Page 296: A Nameday Celebration
A Nameday Celebration
Summary: Lady Roslyn organizes a small nameday celebration to honor Lady Rosanna. Rosanna is appreciative of all efforts to focus parties on her.
Date: May 10, 2012
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Gardens — Tordane Tower
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
May 10, 289

As the sun sets among the gardens of Tordane Tower, it comes alive instead with simple, elegant tapered candles placed subtly throughout in wrought iron stands. The party that Roslyn has organized has the same clean beauty elsewhere, in the cream colored cloth that makes up the table designated for presents. The servants bear wine and small hors d'oeuvres quietly, trays polished to a shine that catch the reflected candlelight. A band has been set into one corner, surrounded by lush greenery as they play simple tunes until requested otherwise, and an area of flagstone has been cleared for dancing, later.

Against the bright colors of flowers and the dark leaves, Roslyn has sheathed herself in a soft pink, embroidered in silver thread. Her own wine glass is watered, for all that it is a party, and she currently speaks to a servant, having pulled them aside to check on some detail or another.

Rebekkah's tea cup is 'watered' with brandy, for her part. The Dowager Lady Nayland is in attendance, dressed in a gown of deep red with black dragons embroidered on the skirts. She looks somewhat bored and slightly annoyed with everyone. But, then, she ever does. She sits in a plush chair that's likely been carried out from somewhere else in the castle, set up a little removed from the band, but where she has an excellent view to gawk at the attendees.

Riordan lingers nearby, quietly observing the festivities that his sister has so deftly planned. Well dressed in a doublet of soft cream, and embroidered with thread-of-gold, he stands quietly beside Roslyn, observing those gathered while his sibling attends to the few minor details remaining. When she is done, he leans in and murmurs quietly, "Remind me to have you plan all the parties from now on, Rosie."

Tommas stands near one of the walls of rose bushes, his awkwardly wrapped bundle having already been placed on the present table. The large knight has dressed in his best for the occasion, which is not nearly as nice as the garb of the nobility, although the quality of his leathers is high. He takes no drink.

The lady of the hour is looking especially radiant today in a gown of deep, rich green that sets off the artful tumble of her auburn hair. Rosanna looks positively thrilled to be the center of festivities, which likely surprises no one. A chalice of wine is curled between her fingers, and it's hard to tell if it's had any involvement in the excitable flush on her cheeks or not.

"I think you would like to work me to an early grave, unless you do not plan to have many parties," Roslyn answers teasingly, smile sliding up at Riordan as she dismisses the servant with a nod and an added, "Thank you." She slips her hand through Riordan's arms, fingertips touching against his sleeve softly as she finally glances over the party, catching sight of their grandmother. "Which should we pay our respects to first?"

A man arrives, young and lean with dark hair that is almost black. Dressed in a muted purplish-grey doublet edged with blue-violet and golden hued embroidery, it's likely among some of his best clothes though the clasps are only polished brass and not gold. Justin has arrived unarmed, cleaned up though not as freshly shaven as he might be. Alone and wary of this place he hasn't been, he pauses to allow his grey eyes to roam over those who are already gathered here and to take in the lovely gardens themselves. Not a soul here he recognizes yet. Slowly, he starts to walk further into the garden in search of a glass and keeping an eye out for someone who might give him introductions. Ah, he spots a man he knows and starts in his direction.

Kittridge is dressed in grey and a deep, masculine version of purple, forgoing his favorite green so as to not compete with his sister. He holds a goblet of wine as well, but lowers it to lean down to speak quietly to Rosanna for a moment before stepping away. "Lady Roslyn," he bows, "Everything is lovely. In case my sister is too caught up in enjoying her gifts to say so, thank you."

"Oh ho, putting the decision on me, and thusly ensuring the scorned lady has me alone to blame? Well played, dear sister. See if I do not work you to death just for that." Riordan laughs after quietly murmuring this to Roslyn, lightly patting her hand on his arm. But, then, Kittridge saves the day by, at least temporarily, stalling any decision on the Regent's part by his approach. "Ser Kittridge. I would say congratulations, but as an older brother who has himself watched little sisters blossom into womanhood, perhaps condolences would be more accurate," Riordan offers up to the Groves knight, a lopsided and warm grin on his expression. And, of course, he nods in agreement with Kittridge's words. Cause awesome party!

Rosanna frowns faintly at her brother as he abandons her, but she gathers herself up and scans the party for a new target. Ah-hah. She makes her way over to Lady Rebekkah, there to offer her a respectful, graceful curtsy. "Lady Rebekkah," she greets her. "It's such an honor to have you in attendance for my nameday celebration."

Day, dressed quite as she normally dresses — a plain gown of good make, this evening a deep wine color — has forgone, at least, her apron-smock and belt of utilitarian whatnots. She places a box, artfully carved with moons and stars, on the table overflowing with gifts. It's a fairly large box, as these things go — about the right size to contain a large melon. Or perhaps a human head. Has anyone seen Lord Rutger lately?

Rebekkah blinks up from her drinking when she's spoken to. Her beady blue eyes might be just a little hazy as they regard Rosanna. Perhaps it's just the age. Perhaps. She offers the girl a short inclination of her birdlike head. "Lady Rosanna. Happy nameday, sweet one." Smile. She looks the Groves lady up and down, in an assessing sort of way. "My, my, but you're a young thing. Have you bled yet, my dear?"

Anais is not far behind Justin, followed by her handmaid, though the guards stay outside the garden in honor of the party. Guards are such a buzzkill, after all. She wears a simple gown of pale gold silk, high-waisted and short-sleeved with underskirts in sea blue. Her hair is swept up off of her neck, a few tiny flowers in the curls the only adornment she wears. The handmaid behind her carries something large and domed, and draped in dark cloth.

Tommas blinks, gaze drawn towards the /ancient/ Nayland as she greets the youngest Groves. On second thought…he will have that drink. He goes to avail himself of one.

"Thank you, Lord Kittridge," Roslyn replies warmly, coloring slightly at the compliment coming from someone other than her own brother as her gaze sweeps over the man's finery. "The only parties I have hosted within the Mire are rather simpler than this, but I thought your sister deserved something as lovely as she is." She glances towards Riordan at his condolences, a brow quirking up in a silent gesture. Surely he was only overjoyed at all of her own namedays.

Ah, there is the gift table set out prominately. Though Justin's eye has caught sight of Kittridge over there, he pauses by the table even as Septa Day is setting her carved box upon it. He reaches into his doublet and draws out a small cream cloth that looks to be a lady's handkerchief wrapped around a small item within. He lays it onto the table for the young lady of honor before Justin steps over to snag a glass of what appears to be wine from a passing server who's circulating through the gardens.

Rosanna flushes instantly crimson, and for several moments, Rebekkah manages to succeed where few have in shutting the youngest Groves up. "I — I — yes, I mean—" She blushes ever redder to have ended up answering. Her training did not prepare her for this.

The septa hands Tommas a cup of wine, then quickly pours one of her own, turning fuchsia and biting the inside of her cheek. She doesn't laugh… but she might emit a faint whimper as she turns away from her charge and the Lady Dowager.

