take. "How long a ride is it from Tall Oaks?" she asks curiously, leading the way toward the table in the shade. "I'm afraid I've found that my estimates of travel time are all skewed here. At the Banefort, it's either travel by sail, or travel through the mountains, which are both faster and slower than travel along the roads here."

Caytiv dips his chin in recognition of the answer. "Ay, Lord," he rejoins, but then is content to cross his arms behind his back and follow after Annie, watching her with a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth at the way she plays hostess.

From the entrance hall, flanked by a number of sworn and a young girl, Lucienne emerges in a flourish of bright silken skirts. It takes but a sweep of her big brown eyes to place the party, and thus her hesitation on the step ends. She approaches, and waits for the slightest break in conversation. "Forgive me, Lord Camden," begins her greeting, coupled with a deep curtsy and an apologetic dip of her chin. "Terrick's Roost is host to a great number of guests at present, I came as soon as I was able." No word of the rest of the family, apparently. Her gaze hovers expectantly for a response, trying to gauge the visiting Lord's spirit.

"I will only be a moment, my Lord." Liliana dips another bow, before she turns from the party to try to track down the first house retainer she can find. Which brings her closer to the party now departing the hall, and Liliana gives pause, offering in polite tones, as she dips her head to Lucienne, waiting until such time as the Lady of Terrick has given her greeting to Sarojyn, her own voice kept low, "Lady Lucienne, I am going to see to the refreshment of my uncle and his party. I have invited them to sit at the table." Enough to let Lucienne know what's gone on so far, and to give her the freedom to change things around as she sees fit.

"It's just shy of a day's journey if one does not linger too long upon the road," comes the reply to Anais as Sarojyn moves to follow towards that table in the shade. "The ride can be shortened by venturing through the forests between Terrick's Roost and Tall Oaks, but I found myself in no rush." Liliana's departure is given another slight nod of his head and as Lucienne adds her appearance to the fray, there's another bow from the Lord of Tall Oaks as he offers, "There is nothing to forgive, my Lady. I have only recently arrived and would not expect to have my arrival take precedence over those guests that are already here."

"That isn't so very far, then," Anais observes, smile flashing. "If I were the Lady Liliana, I might be more tweaked not to have seen you in years," she teases, though she's quick enough to step back when Lucienne arrives. "Lady Lucienne," she greets, a twitch of her skirts suggesting a curtsey toward the other lady. And now that the certain protocols are in place, she's glad enough to step to the side with her brother, murmuring something as the others exchange greetings.

Caytiv slings his arm easily about his sister's shoulders and gives her a jostling hug on the sidelines of the wecoming committee, but stopping short of actually reaching around with his other hand to give her hair a ruffle. Out of a newfound sense of personal propriety? Maybe. Or maybe it's just that he's got that rolled-up hide under his other arm.

"Thankyou." Liliana receives a smile to go with the quiet acknowledgement from Lucienne on the way past. Relieved by Sarojyn's manner, her shoulders drop a measure and she smiles again, a well-timed rise of a brow given to Anais in gratitude. "You are too kind, my Lord. All our guests are of import, including yourself. Is your visit purely for pleasure?" Whilst there's hope in her tone as she continues with the group towards the table under the trees, it's clear she realises otherwise.

"No, not so far. But, we do not often venture out from our homes," is returned to Anais before he's settling his attention on Lucienne, the smile still holding upon his lips. Hands reclaim the edges of his cloak, drawing the fabric around him as he gives a slight shake of his head, "I'm afraid that the purpose of my visit isn't entirely all pleasure, for I have come to speak with Lord Terrick over a few matters of import. But, knowing that you have a large number of guests, I know my audience may be delayed. For that, I shall enjoy the simple pleasures of things, such as speaking with my niece and looking around the lands."

Her duty, at least so far as those in the courtyard seem to be concerned having been seen to, Liliana wastes no time in slipping back into the hall, and little more time in making certain that some serving dishes large enough to accommodate the group are put together. It will be a few minutes, of course, before they will be ready, but things are well on their way, one set for Lucienne and her guests, all three of them, and another set for the four guards who came with the Lord, though those four are likely now milling about either in the stables, tending to the horses or in the courtyard not far from their Lord. It will be a handful of minutes, though, before Liliana will be free to exit back out to the courtyard.

Anais nods to Caytiv, flashing a brief smile up at her brother as she walks. "Perhaps /you/ will come hawking with me," she suggests to Sarojyn with an easy smile. "I'm afraid our last guests ran out of time, and I often find myself restless with thoughts about weddings and everything that comes with them. It would be a welcome distraction, and a chance to get to know the countryside better myself." She pauses, grinning. "I might even suffer my brother to come along. He'll have to learn eventually, won't you, Cayt?"

"Will I?" Cayt wonders. "Well, if there's a party going out, and nobody minds another horse in the mix," he offers quietly, seeming slightly overwhelmed, himself, with the niceties involved, but he's doing his best to maintain an affable air as he strolls where his older and wiser sister goes.

"Ah, of course," murmurs Lucienne in return to Sarojyn, with a series of short nods. "I am certain my Lord Father will do his utmost to see you in a timely fashion," she assures, coming to stand behind a seat and waiting for rest of the party. The mention of hawking sees her notably quiet, though it could just be for the sake of not interrupting.

