Page 287: A Maiden and a Sleeping Dragon
Bandits and Sleeping Dragons
Summary: Ser Kell and Ser Martyn encounters a Sleeping Dragon and a Maiden on the Greens
Date: 02/05/289
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The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
May 2, 289

It is a drowsy afternoon brought on by a warm front coming up over the water. There are two very distinctive individuals on the Green, both seated in foldable chairs. One is Saffron Banefort with her nose in a book, her strawberry-colored hair loose in waves down her back; the other is the old dragon lady known as Mistress Morla, snoozing in her seat with her head lolled forward and a big hat guarding her fragile head from the onslaught of sun. The Banefort relishes in the lack of constant griping from the woman, tapping her fingers idly against the book's outer cover as she looks over the pages though its hard to tell if she's actually reading.

The Hedge Knight Kell has been enjoying the hospitality of the Four Eagles Tower given by Lord Jerold when he returned from the Iron Island invasion with the other Terrick men. And during this period of time, the knight has not been sitting idly. He would either be walking the town, giving a hand with the rebuilding that is still continuing, walking around the outskirts of the town with his kit on due to the word of banditry being prevalant around these parts, or where he is currently heading, the Green. Kell can be seen walking up the riad that leads into the town though no longer armored at the moment but carrying a pack over his back.

It would seem that Martyn has been out for a walk or something, since he's currently heading back from the direction of the outskirts of town, humming a little to himself. Glancing around for a few moments, he notices some people present at the moment, and moves a bit slower, trying to avoid disturbing them. He's dressed in black, as he has done quite a bit of since returning from the Irond Islands, but there's no armor or anything like that being worn now.

As Morla snorts and shifts about in her sleep, Saffron looks precariously over at her with a hopeful stress in her lips. She ever so carefully looks away from the sleeping dragon as her gaze falls upon the marching hedge knight. She is close enough to the road that a smile is easily seen and afforded, and the young woman bobs her head to him. She folds the book casually in her lap, fingers not even caring to maintain her place within the pages. It is then out of the corner of her eye that she spies Ser Martyn, and he is given a wave of recognition. She places a finger at her lips, gesturing to Morla. And then, very carefully, she begins to stand from her chair. Again, the old woman nearly snorts and shifts without waking.

It is not hard to spot the lady and her sleeping mistress chaperone, and it isn't difficult for Kell to see that the girl is of noble bearing. The Hedge Knight appears to be thinking whether to slow to a stop to greet her or move on without disturbing the young lady when the decision is made for him by Saffron. With the nod in his direction, Kell shifts his direction slightly so he now approaches Saffron and the Mistress. He doesn't know of the legend of the sleeping dragon so he isn't exactly whispering a greeting as he dips his head respectfully to the Lady, "Afternoon, M'Lady." As the other knight appears and approaches the green, Kell looks over to the other man, recognizing him as the Mallister who lead the forces against Grey Garden.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he sees Saffron's gesture. Offering a smile and a bit of a wave, he keeps silent and where he is for now, pausing a bit as he sees Kell. There's a momentary grimace as he hears the man speak, hoping that he didn't tickle the sleeping dragon or anything like that. Because that would be bad, right?

There's the smallest grimace as Kell speaks up, but she is already several steps from the sleeping dragon as if to intercept the knights. Morla gives a small grunt, though there is a relaxation that takes her face as she releases another snore. She exhales and grins toward the pair. "I'm sorry," she says hushedly, "Ser Kamron has kept her busy with some kind of song lesson that has left her tired. I didn't want to disrupt her sleep." She steps forward just a few more strides, standing near the knights now to speak with ease. "Ser Martyn, happy to see you as always." And then she turns her dimples on the hedge knight. "Afternoon, Ser."

Noticing the interesting initial facial reactions from both Marty and Saffron in reaction to his verbal greeting, Kell is at first confused until he hears th sleepy grunt followed up by the quiet explanation from the young lady. A look of understanding appears on the Hedge Knight as he nods his head, "My apologies then, for almost waking your Mistress." Kell then dips his head in greeting to Martyn as well, apparently what happened during the Mallister's duel at Grey Garden did not effect how the Hedge Knight views the other. "Afternoon, Ser." The greeting from Saffron is mirrowed by Kell as well.

"Lady Saffron. It's a pleasure to meet you, as always," Martyn begins, before he adds, "Yes, my cousin's song lessons could put almost anyone to sleep, that's true." Turning to offer Kell a bit of a nod and a smile. "Good afternoon, Ser Drakmoor. I hope you've been well since we returned."

Saffron grins slowly toward Kell, and she dips her own head gently. "You are forgiven… I just would rather… not wake her." She relaxes into her stance with her hands clasped behind her back in a idle, relaxed gesture. She looks between the pair before she catches the new knight's name, and she grins toward him. "So many faces and names to learn… well met, Ser Drakmoor… I'm Lady Saffron Banefort." And she brightens with another show of dimples before she looks toward Martyn. "He did promise me he would only teach her appropriate songs that she may not know… I'm sure she would not tolerate exciting songs."

