Page 407: A Little Preoccupied
A Little Preoccupied
Summary: After the guests at Seagard begin to disperse, Kell and Jiselle continue to drink and get up to some shenanigans.
Date: 8/September/2012
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Jiselle Kell 
Seagard Castle
It's a castle. It does castle-y things.
September 1, 289

The bedding was finished with much excitement for most who chose to participate, the stripping of the bride by the male guests, their purpose to bring squeals of delight or embarrassment, and in some cases terror their intent while the same can be said for the groom. Kell had gone with the group though he kept his participation to a minimum, though he was watchful of the others that were present. With the event completed though, many of the guests has returned to what they wish to do, some departing to get some rest or because they have drank too much, while others have returned to drinking and conversing. The Terrick Knight himself, though, had taken another cup of wine from a servant before finding his way to a balcony with the night sky, full of stars, overhead. He appears to be taking in some fresh air and choosing to be with his own thoughts right now.

Jiselle participated wholeheartedly in the bedding ceremony, exchanging bawdy jokes with the other women as the crowd stripped the groom. While others begin to drift away toward their bedchambers and haystacks and dark alcoves, Jiselle returns to the dance floor with whatever partners are available. Her laughter follows her about, as she grows winded, bows out of the dancing, fetches a goblet, and hurries out onto the balcony.

Once there, she spies her escort of the evening. "Ser Drakmoor!" Jiselle greets exuberantly, bosom heaving as she tries to catch her breath between sips of wine. "I figured you one for turning in early. You surprise me."

The Terrick Knight is pulled back to the present when he hears the familiar voice of the lady that he was escorting tonight. Turning around, Kell leans back against the stone rail of the balcony and smiles when his eyes confirms what his ears were telling him on who is approaching. He does try to keep his eyes on the lady's, attempting to resist the movements of her body while he shakes his head in response, "I am use to long hours, Mistress Hill. And it would be remiss of me to turn in early when the lady I am escorting is still up and about. I am of course to see to your safety, and enjoyment for the evening." Duty, for this man, is rather important, whether it is pleasant like this evening's or not.

"Oh, such gallantry," Jiselle muses, turning to lean against the balcony railing while rolling her winecup in between her palms. "We are well past the hour when a strike would have been most opportune, and now everyone is into their cups or well beyond. I would not have told a soul if you had given over to the urge for sleep. I feel like I could be up forever; it's so rare that I get to celebrate." She glances sideways at Kell, and the corners of her mouth curl up into a smile. "Have you been enjoying yourself?"

His own wine cup not forgotten, Kell finds that he needs to take a gulp of it, either to quench his suddenly parched throat or just due to Jiselle's presence, needing to cool off with the drink. The statement on gallantry doesn't surprise the knight, but he sees it as the right thing to do. "You are most kind, Mistress, to be willing to keep such a secret, but I would not have been able to rest well without knowing that your evening was complete safely." And he certainly would've been distressed and upset at himself if something did end up happening. Her question does bring a grin to his lips as Kell nods his head, turning his body so that he is leaning against the rail with the side of his body, "Indeed I have. I will admit that I usually do not prefer to be part of events like this…" Most likely due to the number of nobles present, "But Lady Saffron and Ser Kamron are friends and good people. And tonight, your company was most enjoyable, Mistress Hill."

Taking another sip of her own wine, Jiselle glances away to stare out over the balcony at the surroundings below them. A cool breeze sends a loose curl bouncing against her cheek, and she reaches up to tuck it behind her ear in an automatic gesture. "Lady Saffron is one of the greatest women I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and most likely she is the greatest. I am happy to have been a part of their celebration, for marriages founded in love are very few and far between." She pauses for a moment, laughing quietly at herself, and shrugs at Kell. "Romantic notions are absurd. The wine, however, was fabulous, and I may be just a little bit drunk."

Kell remains silent as Jiselle shares her thoughts about Saffron, neither agreeing or disagreeing with the lady's claims, but the smile that doesn't fade shows that he is more in the former camp than the latter. As for the union of love though, the knight does nod his head before he turns a bit more so he can lean forward against the railing himself like he was earlier, looking out and up into the night's sky, "Indeed, very rare indeed, one fit for the story books." Most, end in some sort of tragedy and it is that thought that causes Kell's smile to fade and lips thin briefly. When Jiselle shares the state of her current condition, he turns his eyes back to her, "I do agree, wine is usually not my drink of choice but tonight, was of the finest quality. Certainly makes it difficult to not over-indulge, though I am sure you can fool many, Mistress Hill, of your current state."