Leaving her handmaid to deliver the gift, Anais moves to rescue Rosanna, smile bright as she approaches the other woman. "Lady Rosanna!" she declares, extending her hands toward her with a girlish laugh. "You look so lovely. Happy nameday! And here I didn't even know until Lord Riordan mentioned it. I hope you'll not think me a dreadful friend?" It's only then, after a flicker of a wink to Rosanna, that she seems to take note of Rebekkah, gasping and dipping a graceful curtsey. "Lady Rebekkah, I didn't see you. Perhaps you're still a rose deep down, and the garden sought to keep you here?"

Tommas places a hand at the crook of Day's arm, features stony as he offers his broad shoulders as a convenient cover from sight. Uh. He murmurs his thanks for the wine before taking a large swig. "You think we are going to haul her out of here drunk or done over from embarrassment first?" He whispers in the Septa's ear, voice tight as he resists laughter.

"You will forgive my bluntness, dear, but it's a rather important fact to ascertain if you're being courted by my grandson," Rebekkah says, smile never faltering. "Oh, well, you have. Good. It's nothing to be a-flutter about, dear. I had my first blood in my twelfth year. It's a natural process, and my septa told me an early bloom is a good sign for one's prospects in child-bearing." She turns her smile to Anais. Looking, perhaps, a little flat-eyed at the interruption of her torture of the Groves girl. "Lady Anais. So glad you've warmed our household again, dear. I assure you, I've not bloomed in years. But I do still love the roses. In my youth, you know, they called me the Red Rose of Darry. Back when I was a Darry."

"I am sure she is very pleased you think so," Kittridge replies to Roslyn with a quirk of a smile. To Riordan he inclines his head and replies, "Thank you, ser, I will accept your condolences, certainly. It is kind of you to offer them." His crooked smile inches a bit wider and he takes a step back to join the pair of Naylands and look over the rest of the group commenting, "Rather more of a crowd than I had expected. It is kind of the Terricks to come; perhaps nameday parties are the secret path to peace?"

Raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes in what is surely a look of pure innocence directed at his sister, Riordan then turns to Kittridge, widening his eyes still further and giving a mock-subtle nod. As if to say 'Seriously, condolences'. And then, as he hears the comments floating across the breeze from his grandmother, to the Lady of the Hour… and the Regent begins to cough. It is only pure happenstance that it might sound suspiciously like coughing, though. Of course. "Ah, excuse me," he says, putting a hand to his chest. He then nods to Kittridge, saying, "Yes, well, I had mentioned it in passing, and as Lady Anais knew your sister's love of dancing… well, she would not be barred. And my own sister has long ago which battles to fight against a lady with her heart set on something." And here, he leans in to point out to Kittridge in a not-so-quiet-whisper, "None of them."

Day hides her face against Tommas' shoulder for a moment, emitting another faint whimper. She'll be fine. Just a moment. She downs her wine and breathes out. Woo. "Sweet Goddess, you might have to haul me out having burst something if there's any more of that," she glances back at the Dowager and Pony Show.

It's hard to overlook Anais as the Terrick Lady sweeps in to rescue the young woman. Justin watches, listening to catch names to put to the faces. He lifts the wine goblet he snagged to taste of it, otherwise standing by himself as yet. Justin is interested in studying the people here, taking his time to observe them interacting with one another. Like the man who's speaking with Kittridge over there.

"Of course." Rosanna puts on her best game-face smile, and it becomes significantly more sincere when Anais arrives. "Lady Anais!" she says in more a squeak than she perhaps intended. "How wonderful you could come. Thank you ever so much for your kind words." She reaches to clasp her hands and squeezes a bit unnecessarily. It may be a sign that she is never to leave her ever again.

"Just think, this is the first round of drinks," Tommas asides dryly, following Day's lead in the downing of wine. Dear Gods. He gently removes her wine from her hand and scores them another round from the traveling server, handing the Septa her's with a shake of his head. "Try not to burst, aye? I've only got so many arms."

At the identification of the guests, it must be said that Roslyn's attention lingers on Justin for a long, thoughtful moment before she catches the conversation that continues between the two men beside her. She tears her gaze away with a bright smile, answering, "Nonsense, Riordan. You may fight whatever battles you wish to lose. The Lord Kittridge is luckier than you, however, it seems. His sister is much more prone to listening to him."

"How could I miss it?" Anais declares at Rosanna's words, smile warm as she returns that squeeze with a reassuring one of her own. There's a glimmer of laughter in her eyes, though it's more sympathetic than otherwise. "I've not had a nameday away from the Banefort yet, but I think I should appreciate having as many friends as possible in attendance for it if I was going to be away from home. Though not family, it seems," she adds, smile easy as she looks toward Kittridge. "Brothers are indispensable, aren't they?" There's another smile for Rebekkah as she mentions her maiden house. "I was just speaking with one of your grandsons about roses, my lady. They don't grow at the Banefort, and I had to admit I'm a little envious of the imagery that surrounds them in poetry and song. There's far less of that when it comes to cloaked men surrounded by flame."

"Roses are lovely flowers, dear, if one has the sense of mind their thorns. I do not leave the Mire often. I am not terribly fond of Stonebridge. But I must admit, I do like the roses here." Rebekkah turns her sweet old lady smile from Anais back to Rosanna, and asks the seemingly innocuous question, "What is your favorite flower, dear? My sweetest namesake, Lady Rebecca Nayland, is quite fond of the apple blossoms in the Groves orchards."

/This/ Rosanna can handle. "I think they must be my favorite as well, Lady Rebekkah," she replies to the Dowager with a more sincere smile. "I think my fondest memories of home involve spending time the apple orchards of Kingsgrove." She offers a wider smile to Anais, speaking a bit more peer-to-peer as young ladies, and says, "Oh, Kittridge is useless. I don't know what we would have been left with if Lady Roslyn hadn't taken it upon herself to plan this party."

Day accepts the wine from Tommas gratefully, taking a more modest sip this time. It might be a long evening. She watches the fine folk mingle, murmuring aside to the tall Groves sworn, "Ever wish you were invisible so you could sit up on the wall and spit gobs of phlegm at people?"

Arriving later than planned, the entrance of another Lord Nayland might not be entirely noted. But A change of clothes appropriate to the situation and some water splashed does the body good. A nod is given to his man to place a wooden box wrapped with a purple ribbon with the other mounting gifts. Rutger takes this time to compose himself before seeking further entry, and other things.

Kittridge shares a look with Riordan, and chuckles at the last, and then more at Roslyn's reply, and shakes his head, "You overestimate my influence with her, I think, lady," he says, "You just happened to witness my one biannual victory." He grins, and sips his wine and says, "Lady Anais is an excellent dancer, I recall from your party, Ser Riordan. I believe I heard you're not much of a dancer yourself, though?" he checks with the Lord Regent, "Is that a family trait, would you say?"

"Nae." Tommas takes another sip himself, tracing the entrace of Lord Rutger with his gaze before looking back to Day. "I always imagined something rather heavier. We used to toss apple cores as lads, I always thought something more rotten would make a better effect. My ma would have had my head."