A soft chuckle escapes past Sarojyn's lips as he dips another nod towards Lucienne, "My matter is not so urgent or pressing that I need try to rush a meeting. I understand that your Lord Father has had other pressing matters to deal with." With those seats reached, he's moving to take a place behind one, no doubt to allow the ladies to seat themselves, first. Eyes shift over to Caytiv and then to Anais as he offers, "Hawking? It would be my pleasure to accompany you on such a thing, Lady Banefort." Now, he's looking back to Lucienne, his right brow lofting upwards once more. "And you, my Lady, is that something that you take part in?"

A handful of minutes, perhaps more, to set the hall staff to working, before Liliana retakes the courtyard, moving easily towards the men first, who came in with Sarojyn, greeting each of them in turn. She's not so long from her home that she doesn't remember each of her Lord Uncle's men, and she greets them with warmth and sincerity, speaking softly to them, while she makes arrangements for them, or to the least, giving them directions to where they can enjoy their respite in comfort. Every inch her father's daughter now, seeing to the care of her Uncle's retainers, before she excuses herself and departs to rejoin her Uncle and the small collection arrayed around him.

"It's a very appropriate knightly pursuit," Anais informs Caytiv, though there is that typical glint of sibling torture glee in her eyes. "Ser Kevan has a lovely hawk, though he did mention he preferred to go in smaller parties. I asked Father if he'd send Brightwing along when he got the chance. Though I'm afraid I'm still waiting to hear back. On several things," she muses, looking somewhat disappointed for just a moment. She sets the bowl of flowers down once she reaches the table, making herself comfortable.

Busted. Lucienne's lips quirk with mild amusement, her eyes lighting. "I had this very conversation with another of our guests just yesterday. I ride with the parties when I can, as I enjoy that part immensely, but… no. It is not a sport I have pursued." Her head shakes to support the claim. A ways behind her, the young girl who had exited the hall at the lady's side looks on eagerly, her hands folded primly at her front as she watches the exchange.

There's a quick smile to Lucienne as Sarojyn gives another nod of his head, "It's most certainly not something that everyone enjoys, I will admit." Then, he's looking to Anais, his brow lofting once more, "Ahh, the Lady has her own hawk, but did not bring it along with her? I feel your pain at that, Lady Banefort, for my own rests back in Tall Oaks. Though, my Falconer did accompany and brought hers along. Perhaps I will speak with her and see if she will part with him for a bit." Liliana's return doesn't go unnoticed and when she begins to make her way back over towards the group, he's looking back in her direction, the smile holding upon his lips.

"We weren't certain how long we'd be when we left," Anais explains with a rueful smile for Sarojyn. "And we didn't know who, if anyone, would be staying behind." She quirks a brow at Lucienne, though, tipping her head to one side. "I didn't realize it wasn't your sport of choice, Lady Lucienne. I shall endeavor not to pressure you the next time," she laughs, smile twisting apologetically. "What about you, Liliana? Do you care for hawking?"

Only the very end of the conversation is caught, as Liliana returns to the party, dipping another bow to Sarojyn, "Refreshment will be brought just as soon as it can be prepared." Duty requires that at least, but soon enough she moves on to the small bit of news she did hear, eyes turning to scan the courtyard, carefully counting off the Camden-bedecked group, but finding no falconer among them. "Damara is here?" Clearly, this is almost as exciting for the young woman as her Uncle's arrival. Anais' question is promptly answered, "Oh yes. Since I was young enough to manage a hawk without losing too much of my own skin. Mistress Kells taught me herself. She's a falconer of supreme skill. The House is lucky to have her." Fangirl alert!

"Never fear," Lucienne tells Anais with a good-natured breathy laugh, "I do thoroughly enjoy the chance to get out with my horse." If she were the winking type, she might just send one out this moment; she isn't, so she doesn't. Liliana's response brightens her smile, the enthusiasm catching.

A soft chuckle is offered towards Anais as Sarojyn nods in her direction, "I see. A trip that became unexpectedly longer." He's then looking towards Lucienne at her response, the smile warming upon his lips before he's looking back towards Liliana. "Yes, Damara is here. She stayed just outside the town limits when we rode in. I think she wanted to spend a little time with her hawk, Gein. She'll be along at some point, I'm sure." He then falls quiet, letting his niece recount the Falconer's skill with nothing more then a soft chuckle.

Anais' grin flashes at Liliana's answer, apparently heartened by the other woman's enthusiasm. "Perfect," she declares, sitting up a little bit straighter. She really does seem happy to meet the Camdens. Maybe it's just the prospect of being able to be just a /little/ less than the perfect, genteel lady that has her perking up.

"I am looking forward to seeing her again." A nod, given to Anais, before she turns, to address the woman, though she's also directing over the small group of servants bringing the refreshments. Cooled carafes of summer wine and apple cider, fresh fruits and baked bread. "It would be wonderful to go out, indeed. I have not flown a hawk since I showed Scarlet," one of the Terrick's hawks whom Liliana uses more often than not, being as she did not bring her own hawk with her from Camden, "At the tournament to Lord Ser Frey." As the repast is set out, she turns her attention back to the table, "I had brought what was fresh and light." Meats and heavy foods make for sleepy Lords and Ladies.

"This all looks lovely," speaks Lucienne of the spread, bestowing a warm smile upon Liliana. Good job. She rolls her shoulders back some, and lifts her chin toward Sarojyn to inform: "If it please you, I might take my leave to go rouse the rest of the family. My lord brother has taken ill, but I am certain the others would be pleased to come receive you, Lord Camden."