Jiselle raises her eyebrows, turning her back against the railing and tipping back her cup of wine. She frowns as only a single sip emerges, turning it over to watch as one droplet falls to the stones. "You think so, Ser Drakmoor?" Her teeth are visible as she flashes a brilliant smile, pushing away from the railing to beckon for Kell to follow. She heads back into the fray once more - although it has died down quite a bit - and rummages among abandoned jugs until she finds one of wine and refills her cup. "I propose a private toast, my dear, to good friends and good company and good wine," she announces, raising up her glass and waiting for Kell to follow suit.

The rhetorical question only has Kell chuckling in amusement as his eyes watches the drop of wine fall to the floor before his eyes return to the beautiful lady he is escorting. At her request for him to join her, there is no hesitation from the knight as he brings his cup of wine with him. His eyes quickly scans the room, seeing that most of the activities has died down and that those remaining are either drinking or talking in their small groups. When Kell's eyes returns to Jiselle though, she has already filled her cup and is offering a toast, which he grins and follows suit, "To good friends, good company, good wine, and good times tonight." For the night was certainly most enjoyable as he gently touches his cup to her's before bringing it to his lips for a deep drink.

"And to good times," the young woman echoes, tossing back half a cup of wine in a few gulpse. She exhales loudly, wipes her mouth with her fingertips, and turns to refill her cup once more. Well, drink has certainly not made her any more ladylike than usual. After a moment's contemplation, Jiselle sifts through the jugs once more, transferring contents into one until it is full. Hooking her finger into the handle, she carries it with her as she leads the way back out onto the empty balcony. "How long is your party to be in Seagard, ser?"

Now, the lady's ability to drink surprises Kell as he watches Jiselle search for more jugs and filling one. But since tonight is a night of celebration, he does not stop her, since she doesn't look completely sloshed and in any danger. Yet. But the knight is certainly a little more alert as he follows her back out ot the balcony where the air is most definitely cooler. "I believe Lord Justin wishes to depart the morning after. We will be riding straight to Heronhurst. Would have been my wish to stay at Seagard a bit longer but it seems like that will not be."

Jiselle sways a bit, giggling as she swings the jug and sloshes wine onto the ground. "Oops, what a waste," she mutters, pouring into her cup before holding the carafe out to Kell with an eyebrow raised questioningly. "Heronhurst! What in the world does Lord Justing need with a bunch of Erenfords?" Hiccup. She covers her lips with her cup for a moment before taking another drink. "Don't answer that. It doesn't matter. I—have no idea how long we will be in Seagard. I go where Lady Saffron goes, and, well…" Her voice trails off with a frown.

Kell tenses up slightly when the lady sways though he keeps worry from creeping onto his face, though it eases and an amused smile appears at Jiselle's actions and words, "I am sure the stone steps are more appreciative of you sharing your wine with them." He does accept the bottle as she passes to him, showing that he is indeed pouring some more into his cup but hangs onto the container, perhaps his way of controlling how much more she will be drinking. "I am sure the new Lady Mallister will choose to stay a bit longer with her newly wedded, to meet the rest of the family and friends. Seagard is a majestic place, even if some parts are still in the state of rebuilding. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here, Mistress Hill. Safely away from the storm brewing over Stonebridge."

"I have seen my share of storms, ser," Jiselle replies, perhaps a bit cryptically. Her eyes flash, and she stares at the jug in Kell's hand. Perhaps she is aware of what he is doing, but she does not seem outwardly affected. "No, I have no real desire to venture to Stonebridge, although I do love their selection of fabrics over any that I find elsewhere. I am sure Ser Kamron will send me with an escort for the next set of gowns I will make for his lady." Smiling, she leans her back against the railing and then slowly slides down until she is kneeling on the ground, and here she looks the most comfortable. "I cannot imagine what fun there is to be had in Heronhurst. Are you certain you cannot stay?"

Kell is certainly not one that is overtly clever or devious so his attempts at hiding the carafe is rather blatant, even with Jiselle's current intoxicated state. "I hope the next set of gowns can wait for a time, though with the size of Seagard, I would be surprised if there wasn't a store tucked away somewhere within the city walls where a gifted seamstress can be found." With Jiselle slowly lower herself to the ground, Kell watches from above before deciding to join her as it would be rather awkward to carry on a conversation with him standing over her. Moving next to the woman, the knight lowers himself to a seated position, finally getting comfortable as he takes a seat with his back against the rail as well, with one leg extended while the other is bent at the knee. The bottle of wine is placed on the ground on the other side as Kell takes a sip of his cup of wine.

