A Long Awaited Surprise
A Long Awaited Surprise…
Summary: Cordelya writes her husband tempting words, encouraging his hasty trip home.
Date: 3/20/289
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Cordelya Anders 
Stonebridge — Guest Rooms

((The page is smudged a few places here and there from what looks to be teardrops.))

Dearest Andy;

More and more I wonder if I was right to follow you to Seagard when I did. At least when I was there, I knew what was happening. I knew where you were, how you fared, when I would again see your face. To be sitting here without you is a quiet madness, and I do think I speak as one familiar with the subject. To not know when you will return. How you fare. How the fight goes. I haven't even seen a casualties list. I hope that means there are none, but I know that is a foolish hope in war. Come home soon. Please, come home. I miss you. I need you. I love you.

There is little to tell back on the mainlands. The rebuilding in the Roost continues. I told Anais I would linger at the Roost more often than not, while we all wait, to help her with some of the work. It helps me too. Helps keep my mind off of more worrisome thoughts. There is other news, but I dare not say it in a letter. A long awaited surprise has blessed us for when you return. Dream on what it may be.

Please write, if you can? Just a letter, just your name, anything to let me know you are well and will be home soon. Even if it is lies and you will be months, lie to me. Tell me I will see you next week so I can stave off this loneliness a little bit longer. Give me something to dream about.

I miss you so dearly.

Your Love, Your Wife,