A Leaf and Block
A Leaf and Block
Summary: A young Isolde gives her first favor to Wayland Frey.
Date: 29/07/2011
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Isolde Wayland 
Practice Fields of Stonebridge
Fall 278

The smell of the stables is heavy and the young Lady moves along the stalls, hand trailing over the wood as she twirls an autumn leaf in her hand. She is humming, over dress of finger make then the under skirts is tucked into the leather belt about her waist to blouse them out. She has woven small red and yellow leaves through her dark hair, the braid ringing the top of her head. The growing young Lady is near on her eleventh year and seeming to shoot up in height more each year, her spindly form more apprent. But it is her green eyes that never change, neverending in the way their depths seem.

THere are knights under her father readying for some drills, the stable boy taking to the care of one of the new foals and she climbs up onto the edge of the fence, hooking her feet into it and leaning her arms on the top of it to get a better look at the small horse. The leave still twirls between her fingers.

One would say that a Squire is always with his Master, and for Wayland, this is no different. While Lord Tordane stands in the distance, looking at the full Knights doing their drills, Wayland is actually much much closer to the stables, but walking away from them. He is carrying a heavy looking, wooden crate, that has pieces of armor on the top, but the bottom is all composed by rocks. Why is he doing this? Maybe the Lord wants Wayland to develop strength and it seems that it's working because, he doesn't have to stop many times before he reaches the Lord. He places the crate on the floor and rubs the back of his neck with his hand. Whatever is said to him, is lost in the distance, but soon, Wayland is turning around and making his way towards the stables. His hair, while short, is definitely sporting those curls on the top, sides and back…the are small curls indeed, but they are there in his black hair. "My Lady" offers Wayland after spotting the young Isolde. He smiles to her and nods politely "You look particularly lovely this morning" he looks at those green eyes with his black ones and then kneels down in front of her "Always adventurous you are"

The leaf in her hand is forgotten when her distant cousin and squire to her father addresses her. Isolde is ever her father's child when receiving attention from others. She graciously smiles and unhooks her feet from the fence so that she can stand and face him. "My Lord." comes the higher pitched youthful voice as she dips him a curtsey, not perfect or graceful by any means but practiced enough. She rises, those colorful leaves in her hair are touched. "Do you like it? I do like the trees and envy their colors. I thought to wear them in my hair.." She turns about for his benefit, a smile still upon her lips. "I have another.." The largest that is nearly all red is held still between her fingers and she offers it to him. "Father has you working hard. Soon you will be a Knight he says." She watches him curiously. Young Lord Geonis is drilling with the rest and she turns to look at older brother who is yet younger than Wayland. "Have you fought my brothe yet?"

With one knee on the floor, Wayland rests one hand on his other knee and runs the fingers of his free hand over his hair. After doing that, he smiles still and then nods "Very much." he looks at the trees and remains in silence for a moment, just nodding to himself. He looks at her once again and his eyes meet her own again "I like them too, I like to think that the wind carries their voices, that is how they talk to eachother…" he tilts his head "You hear?" He takes the offered leaf and looks at it for a moment. Her words are what distracts him from the leaf and he is soon looking at her again "Yes, but it's hard work that I welcome and embrace." the young man winks and then takes a deep breath, looking over his shoulders at all the Knights nodding "Some day, when I'm ready. But I don't think that day is here yet." He returns the leaf to her while adding "Your brother? We sparred a few times, he is going to be the best Knight I think, he works really hard."

"He works really hard because father tells him to…" Isolde says, turning to look back at the others as she has her leaf back, twirling it between fingers. Finally she looks back to him, moving idly from foot to foot before she smiles. "You are going to fight dragons, aren't you? Father says Dragons still exist somewhere. Did you know? That Jaremy likes to pretend there are Dragons? There is never any really, just air and he likes to swing this stick about like it's some sword. Boys are wierd." She waves her hand in gesticulation before she sighs and steps forward. "Perhaps the trees will listen to you if you wear their adornment.." She starts to lean forward, meaning to tuck the leaf behind his ear.

Wayland listens to those first words and nods to that "Yes, you father makes sure that all the Household Knights work hard, and you know, he is his son of course, I think your father would want him to work hard as well" When she smiles at him, his eyes light up and he smiles back "Dragons?" asks the young man, arching both eyebrows and showing an even bigger smile "Wouldn't that be something…" he nods to himself and then takes a deep breath "I would like to think that Dragons still exist, somewhere…the world would be more interesting, don't you think?" As for Jeremy, he chuckles with clear amusement and he asks "Does he? Well, if he believes there are, it's a good thing he is getting ready for them." Now, he sits on the grass straight in front of her and nods "Yes" says the young man with determination and a smile "We boys are very weird" he chuckles and when she says that last, he tilts his head. When he notices that she means to tuck that leaf behind his ear, he moves forward and tilts his head even more "Is this for me? My lady?" asks the man now, looking at her.