"I am the seamstress," Jiselle retorts hotly, cheeks flushing in indignation at having her talents completely overlooked. "Did you admire Lady Saffron's wedding gown? If so, then you are welcome for being given such a feast for the eyes. Seamstress! Pah!" She tosses her head much like an agitated horse, but the smile she casts toward Kell belies this. "Are you certain you will not be able to stay?"

Oh crap. Kell thinks to himself inwardly as he had momentarily misplaced that fact, remembering that Jiselle was looking for fabric at Stonebridge before, not for a seamstress. However, he tries to recover by looking at his own wine cup and taking a large drink, downing it before pouring himself some. "I beg your pardon, I meant fabric… maker." He quickly nods when the mention of Saffron's wedding gown is mentioned, willing to lavish Jiselle with complements now to make up for that mistake earlier, "Her wedding was radiant, matching the bride perfectly. If the ladies of Lannisport or Kings Landing were to see such a dress, they would've been overcome with envy." Then, with the coaxing smile being offered in his direction, Kell can only shake his head, though his answer seems reluctant, "I am afraid now, Mistress Hill, I am bound by duty and the trip will be for the good of the Roost, for its future and its people."

Jiselle giggles quietly at Kell's words, mostly amused by this point. "I am glad that you found inspiration in her gown; if a mere man can admire it, then I know the women surely swooned. As for the ladies in Lannisport—they've seen my work. I served Lady Saffron's older sister when she was to be wed to a Lannister." By now the woman's smile is positively triumphant up until the moment Kell shakes his head. Her smile falters, and she heaves a sigh. "I will tell you a secret, Ser Kell. You are the first with whom I have been able to converse freely since my departure from Lannisport. The women are not fond of me - I don't know why! - and the men, well. The men are busy, and commonly do not make great conversationalists anyway. I shall miss your sporting nature."

Kell can only grin as Jiselle is absolutely proud of her work, rightfully so. When she decides to share a secret with him though, the knight does lean in slightly to hear better, just in case it is something that shouldn't be announced loudly. However, when the contents of the secret is shared with him, Kell can only blink for a moment before an amused chuckle slips out before he is able to control himself and stifles it. It seems like his ironfist control over his own behavior is slipping slightly due to the wine tonight, but not by much. "I will certainly miss your pleasant company as well, Mistress Hill. I have certainly enjoyed your company since meeting you at the Roost and especially tonight, at this wedding."

"Then I will take comfort in knowing you, too, are suffering," Jiselle replies with a laugh, draining the rest of her wine. Rather than asking for a refill, however, she sighs heavily and sets the cup aside. "And I am loathe to bring it to a close, but I suppose you will be wanting to get a little bit of sleep before you must drag all the men to Heronhurst. Or—did you say you have one more day here before you will go?" Suddenly she seems hopeful, perking up to stare at Kell wide-eyed and smiling.

Kell can only incline his head with a smile as he is in agreement that he would be suffering as well, seeing that Jiselle has had her fill of wine for the night. And this time, the knight does not disappoint the woman with his answer as he bobs his head in a nod, "That I do, Mistress, that is why I did not sneak away to bed earlier. We are not departing for Heronhurst until the morning after."

Silence settles as Jiselle studies Kell intently, and the glassiness of her eyes is enough to prove that she is three sheets to the wind. The woman hiccup-giggles and covers her mouth, squinting. Finally she looks away and laughs, plucking at her velvet skirt while trying to find the right words. "I think it is time I retired for the night—or morning, as it were, good ser. Would you be so kind…?" She holds up hand and gestures for assistance in peeling herself off of the ground.

Looking back without flinching, Kell continues to wear the warm and amused smile that has not faded, his own eyes still clear as he was drinking in moderation for most of the night, the latest rounds with Jiselle enough only to relax him a bit. The hiccup and giggle only has his grin widening slightly, as it has been a rather enjoyable evening. "The stars in the sky shows that it is still night and I would be glad to escort you to your quarters." Kell slowly climbs to his own feet first before reaching down to take Jiselle's into his, ready to offer a second if she needs it or to scoop in if she slips by accident.

"Thank you," Jiselle murmurs gratefully, grasping Kell's hand to help haul herself to her feet. She is unsteady, to be sure, and leans on him to keep herself from falling, but thankfully she does not need to be carried. Pushing her hair back from her face, she offers a flushed smile to the knight before gesturing forward for him to move and lead her ahead. "My quarters are close to Lady Saffron's. Do you know how to get there? I do not trust my sense of direction at this moment."