As the ladies talk, Sarojyn simply remains quiet for the moment, eyes turning in the direction of the servants and the refreshments as they arrive. There is a slight nod of thanks from him before he's looking back towards Liliana, "That long? I shall have to see if we might have your hawk delivered here, Liliana, so that you might go more often if it poses no problem." Another nod, and a quick smile, is given for the type of refreshments and at Lucienne's departure, he's looking back to her. "By your leave, my Lady Terrick and I am sorry to hear of your brother." Then, there's a respectful bow of his head towards her. "I am sure they will receive me when they are free. It is of no worry at this time."

Anais grins once more to Liliana, though it falters a moment at the reminder of Jaremy's illness. Not an easy thing for a young noblewoman to cope with. "And in the meantime," she chimes in after Lucienne, "Perhaps you and Liliana will tell me about Tall Oaks?"

Lucienne lays a hand gently upon Anais' shoulder after rising, the touch lingering for a moment in an attempt to comfort. "We are certain he will make his recovery," she assures both his betrothed and the visiting Lord. "I look forward to more of your company, Lord Camden. I am sure if there's anything you might need in the meantime, Liliana will see to it." And on that note, the lady takes her leave with another flurry of silk.

Late to the show, if only to give Gein some time to familiarize himself with his surroundings, Damara guides her mare through the gate and into the courtyard slowly. The falconer has left his hood off, again, to allow the avian to know where he is. She shifts in the saddle, the divided riding dress matched with a pair of trousers and boots. A leather jerkin fitted to her form flares at her hips and about her waist a belt. Her quiver and arrows rests at the back of the saddle and her bow lays angled over her shoulder. Dark auburn hair has been pulled up in a simple braid and wound about her head, pinned into place. It is her turn to allow jade eyes to look over those assembled, easing back a little but stopping from dismounting upon seeing Liliana. She smiles brightly for her.

"That would be absolutely wonderful, Uncle, I miss Parand terrible." Rapture! She offers to Anais, "I raised her from a fledgling." Lilian, showing that she has indeed learned quite a bit since she was sent to foster at the Roost, moves easily enough, working with the retainers who've delivered the meal to serve each in turn. With Lucienne's withdrawal, Sarojyn is served first, and then Anais, followed by Caytiv. As the hostess, Liliana's content to be served last, once 'her' guests' needs are tended to. "Please, Uncle, break your fast." Only once everyone is seen to, does she take her seat, "He will be well enough in only a short while, Anais, you should not worry." The describing of Tall Oaks, for the time being, she leaves to her Uncle. But it's barely a moment in the seat, before the sound of another horse brings her head towards the gate, "Mistress Kells is here, I will go and retrieve her." No way is the falconer going off to hide with the retainers. Up she goes, to meet the woman still aseat her horse.

Watching as Lucienne departs, Sarojyn then turns his attention to his niece, the smile warming a touch as the refreshments are served and the first thing that he goes to claim is the cup of summer wine, though it's not yet lifted to his lips. "Thank you, Lilianna." The mention of Damara's arrival has him casting a look over his shoulder in her direction, a hint of a smile being offer and then he's looking to Anais. "We are a simple people, so to speak, who live off what the land can provide. The majority of my people, myself included, are hunters. So it's no surprise that we trade in tanned goods and leathers. As well, due to the location of Tall Oaks, we also have many woodworkers who prepare the timber that people need." Now, the wine is lifted to his lips, a small sip taken and when the cup is lowered, he continues. "Beyond that, we spend our days enjoying the forests and the peacefulness that they have to offer and the sights they hold. One could truly lose themselves amongst the Oaks and the simple sounds the forest has to offer."

"Of course," Anais murmurs to Lucienne with a small smile, nodding once. "I know I shouldn't worry," she adds to Liliana, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. "Forgive me," she smiles crookedly to Sarojyn. "Nerves. Timber, you say? I think Jaremy was going to send word to you about that, actually." Damara's appearance and Liliana's swift departure draws her attention, brows rising at the falconer. It seems Liliana may not be alone in her hero worship for long, though it's the woman's bow that Anais eyes carefully.

Anais, Caytiv, and Sarojyn are seated at a table underneath a shade tree, while Liliana is going to meet Damara near the entrance to the courtyard. Camden men-at-arms are seated at another table, taking some welcome refreshment.

As Liliana pops up to move towards her, Damara's dark brow raises and she shakes her head. "Camdens.." She murmurs fondly to herself and then lifts the hood to just lay over Gein's beady eyes while she hooks her other hand to the pommel and swings her leg about with a flare of her riding short riding dress. Thank goodness for trousers. "Hup.." She says to the mare and it whickers, lowering its head to offer back its bridle to her grasp. "Good girl." The Mistress intones and then turns as Liliana draws closer. "My Lady." She dips her head, horse in one hand, falcon in the other. Gein shifts a little and she smiles as she lets her green eyes take in the Lady. "You have grown more fair over the years you have been away. I am glad to see that you can grow just as well outside Tall Oaks." Is is a warm familiar greeting she offers.

One Terrick enters, half a Terrick appears. It's probably not an even trade. But whatever mission Lucienne left on, Jarod is at least part of the fruit of it. He strolls into the vicinity and toward the party, step a little stiff, but still quick. "My lords and ladies." A general greeting for now, with a general, deep bow to go with it. "Lady Lucienne said we were receiving guests, I see them firmly entrenched. I hope you've found Four Eagles Tower welcoming thus far."

