Page 244: A Most Difficult Dance?
Page 244: A Most Difficult Dance?
Summary: Tia runs into Cherise and Lorna in the town square and Tia doesn't ask about Quellyan.
Date: 20/03/289
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Tiaryn Cherise 
Town Square - Stonebridge
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
March 20, 289

Town square. Stonebridge. Tia has made her way back here to check in on things, bringing Adara and Jacob along with her. They came by horse, rather than walking or taking a carriage, the faster travel and fun of riding definitely a good thing on this outing. She is walking around, examining the state of things here and there, to see if things are starting to even think about getting back to normal at all. And at once stall she stops, chatting with the merchant, and bartering to buy new harpstrings for the harp she's still got, borrowed from Lady Isolde. It's midafternoon, not quite tea time, and a beautiful sunny day out. Tia is still clad entirely in black, it not yet being even three months gone by, her hair even covered with a black scarf. After some bit of discussion, she hands over a small amount of coins and takes the harpstrings, then she takes a step back. A glance around again, and a look to see where Jacob and Adara have gotten to has Tia drifting over to where some embroidery supplies can be found. Though they are scarce and expensive, they can still look.

Even if venturing through the town square Cherise was always in the company of her retinue as was to be expected for a lady with such demands. Beneath the warm of the sun the Lady Charlton casually strolled along with the pleasurable companionship of her maidservants and midwife. One of these females had noticed Tiaryn's visage first, indicating the lady's placement at a distance for Cherise to recognize as well. The lady lifted a delicate hand, a subtle gesture that may or may not have gained the attention of the Flint woman engaged in some ritual market habits. "Lady Flint!" Cherise called out, her voice loud enough to carry yet still retaining a measure of class as she should.

It's spring! The snow is gone! That positively delights Lorna, who with one very bored guard and an excitable Stormer, is talking animatedly with one of the shop owners. She hears the call for Lady Flint and even though that's not her, she turns, curious.

Tia's head goes up and her posture changes slightly as she hears her name called out. She smiles at Adara, gesturing for her to continue to try to get the supplies she's wanting, and then turns to spy who is calling her name. It's a familiar voice, just to begin with, but it does take her a moment to place it. And as she catches sight of the blonde Lady Charlton, her expression turns to a smile and she waves briefly. Jacob comes along with her as she heads over to meet up with Cherise. "Lady Cherise - I had hoped to visit with you later in the day. I wasn't expecting to see you out and about," she says, a friendly warmth to her voice. "But it is very /good/ to see you out. Is all well?" For the moment, she's not noticed Lorna, her attention caught by the Charlton party.

As one would when expecting, Cherise had one arm poised around her rounded belly, ever larger and a month or so shy of coming to term. The other arm was locked within that of the mid-wife's, providing both escort and a sturdy poise. "I was not expecting to myself and yet I had a strong desire for air, sun, and a change of scenery." She replied to Tiaryn, smiling pleasurably to the lady with hardly a glance awarded to the retinue she keeps. "Have you arrived today?" She asked while focusing her attention upon the person of interest.

Potential affable company! Lorna approaches the pair in good spirits, even though her guardis comically exasperated. Her dog speeds alongside her as she approaches the pair. "Good day!" she says brightly.

Tiaryn smiles at Cherise. "I have, just from the Roost. I rode out with Jacob and Adara, for a visit. I was somewhat feeling the need to move myself and I wanted to check how the market here is doing, and stop to see you and - " She pauses as there's another voice wishing her a good day. A polite, friendly smile is offered to Lorna, Tia taking a moment or two to recognize the Lady, from her previous visit. "Good Day, Lady Frey," she greets with a polite nod of her head. "It is a beautiful day weatherwise, and perfect for a nice long ride. And a hello to you as well, Stormer." She beams as she thinks she got the name right for the dog. She hopes. And then back to Cherise.