An arm extend out so that Kell's hand is resting at Jiselle's side for a moment until she steadies, then he pulls it back, perhaps a tad slower than usual as he acts as her support momentarily. She is certainly not that worse off than some of the others have been tonight and the knight does offer his arm for Jiselle to take and hold if needed, for balance when he begins to lead her from the balcony. "I know the general direction… though I am sure we will run into a passing servant that will know for certain. Luckily, she is not in her quarters tonight, or you would not be getting a full night's sleep." A joke is offered by Kell, his head turning to glance at the lady, seeing how she would take it.

Jiselle squints around at the dim interior of the castle, stepping over spilled food and drink and the occasional sleeping body. 'Leave them where they fall' was the mode of the evening, apparently, and it brings a smile to her face. "Oh, yes, servants. Surely someone will be awake." She turns that smile on Kell, but it drifts into an expression of wide-eyed astonishment at his blatant, bawdy joke. Her cheeks turn pink, although it is more with mirth than embarassment. Her laugh is raucuous, echoing off the stone walls as they sweep into a corridor. She holds on tightly to Kell's arm at this point to keep from falling. "No, I would not, and I would lay awake in bed in frustrated envy before stuffing pillows to my ears while hoping for sleep to come. No, that would be—awkward. I expect a pleasant night's sleep if we can just find my rooms. Ah, stairs! 'Up' sounds like a good direction to me."

The ones that have fallen on the floor, passed out, certainly had their fill of enjoyment during the night, evident by some of the loud snoring and spilt cups laying at their sides. Kell does take care to make sure that these speed bumps are navigated by without incident though at Jiselle's initial blush, he thought for a second that he had perhaps overstepped his bounds for the moment. But when she starts laughing, he is relieved and manages to grin in response. Her words does cause Kell to arch a brow, though he does not trust himself with words, in case he says the wrong thing. He is inclined to agree with Jiselle about how up appears to be the right direction, as the servants are apparently avoiding the main level for the time being. "Up it is… it seems to be the right direction." And as they start ascending the stairs, Kell does draw her in a little bit closer, to make sure she doesn't slip and fall.

Jiselle glances surreptitiously at Kell several times out of the corner of her eye as he leads her up the stairs slowly. She curls her hand into the crook of his elbow, holding his arm against her side tightly as she takes the steps one at a time. All during the uncertain ascent, she is given over to fits of fizzing giggles, and at one point as she has to stop and lean over as her the giggles give way to snorting laughter. Oh, it is dreadfully unladylike, but wine does seem to make everything that much funnier. "I feel just terrible for anyone who has a room nearby, although I think they may have cleared out the adjacent chambers to grant the couple privacy. On the other hand, I imagine so many impromptu couples could give them a run for their money. As I said before, with weddings come beddings, and when the wine is flowing—well. Hallways."

Jiselle pauses at the top of the stairs and squints, swaying as she looks first to the left and then to the right. Thankfully the sconces set along the walls at even intervals are still more or less lit. "We need to find a servant. None of this looks familiar. Where are you sleeping?"

More focused on the each step of the stairs than anything else right now, Kell continues their ascent up though when a giggle slips out from Jiselle, he has to glance her way to see what causes the amused outburst, especially when it turns outright laughter. Her explanation for the laugh does cause the knight to grin, his head nodding in agreement, "You do have a point there, I am willing to bet some silvers that those that are residing in nearby rooms may be too preoccupied themselves, or too deep in their cups. The wine was strong tonight, good, but strong."

When they finally reach the next floor and onto flat ground once more, Kell looks up and down the halls as well, the intersection looking somewhat familiar. "The servants may be off to their own little celebration now… and I believe I was assigned a room down that hall and to the right. Farther away from the others, though I am thankful to be assigned anything at all, and given an invitation." He does look down the hall he just mentioned, pretty sure he has the right location. Of course if he opened the door to what he thinks is his room and finds a couple there, much embarrassment would ensue.

"Oh, think, Elle, think," Jiselle mutters to herself, tapping her temple with her right hand and whipping her head back and forth to study each hall. "I—oh, I have an idea." She giggles again, smothering the sound with her fingertips until it passes. The look she gives Kell is one of utter mischief, and she reaches down to hook her fingers in her skirts and lift the hemline up so as not to trip on it. "We tiptoe down the hallway and listen at the doors. If we hear anything, then the room is obviously occupied. If not, we just peek in and see if our things are there?"