Liliana accepts the dip of Damara's head, but in word and gesture, seems intent in waving aside such formalities. "Not so much as I think my dear Uncle would have hoped," Liliana offers in her usual merry tones, as she reaches out to take Damara's horse's reins, if the Mistress allows, turning her head so Damara can get a good view of the left side of her face, and the scraping and bruising there. "Not much different from the day you found me tumbled out of the oak near the stables. Do you remember, Damara? Only, I think the Maester here does not have quite as gentle a hand as you do. But I thank you for such a compliment, I have tried to be a credit to our House." A short pause, "Please, let me have your horse seen to, and you can join us for refreshments." She turns back to the table at which Sarojyn is seated, "The Lady is Anais Banefort, Lord Ser Jaremy's betrothed, and her brother, Caytiv Rivers. I think Anais would be delighted to meet Gein, if he would be so willing. She has a fondness for hawking. And there is food and drink to refresh you.

"Please, Lady Banefort, there is nothing to forgive." The smile that follows those words is comforting and lasts a moment before Sarojyn continues, "We actually received the Young Lord's request about a week prior and are more then happy to deliver the timber. Especially considering the occasion." The wedding, no doubt. Then, when Anais' eyes seem to shift and settle in the direction of Damara, he's taking a moment to look around the yard once more and it's then that he spots the approaching figure of Jarod. The bow that is offered is returned with a respectful bow of his head as he offers, "It has been more then welcoming thus far, my Lord. My people and I truly appreciate the hospitality that has been shown." A break of his eyes has him looking back to the side, watching Liliana and Damara for a moment before he returns his attention to Jarod. "Will you be joining us?"

Caytiv has taken up a post behind Annie and somewhat to her side while she sits with the others, and has been laying low for the most part, beyond having leaned across her shoulder to snag a small handful of something to munch on, giving her a grin as he does. He keeps his hand in front of him, popping a pine nut now and then.

"Oh, good." Anais' smile flashes broader with relief at Sarojyn's words. "I was thinking of visiting him later this afternoon. If the maester doesn't object, perhaps I'll be able to let him know. Ser Jarod," she adds with a nod for the knight. With summerwine available, she's happy to take a glass, flashing a grin at her own brother when he leans over. Silently, she offers him a sip from her glass, arching a brow in question.

As Liliana all but tends to her, herself, Damara can't help but laugh. "You have not changed.." She says gently and then smiles all the more. Too far away to hear Jarod's greeting, she looks though as the others are introduced. "My Lady..let me see the horse to the stables. And as for food, I can take mine with the other retainers." Seems all things considered, she will be stubborn. "I will gladly attend to introduce Gein and wish my congratulations, but I must see to the Lord's horse and make sure things..are set." Safe. Her green eyes draw to Sarojyn and she watches those around him cautiously. Turning back to her, she sighs, "Tall Oaks would be better suited with you there. But you seem quite so happy and willing to get into just as much trouble here."

"If it please you, m'Lord. I thought it best to make proper introductions, at least," Jarod says, as to joining them, straightening up for Sarojyn. "I'm Ser Jarod Rivers, Captain of the Guard of this Tower." His precise familiar relationship to the house is not immediately stated, but it's hard to tell if he's omitting or just getting through more practical business first. "Should there be anything you require, simply ask, and I promise to see to your security while you're beneath our roof, though I pray there's little need of much more than assurances."

Caytiv holds up the hand not holding the pine nuts in a gesture of abstinence when Annie offers him her glass. He does get a thumbnail under another pine nut, though, and flick it into his mouth. Classy-like. He offers Jarod a crooked smile but doesn't leave his post at his sister's side.

"It would not matter if I were sent to the Wall itself, or across the Narrow Sea, I will always be Liliana of Tall Oaks. Where I go that place goes with me." You can take the the girl out of the country…as they say, but…"If that pleases you, Damara, but do not spend too much time at your work. But please return as soon as you can." She knows better than to dig in her heels where the falconer is concerned. Indeed, Damara is even more stubborn than she is. "I will go and tell my uncle that you will be along soon." Sneaky, sneaky Liliana. "I am no stranger to trouble here, of that I assure you." A bright smile, before she steps away from the other woman, turning back to return to the table she left a few moments before. A bit slower, perhaps, as she studies the Ser come to join the party. Two years she's been at the hall, but little to nothing does she really know of the Captain of the Guard.

Looking back to Anais, Sarojyn nods his head as the smile returns to his lips, "If you do, Lady Banefort, pass along my regards to the Young Lord. I will pray that his recovery is quick." Blue-green eyes then return to Jarod, a faint chuckle escaping his lips as he dips his head once more towards the man, "Ser Jarod, then. I thank you for that and will not keep you from your duties .. but should your duties afford you a moment's break .." A hand lifts, motioning to the refreshments that grace the table, "Then please, take a moment to enjoy." He does afford a look back towards Liliana and Damara and when the former begins her return, he's offering a quick smile before returning his attention to those around the table. "Tell me, just how much trouble has my niece really been?" Those words are a clear jest, for his voice is lifted enough to carry to the approaching form of Liliana.

"The Camdens are fans of hawking," Anais notes for Jarod's sake, smile flashing with the spark of mischief in her eyes. "And we were thinking we might take a trip while they're here. Since the plans with Ser Rygar fell through. Perhaps you'll be able to join us?" she suggests, taking a sip of the summerwine when Caytiv turns it down. She is nothing if not persistent, if in her own way.