Anais' laugh is surprised at Rosanna's words, and she glances over her shoulder toward Kittridge again. "Useless? Impossible. Personally, I find my brothers are excellent for looming. The big ones, at least. The little ones are more useful for inserting things one would rather not touch into the belongings of people one does not particularly care for." She pauses as a servant passes, reaching out to take a glass of wine and sip at it quietly.

Justin has kept apart, aloof as though that were natural to him rather than any timidity. He tastes of his wine once more before he turns to start walking the last distance towards Kittridge and those gathered around the Groves man. When he reaches them, Justin stops and waits for a pause in their conversation, "Ser Kittridge, good to see you are still here in Stonebridge. I heard today was your sister's Name Day. I trust she's enjoying it?" He looks in Rosanna's direction before Justin refocuses upon the Groves Knight, "I don't suppose you might introduce me to people here?"

"Rather then fighting losing battles, Roslyn, I shall always endeavour to merely content myself with finding small ways in which to avenge myself," Riordan says in response to his sister. For all his words, though, there is only warmth in the light teasing glance he directs to the woman on his arm. As he turns to respond to Kittridge, Riordan pauses long enough to follow his sister's gaze to the only person he does not recognize at the party on sight, Justin. He studies the man only a moment, and if their gazes happen to meet he will incline his head, before addressing the Groves knight. "I am afraid you heard right. It is the reason I did not make as big a splash in the Tourneys as I might have. For all my skill in the lists, we both know, I think, that tourneys are only half won with horse and lance. The rest is to the showing you make at the after feast, and on it's dancefloor." At the mention of Anais, he glances in the direction of where the fine ladies gather. "Though yet, I do occasionally attempt to make a showing, all the same. I have already promised the Lady Anais to crush her toes later tonight." Quirking a smile and glancing back to Kittridge, he then says, "But to answer your question, no. Thankfully, it seems to be a personal curse, my two left feet, and not one the majority of my kin share."

"I visited Kingsgrove little after my son Rickart's disgraceful treatment of your Lady Sylvainne. I did always like her. And I was quite sorry to lose a tie with one of the coastal Houses," Rebekkah goes on. "I would have you know, I am not opposed to establishing such ties again…should you prove worthy of my dear Rutger." What worthy consists of is very unclear, but she eyes Rosanna in an 'I Am Judging You' sort of way.

"Our brother is much better than the Lord Regent. You need not worry for your lady sister's toes," Roslyn is quick to assure Kittridge with a soft laugh, though she pinches lightly at her brother's arm. Probably just in her own small vengeance for his previous words. "I think if peace were likely to be found at a nameday celebration, you had better not dance with any of the Terricks. They will take it as a sign of war, the way you attack your partners." But then she falls silent as Justin approaches, offering a sweep of her skirts in a curtsy to the young lord in greeting.

"Well, the head-having and other such repercussions are where the invisibility comes in." Day follows Tommas' gaze to the newly arrived Nayland. "But you're right. Heavier might be better."

"Did Dom ever get that long range cata—thingy of his working?" Tommas inquires, lifting his brows at Day with a conspiratorial smile.

"Well, I find Ser Tommas most effective for looming," Rosanna says, glancing in the direction of her own Giant of Kingsgrove. "I suppose Kittridge and — well, Kittridge was always getting into mischief when we were younger." Her gaze is caught briefly by Rutger's entrance, her dark eyes lingering on him before pulling back to his grandmother. "That's very kind of you to say, Lady Rebekkah. It's very unfortunate, what happened with your son and Aunt Sylvainne."

Eyes do spy the Tall knight as he is so very tall it is hard for one to even not notice him. And then to the slender Septa by him. A brief nod is spared both for them, as well as a smile of his own, but Rutger does not linger on them, as he in turn is making his way towards Kittridge, and his siblings- by means of hopefully finding a path towards his grandmother and all. However as the smile is in place it grows by the tiniest bit. "My Lord Kittridge!" called out by means of greeting. It is a party after all, one should try to be happy. And by means of that he offers a bow, before smiling to his already curtseying sister- the younger man with them, he does not recognize, but there is time for everything "And my good sweet sister. How fare you both this evening?"

"Don't look now," Anais murmurs, turning next to Rosanna to hide her grin and keep her soft words close, "But I do believe Lord Rutger has just arrived." A sip of her wine, and she's looking back to Rebekkah again, quiet and polite. A pillar of moral support for Rosanna under interrogation.

Kittridge is hailed by two knights at once, and glances from Justin to Rutger and back and then shares a smile with Riordan and Roslyn. "I suspected I ought to've chosen somewhere else to stand, I've made myself a gatekeeper to your presence, it seems. "Lord Justin, this is Ser Riordan Nayland, Lord Regent of Stonebridge, and his sister, the Lady Roslyn, who was kind enough to plan this party which, yes, my sister is quite enjoying. She is, after all, the center of attention." He smiles, "Ser Riordan, Lady Roslyn, this is Lord Justin Terrick, with whom I have recently become acquainted. And Ser Rutger," he adds the other Nayland as he approaches, "Ser Rutger, Lord Justin," he makes an 'etc., etc.,' hand gesture between the two. "Kind of you all to come."

Riordan makes a soft sound of surprise at Roslyn's pinch, and he gives a mock-glare to his sister. But it is quickly gone, replaced by another brotherly smile as he pats her hand on his arm. As Kittridge and Rutger move to greet them, Riordan inclines his head to each man in turn. He waits for introductions before verbally greeting Justin, saying, "Lord Justin, a pleasure to finally meet you." And though his eyes seem to be studying the man a bit more intently then is his usual, his words nonetheless seem absolutely genuine. Riordan then turns his attention to his elder brother. "No greeting for me, my brother? I am wounded." His smile belays his words, as does the words following. "You best not keep the Lady Rosanna waiting, though. She might not forgive you, even if your gift turns out to be the best one here."

"Rickart is a fool, Lady Rosanna. But I think Rutger is less of one. Oh, look. There he is now." Rebekkah's smile almost contains actual warmth as she regards her heir of a grandson.

Day stifles a giggle and hides a grin in her wine. "He did. Though I'm not sure it'll lob anything much larger than a melon." She glances over at Kittridge making introductions. "You know… Kit's really quite adept at this sort of thing."

"And we do fare better than her, given that she has our lady grandmother's attention," Roslyn adds to her brother's words, a wry look of amusement given towards the ladies gathered near the Hag of the Mire. "Lord Justin, we are honored by your presence," she offers to the man, falling back to politeness easily. Her gaze flicks to Kittridge, lips pressing together on her words where she only answers with a shake of her head. What that is meant to signify goes unexplained for the moment. "Do you know the Lady Rosanna as well?"

Roslyn's curtsy draws his attention. Justin hasn't a clue who she might be though it's obvious from her gown and her seed pearl netted hair that she's a noble Lady. With wine glass in hand, he inclines himself in a half bow to her in turn, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Roslyn," And straightening, he returns Riordan's inclination of his head, "and you, Lord Regent. Thank you for inviting me to attend." There's some old fashioned studying of Riordan right back, Justin being the younger but certainly not evading eye contact. Mention of Lord Rutger's name turns his head to study that man as well, giving the new arrival a nod for greeting as well though Justin's baritone doesn't speak up further, checking out Rutger.