"Dragons. Well…I do suppose I would like to ride on one, and fly.." Isolde says with a faint smirk on her lips but as he agrees with her on boys, she says softly, "Very wierd…" Another confirmation from her and a solemn nod of her head. As she slides the leaf stem behind his ear, she smiles, "Yes..it is..and I am Isolde. My Lady is my mother." She says this with much conviction. "You are Wayland." There are many names to remember but her mother drills in family, "Lord Wayland Frey." She continues to try to afix it properly and when it stays, she draws her hand back and looks at it approvingly. "Father says that a Lady gives favors to her chosen Knight when he fights for her. You are not a Knight yet and I am not a Lady quite yet, but the leaf shall be a token." She beams at this, perhaps a bit shyly.

Wayland arches both eyebrows again and smiles "Always looking for adventure" he nods, definitely approving "When you do, find me, and we'll go together…" he looks over his shoulder at the morning sun "We'll follow the sun, wherever it leads us" he looks at her again and smiles. That smile turns into a soft laugh and he says "Yes, you are Isolde, and I am Wayland…" he nods "Alright, I'll use your name then" there is a soft smile on his lips when she finishes getting the leaf where she wants it. What she says next takes him a little by surprise but the young man beams up as well, nodding "I promise I will carry this token with me, everywhere." He lifts one finger and gently touches the tip of her nose "And, It so happens that I have something for you" He moves his hand to his chest and digs under his clothes, pulling a cord with something hanging there. He tilts his head now and moves the cord over his head. Now, he moves it as if trying to put it on her and does so in a very gentle way. There's a small wooden block there, with different carvings, a hole in the middle for the string to pass through "I made this when I was little, I consider it a luck charm" he smiles at her and then says "It is yours now, my gift to you."

As he accepts her favor, Isolde seems to cheer further, her smile splitting to show her teeth. She twists a little and lifts her chin. The item withdrawn is looked at and she dips her head forward to receive it, a hand lifting it to rest in her palm. She turns it about and inspects slowy. "But if it is you luck charm, shouldn't you wear it?" Her smile is there but has faded as she peers him at. "It seems only the proper thing. If I was to take your luck, what would you do when you fight?" Again, the wooden block is turned, her gaze lowering to give a thorough inspection. She shifts it so that it sits better around her neck and pulls her hair free so that the cord is finally rested at the back of her neck.

"I have the token you gave me now" says the young squire, smiling at the girl as she inspects the small block. He nods to that and says "It will remind me of you, and I'll win all the battles" he winks again and then looks at how she fixes it better around her neck and inspects it further "Will you wear it?" asks the man, tilting his head and arching one eyebrow, smiling with a little amusement. Now, it's his turn to inspect how it looks and it only takes him a couple seconds; he nods and says "I think it looks perfect on you"

"The leaf will give you like..you said the trees talk, maybe they will tell you secrets." Isolde says in a softer tone, as if it were a secret. But when he asks of her whether she will wear it, she moves it about. "I will, I will wear it, Wayland." SHe proclaims and looks up at him with a smile. His compliment makes her eyes drop again to it and she beams a bit, a corner of her mouth curling. "Thank you…" She fidgets a moment and then leans forward to place a kiss on his cheek. It is what all the courtly ladies do to find Lords and champions. She draws back and grins sheepishly, red upon her cheeks. But there is a calm in the practice and Geoffrey starts to edge about to catch where his squire sits. "Wayland!" He bellows, but there is a faint smirk to his lips as he sees his daughter there too. "I did not say you could stop, get moving boy. Knights are not lazy..and neither are you. Hup Hup!"

"Maybe they will" says Wayland, smiling at that idea. He leans in a little, lowering his voice to share "If do they do, I will make sure to tell you about them" Now, he smiles and nods "Good, I'm glad of that…" he nods once again and when she leans forward to kiss his cheek, he smiles brightly and lightly touches his cheek with his fingers "I feel I've been blessed" he smiles at that and takes those fingers back, only turning when he hears Lord Tordane's voice "Knights are not lazy my lord, neither am I…" he shows a faint smile and then looks back at Isolde "See you at dinner ok?" now it's his turn, he leans forward and places a soft kiss on her cheek before he stands up, smiles at her one last time and turns around, starting to walk towards her father "Should I collect the equipment, my lord?" asks the Squire.

Flushing in bright red, Isolde goes bug eyed and nearly squeaks. The young Lady blinks and watches him walk off, unable to answer for sudden shyness that takes her. The Lord watches this, smirking a bit still before Wayland faces him. Smile flees his face and he grunts, "Better go get the damned equipment, that is unless you would rather have your hair braided." There is a rise of chuckles from the other Knights and he watches Wayland. "Faster boy, I want double time now." He moves alone his sworn and begins to inspect them and Isolde watches, slowly moving closer to peer at them all. Her hand brushes at the wooden block that is now hers and she can not help but feel it was more than a fair trade for her leaf.