Jarod cracks the faintest of crooked, boyish grins at Liliana when she mentions knowing something of trouble. Not that he's going to tell any tales on her. Still, there's the faint spark of amusement in his green eyes. "Hullo, Cayt," he offers to the Hill boy, when he catches the nod. Damara gets a respectful inclination of his head as she goes to her work, and then attention back on Sarojyn. And he does take the offered place at the table. "I never turn down a cup of wine in good company, m'Lord, and I'll not start this evening. I'm sorry my brother, Young Lord Jaremy…" Well, that makes him easy to identify as Lord Jerold's bastard, then, even if he's not going to make an issue of it. "…isn't here to receive you. He's feeling a bit off-color. Combination of the heat and the moisture in the air has done him badly, I think, though Seven praised it seems not to be too serious. Hawking? You know, we keep speaking of a hawking outing and not taking it. We must, m'Lord, rectify this while you're in my lord father's house. I'm not sure our woods are anything on yours, but we manage a bit of sport now and again."

Taking the bridle as the Lady relents, Damara chuckles faintly, "My Lady…I do so hope you spread what you love of Tall Oaks here. It would do them well." She winks to Liliana and then nods her head but hmphs as the Lady speaks of telling Sarojyn she will be joining them. "Very well. Let me just lead the mare to the stable and I will join you." She promises. She can compromise - see? As Liliana steps away, Damara catches Jarod's note to her and she in kind, dips her head. Finally takes Liliana's departure as cue and leads her horse towards the stables with a soft click of her tongue. Gein shifts and then stills with that hood loosely about his head. The falconer thusly disappears within the stables for a few moments to offer her mount to a stablehand.

"I believe I have given good service on the one hand, in return for the trouble I have given on the other. The steward has not had to chase me out of the archery range or the mews so often that the guards have taken to barring the way to be getting on with." A respectful dip of her head to Jarod, "Ser Jarod, you do us a kindness in joining us." Of course, she's mostly behind her uncle, so with any hope, he misses the answering grin the knight sends her, schooling her features to respectability, as she settles back into a seat, the free one between Jarod and Anais, mostly across from Sarojyn, "Anais, Damara said that she would be delighted to introduce you to Gein," and with a tilt of her head to address her uncle, "And she promises to be along shortly, as soon as she's taken her mount to the stables." And then, as if possibly a word of explanation is required, "Camden has ever made certain that all of our folk are trained to hunt and defend the realm, man, woman and child." Peaceful they might be, but they are no shrinking violets.

Eyes play to Liliana upon her return and for the moment, a grin is offered as Sarojyn gives a nod of his head, "Your father will be most pleased to hear of that." Then, he's looking back to Jarod to once more dip his head to the man, though this time the smile fades a touch from his lips, "I've heard that your brother is not well, Ser Jarod, and I hold no fault against him for not being able to receive me. I wish only the quickest of recoveries for him." Anais' persistence with the hawking draws a soft laugh from his lips as he looks back towards her and then to Jarod, "Then it is settled. We shall ensure that an outing is planned and that we follow through with such a thing." The mention of Damara's return has the man drawing another nod of his head before he's lifting his wine back to his lips so as to take a small sip.

Anais's brows rise at Liliana's mention of the archery range, a speculative cast to her gaze as she considers the other woman. She doesn't say anything about it just yet, though she does tuck the observation away for later. "I look forward to meeting with her," she replies in regard to Damara, smile easy. "It's much the same at the Banefort," she nods to the other woman. "We can't take the risk that the Ironmen might make a feint that would draw our menfolk away and leave us relatively undefended."

"Not to mention to know their way about a hide, ay?" Cayt lets his formal posture go a little the more slack as he grows more comfortable. The hide comment was for Liliana, of course, to be added to the list of areas of her kin's expertise. "Ser Jarod," he greets the knight aloud when he's greeted, though his features dim at the talk of Jaremy's disease.

It seems the Terrick's a sufficient stable for a retainer is nearly on top of Damara to take her horse. She doesn't even really get to enter before the mare is handed off and she turning back to the courtyard. The falconer tilts her head and takes a slow pace, removing Gein's hood now that things have settled so that he can spy on his audience from afar as she brings him closer with her. When that distance is finally deemed small enough to speak up and introduce herself. Her voice is not commanding and smooth, dipping her head as she speaks just loud enough to be heard. "My Lords and Ladies…" Her head draws up and Gein flares his wings with a shift and tilt of his head, blinking eyes peering curiously. "I was given understanding that there were a few of you interested in meeting Gein, the second eldest of our falcons from Tall Oaks." She smiles easily enough.

"Mother and Father are well?" An easy question, carefully worded, as she might well be asking, 'Are things well at home?' of the Lord, "Mother sends word when she can, and I am hoping to be able to see her, perhaps at the next tournament." Tall Oaks rarely runs the tournament circuit, having few knights to their service. She does pour a glass of the cider, eschewing the wine, "Skins are one of the main items we trade at the Oaks. But you brought one with you, if I recall correctly." Though it doesn't seem in evidence at the moment. "Ah, Damara and Gein are approaching." Once the pair are close enough, Liliana offers a smile, eyes studying the falcon, who, despite his age, looks as fierce as ever. "He is as regal a creature as ever. He managed the journey well?"

Jarod turns around in his chair, wine cup now firmly in hand, to get a look at Damara and her bird. "He is a fine specimen, if I may say. He is a he, isn't he?" Jarod chuckles. "I missed the previous introduction of him, and I'm afraid I can't quite tell when it comes to birds."