"I — wouldn't want to speak ill of your lord son, Lady Rebekkah," Rosanna says a bit hesitantly, once against toeing carefully around the Dowager's thorns. "But I am certainly fond of your grandson."

Tommas lifts his brows as Rutger flashes them a smile, replying with a slight one in turn and deferentially dipping his head in a short nod. "Damn," he murmurs, nudging Day lightly with his elbow. "Still, be quite a sight." Prepare the assault! He follows her gaze, sipping his own wine. "Aye. He's ever been the bloke people like though, hasn't he? They seem to be getting on well here." Mostly.

Justin takes a sip of his half finished wine and flicks his grey eyes over to Roslyn for her query, "No, I haven't had the honor of meeting the Lady of the Naming Day."

"I would dare not miss it for the world, My Lord." Rutger says with a grin. A nod is given towards Justin. "Lord Justin, a pleasure." And he is being brief, as one would imagine at such a time. "I see you have yourself surrounded, Lord Groves." A smile flashed to the man. "I won't linger long, and keep you from my sister and brother." A nod is given to Riordan. "Oh I doubt that very much Ser. I would only hope that my gift pales in comparison to her brother's. It is her nameday, the elder brother should hold the respect of the fairest gift." A smile there, before he is seeking to peel himself away, apparently unconcerned with the younger Lord eyeing him. instead he makes for:

His grandmother, and of course the Lady Rosanna and Anais. A sweeping bow for the three of them, before he moves in to give his grandmother a kiss on the cheek. "My Lady Nayland." said softly and respectfully to Rebekkah, before he is turning his sights onto Rosanna. "And my dear Lady Groves.." A grin wider for her. "And Lady Anais. I am glad you are all here, and I am able to attend."

"Lord Rutger is quite the courtier," Anais chimes in politely, nursing her drink as she looks around at those attending. When Rutger arrives, she gives Rosanna's hand one last, encouraging squeeze before taking a half a step back, smile easy. "Lord Rutger, a pleasure," she murmurs.

"Of course, Lord Justin. I am sure the Lady Rosanna will not begrudge another gift, even if she has yet to meet the givers acquaintance yet. And besides, as the Lady Anais so wanted to attend, it was only appropriate she have a kinsman present," Riordan says, giving Justin a faint smile. He has no qualms about holding the man's gaze, and shows no shame in his study of the Terrick lordling. But his gaze is soon enough distracted, first to watch Roslyn's glances to Kittridge, and then to Rutger as his brother departs. "Into the breach, dear brother," he says, grabbing up a wineglass from a passing servant with his free hand, and using the vessel to salute Rutger with a large, wry smile.

Rebekkah laughs. It's a cackling sort of sound. "It's all right, dear. I won't tell. I speak ill of Rickart all the time. Rutger inherited the brains from my side of the family, though, so he might come out all right in the end. Speaking of." Smile. "Do you play cyvasse?" Smiling eyes narrow. She is judging you, Rosanna Groves. Though her smiling, glaring old-lady judgment is briefly distracted by the kiss. Thwarted. Though she doesn't seem too put out at Rutger for it. "Rutger my dear. I was starting to wonder what kept you. I was just making the acquaintance of Lady Rosanna Groves. We were having the most fun conversation, weren't we dear?" Beady eyes fix back on Rosanna. Fun!

"How kind of you," Kittridge says of Justin and nods, "Here, I will introduce you to her straight off, since making introductions seems to be my task of the moment." He grins, not seeming to mind it, and says to Riordan and Roslyn, "If you'll excuse me just a moment?" He leads Justin over to the other group, stepping into to interrupt just a bit, though he makes sure to interrupt Rutger or someone and not Rebekkah. "Rosanna," he addresses his sister, "This is Lord Justin Terrick, I don't believe you've met, but he has come to wish you a happy nameday even so. Lord Justin, my sister Lady Rosanna. Lord Justin has been planning some bandit-hunting," he informs his sister, "It all sounds very exciting, and dashing and such," he prompts, before slipping away again, collecting himself another cup of wine.

Rosanna can't quite help herself from a laugh at Rebekkah's humor, which is obviously a lot more fun when it's not directed at her. Hahah, Rickart is dumb, hilarious! "Oh, not very well, my lady. I fear I don't have the temperament for it." She catches her bottom lip briefly between her teeth as Rutger moves in to kiss Rebekkah's cheek, and then her lips spread in a warm smile when he addresses her. "Lord Rutger," she says, presenting her hand to him with an impish glint to her eye. "How nice of you to join us." And then there's /another/ introduction to make. "Oh, that is very kind of you, Lord Justin. Thank you."

"Nana." Rutger starts. "I believe all of us have talked bad about my father at some point in our time. Though it would be your critique, I would take to heart. Specially if that critique was aimed at me." A smile there before he grins to Lady Anais. "So I have been accused." And there, carefully he moves to take Rosanna's hand. "I am sorry I was kept late. I was helping my cousin, Ser Rygar with a few duties. As it was- I was taken briefly out of town to see to a smallfolk quarrel." And there he brings his lips down to softly linger at Rosanna's knuckles before coming up, to look as Lord Justin is thrust into the gaggle.

"Speak and you shall receive. Of course, Ser Kittridge, I would not wish to keep you from your lady sister," Roslyn murmurs, her smile a slight thing as she watches Justin for a moment before Kittridge leads him away to follow after Rutger to join the ladies. Where they are left alone, hazel eyes lift to her brother in a silent look, her lips falling back to a neutral line before she finishes off her watered wine. She only turns away to finally take something stronger from a tray.

"Don't. Have. The temperament. For. Cyvasse." Rebekkah is displeased. A point in Lady Groves' favor is quite visibly docked in her old brain. "Well. Perhaps you can learn. It's a whetstone for the mind, cyvasse, and a mind is a terrible thing to allow to dull." She turns to eye Justin, now that he's in her vicinity. Smile. "Oh, one of Lord Jerold's sons? Well, welcome. Almost a pity my Rickart isn't here. He's always so entertaining when making a fuss about your family."

No bristling, no tension, only standing relaxed and sipping wine as he watches people and listens. Justin gives a faint nod to Riordan, "Lady Anais is a blessing to our House, and certainly she shouldn't have to come alone to represent my family, Lord Regent." If he might add anything more, it is forestalled by Kittridge's intent to make further introductions. Justin inclines his head to Riordan and Roslyn, "Indeed, excuse me." before he turns to walk with Kittridge over to where Rosanna is holding her 'court'. When presented, his gaze follows Kittridge as the Groves man simply turns and leaves him there, dropped off so to speak. Not missing a beat, Justin bows to Rosanna, "A very happy Name Day, I hope. My gift is simple though I hope it will bring you pleasure, Lady Rosanna." He stays back a few steps, certainly /not/ crowding Lord Rutger - and possibly even giving the man a flicker of apologetic look for the timing of the interruption.

