Page 305: A Job for a Knight
A Job for a Knight
Summary: After the joust, Saethwyr walks Tia home to the Flint camp and meets Anders. Corrie suggests a new job for the noble knight.
Date: 20/05/2012
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Flint Camp at the Twins
Tents. Pavilions. Campfire…
May 20, 289

The Charlton Knight walks with her yet, a proper amount of space between the pair of them. "If you wish to tell the tale of it, I would be curious to hear it," he says gently. The inquiry, of a sort, is one that she could easily decline, no expectation held to it. "If there is anything I can do to help, please ask," Saethwyr offers, inclining his head to her. "I will do what can be done to ensure that you are comfortable, Lady Tiaryn," he adds, a smile coming to his features. Now that they're apart from the others, he lapses into a less formal form of address.

Tia does pause in her steps, the pair out of range of the lists, but not yet near the Flint camp. She makes a bit of a face, but amusement quickly takes over. "It was nothing really. Only I was playing harp just outside of stonebridge, with an audience of several - a healer, a knight, my maid and my guard," she says, starting the tail as requested. The knight's horse appeared to have a mind of its own and pushed into the knight from behind, knocking him off balance. As he started forward, my guard dove in to slow his progress but only ended up changing his direction somewhat, and as a result, I ended up unintentionally tackled by both at the same time. We were all lucky that my knee was the worst of the injuries." She shrugs a bit, glancing up to watch Saethwyr's face as she explains.

Once the list has been left behind, the Charlton Knight's attention remains upon the lady whom he is escorting. He's a very attentive man, or so appearance would lead one to believe. As he is regaled with the tale of how her injury came to be, he tilts his head faintly to one side, an indication that he's listening. The chain reaction of how things happened is mildly amusing, but the fact that she was hurt from it isn't. So it's likely a few different things that could be read from his face. "Goodness… that's quite the chain of events, isn't it? It sounds like quite the lucky thing that it was only your knee to be hurt. Some horses, it seems, tend towards being a bit pushy. I trust it wasn't a bad injury, since you're up and walking about on it?" he poses, concern coming to his voice. His protective nature has been sparked, and perhaps it shows.

Tia smiles at that. "The harp wasn't injured," she says first. Yes, she did make sure the harp was safe, over her own person. Her amused smile invites the knight to find the amusement in that, as much as she does. Even if she would do it again. "It seems to me the sort of chain of events one might find in a silly song, one which I'd not believe. And yet, I know that it happened," she says. "I was lucky that Mistress Dorsey was there to help me at the time. It is strained - my knee that is - but as time goes on it gets better. I just take it easy and do not travel quite as much as I might like." A pause, and then, "Have you ever been in a silly situation such as this one?"

Saethwyr chuckles softly, and then he gives a small nod. "Well, it's good that the harp wasn't hurt. But it would have been better had you not been hurt as well, Lady Tiaryn," he says softly, inclining his head slightly to her. "It does rather seem unbelievable, doesn't it?" he muses, a smile coming to his features. "Taking it easy seems to be the best thing to do for injuries — giving them a break in order so that they can heal properly. Mmm… well, the one which comes to mind is that once, as a young boy, I was playing around in a hayloft. Half working at getting a bale out. I slipped and fell out of it, landed on the ground below. Nothing hurt or broken or anything. I got up and was brushing myself off when one of the horses came along and pushed me into the water trough," he comments, quirking a smile, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them.

Tia has to chuckle at the idea of the poor boy splashing into the water trough. "Oh, dear," she says, though the amusement does make her eyes dance. "I bet that was somewhat embarrassing. Did you get caught?" she asks, curiously. There's a slight cough and she looks up with some surprise. Her maid and gaurd are doing quite well, but the cough serves as a reminder that they are supposed to be walking back to the Flint camp. And so Tia starts walking again, with a gesture to Saethwyr, half of apology.

Saethwyr chuckles softly, and then he lifts on of his shoulders in a faint shrug, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. "Aye, I was caught. And it was rather embarassing at the time. It rather tends to be difficult to explain how one comes in from feeding the horses soaking wet," he comments, winking at her. "Though I did try to sneak back into the house to avoid being noticed. Alas, a trail of wet footprints tends to be a giveaway that someone passed through soaking wet," he muses, quirking a smile. He softly clears his throat, and as Tia starts walking again, he starts to walk as well.

