A Message from House Terrick
A Message from House Terrick
Summary: The Terricks write to the Groves regarding their surplus. Finally.
Date: May 31 2012
Related Logs: House Groves makes an offer, Justin asks for more time to consider, a decision is (sort of) made, and House Groves replies.
From the Roost to Kingsgrove by courier
31 May 289

Lord Ser Campbell Groves, Knight of Kingsgrove, greetings.

It has been decided, after having thoroughly investigated other options, to accept your offer of harvest surplus in exchange for the return of certain lands formerly held by House Groves. We invite you to send representative to discuss the details further and make contractual arrangement with us upon this matter.

Signed, Lord Justin Terrick, on behalf of Lord Ser Jerold Terrick, Four Eagles Tower.