"Justin," Anais greets her goodbrother as he arrives, reaching over to kiss the air by his cheek with familial fondness as Rutger courts Rosanna. "I'm glad you came." That's Anais. Professional interference runner.

A very well timed intercession! Justin smiles to Anais, "I'm pleased to be invited, of course." Ooh, and Rebekkah actually deemed to notice himself. If anything, he can't help but smile a bit wryly to the older woman, "I bet he is, Lady Rebekkah for surely he learned from the /very/ finest of examples for kicking up a fuss."

Riordan simply inclines his head once more to Kittridge and Justin as they depart, and then looks to Roslyn. Giving her a glance of his own, a lightly tenuous smile at once probing, and comforting, he moves his hand to the one on his arm, and gives her fingers a gentle squeeze. Then, quietly, he inquires of his sister, "Perhaps we should pay our respects as well? And also, I'd like to introduce you to the Lady Anais."

Rosanna's gaze lingers on Rutger's eyes as he bends to kiss her hand. "I suppose I shall have to forgive you," she teases him. "But perhaps only if your gift is particularly fine." She falters a bit at Rebekkah's clear disapproval. "I'd be honored to learn from such a renowned Cyvasse player as yourself, my lady," she says, attempting to make up ground. "I'm sure I'd improve immeasurably under your guidance."

"Lead on, then. We shall pay our respects to the ladies and then call for Rosanna to open her gifts, perhaps," Roslyn replies thoughtfully, glancing to the table of presents with a small sip of her wine. She squeezes at her brother's arm, however, assuring him silently as she tips her chin towards the group.

Rutger grins and lets his gaze linger in return. "I do hope you find it well and fine, my lady." Rutger replies before he is chuckling and looking back to Rebekkah. "She is indeed the best to be tutored from, My Lady. She taught me the game, and had me besting our hold's Maester in no time. It is truly a fine game-one I am sure that once you learn you will become graceful at." A smile there before he is looking back to Rosanna. "And how has your nameday, been, My Lady?"

"Yes, dear. He did." Rebekkah might preen, just a little, at Justin's comment. "My, but you are a nice boy! You don't look mincing or wanton or lame at all." Smile. "But the evening is young yet." She's done with him then, apparently, focusing back on Rosanna. Her want to learn cyvasse is met with a short nod. "We will play, yes." It sounds vaguely like a threat. You will play, Rosanna.

Riordan dips his head silently to Roslyn, and giving her a last smile, will lead himself and his sister to greet the fine ladies. "Lady Rosanna, happy Nameday," he wishes her, a truly warm and fond smile for the woman his brother his courting, before he maneuvers himself to dutifully, and yet somehow warmly (Riordan is a weirdo like that) kiss Rebekkah's cheek. "Lady Grandmother. I trust you are terrorizing everyone sufficiently?" And then, he shall turn to Anais, saying, "Lady Anais." His expression is one that may herald a similar compliment to her looks like he did the other day, but instead he says, "May I introduce my sister, Lady Roslyn Nayland? Sister, Lady Anais Terrick."

Anais takes a sip of her wine at Rebekkah's description of Jerold's sons, features arrayed to bland politeness. "The gardens here are nice, aren't they?" she asks Justin, smile flickering. And then Riordan is arriving, along with his sister, and she's sweeping a curtsey to the other woman, smile warm. "Lady Roslyn," she greets. "Your brothers have nothing but good things to say about you. It's a pleasure to meet you, finally."

Rosanna slips her hand through Rutger's arm, perhaps seeking to derive strength from the touch in the face of his grandmother. "I would love that, my lady," she tells Rebekkah. "Perhaps when I am able to visit Hag's Mire, we will have opportunity." She smiles upon Riordan's greeting. "Thank you, my lord. It's so kind of you and your family to host me such a lovely party."

Yes, Justin looks like he could rather enjoy verbal stabbing with the older woman, dropping his baritone to drawl, "No, I rather think you'll have to find an entirely new vocabulary for me, Lady." He makes no suggestion of what sorts since her attention slips away from himself, and it'll be more fun to let her find out for herself anyway. Justin finishes off his wine and for the breath of the moment, goes back to observing the others joining them.

A hand reaching for wine, as a servant passes by Rutger, merely looks back towards the Lady Groves, and draws her closer in, barely, with that snatched arm. "Do not worry my Lady. My grandmother, is a fine teacher." just not a gentle one. "And if you like? I could show you the beginnings? That way when you do play that first game against her, it will not feel entirely foreign."

"I know lots of words, dear, I'll find one," Rebekkah replies to Justin with that grandmotherly smile. Then there are other distractions. She tilts her withered cheek up, to accept Riordan's kiss. "I'm doing my very best, Rickart's Favored Boy. This is a lovely party. I shall have to tell sweet Roslyn how well she did with it." But. Cyvasse. A short nod to Rosanna. "I most certainly will teach you. You will pick up the game quickly if you focus. I am accounted a master-level player, though Ser Rygar claims I overly favor my dragon piece. Well. We all have our flaws, and that is one I carry proudly enough."

"I am not entirely ignorant to the game," Rosanna protests to Rutger's offer. Quieter, she adds, "I am just not very good." But! She does latch quickly onto the common thread she finds in Rebekkah's words. "Yes, I have that problem. It's just always so tempting to play, isn't it?" Early and often. No wonder she never wins.

Where she is led over to the group, Roslyn's attention first goes to Lady Anais at the other woman's warm smile, inclining her own head as she dips in a small, polite curtsy as well. "A pleasure, Lady Anais. My brother speaks well of you, as well, but I believe that is just his way," she replies lightly, smiling in such a way that it crinkles the corners of her hazel eyes. Then, of course, she draws to give her grandmother a kiss on the cheek once her brother is done as well, greeting quietly, "Good eve, lady grandmother. I had not thought you would join us, but I am glad you have." Drawing back, she moves to separate Rutger and Rosanna only by capturing at the latter's hand and leaning in to murmur, "Happy name's day, my lady. Would you like to start the dancing soon, or open your gifts?"

"Tommas, go stand by my sister in case she needs anything," Kittridge suggests to the big knight, "Wine, a gift, a wall built between her and Ser Rutger. You know." He pats the big knight on the shoulder and sends him off before circling back around himself, yet another new cup of wine in hand. "Lady Anais," he steps up to greet the Terrick lady with a bow, "A pleasure to see you again. I wonder if I might steal you for a moment?"

There is a nod to Anais's comment upon the gardens. Justin looks around at the rose shrouded enclosure, "Quite pleasant. If Lady Muirenn's endeavors flourish, you will soon have similar thriving in the courtyard at Four Eagles." He sets his empty wine goblet down upon the very servant's tray that Rutger obtains his new glass from. One likewise procured for himself, Justin only returns Rebekkah's smile pleasantly enough, content to wait for it. He doesn't seem to mind Kittridge wanting to lure his Goodsister aside.

A slight chuckle leaves Rutger. "Lady, I did not mean to infer you were." He says with a look. "Please pardon if I misstepped. I had merely hoped that we could spend time together." And he lets that sit there. "And try to work on your strategy?" A brow raised to the girl, till his sister comes in, and like a fine gentleman he does release the Groves woman to his sister's company. And like that he looks back to his grandmother, an eyebrow arching up.

