A Nameday Letter
A Nameday Letter
Summary: A personal letter sent to arrive on Justin's nameday, the very day the ladies attending the picnic would later be abducted. Justin has filed this letter away with his personal papers.
Date: 01/June/2012
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Letter from the Mire to the Roost
Letter arrives, June 1st, 289

Dear Lord Justin Terrick,

I hope this shall reach you in time to properly convey my nameday wishes for you, as I have heard that you are reaching your twentieth soon. Know that I do wish I could be there to celebrate such an occasion with you, but time and propriety must keep me away. The Lady Rosanna Groves is hosting a picnic that I shall be invited to, and I must attend as to make a good impression for my family, given the events of the Frey's feast. I am sure you understand that need.

I have, however, received my lord father's permission to visit your Four Eagles Tower afterwards, accompanied with my brother, Lord Rutger Nayland. I think we hope to speak on matters of marriage and alliances, and other things that shall make the Cape stronger for it. I look forward to seeing you, whether that seems too forward or not. I wish to spend more time with you, getting to know each other and strengthening ties between our family.

Enjoy your nameday, my lord, and I hope it brings everything that you could want. I do not have much to offer, but I did include a sketch of a mare that is part sand steed blood that currently resides in our stables. I thought you may appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,
Lady Roslyn Nayland