Page 001: A Lady's Favor
A Lady's Favor
Summary: The Tordane Ladies depart after a short visit at Four Eagles Tower. Isolde takes a moment to speak to Jaremy alone.
Date: 13/07/2011
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Isolde Jaremy Valda 
Four Eagles Tower Courtyard
Wed Jul 13, 288

The morning had come and sleep had been hard to find for Isolde. The dew is still on the grass as the Tordane sworn are getting ready to leave. The Lady Valda is standing aside and speaking to the Lord and Lady of Terrick's Roost at the moment, her daughter yet to be seen. But the dark haired young Lady is standing in the hall, waiting just outside the throne room. Her riding dresses are one, hair coiled up at the back of her head and a soft silk drape over top, held by a simple thin iron circle about her head.

She paces a moment, looking about, waiting patiently as she keeps something gripped firmly in her hands.

Terrick's Roost is quiet this morning, and the sounds of the servants passing on their way to tend to the duties of the house are many. Isolde does not have to wait very long, for the familiar sound of rattling spurs become evident, a recently learned sure sign of Ser Jaremy's passing. Out from the Throne Room he walks, dressed in a fresh pair of riding leathers and silks with sword on his hip. His darkened expression lightens at the sight of her.

"Lady Isolde…" He says, speaking with a manner of officiality, despite the heartache in his eyes. "…I trust you are ready to ride today. Would you and your Lady Mother wish an escort to the edge of our lands?"

Meeting that gaze, her own softens and she bows her head, fingers curling tighter around the unclear object. "An escort would be most appreciated, Lord Jaremy." She intones. She shifts and tilts her head. "Please, for a moment, walk with me." She says, and heads for the side of the hall towards the kitchens, away from the main flow of foot traffic - though there is none. Her dress hem brushes the stone flooring and she keeps whatever she has in her grip from his view, a few short strands of hair brushing around her cheeks, an odd site as usually most are pulled back.

"About the last evening.." She says, finally turning as she stops to face him again.

As she stops, so does he, but he keeps his wrist dangling over the hilt of his sword and his other hand behind his back, adopting a more gentlemanly escort posture. As he turns to face her, his eyes tilt in the direction of the servant's stairs and then in the direction of the courtyard where her mother stands. Whatever conversation they are to have, it should be quick. His eyes find hers, knowing well the conspiracy they share.

As she stops, so does he, but he keeps his wrist dangling over the hilt of his sword and his other hand behind his back, adopting a more gentlemanly escort posture. As he turns to face her, his eyes tilt in the direction of the servant's stairs and then in the direction of the courtyard where her mother stands. Whatever conversation they are to have, it should be quick. His eyes find hers, knowing well the conspiracy they share.

"Yes…about the last evening." He replies, searching her face for signs of regret. "I…started my search but have found nothing yet…"

"I worry you will not find it." Isolde say softly and with her own look about quickly. She steps closer and holds something bewteen them, not yet letting him see. "I will speak with my mother myself, but you must act. Your parents must step in. I do not see this working out otherwise unless you ask for my hand. Possibly at the tournament." SHe presses.

She gazes down at the item in her hands. "And in regards to the tournament, I want you to win in my name. Do me that honor?" She asks, gazing back up at him.

Standing so close to eachother forces his blood to rush through his veins and his eyebrows to lower in a look of quiet strength. He clasps what is between them, savoring the feeling of her bodice against his knuckles. She has decided to act, which sets his soul at ease. What was once his mission has now become hers as well.

"First I will speak with the maester, and later with my uncle, and then finally my father himself. All of my family will be involved." He speaks quietly, trying to calm her with his confidence. "I will prepare a proposal, as well I will dedicate my bravery in the tournament in your name, showing even the smallfolk of my love." He bows his head. "I could do anything as your champion, Isolde. I will win in your name."

Her head lifts a little, looking up at him through her lashes as she smiles, it slides slowly against her lips and curves till it echoes in her eyes. Isolde trembles against his touch and she shifts her hands to turn his and set the object in his hand. Setting the length of a lock of her hair, braided with the ribbons in the color of his house, she curls her hand about to cup his so he can look at it but not break their touch. "My champion will need a favor and a blessing from his Lady." She says.

Her chin lifts, her eyes drawing up to watch his reaction to her gift. Now the shorter hairs that frame her face make sense, cut the evening he had left her and worked on. It has been laced with the scent of her rose oil perfume.