Kell appears to be all for ideas right now as the lack of servants to save them has put a wrench into his escorting duties. The giggling combined with the mischevious twinkle only has knight more intrigued at what kind of suggestion would follow. The suggestion given at first seems rather far fetched, however, as he gives it more thought, it slowly turns to one that may have some merit, especially with how eager Jiselle seems to want to try it. "All right… but! We have to be very quiet. Very." He then looks at the choices of hallways before staring at one, trying to remember if that was the one where he had seen Baneforts nobles and maidens moving from.

Quiet, be very quiet. Be as quiet as can be. The thoughts dance around in Jiselle's head as she tiptoes on slippered feet down the corridor. She stops at the first door on the left and motions for Kell to listen in at the one on the right. Pressing her ear to the dark wood, she holds her breath and closes her eyes, listening intently. The only sound behind the door is snoring, but it's enough to leave her shaking her head at her companion. A burble of laughter threatens to escape, but she presses her fist to her mouth to keep it clamped closed. She looks to Kell with her eyebrows raised in silent inquiry.

Now that Kell is committed to being Jiselle's accomplice, he proceeds to do his best to hopefully, through pure luck, find her room successful. He does quietly press up against the opposite door and at first, he hears nothing. Hearing nothing, he continues to listen in, as if leaning in would help him hear better. Kell was about to give Jiselle a hopeful thumbs up when the giggle of a servant girl from inside is heard, causing the knight to flinch back. Turning back, he can only give Jiselle a shake of his head.

Oh goodness. Kell's reaction causes another laugh to escape through Jiselle's tightly-pressed lips in an airy plosive, and she gasps before clapping a hand to her mouth. In a most comical way, she scurries forward several feet to the next door, breathing loudly through her nose in an attempt to calm herself. Damn her for drinking so much wine! Dizzy, she leans heavily against the next door and listens. Hearing nothing, she nudges it open enough to find the interior is lit and the room is occupied. By whom, she does not say, but her eyes widen into great big saucers and she silently closes it behind her. Another shake of her head for Kell.

The way Jiselle is trying her hardest to keep quiet has Kell letting out a muffled chuckle as he shakes his head in amusement, taking the moment to watch the woman sneak to the next door before he finally proceeds to the next one on his side. This one wasn't hard to tell that someone occupied it as two people are quietly chatting away, voices muted from the closed door so words aren't understandable. Turning around, Kell sees that Jiselle had gone ahead to peak inside only to arch a brow at her response. Now he is curious as to who resides in that room, since if it was a Banefort, then they are going in the right direction. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, for the pair, their shenanigans are coming to an end since a servant finally does show up, rounding the bend at the end of the hallway. Kell does clear his throat, to catch Jiselle's attention before nodding in the direction of the servant, so she doesn't continue tiptoeing about and perhaps get them into trouble.

And so the fun and games come to an end. At Kell's signal, Jiselle straightens quickly and casts him a confused glance. She follows the direction of his nod to spot a servant finally - finally! - appearing from down the hallway, and her lips curve upward in a relieved smile. "Excuse me!" she calls out in a stage whisper, moving forward quickly to intercept the exhausted looking young woman. The two confer for a moment before Jiselle nods and turns back to Kell, beckoning for him to follow. "We were headed in the right direction. Four more doors down this way on the right. Yours is back the other way. Second on the left. You're close to the stairs, luckily." She bites down on her lower lip, clasping her hands together in front of her and gazing at the blank stone wall.

As his charge moves on to speak quietly with the over-worked but dutiful servant girl, Kell follows but at a much slower pace so that by the time he finally catches up, she is already beckoning at him and waiting. When the location of Jiselle's room is revealed, there is relief in that they are not lost, but there is also a bit of disappointment, surprising enough, rising inside him. Since it means their night is at and end, including the fun and games, as well as her company. Seeing Jiselle's hesitation though, Kell speaks up after the servant girl departs, "Then let me escort you the rest of the way, Mistress Hill." Perhaps using that excuse to remain at her side for a few moments longer. His arm and hand is extended towards her, an invitation for her to take if she chooses to.

