Page 558: A Kitchen Maid's Honour
A Kitchen Maid's Honour
Summary: An innocent exchange of words between Evayne and Leon during breakfast at the Grand Hall leads to ambiguous remarks from another knight. A heated argument ensues that needs to be settled outside.
Date: 01/02/2013 and 03/02/2013
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Evayne Leon 
Grand Hall, Braeburn House
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February 1st, 290

The Grand Hall of Braeburn House is capable of hosting many a grand feast, with nobility from all over the Cape attending. Alas, when no such occasion is to be had, four of the long tables along with their benches have been moved to the far end of the hall as they are not needed, leaving only two tables to the regular residents of the Keep. Given the early hour, few servants stand with their backs to the walls that are covered with tapestries and banners carrying the sigil of House Groves, to attend to any wishes of food and drink. One of them is Evayne Potter, her usually very amiable looking mien clouded with subdued anger, her hands clenched slightly, while she does all she can to uphold a polite smile as she attends to a small group of Groves's breaking their fast at the high table.

There is some noise beyond the Great Hall, soon swelling in volume as a bunch of young men arrives to break their fast. They are knights and hedgeknights, most wearing mud-splattered dirty training clothes, though on occasion some blood spatters can be seen. Among them is Leon Undyl, who takes a seat among the others and looks around for servants. Seeing Evayne, he grins and waves to her.

After refilling the cups of the nobles with what appears to be watered wine, Evayne looks up and glimpses the new arrivals. The slight tension seems to leave her at once, and arching a brow in light concern, she picks up one of the empty plates and moves over to the lower table where the knights are seated, handing the plate to another servant on her way with a few hushed words. "Ser Leon." she greets, smiling pleasantly and lowering her gaze to the mud-spattered training leathers, her grey eyes widening with a hint of worry. "Are you all right?" This perhaps in regard to some blood stains she might have glimpsed on his attire.

"Morning, Evayne.", Leon greets casually, "I'm rather fine. I feel rather proud of the fact that I was able to hand his posterior anatomy to Ser Gerwys this morning.", he explains with a grin, nodding towards another, slightly older knight, who chuckles. "You won fair and square, Undyl, I'll let you have that.", the older man grins and lifts his cup of ale, which has just been handed to him by another servant. Leon turns his attention back to Evayne: "Could I trouble you for some ale and breakfast perhaps?"

"Why, certainly, Ser Leon." the kitchen maid replies, the smile now spreading all over her face as she hears the explanation for the blood stains, and with slightly rosier cheeks than before she turns and goes to fetch some smoked ham, cheese and a slice of bread from a nearby table. Setting it all down before Leon on a plate, she reappears after a short moment with a pitcher of ale and a few cup, should any of the other knights still require one. Despite what would be perhaps expected she remains there standing for a moment and watches Leon with a sparkle of admiration in her grey eyes.

Leon clearly does enjoy the attention and offers Evayne a warm smile when she serves him. But when she is busy pouring ale for someone else, another knight leans over to whisper something to Leon, which makes the young Undyl flush and grasp the man by his collar. "Watch your words, Ser!", he hisses, "You insult girls, you will soon find yourself singing soprano!" This brings a round of laughs from the others and the knight grunts, struggling to free himself. "Sheesh, touchy, are we, Undyl?!"

At Leon's reaction to the man's whisper, Evayne stops pouring at once and glances from Leon to the other knight with a bit of unease. However, when the laughter of the merry gathering of knights washes over her, the maid relaxes visibly and continues pouring with a light shrug. The look she spares Leon after she is finished is full of warmth and gratitude. And as if the Undyl's remark had inspired her, Evie starts humming a merry little tune in a low voice, while she continues with her tasks.

Leon watches the girl while munching on some ham and cheese and when she finally nearby again, he remarks quietly: "You are in a good mood, Evayne. Something good happen? Have you been able to get some good sleep again?", he asks softly, hoping that none of the other knights overhear and make dimwitted jokes once more.

"Oh, thank you for asking. Last night I slept like a baby. But actually…" Evayne replies, pleasantly surprised at Leon's attempt to start a conversation, "I have been in a rather sour mood this morning. The cook and I had a little fight over today's menue, how it should be prepared and which ingredients to use. I'm afraid I got a bit carried away. So I was asked to leave my duty in the kitchens to serve here." The rolling of her eyes indicates some of that anger is still left in her. The smile that brightens her face shows that it is a smallish anger that is already about to fade completely. The question why her mood is as bright as it is right now still unanswered, Evie spots a waving hand over at the high table. "I'll be right back." she murmurs to Leon before she approaches the Groves table to see whether the noble needs a refill of his cup.

"I was not aware that you do not normally serve here.", Leon admits when she tells her tale and smiles. "It would explain why this morning seemed brighter than other mornings here at Braeburn." Seeing that she is being called away, he falls silent for a moment, before the other knight elbows him again to make some joke that sees Leon give him a look that could kill. "You. Outside. Now.", he demands and gets to his feet. He quickly drains his mug of ale - no use letting good stuff go to waste - then slams the empty mug down and waits for the other man to react.

Of course, the nobleman at the table needed a refill, and as soon as Evie has poured him some of the watered wine, the commotion at the lower table draws her attention. Her grey eyes grow wide as she hears Leon's demand and the loud clang resounding in the Grand Hall as the hedgeknight slams the mug on the table. Seeing the nobleman's needs are fulfilled, Evayne curtsies and moves slowly over to the lower table, her eyes and ears attentively focused on the impending threat of… what? Some new sparring session? A brawl? A duel even?