"I have noticed that in the preparation of the men's return from the Isle, those merchants, at least some who are willing to trek the journey are seeking their interests to the coast lining cities. Here, the Roost, and Seagard. Just my speculation, there is an interest to regain what is lost. And I suppose here there are plenty of opportunities available. Still, I welcome your return." Cherise returns to Tiaryn before their attention is gained by another. The lady and her small group all turn heads, a slight incline is offered as well. "Good day Lady Frey."

"Lady Charlton." Lorna greets in turn. "And Lady Flint. How are you this fine day?" Stormer bounds outward to the side and back to Lorna, expression eager in the hopes of some playing and chasing.

"I am well, thank you," Tia says with a smile. "And you, Lady Frey?" she asks, keeping things to a light level for the moment. She glances back to Cherise and inclines her head. "It seems that way to me as well, from what I have seen here and at the roost. It is nice to be back, which is somewhat odd, in many ways. At least to me. I mean - " she hesitates, as she tries to figure out the right words, "Stonebridge is a place that I used to have only passing knowledge of and yet now it almost seems in some ways like home." She shakes her head, before she adds, "It is a lovely day for fresh air, I can see why you might have been feeling the need to get out and enjoy the day."

"Greatful for spring!" Lorna says brightly. "The time of year to go riding and falconing and hunting! Or one of them, at any rate." She seems positively exuberant.

"It is definitely lovely weather," Tia says, with an indulgent smile to Lorna. She glances to see where Adara is, in case her handmaid is reaching a conclusion to her negotiations, but the younger maid appears to be busy still. Tia chuckles as she looks at the dog, amusement for a moment gleaming in her blue eyes. "I see that Stormer - Did I get the name right? - is enjoying the day's weather as well."

Cherise agrees with the other's assessment of the temperate warmth around them. At the mention of the canine pale blue eyes lower in survey of the creature before lifting her attention on the lady Frey once more. "What has taken your interest here so far from home Lady Frey?"

"I'm here serving the Lady of Stonebridge along with my cousin Igara." Lorna explains easily. "Though she's kind enough to accord me a bit of freedom. It's terribly stifling at The Twins, you see."

"Is it so?" Tia asks, curious about it, since she's not ever been there. "I should find it perhaps a terrible place to stay then? And Cherise, what about you? How is Hollyholt?" she asks curiously. "Flint's Finger is an interesting place, not so stifling as one might expect. In fact, it has moments of beauty that always surprised me to find them." Her posture is relaxed and the horrible tension that was previously consuming her is not noticeable most of the time, leaving her a lot easier in her mind and spirit.

"Ah, I have not seen the lady for quite some time, I trust she is well?" Cherise inquires about the woman's status before Tiaryn asks of her home. "My husband has assured me things are well for the time being. This war has reached quite far. Unfortunately I am unable to make the journey, so he or his castilian should be able to provide a greater answer than I.

Tia tilts her head at Cherise's words. "The castellan? Lady Erenford, yes? I met her at the Roost some days past," she says, thoughtfully. "Though I was more asking of your opinion on the place and how stifling you found it there." That's said almost apologetically. "And how many family members live there? Are you a large crowd, M'Lady Charlton?" She keeps a neutrally curious look on her face as she asks that question, her tone almost a little lazy. She glances over at Lorna curiously for a moment.

"Though I was more asking of your opinion on the place and how stifling you found it there." That's said almost apologetically. "And how many family members live there? Are you a large crowd, M'Lady Charlton?" She keeps a neutrally curious look on her face as she asks that question, her tone almost a little lazy. She glances over at Lorna curiously for a moment.

With the disappearance of the Lady Frey, Cherise devoted her attention upon Tiaryn for the time being. "Ah.. forgive me." A forced chirp of laughter passed through Cherise's lips. "I find it lovely, well measured upon the accommodations any proper noble should expect. The Lady Keera of course runs a sharp and tight household. There is a healthy number, those who choose to remain at the Keep are welcomed to do so. We ladies would spend nearly our whole days together. And there may be times I would not see my husband at all." She answered as plainly as possible, "I.. am curious Lady Tiaryn how have you found the Lady Erenford?"