Jiselle offers Kell a subdued but grateful smile, and her hand curls about his arm once it is offered. She leads the way this time at a fairly slow pace, counting doors silently in her head until the arrive at her chamber. Just to be sure it is the right place, however, she puts a finger to her lips and leans in, dragging Kell with her, to listen at the door. The silence is welcoming, and she pushes the door open to peer inside. A single lit candle on the nightstand casts a dim glow upon the room, but the familiar chest at the foot of the bed and her traveling gown draped haphazardly on a chair are sign enough that the room is hers. "Well, so we did find it," she murmurs, unable to keep the disappointment from her voice. Clearing her throat, she pulls her hand away and reaches up to fuss with the locks of hair spilling loose out of dislodged hairpins. "I have the day free tomorrow. I was given leave in advance considering that most people will be so hungover they won't want to face the sun. Will you be busy attending to Lord Justin?"

When Kell is pulled forward, it wasn't expected but he is quick enough on his feet that he doesn't end up falling through the door, instead stopping himself so he can listen in. The silence does confirm that what the servant girl had told Jiselle was correct. When the door is finally opened, Kell does get a glance of the interior, perhaps a little disappointed that rainbows and unicorns, shooting stars and shining moons do not decorate the interior. However, he does draw his gaze away from the interior to Jiselle as she fusses with her hair, his eyes looking the woman over, drinking in the beauty at his side, "Tomorrow… no, I have the day to prepare for travel and finish anything I had left to do, as we depart the day after. Also, perhaps just in case I ended up over-indulging and ended up preoccupied deep into the next day."

The girl's eyebrows arch upward at Kell's words, weighing them carefully in her head. In such circumstances, most women would excuse themselves to confer with female companions and agonize over every phrase, every expression, and every lift of the eyebrow. Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, Jiselle glances back into her room and then up to Kell. "It seems that we both serve very thoughtful people," she replies lamely before biting down on her lower lip. In the back of Jiselle's head, her sister's laughter rings loudly. Her cheeks grow pink, but before she can stop herself, she jumps forward in an attempt to kiss Kell full on the mouth.

To Kell, what he said had been the simple truth though it may have been different if spoken by other men, so he did not realize what they could have meant unless he took the time to think over his own words and what could be inferred from them. At the subject of those that they serve, the knight can only smile, "Indeed, though sometimes I am told that it is because of good service and loyalty we give." Sometime he certainly won't argue or deny, whatever it is though he is thankful. Perhaps thankful as to what it has lead to though it catches Kell completely by surprise. The sudden forwardness that Jiselle shows causes Kell to take a step backwards, deeper into her room, before he is able to stabilize the pair but he is actually conscious enough to not utter a protest. Perhaps it is because in the past, he had reacted incorrectly which caused hurt feelings. The full kiss is certainly pleasant and he seems to be reacting now without thinking as his arms slowly slips around her lower waist before the other across her upper back, partly to make sure she doesn't fall away if she pulls back suddenly, and also to keep her close, choosing to enjoy this moment. His own boldness and willingness coming from a mixture of the fun and pleasant company she was tonight, the obvious beauty that is in his arms now, and the alcohol imbibed at tonight's event.

Jiselle's muffled squeak follows as Kell stumbles into her room, dragging her along with him, but he is steady enough to keep her from injuring herself. Of all the times to giggle, now is one of them, and she throws her arms around his neck in reckless abandon. When his arms encircle her, she does pull back - but only just enough to study his face intently. Her smile is sultry, the knowing expression of a woman on the hunt, but she offers her gallant companion his one out. "If you are going to leave, you had best do it now," she whispers, grazing her lips over his and laughing quietly. "Otherwise, in ten seconds I am kicking the door shut and you are going to be 'preoccupied until deep into the next day'."

The giggle is a pleasant sound to his ears as Kell feels Jiselle's arms around his neck, the kiss shared most enjoyable and also a relief, perhaps part of it being that some of this had built up throughout the night, tempered by other events that preoccupied the knight and his thoughts. When she finally pulls back and their kiss breaks, Kell blinks his eyes open, only to see the pretty face eyeing him right back and he knows he's in trouble, though most would consider it the good kind of trouble. She is indeed kind to give the knight the one out as it does have his mind racing a mile a minute, which doesn't help to stamp down on a clearly thought out decision. The grace of her lips certainly doesn't help him think straight, as there were too many factors that he would have to truly go over, most of them fuzzy in thought and escaping him right now. What is clear is the seductive woman that is in his arms, and him in hers, along with her very inviting voice. His willpower, especially against women, is apparently weak as Kell is fully trapped and apparently not struggling very hard to escape as he whispers back in equal amusement, "Then we best make sure that the door is tightly shut, since we do not want to disturb the newlyweds…" The words end with a grin, as sometimes he is able to give it as good as it is thrown at him.