The other knight laughs at Leon's anger, then turns to Evayne with a grin. "Sheesh, girl, you sure got Undyl here by the balls, don't you!" "NORMAN!", Leon grunts and pushes the other man, "Out. Now!" "Yes, yes, take it easy, Undyl.", the other one grins and starts wandering out casually. Leon casts one last sheepish smile at Evayne, then follows him. Two others hurry to push some more food into their mouths before they follow, the others stay behind. Food before fights.

As she hears the knight's rather straightforward words, Evayne's face turns a deep shade of red, for now she begins to understand that the commotion is about her. "But, Ser Leon!" she calls, clearly concerned about the hedgeknight's wellbeing. Alas, she isn't graced with an answer, nor with even a moment of hesitation. After casting a quick glance about Evayne moves to follow as well, keeping to the wall of the Grand Hall as to not attract too much attention. Some chuckling from the lower table can be heard though, she is obviously being closely observed by the remaining knights seated there. Evie's cheeks burn with awkwardness, oh how she wishes she could vanish through the floor from all the curious looks lingering on her right now - but then she vanishes instead through the double doors leading out of the Grand Hall.

Outside in the Courtyard, Braeburn House

The bunch of young knights has stumbled outside, jostling each other amid mockeries for Leon and his companion Gerwys, who made the initial jokes that riled the young Undyl. No sooner have they reached the grassy area outside the courtyard, that Leon pounces Gerwys and draws him into a wrestling match on the ground, while the others form a half-circle.

As Evayne emerges through the double doors that lead outside, her grey eyes scan the yard and widen slightly as she beholds the ensuing fight, and a bit hesitantly she joins the other onlookers in the half-circle. Her hands open and close, as she watches the spectacle with wide eyes in a pale face, her shocked silence a contrast to the others' cheering. Until the kitchen maid mutters something in a low voice - too low to be heard obviously. And so she repeats her words, a little louder. "Stop, by the Seven!" Her voice is drowned almost in the cheers and howls of the knights, however.

Only the guy who is standing directly beside Evayne hears her words and grins. "Scared your girlfriend may lose?", he asks her, while the two hotheads wrestle and on occasion land a good punch that leads to grunts and muttered curses from the other one. Gerwys gets a good grip on Leon's hair and tugs it back, causing the Undyl to curse and kick backwards, succeeding in hitting Gerwys' knee. "STOP THAT NOW!", another voice hollers suddenly and an elderly man arrives on the scene. He wears training armor and his bullish appearance is heightened by his shorn scalp and a black moustache that frames his mouth. "What's this about?!"

Sparing the guy beside her an intimidated glance instead of a reply to his question - which he probably doesn't even expect anyway - Evayne flinches as she sees Leon being pulled by his hair - those beautiful blonde locks. Hearing the loud voice of the old knight, the kitchen maid turns, her yes lit by hope, she opens her mouth but nothing but a croak escapes her. Unable to explain, that all this commotion probably is about her…

The arrival of the newcomer has the desired effect though: Gerwys and Leon quickly let of each other and hop to their feet, their clothes now spattered with mud. "Captain!", they both gasp, as if with one voice. "Well?!", the captain hollers, "Someone care to explain what's going on?!" "Nothing, Sir.", Gerwys says quickly and Leon nods. "Nothing. Just… having some fun." "Yes, fun.", Gerwys agrees. The captain eyes them both, then shakes his head. "I expect to see you all in the training yard within the hour.", he orders and turns to leave. But he stops once more to shoot Leon a look: "Told you to cut that girly hair of yours, Undyl, it'll always be a disadvantage." He stalks off again, leaving the group looking sheepish - until he's out of earshot. "Gutless idiot.", one guy grins at Leon, "Should have told him you were hoping to get laid" "Don't start AGAIN!", Leon glares and another one, apparently the one with the brains, nods. "Yea, well, let's go." he ushers them. It is then that Leon realizes that Evayne has been watching and he blushes slightly, offering her a quick nod.

Now, that other knight's remark - and Evayne's heart seems to stop beating for a moment. Her gaze turned inwards she stands there, her mouth gaping as her heart resumes its work and pumps all blood that seems to be available into her formerly so pale cheeks. As her gaze returns to reality and meets Leon's she lets it drop at once and bites her lip - feeling very awkward. But was that a blush she had seen on the valiant knight's cheeks? Incredulously she raises her gaze again, and as she beholds the colour of his face a smile slowly begins to spread over her young and innocent looking features. A grateful smile, with a touch of amusement.

Alas, a young knight pumped full of newly released adrenaline is not the smartest guy around and Leon stares at the girl's smile, then falls back as the other guys depart, to turn to the girl and approach her. "Are you laughing at me, Mistress Evayne?", he asks somewhat tetchily.

Oh dear, now that had truely not been her intention. Evayne seems surprised by Leon's reaction, and takes a steps backwards. "No, of course not, Ser Leon. I wouldn't ever laugh at you. Yet it seems, you've caught my horrible blushing." At that a giggle escapes her. Yet the fond smile she has for the hedgeknight and the warm glow in her grey eyes as she looks at him clearly show that she is deeply grateful for what he has done for her - defended her honour, as if she were a maiden of noble birth!

Hrmph! Leon stares at her for a long moment while he tries to figure her out, then nods. "Alright. You look rather fetching when you are blushing, Mistress Evayne.", he admits - and then he quickly follows the other knights before another round of jeers begin.