Page 411: A Meeting of Minds
A Meeting of Minds
Summary: Einar and Pariston discuss current events and the foreseeable future.
Date: 05/Sep/2012
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Pariston Einar 
Foyer, Highfield Keep
A large oak door studded and lined with iron opens to the large Foyer of Highfield Keep. A long table sits against the wall on the right side of this entrance hall and two high-backed chairs flank it's sides. Carved into the wood of these new adornments are the wheat stalks and the crowned wolf that are the house's sigil. A single small door leads off to the left hand side to the Servant's Quarters, where straight ahead opens up into the Keep's Grand Hall.
Wed Sep 05, 289

With war on the horizon it seems to still be far away, at least in mind, for Pariston. The hunter and guard being around in the keep. Continuing his duties as a guard. The day having just passed noon and some of the servants are around and eating still. Pariston sitting with his sword hanging from the side and just finished his meal. Walking around a bit aimlessly perhaps.

With the forces that had been camped close by now gone, the place is starting to look less like a military camp and more like the newly constructed noble seat it should be. While many of the Charlton men have gone, some remain, along with their women and children. It appears that the Septon is one of those who remain for he enters the keep from the courtyard, engaged in conversation with Einar. It seems though that he has other taks that need performing and so takes his leave of the northerner before they reach the great hall, leaving Einar to think over whatever it was they have been talking about. Or of course, spot Pariston and cross towards the man.

Pariston looks and nods to the different people that he comes across. Soon enough spotting his fellow northener. Offering a deep bow, "Lord Einar. It is good to see you again so soon. I hope you are well." He offers, standing straight and more or less hovering over the other man. "Lady Tiaryn is fine and I believe lord Anders and lady Cordelya are as well. Though have not seen the two of them as much."

"Master Vis," Einar acknowledges with almost casual familiarity, "I don't suppose Lady Cordelya will be in any condition to do much of anything at the moment." It can only be a few weeks until the baby is due now surely. "I hear that Ser Saethwyr has been taksed with guarding the keep here while Lord Aleister is away to Stonebridge. I am sure my good-sister is glad of that."

Pariston smiles and nods, "I think that is rather true." He offers about Cordelya. Then nodding again about Saethwyr staying behind. "I suspect that she is happy that he is still around." Tilting his head a bit, "How do you feel about loerd Saethwyr?" He asks, speaking out of character perhaps. Not usually being the one to speak to familiar with nobles, except for Tiaryn so far. Or if he is drunk.

Einar pauses at that question, taking his time to think about and then mentally compose his answer. "Ser Saethwyr?" he starts, rhetorically, "I must admit that I don't know him all that well. He seems to be genuine enough in his feelings for Lady Tiaryn though, and that is important." He seems about to leave it there before he then thinks to add, "I have no doubts about his capability to keep this place running. Why do you ask?"

Pariston listens and nods to it all, "Personally he seems a bit too forward and a bit reckless, or carefree. Although he does indeed seem to care for lady Tiaryn, which s good." He offers in return. At the question, he shrugs. "I just wanted to see what someone else thinks of him. I have no doubt that he means well and he is cocky and stubborn. But I would not want to see lady Tiaryn hurt more than she has been." Wich Camden and all that.

Einar listens carefully as Pariston answers, "I don't want to see her hurt either. We seem to both be of a similar mind in that we believe his intentions to be fine but for there to be a chance, however slight, of him messing something up." He pauses for a moment, just to check if any actual Charltons are passing, but it seems to be clear for now. "I think we just need to ensure that there is always someone she can turn to if you needs it. Mistress Adara, yourself, Jacob, or of course, any of the family." By which he menas the Flints.

Pariston silently agrees and nods. Both believing the same and both thinking of what might be best for Tiaryn. "I'll be around if she need me." He offers. He will be unless he is told to join the war. "Mistress Kaelea will hopefully come to know lady Tiaryn well soon enough also." He adds to the list of people.

Thankfully, it doesn't look as if the Flints will be getting involved in this one, what with it being a spat between Frey vassals. Unless it spreads that is, but Einar is hoping, and indeed praying, that it doesn't come to that. He nods at the addition to the list then a thought comes to him and he asks, "last week, before the forces left, there was a young lass here with House Westerling but who claimed to be from the Finger. You don't happen to know who she is do you?"

Pariston listens to the question, shaking his head. "I never got to meet her if she has left Highfield already. Though I might recognize her if I meet her." He offers. Shrugging a bit.

Einar has no idea if she has left or not so simply mirrors Pariston's shrug. "Oh well, it's nothing important, just made me curious thats all." After all, a slip of a girl wandering round with a Northern accent got his attention. "Let me know if you hear or see anything would you? I'm not sure how she got here or what the link with teh Westerlings is."

Pariston only nods to the words of the lord. Liatening a bit curiously but not speaking or replying until Einar is done. "I'll do so." Is all that he replies when he finally does reply.

"Thank you," Einar replies, clasping his hands behind his back as he does so. "I suppose I should probably go find Lord Anders and see if he has need of anything. I imagine he's to be found with Lady Cordelia?"

Pariston smiles and nods, "Of course, my lord. Do stay well." He offers. As for where Lord Anders would be, he grins and nods. "With all things coming along so nicely then yes, I would think it be wise to say that he is with lady Cordelya."

Einar nods to that and turns to head deeper into the keep and up towards the rooms allocated to the Flints. "I shall see you later then Master Vis," he says with a smile, "enjoy your day."

Pariston offers a nod, "Sounds good, lord Einar. Perhaps we could go train on shooting a bit if you want. At some point that is. When we are both free." He suggests. Needing to keep up with his marksmanship training. "I will see you later. Be well."

Einar likes that idea, he likes it quite a lot actually and his smile relays that clearly. "That sounds like an excellent idea. Shall I see you by the practice butts after dinner? In fact, we should probably make it a regular drill, I know I've been slacker than I should be of late."

Pariston is glad to see the smile that seem to relay that he likes the idea. Nodding to the words, "Sounds great, my lord." He offers. Then he grins and chuckles, "Time to start again I suppose." Grinning a bit and just standing still to see Einar off. Letting him leave for Anders.
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