"Ser Kittridge," Anais greets the knight with a surprised smile as he approaches, glancing to Rosanna to judge how many layers of protection there are between her and Rebekkah. "I suspect you should rightfully ask your lady sister if you can borrow me, but I think she's well-girded for the moment," she adds in a lower tone, laughing softly. "I will blame you, though, if she's cross with me later." It's a teasing threat, for she's already moving to join him, glass in hand.

"I would not have it any other way, Lady Rosanna," Riordan offers in return comment to her thanks regarding hosting the party. To Rebekkah, he says, "She did surpass herself, didn't she?" He smiles proudly on behalf of his sister, and though he intrudes no quips of his own, the earlier sparring session between Justin and his grandmother has him chuckling to himself. "My way to speak the truth, and if there is nothing but good to say in regards to either of you ladies," Riordan says to Anais and Roslyn both, "Well, that is hardly my fault, is it?" He watches then as Anais is stolen by the Groves knight, before he turns back to Rosanna, and opines, "I vote for gifts, even if I've no real say in the matter." Surprise. He'd rather avoid dancing for as long as possible.

"Oh, I think we must start with gifts," Rosanna tells Roslyn with a laugh, having been properly stolen away from Rutger. "I feel that should always be the first order of business on one's nameday, yes?" Particularly hers.

Rebekkah nods to Riordan. "She certainly did." And then her smile properly is directed at Roslyn. "As I was just saying, dear, an absolutely lovely party. But if we're taking votes, I would like to move on to presents. Presents are the best part of nameday, and anyone who says else is lying."

Justin has no comment, never really having danced a bit in his life and shifting his eyes from the various ladies who even /might/ think to ask him to do so. Hrm. He can probably disappear into the shrubbery like a pro.

"One would think the two of you share a brain, perhaps," Roslyn replies lightly, a breath of laughter as she looks between her grandmother and Rosanna with a simple smile. Then she turns away, gesturing to a servant to get ready to bear the presents as Rosanna moves through them. She must have warned him ahead of time, as he steps to the table without any further words. She moves to the table to fetch her gift first, holding out the wrapped, dark green velvet towards Rosanna as she moves to the table. If she does. Hopefully she doesn't expect the table to move to her.

Tommas lifts his brows briefly at Kittridge's request and promptly downs his wine with a quiet, "Aye, Ser." He go over to where Rosanna is, promptly taking up a strong LOOMING position at her elbow where he won't be in the way of presents. And will be in the way of Rutger. He will even give her his gift when the time is appropriate.

"Actually, perhaps later," Kittridge says to Anais with a smile, "Forgive me. It seems we've come to gifts already, and I can hardly miss that, though I would like a word later." He turns back towards the group to observe his sister.

Fiiiiine. Rosanna will move to the table that is not awesome enough to move to her. And she will take up Roslyn's gift first, unwrapping the dark velvet with nimble fingers. Preseeeents.

Anais chuckles softly as presents take precedence, dipping her chin to Kittridge in understanding. She trades off her empty glass for a full one, then moves to find a spot to watch the unwrapping.

There is a faint look as Tommas comes straddling in, and then planting himself close by. A chuckle is given the big man, and a nod as well, As Rutger, but shuffles once in order to find a spot, where he is in hitting range of Tommas, but in plain view of Rosanna. It does take -some- maneuvering. But then he is smiling as the first gift is brought to Rosana. And he sips his wine.

Riordan moves along with his sister, and like her, takes up his presents. That's right, presents. As in more then one. There are three flatish wooden boxes, stacked atop each other. One large at the bottom, a medium one in the middle, and the smallest at the top. He stands behind his sister, ready to present his gifts after Roslyn.

The velvet reveals a bottle of perfume, glass colored slightly green and the oils clear and light within. It smells of lilies and apple leaves. "The shopkeeper says that it comes from King's Landing. A shop there," Roslyn says to Rosanna, her fingers tucking into her skirt.

Kittridge smiles at Roslyn's gift, and then is promptly distracted by Riordan. "I believe I've become confused somewhere along the line," he drawls, "Is it you who's actually courting my sister, Ser Riordan?" he asks, nodding at the pile of gifts.

"Really?" Rosanna's expression lights up even more to hear tell where the perfume is from. "Thank you, Lady Roslyn. You've been so generous." WHO'S NEXT.

There's pleasure to be taken in the unwrapping of something, even if it isn't naming day gifts a man might prefer. Justin keeps his place, sipping his wine in silence. His own gift over there on the table doesn't look like much, a bit of cream colored kerchief with a loose knot tied at the top. It could be silk but it probably isn't and it is rather plain but for a minimal border edging. His pale grey eyes settle upon Roslyn as his next target of focus.

Rutger glances over towards Kittridge, before he is looking back to his brother, a brow raising ever so slightly at the number of parcels in his hands. Apparently whatever question the elder Nayland was going to ask, has already been voiced. So he sips wine.

Roslyn only smiles, answering dismissively, "As I have said, you make it easy for one to feel generous, Lady Rosanna." But she draws away, with a purpose. She slips towards Justin's side, though she turns to watch Rosanna still, as she murmurs, "My lord Justin. May I ask what you have given the lady?"

"Now, gentlemen," Anais chides Riordan and Kittridge, though she grins as she speaks. "We all know that a woman should receive gifts on her nameday whether she's being courted or not, don't we?"

The domed, cloth-wrapped item brought in by Anais' handmaiden trills. Yes, it trills!

Riordan says, "Not at all," Riordan says in defense of his not courting Rosanna, laughter playing on his lips. "One of these is from myself. One is from my Lady Mother, the Lady Rhiannon. And the other is from my Lord Father, the Lord Rickart." He offers a warm grin to Rosanna, and lays out the presents in such a way so as to allow her the choice of which order to open them. "But as I prefer to make a game out of most things, I shall let you figure out which is which.""

Justin arches a dark brow as the Lady Roslyn swishes her skirts and comes over by his side. His mouth twists a bit with humor, "Why ask when you shall shortly see, my Lady? Nothing more than a trinket, I fear. I had rather short notice that I was invited." Or possibly he likes the idea of tormenting Roslyn's curiosity by not telling her. He tastes his wine before he asks, "Have you been to King's Landing?"

Rosanna wiggles her fingers a bit at the three presents Riordan lays before her. "I shall do my best," she promises Riordan before working to unwrap all of them.

"I have never been far from the Mire, myself. I have only recently had cause to stay for long in Stonebridge," Roslyn replies quietly, her gaze still drawn on the table and the lady as she opens her gifts. "But, you, of course, have traveled far from your Terricks' Roost, have you not?"

Inside the largest of the boxes is a finely crafted cyvasse board, made of the finest of woods. The board itself seems to be crafted from multiple woods and seamlessly fitted together, and the different pieces are all crafted of different types and colors as well. The middle box holds a elegantly put together journal, currently blank, and bound in purple leather. The symbol of a single rose has been pressed into the leather cover. And, as for the smallest present, the box inside contains, oddly, a large shard of wood that seems to have been broken off from a larger piece. One side of it, the smooth and polished side, is painted white. It rests inside the box on a lining of velvet, like a treasured possession.