Anais seems to be doing her best not to think of the issue of Jaremy's illness, and she clings to the hawking outing and the interesting parts of Tall Oaks like a liferaft. "Ah, Lady Liliana is too kind," she grins, the corners of her eyes crinkling in pleasure and giving the lie to her lukewarm words. "But yes, I would love to meet Gein." She stands with a careful grace, cautious not to startle the bird.

Shifting a touch in his seat, Saro offers a slight nod of his head towards Anais, "I can see how that draw the necessity for all to be trained to defend ones home." Eyes then shift to Liliana, the smile returning as he gives a quick bob of his head, "They are well, yes, and they send their love. Right now, though, I imagine your father is silently cursing me for having departed, for he's left with the task of helping my son in seeing that things are handled in my stead." There's a slight pause and then a softening of the smile, "If not at the next tournament, perhaps they will take their leave to come visit for a couple of days. It would do them well to see how you are doing." The approach of Damara draws his attention, blue-green eyes settling on her as he offers a slight bow of his head, "Damara, thank you for joining us." A hand lifts to motion to Anais as he offers, "Lady Banefort has expressed an interesting in going hawking at some point. I was hoping that you would consider accompanying when we do."

Caytiv finishes off the last of his handful of pine nuts and crouches down beside Anais' seat, tucking his fingers underneath one of the twine bindings holding the skin in a bundle, bringing the bundle up above the level of the table again. "I set it down, but, ay. Same one you were so fond of aforetimes. Got it back from the tannery; I can leave it with you, or send it where you like, Lady," he offers.

Looking to Liliana first, Damara nods and hooks her finger, well scarred and worn by her years with the birds to Gein's chest, rubbing against him. The falcon dips it's beak down to playfully gnaw at the curl of her finger. "I would trust no other falcon to make the trip as well as he. And despite his," she looks to Jarod with that, a faint smile still on her lips, "age, he is rather fit. I must say I am glad of it." She clicks her tongue to her teeth and tilts her head a bit and Gein walks down the length of her gloved hand towards her unprotected arm, carefuly scooting himself closer to her. "All of our falcons are trained that they grow used to contact. But, they are often let loose to hunt on their own - keeps their reactions up." She says. Once Gein is near her shoulder, talons curling in on her arm, Damara moves towards the Lady Banefort slowly and then lowers to one knee so that Anais can be level with Gein. "Worry not, my Lady." She offers. "I would be glad to join the Lady on an outing. I would not deny Gein to show off for you."

There's genuine delight, in Lilina's expression. As graceful and genteel as she can be, she's certainly a Lady given to giving free rein to her emotions when she has leave to, "I am certain Young Lord Seryl will do well enough, with father to assist him. But to see them again would be a true gift." Having been sent to the Roost, she's no idea if or when she'll ever go back to Tall Oaks. for the time being, however, she seems content to sip her cider, and allow Damara to introduce the old falcon, turning slightly aside to speak to Caytiv, "I am very grateful to you, Master Hill, I have already begun to plan the uses for it for your sister. I will bring it in with me when we return to the hall. But neither the table nor the falcon are dismissed or forgotten, indeed, as Damara brings Gein to Anais, her eyes turn curious, watching both falcon and Lady.

"We're planning on holding a tournament for the wedding," Anais notes to Sarojyn as she moves toward Damara, smile flashing. "I'd be thrilled if the people of Tall Oaks would attend. Perhaps we might even see our way to adding some archery competitions, or even a hawking demonstration, if it would make your people more comfortable." She falls silent as Damara approaches, hooking a finger much as the other woman did to reach toward Gein. "May I?" she asks in a soft voice, glancing from the bird back to Damara. There's no real uncertainty in the way she moves, seeming accustomed to handling the creatures.

"His," Jarod says, toasting the bird's gender when Damara confirms it. He turns again in his chair to watch Anais' handling of the creature intently. He even makes an effort to sit still - not small feat for him - so as not to make any sudden moves that could startle it.

The mention of a tournament draws a slight look from Sarojyn to Anais, followed by a nod of his head, "We would be honored, Lady Banefort. It most certainly is something to speak of." Looking to Liliana, Saro then offers, "Then later, we shall speak of things and see if we can't ensure that something is arranged so that you might see your parents once more." With a nod to Damara, he's falling quiet, watching as the falcon is presented to Anais and after a moment, he begins to rise from the table, "I apologize, but if you all will excuse me, the ride was long and I find myself in need of rest." Looking to Anais, he's dipping a slight bow of his head to her and then to Caytiv, "It was a pleasure Lady Banefort. Master Hill." Then, to Jarod, "Ser Jerod. Once again, I thank you for your hospitality." When he looks to Liliana, there's a warm smile once more crossing his lips. "It was good to see you again, Liliana." Finally, he's looking to Damara, the smile remaining upon his lips. "Seek me out before you retire, Damara. There are a couple of matters to be discussed."

Caytiv, on the other hand, has no idea what he'd do with a bird like that, and so he just slowly sets the skin down again and rises to a stance with one arm at his side, the other behind his back, trying to stay still as if afraid to startle or anger the creature who's become the object of his sister's attention. "Fair met, Lord," he nods to Sarojyn.