Tia wrinkles her nose. "The ladies all together - how many?" she asks, sounding a little bit worried at the very thought. "I cannot imagine that being anything but stifling though. And while the ladies are all together, it leaves the men to their own devices? I am sure that must be difficult, especially for newlyweds." She has quite a bit of sympathy for Cherise on that one, it seems. "Growing up, we were free to come and go as we wished, whenever we did not have lessons, and even at Flint's Finger - Well, perhaps that was Connell's doing, I am not sure." She pauses a moment as she recalls her meeting with the Lady Erenford. "Truthfully? She seemed to me to be a most sympathetic listener, though we did have only one meal together. It felt though that we had some shared sorrows in our pasts, if that makes sense?"

"Five of us in total. Six if Aleister's sister would ever resurface." Cherise did not sound entirely bitter of that, but still the hint was there. "Stifling a touch but much preferred when compared to the living arrangements of the Freys. That… dear Tiaryn is stifling." Her eyes widened for emphasis. "It was difficult at first, but we have found ways. Stolen moments when ever they may occur. Alas, Hollyholt a whole different world when compared to the Oaks." Vastly different. "I suppose, she lended an ear to my situations as well. Though I fear too much honey will ruin my appetite."

"Quite the number," Tia murmurs thoughtfullly. "Though not quite so large as I was expecting. For a moment, I thought perhaps you would have ten or twenty, but there, that would be the Freys, yes?" It's an attempt at a joke, to some degree. "I think most places are somewhat different when compared to Tall Oaks, and I am not certain but that it might be a good thing in some ways." She takes a breath, before she asks, "And what of the knights there? Apart from your lord husband? Are there the same number as brave women?" Adara finishes up speaking with the merchant, deciding not to purchase anything and begins making her way over to the group quietly. Tia takes a breath as she considers Aleister's castellan for a moment. "Too much - ? Perhaps so. I had not noted such a thing, during our one meal. But - for such a short time, I doubt I would. That would be something to be seen with future encounters, if any such should happen." Though there's no reason Tia should have any doings in general with Aleister's Castellan, right?

"For the average days, six to seven. Consisting of those who are widowed or unmarried. The Lady's sister, the Lord's Aunt. I have but one who is near close to my age." Cherise smirks a touch, spending her days with the elderly women of Hollyholt who were already too set in their ways. "And not so different than the Crag, I mean, while the fanciful articles are no so much present the need for the utmost care of propriety remained." When Adara nears Cherise's attention is split for a brief moment. "Then I only ask, a friend that should you endure her company once more take heed of her words. I have some concerns of the Lady Erenford where it may indeed threaten my own standing." These last words are exuded with a touch of caution.

Tia has to shudder slightly, thinking it sounds far more a torment than perhaps others might. She's really rather glad that she ended up at Flint's Finger, and not Hollyholt. "I shall do so, in as much as I am able, m'Lady," she says solemnly, with a nod to Cherise. She too glances at Adara, giving the other woman a tilted head by way of a silent question. Adara shakes her head negatively, and Tia wrinkles her nose. "A pity that, but perhaps next time," she says. Adara nods, and then steps back to proper range for a handmaiden, overseeing propriety but not getting too close to the conversation. Tia's sigh is short lived, as she promptly returns to the conversation that she and Cherise are in the midst of. "I think were I you, it would almost be a breath of fresh air to be out here where there are so many pleasant Ladies to spend time with, and still not be forced to lock oneself up with a house full of those who've learned to value doing things only in a gaggle."