"A little, though I have not been to King's Landing. The river valley and the mountains around Lord Tully's lands seem to have interested Ser Haffrey most, and therefor are what I know best in the south." Justin keeps his baritone low in volume, watching the gift opening. He glances aside to Roslyn, "I have never been to the Mire."

Rosanna coos over each present in turn, though she doesn't actually bother much in figuring out which is from which Nayland. They're all hers now, after all. She does linger over the wood, though, a bit baffled. "It's lovely," she says a bit unsurely. "Where is it from?"

Despite his words of mystery, Riordan easily gives up the sources. "The board is from my Lord Father. He felt that if you are to spend more and more time around members of my family, you might well have need of it." He glances to his grandmother, with a smile to her, before continuing, "The journal is from my Lady Mother. So that you may record the stories of your life, that they may one day be made into song. And the wood…

Despite his words of mystery, Riordan easily gives up the sources. "The board is from my Lord Father. He felt that if you are to spend more and more time around members of my family, you might well have need of it." He glances to his grandmother, with a smile to her, before continuing, "The journal is from my Lady Mother. So that you may record the stories of your life, that they may one day be made into song. And the last…" He smiles. "The last is technically from Ser Barristan Selmy. I have just held on to it until now, thanks to his lodging it in my armor all those years ago." His smile grows. "It is a piece of his lance."

Some of Rosanna's more blithe enjoyment falters as Riordan's surprising thoughtfulness with his own gifts. "My lord," she says a bit quieter. "This is truly a — lovely gift." She offers him a smile of more particular sincerity, handling the box delicately before she moves onto the next. REBEKKAH'S?


OKAY REBEKKAH'S. Rosanna unwraps the Dowager's present to reveal a delicate necklace, the ruby red charm the hangs from it shaped like the dragon of a certain deposed house. Rosanna's smile flickers a bit unsurely, but only for a moment before it regains strength. "Thank you, Lady Rebekkah," she says. "It is lovely."

Roslyn murmurs dismissively, "No, I am sure I would have met you, had you been." A pause, and then in a nod towards the dramatic, she adds simply, "They mean to see whether your lord father would be willing to wed myself to you." Her gaze flicks up towards Justin to study him as she says it.

"Our past is our strength, dear," Rebekkah says to Rosanna, and for once her tone is serious and solemn, and holding no bitter humor. "Wear it proudly, for it was one worth remembering, whatever the present holds."

Rosanna's smile freezes on her face at Rebekkah's words. "Of course, my lady," she says, giving the gift to the servant to set it aside and looking next to Anais's — noisy present.

Riordan merely dips his head silently at Rosanna's gratitude, his gaze continuing to hold warmth. And he continues to hold his silence, as his grandmother's gift is presented. Though there is some amusement in his eyes, he actually doesn't seem to be inwardly laughing. Indeed, most of his expression his thoughtful as he gazes at the dragon gift from the Dragon Lady, and he nods his head to himself, perhaps approvingly.

Rutger continues to drink wine, as the presents keep on coming across. A faint raise of brow, back to his brother once more, as his jaw tightens, only slightly before it relaxes. A cough, given before he is smoothing down his doublet.

Once the fabric wrapping is drawn away from Anais's present, it reveals a wicker cage with a small songbird inside. He chirps prettily as if in announcement of morn. "Oh, isn't he cute," Rosanna says, leaning in to get a better look at him. "And he sings so lovely. Thank you, Lady Anais."

"So that you may never be without a song to dance to, Lady Rosanna," Anais smiles warmly to the other woman, raising her glass in salute.

Rosanna laughs at Anais' explanation. "How thoughtful," she says. ROSLYN'S NEXT.

And older man more wise of the world who wasn't only 19 might be able to take a taste of his wine and not falter when he hears Roslyn drop her unexpected little surprise. Justin is taking that sip that instead of being swallowed, he almost inhales it. It makes him cough once or twice, putting his other hand up to make a fist before he clears his throat, "Do they? To me?" His tone might be slightly incredulous, being a nobody younger son. Looking at her, Justin studies Roslyn anew before he adds, "I suppose I will be interested in hearing what he thinks of the proposal, Lady Roslyn." Somehow he manages to smile a little despite his surprise.


Kittridge watches Rosanna opening her presents, sipping his wine and smiling at the various things she unwraps. He watches Riordan and Rutger in particular, but turns aside to glance at Roslyn and Justin as he overhears a snippet or two of their conversation.

Riordan quietly continues to watch the present opening, sipping lightly from his wine. Catching his brother's gaze, he raises an eyebrow, and shrugs his shoulder lightly. Still, the look he manages to convey has a fair helping of apology in it. And then, he maneuvers himself to locate his sister.

Whatever Roslyn thinks of the young Terrick's reaction, she only smiles politely and answers, "I suppose you must be." Her gaze slides away again and catches on Kittridge's, lashes sweeping against her cheek where her eyes drop away before finally returning to Rosanna.

The small cream kerchief from Justin with the loosely tied knot on top is easily opened within Rosanna's slender fingered hands. Within are two ornate hair combs, each cut from the local river's large freshwater clams but carved, polished and laquored with such skill that they are delicate filigrees of elegant art. They gleam like the very finest mother of pearl, each piece not symmetrically shaped with curling thin tendrils of vines and knotworks of thorns crowned with tiny flowers. While not an expensive gift, they will shine against Rosanna's dark hair to gleam and draw the eye.

Rosanna admires the ornate combs with appropriate interest for such a pretty gift. "Thank you, my lord. They are indeed lovely." And they are tucked away with the rest. She comes to Rutger's gift next, and there is perhaps a bit of mischievous interest as she unwraps it. BETTER BE GOOD ENOUGH, RUTGER.

Riordan glances from Justin to Roslyn, and from Roslyn to Kittridge. His expression briefly thoughtful, he moves to place his arm back within his sister's grasp, and leeans in to murmur something quietly to her.

Inside the plain box, wrapped in deep purple ribbon, Rosanna would find a rolled up piece of parchment, that when unrolled would show Calligraphy-painstakingly done with a Grand tree Drawn at the top, And bits of nature worked into the words and border without overwhelming the script kept on page.

What Rutger has given is a poem.

And under that a pair of dark Dornish dancing slippers., with small flowers embroidered into the silk. A smile there upon Rutger's features.

"That poem was penned after a dance we shared- and the slippers come from Dorne. I had them purchased when I was in King's Landing-though I could not tell you honestly then, why I did." clearing his throat he smiles back. "Lady, Take those slippers as a promise from me. That I may share with you and give you many dances to come." Forward Nayland!

"I did not know you wrote poetry, my lord," Rosanna murmurs, a bit surprised. The dancing slippers definitely seem to be quite a source of pleasure, from her warming, widening smile. "Oh, they are lovely," she coos over them. "I don't think I've ever had anything from Dorne." She lifts her gaze to Rutger. "Thank you, Lord Rutger."

Rutger's present returned carefully to its box, Rosanna has a few more to open — Tommas's, Day's — before finally coming to the last: Kittridge's.