"As my Lady wishes, Gein is a kind one and though he may make a move to bite, he will but rest his beak there." Damara instructs, watching Gein carefully a moment and then her green eyes lift to watch Anais. "I am certain such events at your wedding will be welcome. Congratulations as well, my Lady. May the Old Gods as well as the new smile on you. I will say a prayer for you upon my return. The heartwood listens." SHe smiles and then falls silent to allow the Lady to exercise her curiousity. But the falconer's gaze turns, head lifting to look to the Lord. "My Lord.." She would rise, but you know. "As you bid." She says and gives a very faint nod of her head to Sarojyn before her gaze flits to Jarod. "My Lord?" She asks of him, having not really met him, "Care to join the Lady?

Anais glances away from Gein as Sarojyn rises, drawing her hand back in a subdued motion. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Camden," she curtsies politely, smile warm. "And I look forward to seeing you again later. Thank you," she adds with a swift smile for Damara. As the lord steps away, she reaches out once more, brushing the crook of her finger over the bird's chest feathers with a soft cooing sound. "Hello, there, beautiful," she murmurs, smile lingering at one corner of her lips. "I've a peregrine at home," she explains to Damara, glancing up briefly. "I'm hoping my father will send her on soon."

Liliana rises easily, moving around to farewell the Lord of Tall Oaks, "The rooms have been prepared for you, uncle. Elise is awaiting you in the hall, she will show you to your chambers in the guest quarters." Indeed, it seems the Lord's rising has been noted from within, as an older woman, clearly one of the better positioned retainers of the house, is stepping out, along with a few of the sworn, if the Lord requires them, to show him to where Sarojyn might be the most comfortable. Thankfully, one of the Naylands departed and left a good room available. Visitors and then some! "I will join you after you rest and your other business is attended to." As wonderful as the visit is, she knows as well as everyone, that the trip was meant for business, and not pleasure. "And wonderful to see you, my Lord." No, she does not human missile him again, tough she does reach out her hands to take his. But only for a moment.

Jarod rises as Sarojyn prepares to take his leave, to offer a quick, respectful bow to the Lord of Tall Oaks. "Again, my lord, if you're in need of anything, you've only to ask." To Damara, he dips his head slightly, smiling ruefully. "You mistake me. I'm no lord. Simple 'Ser' will do, if we're for titles. Ser Jarod, properly. But I'd be honored." He sets down his wine cup and draws closer to Anais, to have a proper look at the falcon. "I'm better with dogs, myself, though I do a little hawking. How do you go about breeding them? Are there any qualities you look for?"

"Ser…" Damara catches herself and looks for a moment faintly embarrassed. "I fear I was too busy bowing to the whims of my companion here than to ride in properly with the Lord to learn of everyone, Ser Jarod." The Mistress offers with a warm smile and then looks to Gein. "As my Lady is to remain here, I would think that if you like, a gift from Tall Oaks could be one of our own falcons, a young one I can linger and spend a week helping you grow accustomed to." Offers the falconer before she looks to Jarod. "The Mairn line of falcons is generations old. My father's father and his before, they all served Tall Oaks as falconers. I am proud to continue what they started. We breed but many times we release as well if the temperament is not seen to be…suited for handling. Some birds have what I consider, kindred spirits." She says with a soft smile. "It is easy to see that after years of handling." And though Damara is not young by many means, she still is young enough to be covered in a wealth of scars.

Anais's brows rise as she looks up at Damara's offer, surprise in her features. "You are…/far/ too kind," she murmurs, though she can't help the smile that slowly grows, far more girlish than the guarded, polite ones she usually shares. Glancing to Jarod, she takes a step back to make room for him. "As lovely as they are in hand, though, it's in the air that they shine," she adds, looking to Caytiv as well.

Jarod shakes his head to Damara. "No troubles, Mistress. I take it as a sign my manners have improved if such mistakes can be made. Anyhow, that sounds interesting work. I imagine it'd be difficult to train them both for hunting - very martial work - and to be kind and proper with their keepers. Same can be said of men, though, I suppose, and we eventually get house-broken. After a fashion."

Caytiv edges sideways when the three converge for conversation around and about the bird, finally even going so far as to land up in a seat and getting at some more of those snacks laid out at table. 'Cause they're good. He watches the conversation without having anything of note to add to it, but presumably he's paying attention, even if from time to time he seems distracted or vacant.

"Perhaps, when you come down again, you could also bring Parand. My uncle tells me that he would see about having her brought down to me." Though she could possibly have brought an entire house's worth of things with her, perhaps in keeping with the simplicity with which the people of Camden live, Liliana actually came to the Terricks with only a small amount of items, almost all basic necessities. She does not return to her seat, leaving the space she vacated for the knight, as he approaches the hawk and his mistress. A glance back to Sarojyn, "Shall I escort you to your rooms, before I return to the courtyard?" She's not above offering, as an aside, to Jarod, "Only after a fashion."

"I will see which would suit the Lady. It would be a fitting gift, perhaps a pair. One for the each of you." Damara says and then her gaze shifts to that of Jarod moving in to inspect Gein. The avian puffs his chest and lets out a screech as she flaps his wings, shifting on the weathered arm of his mistress. "Restless little thing.." She murmurs and nods her head, "It is a matter of close training to get them to use both. Its about focus on the prey, not on everything." She rises slowly. "I would let him take to wing, but he is settling and that will do well for the evening. I do need some rest and I do not care to be catering to a fidgeting falcon." She grins, her teeth showing some as she nods to each. "Which, though I wish I could stay longer, tomorrow is a new day and I shall have more time to show Gein's talents for you all. But at your leave, I would go to speak with my Lord Camden and see to my rest."