Jaremy's eyes narrow and a smug, satisfied grin crosses over his features. The fact that he loves her is overly apparent, but no one, not even Isolde's mother, could take away that he would be wearing her favor in the tourney. His fingers wrap around hers, tighetning around the favor before he slides it away, tucking it into a pocket.

His lips part into a broad grin, eyes widening. "Once we are wed you must be careful to not ask for the moon. Our people would go wanting." He glances back down the corridor, cursing their lack of timing and how in the open they are. "If we could only have one more day. It will be hard riding alongside your mother, but as I do know that I only tihnk of you."

It is apparent she is happy that he enjoys her gift to him. Isolde does not draw her hands back, testing a gaze towards the courtyard. "I like the moon where it is..let it stay. I wish for you." She whispers. Her fingers tighten further against his hands and she takes another look again. She offers him a smile and she loses some of it as she lets out a long breath. She leans towards him, eyes closing as she can nearly feel his warmth against her face. Her temple brushes his chin and she catches her breath.

"I will find some way to honour my father's word and our sworn oath to Terrick." She promises him.

"As will I. Isolde I…was a fool to not ask this of you when we were children. I will not be so foolish with you again. All of this has become my sole attention until it is resolved." He whispers softly to her, daring another brush of his chin to the side of her cheek. His breath catches, damning their inability to just declare their love and make it so. "I will dream of you." He whispers, turning and breaking free of her, turning to look at her over his shoulder in her direction as he starts to walk away. Otherwise, it seems, he would do something stupid.

Obviously she perhaps hoped for something stupid, for she stands there a moment after he breaks away, breathless herself. The touch still lingers like a tingling presence along her skin and Isolde slowly opens her eyes. Her chest rises and falls swiftly and then breaks free of that trance. Meeting his gaze, she waits, hesitating a moment as she brushes a hand to her cheek and then draws fingers back.

She turns then, moving after him and silent. She places a smile to her lips, though her sorrow at leaving Four Eagles Tower threatens to steal it away. As she draws up close behind him, a hand lifts to brush at his back in acknowledgement so no one else can see before it moves back to her side.

Jaremy doesn't seem to like it one bit, but it's a role that he has to play, at least for now. He lowers his head in silent acknowledgement as her hand finds his back, slowing to allow it to rest for a second longer. Glancing to her as she takes to his side, his wrist settles upon the hilt of his sword once more, acting the role of her armed escort to the courtyard. Trained well…he wipes the look from his eyes and speaks as they enter the courtyard.

"…growing strawberries for the summerwine on the way back to Stonebridge. I know any of our smallfolk would be honored to sell some, as this time of year they sell them on the roadside by the buckets."

They both play the parts well and Isolde nods her head to the picked up conversation. "Perhaps we will stop to rest the horses and find a place to taste what is ripe." She smiles and looks up at him, letting her gaze linger as she allows her hands to rest at her sides. She does not take his arm. "It has been good to see you again, you will ride with us for a mile or so?" She asks of him now that their parents are within ear shot.

She turns to face him. "I would be grateful for the company." Valda gives her daughter a look, one of warning but painted with a smile.

"I will see you to the countryside." Jaremy replies, turning to address Lady Valda Tordane with a smile and a respectful nod of his head. The conversation turns to her mother, as Jaremy tends as her escort. Stepping close to Valda, he offers her an arm as he steadies her horse's reigns. "It's customary for the knights of Four Eagles Tower to see our guests to the road and further if requested. Though I was just telling your Lady Daughter of the strawberry summerwine our smallfolk make on the hills a few leagues from Stonebridge."

He gives Valda his best, most charming smile. "You will have to send a raven if you partake and tell me of your thoughts on this year's vintage. Perhaps we will bring some to the tourney."

Looking to his arm, Valda takes it with that well practice smile. "Well we will be glad of your company, but you need not trouble yourself." She draws herself up with his aid into her saddle as Isolde herself is fixing the buttons on her riding gown. "And as for the wine, I have had it before. It is quite excellent, but Isolde has no reason to partake of it, perhaps at the tourney she will." She smiles towards her daughter who looks up at her mother. The reins are taken by the Lady of Tordane. "I will meet you on the road, thank you again, my Lord and Lady Terrick. It was very pleasant." She inclines her head and turns her mare, as Isolde fixes the saddle of her horse, tightening the girth once more.