Anais watches Rosanna unwrap the present from Rutger, sighing softly when it's revealed. "Lovely," she approves, with a flicker of an approving smile for Rutger.

Justin's attention has been drawn from gift giving to watching Riordan stepping up and taking Roslyn's arm. He's also been watching her, taking a sip of his wine and back to being unruffled. He asks low, "I've heard that the Lord Regent is coming out to the Roost, soon. Are you then coming to pay my home a visit as well, Lady Roslyn?" Justin keeps his voice quite low so not to disturb the gift opening, Rosanna's Naming Day being of course the real focus of the gathering.

Rutger smiles once towards Rosanna, and bows low. As she moves on to the next presents, or rather through them, He is careful to step back so as Tommas can keep successfully looming over him. After all that is why Kittridge put him there. Right?

Kittridge just observes and drinks as other gifts are given, and yes, Tommas looms, as he was directed to do. Eventually when all the other gifts have been given, he gestures for the musicians to strike up, and only then steps over to his sister, apparently preferring to avoid quite so rapt an audience, if he might. His gift comes in a prettily-carved little wooden box wrapped with a purple ribbon.

Perhaps reading Kittridge's intent in such a gesture, Roslyn's gaze only lingers on the siblings for a moment with a small smile tucked into the corner of her lips before she turns fully on Justin. She answers, glancing towards Riordan, "Yes, I will be accompanying my lord brother to keep him from trouble. Perhaps you will honor me with a dance and tell me what I may expect of Terricks' Roost?" She gestures with a sweep of her hand towards the cleared flagstone.

Rosanna offers up an fond, expectant smile to her brother as he draws closer, and she takes the box into her hands carefully. She slips off the ribbon of the box and opens it slowly to reveal the delicate necklace inside, a locket of polished, gleaming wood on the end as she lifts it from the box. "Oh, Kit," she says in a small, pleased voice.

Rutger turns his head over to look back towards Kittridge, once the gift has been displayed. A smile shows on the Nayland's face as he bows his head in Kitt's direction. "A lovely gift Ser. Perfect." he adds, before leaning back and closer to Tommas. And he begins to talk softly to the other man, though, them with good ears, might catch words about alligators.

His second glass of wine Justin finishes off and sets down wherever convenient. Carved stone bench will do just fine. He likewise turns to reguard Roslyn more fully, a wary look for her looming brother before he nods, "I can surely tell you of the Roost and Four Eagle's Tower, Lady Roslyn. Though you won't find me much of a dancer. I've learned something of dancing with steel, but not so much of the company of lovely women such as yourself. I'm afraid you'd have to show me." Justin watches Roslyn lest she be disappointed with his lack of skill.

Justin turns to walk with her a few steps if she likes in the direction she so indicated, "As for the Roost, you won't be seeing it at it's best, Lady Roslyn. We have much reconstruction to complete and until the next harvest comes in, food is rationed." Thinking about it however, he quietly adds, "However, a finer view of the ocean may be difficult to come by, watching the sun paint the sky in every possible vivid hue as it sinks into the water, feeling the ocean breeze upon your face. It is a very fair place to live, normally."

"What a lovely nameday," Anais declares as Rosanna opens Kittridge's gift, smile warm. "Surely the Gods have blessed you for the coming year, my lady." She flicks a glance toward Justin, offering a small smile, but for the moment seems content to nurse her wine.

Settling to merely walk along the garden for a moment instead of dancing, Roslyn's features show nothing of disappointment, only a soft, muted understanding for his lack of ability. She listens to him speak on the Roost quietly, offering a polite, "Surely living so close to the shore is a pleasure one cannot compare." Leaving behind Riordan with a smile, she only gestures to her own maid as she offers Justin a tour of the gardens to speak further. Perhaps she will even attempt to dance with him later, given that she is used to men stepping on her toes from attempting to teach Riordan.

Kittridge smiles crookedly at his sister and nudges her with an elbow, suggesting, "Open it." He seems pleased at his gift's reception, though.

Rosanna narrows her gaze on Kittridge with something of humorous suspicion. She opens the locket and draws in a breath at the tiny painting inside. "Oh, Kit," she says again, this time more emphatically. She draws closer to her brother to hug him tightly.

There is a glance to Roslyn as she and Lord Justin begin their exit. Leaving the Groves' to their gift, Rutger moves, only to intercept the couple before they escape entirely. A quick word ushered to his sister, before he is peeling away and looking over to the area that has been cleared for dancing. And with that the remainder of his wine, is downed.

Riordan silently gives his sister a smile, watching her and Justin meander off. He purses his lips thoughtfully, and then turns back to watch as Rosanna finishes up her presents. Sipping wine himself, he soons find himself meandering himself, coming to a rest beside Anais. "Still wish for me to crush your toes, my lady?" he murmurs quietly, lips smiling as he glances aside to her.

Kittridge smiles a little wider at Rosanna's reaction, though still somewhat sheepishly, and hugs her back. "Glad you like it," he mumbles. She gets another squeeze, and he says, "Happy Nameday, Rosie. Now, go on and dance. Make sure you make Ser Riordan try, I want to see how bad he really is."

"My lord, I am far too quick to allow my toes to be crushed," Anais laughs to Riordan's question, passing her glass to her handmaid and offering a hand to the Nayland lord. "Who knows? Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two about not damaging the ladies with whom you dance."

"I'll dance with everyone," Rosanna promises her brother. She calls Day over so that she can put the locket on right this moment, her fingers sliding over the polished wood as a smile lingers on her expression. And then she makes her way over to Rutger, because, unfortunately for her brother, that promise includes him.

Kittridge ungifts his gift, then. SO THERE.


Lady Roslyn only nods to her brother's whispered words, agreement there with a small smile. She does not delay the young lord any further, however. Perhaps she will later dance with Kittridge, if he asks.

"I am not sure which of us has the most challenge," Riordan says, with a quiet laugh to Anais. Gently accepting her hand, he will lead the lady onto the dance floor. And he does give it the old Citadel try… but boy. He really isn't good. At all.

And when Rosanna comes over to Rutger, his arm is crooked out, and ready to receive. "Your brother's is simply amazing. You are truly loved on this day by your friends and family." And there he nods his head in the direction of the dancing floor "If I may have the honor of your first dance this evening, Lady Rosanna?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Anais=Dancing Vs Riordan=Dancing

< Anais: Success Riordan: Failure

< Net Result: Anais wins - Marginal Victory

Rosanna does toss one last, fond glance over her shoulder at Kittridge before slipping her hand into the crook of Rutger's arm. "You may," she says with humor-warmed primness as she allows him to lead her out onto the dancing floor.

Luckily, Anais is gifted enough to both escape injury and even try to guide Riordan into a few of the more simple steps. She's at least skilled enough to keep him from embarrassing himself, which is progress, of a sort. No one is injured in the making of this dance.

And with the music playing, Rutger is quite content to lead Rosanna around the dancefloor, twirling, and vaulting as the dance calls for. Thankfully his time in King's Landing has paid off for some things. Like fancy slippers and sweet moves. Just like Jagger.