"Indeed, Ser Mallister. Much better than on the Iron Islands, thanks to the lack of rocks along with Lord Jerold's hospitality." Kell says in response to Martyn with a grin appearing on his lips, his voice also kept low though loud enough so the two he is speaking with do not have to lean in to understand his worsd." As Saffron introduces herself, the Hedge Knight seems to react for a split second to her last name of Banefort though anything else is quickly hidden away. He bows his head again though as he answers, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Banefort." If one were to inspect the knight's sword, the hilt of it, they would see ribbons in the color of Banefort wrapped around the grip though done in a way that isn't blatantly noticeable. No giant bow tie.

Martyn grins a bit as he hears Saffron. "Well, nobody's told me that he's been killed yet, so I'm certain it went well," he remarks a bit lightly, before offering the same grin to Kell. "I know. How much better things get with those two things, and less people around who wants you dead, isn't it?"

With her father being the Banefort's master of arms, Saffron finds herself glancing over the weapons doning the knight. She blinks at the slightest hint of familiar colors, but she also does not openly address them as she instead gives the knight a slightly broader smile. "As am I to meet you," she says to Kell before her gaze moves back toward Martyn with the slightest tilt of her head. "Only less people, Ser Martyn? Who here could want you dead?" There is the slightest twinkle of interest in those pale eyes.

"Very true, Ser, very true. Though it seems like we aren't completely free of the unsavory types though it isn't a complete surprise as that is one of the darker consequences of war on your lands." Kell speaks of the bandits that have been plaguing the peasantry and the lands. A nod and a smile is returned to Saffron at her words before a chuckle is given at the question.

"Oh, I don't know," Martyn replies to the question Saffron asked. "I'm certain there are someone around, though. There almost seems to be." He nods a bit at Kell's words. "It's unfortunate that we aren't completely free of them, but on the other hand, it's something to keep us occupied, right?"

The Banefort daughter looks toward Kell with a slight tilt of her head. "I too aware of that, Ser Drakmoor… during my travels to the Roost, we were ambushed by bandits. Luckily, we prevailed, but it did put a damper in the rest of the trip." She shifts on her feet a bit as she regards both knights now, her head half-tilted. "One would think with the rebuilding and the tensions from Stonebridge, there would be plenty to do." She chews a bit on her inner cheek a moment before she looks toward Morla cautiously, and then back to the knights. "Does it seem like they are thinning, or only retaliating more?" She says in regards still to the bandits.

There is that as Kell nods in agreement to the Mallister's words, "Indeed, we get to play our parts as knights once again." However, when Saffron speaks of her experiences while she was making her way to the Roost. "The bandits grew that bold, to even attack a noble retinue?" The knight certainly sounds a little surprised, and perhaps not exactly pleased with that news, since it means the bandits are perhaps no normal ones. "I am glad to hear that your guards are stronger and came out victorious against them." As for the Lady's question, Kell can only shrug his shoulders slightly, "It is hard to tell, as bandits try to be unpredictable when they attack so at times, there may be a false sense of peace. But do not worry, M'Lady, we will root them out and bring peace back to these lands."

Martyn nods a bit in agreement with Kell. Frowning as he hears of the bandit ambush as Saffron tells about it. "That's not a good sign," he offers.

"I would not really call us a retinue, Ser Drakmoor," Saffron says in a casual correction. "There was only about eight of us traveling… perhaps a tasty enough target for thieves. I was lucky to be traveling with Ser Sterling Sharpe… he proved to be quite capable." There is something in her tone that suggests she was surprised by this fact, though there is only the smallest of smirks accompanying her words. She then frowns a touch at the pair. "Well, I didn't intend to overly worry the situation. I know that Ser Kamron has also been considering plans of action." And then there is a small grunt and a weathered voice speaks up from the pile of old lady in the folded chair. "He looking for volunteers to act as bait," Mistress Morla said as she straightened up a bit in her seat, nodding to the pair of knights so they are aware that the Banefort's chaperone is now awake and somewhat alert.

And the sleeping dragon is no long asleep, which causes Kell to look towards Mistress Morla's direction and dips his head respectfully at the old lady, "Good Afternoon, Mistress." He greets though he does seem to consider the old lady's words about Kamron looking for bait, "It may take something like that to ensnare the bandits, general patrols is more for making sure the area is safe than finding bandits." Atleast finding good bandits which it seems to be in this case.

Martyn smiles, nodding a little bit at the mention of Kamron and the plans, "I know he, and the rest of us, are trying to come up with a few different plans to deal with the problems." He offers a bit of a smile in the direction of Mistress Morla as he hears her voice. "Mistress Morla. Good afternoon. I hope you are doing well today…"

"Ser Martyn," Mistress Morla says simply, though she either did not hear his inquiry to her wellness, or… Saffron continues to look expectant for a few moments, but they are only awarded another short little snore. The strawberry-haired noblelady rolls her eyes after a moment. "Ser Kamron does his job too well," she mutters more or less to herself before she looks back to the knights with an expression of silent amusement. Then she clears her throat and continues onward as if there was not an interruption. "Is there any suspicious of their numbers and outfit?"