"Gaggle and pure wickedry." Cherise muses after shaking her head. "When lives are near the end it is a shame that woman feel they must be cynical of all things in nature. Still… I do find some entertainment and worth there." Cherise does glance to her retinue before turning to Tiaryn, "It is always a great breath of fresh air, when here and in the company of desired companionship. I trust you will not become stranger while here." A small gesture is given to the Inn, "I still reside there for the time being. If you are willing again perhaps a dinner. I'm sure you will have some attire for the occasion."

Tia chuckles softly, and inclines her head. "I would like that, if we can find the time," she says. Though she's really more concerned with Cherise's advanced pregnancy than finding time on her own account. "And perhaps you can regale me - or us, if Corrie will come - with tales of Hollyholt? I am sure they must be quite a bit more entertaining than those I have to tell." She pauses a moment and then says, "Do you know - have you met all of your lord husband's cousins? Or are there still some who are strangers to you. It's funny. Although I had of course met Lord Anders prior to recent events, it almost seemed I met him for the first time in just before he left for Seagard." She pauses, curious to see if Cherise has had any similar experiences.

"Of Hollyholt?" She questions at first then continues speaking, "I have plenty if you are both truly interested. You would be amazed at what passes in the lady's circle." A warm smile stretches across her features. "I have met the majority of them at the wedding. Some later as they ventured to the keep for business and other matters. There are still others I have yet to meet."

"Indeed yes. It seems to me to be very different than what I am used to," Tia says, softly. "And if we should ever have an opportunity to visit, I think I would need to be forewarned else I might mistep easily enough." She pauses for a long moment, and then she does take a breath, squaring her shoulders. "Has Lord Aleister cousins who are also gone to the Iron Isles with this war?" she asks, finally. Perhaps drawn a little more into the open due to the lack of response to her more subtle inquiries.

"I daresay my efforts to see you comfortable may become extreme but still, I will ensure you cause no embarrassment to yourself." Or to herself. As the mention of cousins are drawn up again Cherise smirks. "Why yes, Lord Andrey and one other in particular." Still the woman seems to be amused by something.

That gets an arched brow. Right. "Lord Andrey?" she asks, now curious about that particular fellow, since he's brought up. "He's the Young Lord, is he not?" she asks, tilting her head a bit. "Or am I totally off on my understanding?" She might be curious about the other, but it seems Cherise has no interest in talking about Lord Quellyan. She does give Cherise a long look though at the idea of extreme efforts to make Tia comfortable and ensuring she doesn't embarrass herself. "Thank you, I think. Though really, perhaps I will just decide not to come visit you after all. It will be safest all the way around." And it's not meant to be insulting or nasty, but more thoughtful and worried about getting in the way. Or taking up too much of Cherise's time when she should be looking after her own family instead of dealing with a country friend. She glances back over at Adara and then she judges the time, looking up to the sky. "I should perhaps leave you to your refreshing walk, and conclude my business for the day. If you are in the common room of the inn when I get there, would you be averse to sharing a table?"

"He is. Lord Andrey is the son of Lord Keegan. And Quellyan is to in company with the Charlton retinue." She adds at last before also stating, "Nonsense Tiaryn. Sometimes even the most difficult dance is worth the pain and headaches of practice. You'll see. Besides, I believe they may be interested in you after all, you have gained the reputation of the woman who survived. You have have no idea how empowering that is. Misfortunes not overlooked." She says, doing her best to squander that sudden bout of fear with an assuring touch on the arm. "I would not, but do come visit soon hmm?" She nods a little before gesturing to her servants that she is ready to move about again.

Tiaryn inclines her head to the information heard and hopes that she doesn't look like a moonstruck young maid at the very mention of the man's name. She's got more address than that, surely! She considers what Cherise says, and then she gives a delicate half shrug. "I shall certainly come in good time to join you at the inn. Anything further will depend on my good cousin's kind auspices. In the meantime, please do take care of yourself, and I will see you soon." With that said, and a polite curtsey, Tia is off about her business.