Seeing Lady Valda to her saddle, Jaremy turns to round around their mounts, careful to keep his hand on the back of Valda's horse as he passes behind. Then he stops in front of Lady Isolde, taking the reins of her horse to aid her into the saddle as well. Afterwards, he steps to his brown charger, Kellin, he easily lifts himself into the saddle and checks the sword on his hip. A glance is cast back to the other sworn swords providing escort. With a nod, he trots his armed guard to the front and leads the way.

"Then we will be sure to secure a few barrels, Lady Tordane." Jaremy replies, nodding his head cordially as he passes. Never too quick to let on that he knows her little secret, he plays normal, just as he did when they arrived. A whistle crosses his lips and he leads them down the hill to the town below.

The horse stabilized for her, Isolde rises into the saddle without worry. A natural just as much as Jaremy, she wheels her horse around as the gelding slightly rears and she moves ahead with a thank you and well wishing to the Lord and Lady. As Jaremy takes the lead, she falls in with her mother.

Valda nods to Jaremy, "Please do that, the tournament would do well with some summerwine." SHe smiles, being pleasant and then looking over her daughter. She notes the change of her hair and then says nothing, turning her head forward. Matters to be spoken of later.

They exit the gate and the long worn road through the Green awaits them. Then with a look at her mother, Isolde stares at her, staying in pace. She shakes her head, turning it forward, she clicks her tongue and heels her horse, digging in. The gelding leaps to life, rearing and the Lady laughs. Her hood falls back and as her horse breaks into a gallop, she grins upon passing Jaremy, an unspoken challenge.

Jaremy double-takes as Isolde rides past, casting a glance back to her mother. No doubt prepared for Valda Tordane's trademark steely glint, he whips his head about, acting the concerned cavalry guard. The sudden concern is far from an act, but in truth he's flustered out of fear that her mother will catch on, rather than a hole in their security. Either way, the result needs to be the same.

"Maintain the guard." Jaremy calls to the men, putting his heels to his charger to spur him forward. Well-trained, his charger takes off after Isolde's gelding, chasing it down the long, sloped spanse that reaches toward the town. The rest of the retinue is left behind, and soon they are far out of earshot.

The town is not far off and with the thundering hooves behind her drawing near, she begins to slow, grinning still from the exhilaration. Her head turns as a canter is sought by the horse instead of a gallop. She settles into her saddle, one with the movement of the beast below her. "My Lord…I was so taken by the beauty of your lands, I could not help myself. How kind of you to check on me." She brings her horse up close to his and she gazes at him. "I wish not to leave. There is so much here that I /love/." She says the last word with conviction.

She looks at him, and then then her head turns back to the trail. "Do not give up on me. I know you won't. I will press for this promise to be kept. But I am going to miss Terrick's Roost. I have so longed to visit your family. I have missed you all so very much. And I will miss you again."

Jaremy's eyes alight at the mention of love, catching the reference with glory. She, too, loves him as he does her, a sign that perhaps the Seven would listen to their prayers. His lips part in a sweet smile, eyes glancing between her and the road as his horse settles into a walk beside hers.

"I will admit there's some part of me that would stop the caravan and lie to your mother about brigands ahead, request that you wait another few nights while we clear them out. Or that I just pull you onto my horse and ride away. Though…she could call the Lord's justice and demand recompense. The ears of the seven may not listen." He pauses, turning his head to face her, letting the horse do all of the work. "Are you, like me, trying to think of a last minute answer to this?"

At his words of stealing her off over his shoulder. "You would have no reason to steal me off, I would ride with you.." Isolde states boldly. She lets out a long breath and shifts in her saddle, body moving with the pace of her horse. "There is nothing we can do so very last minute. Not lest we both turn now and speak to her. But that might make her refuse outright and ruin any chances. But then, it might trap her if you asked right now for my hand."

Green eyes turn to him and remain in silence. Finally, she slows her horse further. "Jaremy…perhaps I can convince my mother that if you win the tourney we should wed."

"Perhaps it's as simple as that. My Uncle and father will know more, but if I profess my love before the entire tourney and dedicate my win to you and ask for your hand upon winning before the entire assembled Houses, there is no way that she would refuse. All of Stonebridge would be cheering as I did so." Jaremy turns his eyes forward, voice lowering as they reach the first buildings of Terrick's Roost. "Your mother may be ambitious, but to refuse then would put her name at risk."