When the Mistress falls asleep again, Kell's mouth also falls open in a gape but the knight knows his manner so there is only a mild expression of surprise, a slight widening of eyes that appears. "Must've been quite the song that Ser Kamron sang for her." As for Saffron's question about the bandits, Kell has no answer so he glances to Martyn, to see if he knows more on this issue.

"That's the problem about now. We don't really know that much about them," Martyn replies, offering a bit of a grin as he sees the person falling asleep again. Looking about to say something more, one of the Mallister men that came with them here hurries over to him, and the two speak quiet for a few moments, before Martyn grimaces. "I'm so sorry. There's a few things I need to take care of, so I'll have to get going now. I hope you two will excuse me…"

Saffron casts Kell a small grin that brings that mischieveous light into her pale eyes. "Lets not tell anyone about this or they'll assign me a more alert minder…" And then she breathes in a tight breath into her chest as she regards Martyn with a tilt of her chin. "Of course, Ser Martyn… please if you see your sister, tell her that I may stop in to visit if she's feeling up to it." And she warms up a smile for the knight.

"Good day to you, Ser Mallister." Kell says with a nod of his head to Martyn as the man is being pulled away for business by one of his men. As for being sworn to secrecy by Saffron, the Hedge Knight merely grins, "Of course, M'Lady, my lips are sealed." It seems like he has been on the receiving end of very cautious and hawkish lady in waitings in the past. As for the mention of Martyn's sister, Kell does recall that Lady Muirenn is cousin to Lord Patrek and sister to Martyn.

"Of course we won't tell anyone," Martyn offers to Saffron, before nodding again. "And I'll let my sister know that. I'm sure she will appreciate it." A brief pause, and a smile, "I wish you both a continuing good day." And then he follows after that other man, to take care of whatever matter he needs to take care of.

Saffron is patient as Martyn makes his departure, and once he is out of earshot, the redhead turns to the hedge knight with a curious lift of her brows. "Knights, so easy to keep secrets," she comments idly before she returns to clasping her hands at her back. She is quiet for a short moment before she gives her best try at the casual inquiry of, "I see the ribbons on your sword, Ser Drakmoor. Are you sworn to the Banefort House?" She gives the smallest smile of interest as she looks once over her shoulder at the snorinig dragon before her gaze returns to the knight.

Kell doesn't look exactly surprised about knights being able to keep secrets, "Once a word is given, it should be kept. On our honor." Though he isn't naive to think that all knights are the honorable type, most likely through experience and tales that sometimes spread. Her question doesn't come as a complete surprise to the Hedge Knight as the ribbons wrapped around the hilt of his blade isn't hidden, just that not too many people have asked him about it, perhaps either not recognizing the colors or not noticing the ribbons at all. He doesn't dodge the question as Kell shakes his head in response, "No, M'Lady, I am not. I am currently still a Hedge Knight, though I will request an audience with Lord Jerold when he is… less preoccupied, to ask for permission to swear my loyalties to House Terrick." He finally turns his gaze back to Saffron, knowing why she asked, "The ribbons, is in memory of someone of House Banefort."

"I'm certain that if Lord Terrick listens to his wife, you will be well accepted into the fold." She speaks of course of the marriage between the Terrick and Banefort houses. She steps aside a bit, allowing for comfortable space between the pair as if she can feel the slight change in the air as he remarks upon the ribbons. Her smile relaxes from mischief and curiosity into something a bit more somber. 'In memory of…' She almost seems to understand that, and her head bows a bit in understanding. "And does it bring happy memories or sad, Ser knight?"

Though Kell was voluntary with the information on what the ribbons are for, he doesn't seem to be offering the details of the reasoning at the moment. As for Saffron's question of whether they are memories of happiness or memories of sadness, the knight does not answer immediately as if he is perhaps considering it himself, "Both…" He finally answers as his eyes lowers to the hilt.

There is a strange discomfort that settles into the Banefort's belly, and she nods her head gingerly to the Knight. "I hope the happy ones greatly overshadow the unhappy, Ser Drakmoor." She offers him the smallest of smiles, though the moment is promptly interrupted by the gruff, dry voice of the sleeping dragon as she wakes once more. "Time to go in," she says in a plain affirmed voice, slowly rousing up from her chair. Saffron sighs a bit, nodding her head. She looks back to Kell even as old Morla breathes out another yawn. "Perhaps we will meet again, Ser Drakmoor," she says in a polite tone. "I hope that Lord Jerold accepts you offer." And she smiles simply before she looks toward Morla to start to help her gather up their stuff.

Kell does nod his head at Saffron's words, though perhaps more so because he did not wish to let the atmosphere get any gloomier so it is best to think that the happy memories are dominant. With the Mistress waking again, the knight smiles and dips his head to both the Lady and her Mistress, "We most likely will, M'Lady, and thank you. I hope for the same."