Anais's lips twitch at Jarod's description. "I'll keep that comparison in mind," she notes, the playful glimmer in her eyes suggesting it will come up in the future. "I suppose that means one of the tricks to dealing with men is to carry small snacks and feed them when they start looking as though they might get violently distracted?" That observation comes as she rejoins Caytiv at the table, grin flashing at her brother. "Thank you, Mistress Damara," she adds. "He's a lovely fellow. And /very/ well-behaved."

"Huh?" Yeah, Cayt's head was off in another realm, there. Way to… not look like an idiot in front of good people, Cayt. He lifts a hand thoughtlessly to the back of his head, scratching there and leaning toward his sister as she comes to the table again, cheeks reddening as he gets the idea that a joke was just made at his expence.

Jarod isn't above offering a cheeky grin in reply to Liliana's aside, chuckling. "He is at that, Mistress, far better than most men. Well-behaved, that is. And I thank you for letting us meet him. I look forward to seeing him hunt. I should retire myself pretty soon. I need to go over the equipment ledgers for our Guard this evening and my squire wanted a word with me about…something. Not sure what. He's funny little fellow sometimes, though he serves me well, so I don't ask too many questions."

"Of course, Damara. We have kept you too long from your rest. Your room is prepared as well, you have only to ask the retainer and whatever you need will be brought to you." Liliana's no great lady of the house just yet, but she's a good student. A flash of a smile for the falconer, "It is so good to have you here. I cannot wait to show you some of my favourite haunts." Of course, it likely means the falconer will need to bring her herbs and poultices, "But I do not think you have anything to worry about, Master Hill." At Jarod's comment, a nod, "It seems we are keeping all of the House from their other duties. Thank you for livening our afternoon, Ser Jarod."

Anais leans down to kiss her brother's cheek at his blush, giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "I was just wondering if the surest and fastest way to a man's heart was through his stomach, Cayt," she explains, reclaiming the glass of summerwine left behind at her seat. "At least for young noblewomen," she adds before he can add any alternate routes.

Taking a step back, she nods to Jarod. "It shall be my pleasure." Looking to Anais she dips her head, "My Lady…tomorrow we will have more time." Her green eyes look to Caytiv and then her hand is lifting to move Gein from her arm down to her glove with a tap of fingers to his legs. She positions him on the glove and then lifts his hood. It is the mention of a room from Liliana that has a brow lofting. "My Lady….I need no room. I shall stay with the other retainers.."

"Oh, ay," Cayt remarks with utmost uncertainty in re: his sister's statement. "Did you have any of these things, Annie? They're rahter fine, actually, for such wee things." His eyes stray over the bird-bearing woman for a moment, but are quick to turn to Jarod, "You needful o' any help, ay, Ser?" he wonders.

"Your things've already been settled, I'm sure, though Lady Liliana may know better where they've got you bunked," Jarod says to Damara. "Don't worry over it, we've plenty of room. For my part, I should take my lively conversation to my chambers before I have to make any apologies. Ladies. Mistress." He dips a quick bow, flourishy if short. "Cayt, I'll see you on the morrow. Maybe we can set you and Rowan at each other in the yard again. That was fun to watch." And off he goes, on that note.

"Elise will see to you, Damara, if you prefer other accomodations, I am certain they will be made available to you." Liliana isn't about to make the woman uncomfortable. Being away from home is uncomfortable enough, especially for a member of House Camden, "I am certain gein at least will be content with the mews, if you choose to keep him there and not with you." But the party, such as it is, is easily breaking up, with Jarod off, and Sarojyn and Damara soon enough, "Shall we return to the trellises, Anais? Then we will have two deliveries to make when we return to the hall rather than one.

"Good evening, Ser Jarod, Mistress Damara," Anais nods politely to the others as they take their leave. "Which ones?" she asks Caytiv then, turning back to the table to survey the snacks that are left. "I tried some of these ones…" Apparently it isn't only men who can be won over by their stomachs. Or summerwine, for that matter, which Anais sips at regularly. Liliana's question draws her attention back, and she sets the glass aside with a small smile. "Flowers it is," she agrees. "And then on to visits."

"No, these," Cayt answers, showing Annie the handful of the little seeds he's got. "Try one." When the girls seem to be about to off and to their flowers again, though, Cayt stands. "I'd better go off. I'd not make a pretty garland if the Seven themselves prayed for it. But do halloo the Lord your betrothed, for me, Annie, ay?" he asks of her.

Anais takes one of the seeds right out of Caytiv's hand, grin flashing. "I'll tell him you miss him, too," she promises, popping the seed into her mouth. "Mmph. These /are/ good. Take care, Cayt," she adds as she backs away, taking up the bowl of flowers once more. "I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow."

Liliana leaves the siblings to say their goodbyes, quiet, for the time being, as she makes her way back to the trellises, her expression not quite as bright as it was, but the reason behind that is her own, and she seems to keep her own counsel. For the now, she begins to search the small area for flowers that might be suitable for the Young Lord's rooms.

"Ay, but not as if I were a bug-chaser, ay, Annie?" Cayt complains gruffly of her proposed report. "It you want to give him a tickle, go on, on your own account, but leave my name off of it." And he crawls up from the seat he'd sort of sprawled out in. "I'll set the hide up in your room, Annie, an' you can give it to the Lady."