He looks back to her. "So…until then, be at peace and no matter how badly you may want to, send me no raven. Your maester serves your mother, not you, and nothing is safe. At all hours I'll be dedicating myself to this. There is no doubt that my family will as well." He grins broadly. "Then, the day after our wedding, we'll catch a bullfrog and move it into the gardens."

His words give her heart and the Lady rides a little more at east at is side. "It would shame her to refuse. I agree." She smiles to herself, watching the houses come into view closer and closer. "But she is ambitious.."

A chime of laughter escapes her lips, a brow lifting wryly as she gazes upon him. "A bullfrog to the gardens to sing us to sleep at night." While he holds her. That thought alone softens her smile and she looks towards him. "We should slow to let the others join us, lest we be asked our conversation." She advises, not wishing to think on what she knows and what she may lose.

"Keep the favor well, wear it when you fight." She tells him before they start to be caught up to.

"It'll be in plain view for all to see." He replies, listening to the sound of a small army of hoofbeats coming up behind them at a trot. He has but one moment left before they are upon them.

"Love". It's the only word he says, and all that he can manage before they're within the outer edge of earshot.

He laughs under his breath, reaching forward to pat the mane of his charger. "It seems Kellin's been of a need to race. We've kept him at the training grounds, so he's been doing straight-aways, but no doubt he liked that rush down the hill." Jaremy grins, nodding to Isolde. "I don't think his ears could get any higher." He turns to look back to Valda, nodding to his men as they fall back into a march.

That last word draws her gaze from the corner of her eye and she offers him a smile. Isolde then falls into that conversation with a clearing of her throat and head turning forward. "I am certain, that if we were to keep going, Dem would have beat Kellin." She brushes through the dark main of her dappled gelding as Valda comes up upon them. "Thank you, Lord Jaremy, for seeing to my rather upstart daughter. You must forgive her manners." That said, the Lady Tordane gives a cool look to Isolde who bows her head to Jaremy and lets her horse fall back to join her mother's no longer able to make eye contact with the young Lord.

The plodding of her horse's hooves is something she concentrates on and she merely allows her mother to control the situation again. "I think we can do well from here, Lord Jaremy, we have our sworn. They will see to us. Thank you for your kindness." She intones.

"Her manners are forgiven, Lady Valda. The Tordanes are quite safe within view of Terrick's Roost and Four Eagles Tower, though in the wild I would not suggest such an action." Jaremy replies with a nod to the Lady of the house, complete with stern eyebrows. It's an act, of course, but one designed to keep Valda's senses cooled.

Glancing up the road, Jaremy nods his head and slows his charger's gait. As he does so, so do the sworn swords of House Terrick. This is where they would be parting ways. With one more look to Lady Valda, and noteably not her daughter, Jaremy bids the elder lady a curt nod. "Thank you for your visit once more, Lady Tordane. We look forward to your hospitality at Stonebridge at the tourney. Please do send us a raven upon your arrival to let us know that you arrived safely."

As the two women of Tordane shift forward to the lead as the men of Terrick pull back, a sworn takes up the head with a trot. Valda nods her head as she passes Jeramy. "I will do so. Be well and wish your parent's the best." She smiles warmly. "Thank you again, young Lord. You do your father proud." She advises and then looks to Isolde. "Come.." SHe says in way of pushing her to part.

Isolde lingers, gelding turning some as Valda moves on. "Lord Jeramy. Thank you for the race…and your hospitality. May fortune shine on you at the tourney." She offers a faint smile before she turns her horse about, gaze seeking him over her shoulder as the gelding moves to follow the other horses.

Jaremy doesn't reply to them, instead he lifts his arm and issues a salute to them and their sworn swordsmen. Step by step their horses take them further from Terrick's Roost, and after five minutes the last of them disappear around the corner, on their way to Stonebridge and futures unknown. Jaremy simply stares, and before long the shifting of a nearby horse breaks him from his trance.

"Ride back to the castle and report to your Captain." Jaremy says, knowing well that their captain, his half-brother, would dismiss them for the day if there was nothing else to do. Turning his horse, he heads back towards Four Eagles Tower with his men. "I'm going to get a drink…"