Tia and Saeth come into the bounds of the Flint camp, with Tia chuckling softly at something that Saeth has just said. They are trailed by Tia's maid and guard, both there to keep propriety and safety. The camp fire in sight has Tia heading that way, as she is by now pushing as far as she ought to walk on that sprained? strained? knee of hers. "And here we are, home again," she says after a moment. "If you wouldn't mind coming along to the fireside with me?" she asks. In case she falls over during the twenty or so steps required of course.

Camps. Will he ever see four walls and a proper floor for more than a month ever again? The Young Lord Flint is beginning to despair of such a thing. Still, there is something of a homey feel; call it the lack of wounded, and the lack of true need for maesters and chiurgeons!
The fire burns brightly before the main tent that holds the devices that declare to whom the pavillion belongs, and it's before that fire that Anders finds himself, a glass in hand, seated upon one of the traveling chairs. Beside him, his Lady wife.. talking quietly but conversationally about the happenings of the day- moreso Anders' disappointments in the loss of a couple of silver, or rather, the future loss of silver to his friend Aleister who yet remains up in Stonebridge.
"Worse than the cutpurse, he is.." he laments, and shakes his head. "The man has such luck, I don't know whether to like him more, or fear him."
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At Anders' side, Cordelya is taking of dinner. Or perhaps this is an after dinner snack. However, now that she's actually found her appetite again, and a fairly safe selections of foods she can eat, she's taken to regularly eating almost ravenously to make up for all those months of illness. With every passing week, she fills out a little bit more. She no longer looks starved in the least, just elegantly svelte in face and arms. Her belly and breasts don't show that, though. She's still in one of her old dresses, a light gray silk number with an empire waist, so it clearly sits round and close to the front of her torso, almost plump compared to the rest of her. She carefully picks at another piece of cheese, delicately finishing it off as she arches a brow at her husband.
"Some days I wonder if it is his wife whispering in his ear. She always has wanted… More. He does not seem the selfish type. But he's changed… since he took that wound. We should be wary. But… he is still your friend. Our friend. Should he forget that, do not forget to remind him who saved that precious life of his." Corrie mutters to her husband, her lilting voice a touch fiercely protective of their own little empire.

As they come into sight of the fire, Saethwyr takes a moment to look over thearea of it, and then his attention comes back to Tiaryn. "So it would seem, back already," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. "Of course, Lady Tiaryn — it would be an honour to accompany you further," he says, inclining his head to her, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. Though words are unable to be heard from this distance, the sounds of voices likely carries enough to be heard. "Perhaps you will allow me the honour of escorting you elsewhere, as well?" he asks softly of her. Willing to help, he is.

Tia glances over Saethwyr's face, amusement flickering over her own features. "Perhaps," is what she replies with, as she continues towards the fire. The sounds of the conversation have her curious, as she makes her way back to her relatives. Once in sight, she waves a hand. "Anders, Corrie. I somehow thought I might find you both here," she says easily enough. No introductions though, those already done. "Have we some ale to offer Lord Charlton here? Or - something? Since he so graciously escorted me safely back from the list fields?"

Anders watches his wife eat, and there's a .. satisfaction that is coupled with relief there. As a result, he's put himself into the position of making sure she's got anything and everthing she may want at her fingertips, in terms of food. Well, that.. and in terms of fabrics, of dresses..
"Aleister has always had drive, Corrie," and here, he keeps his voice down. "Now, after war, there are many gaps that need be filled. If it weren't for the fact that Lord Stark has his spoils, and doesn't wish to offend the South, I'm sure he would have pressed for more for the North. We're more content to return home and not worry about the maneuverings. I think it's just me that truly wants some sort of hand in the South. My Lord Father has approved, but again.. only, I think, because he seeks to be sure that I learn more in experience rather than by being told."
Tiaryn's re-appearance is greeted, his brows rising. "We are well, my Lady.." he responds with a chuckle to the unasked question that is usually part of a greeting. "How did you enjoy the list?" He's being smart, of course.. and his eyes turn towards the Lord Charlton and remains in his seat. "Evening, my lord." It's then that he answers Tia's question, "There is some, yes. I'm hoping when your goodbrother returns, he'll have with him some Northern Ale."

Another quick bite of cheese, savouring every flavour of it, her eyes shutting in enjoyment a few moments. She was so happy just to be enjoying food again. Corrie finishes off that cube and gazes back to her husband, her expression now just a touch more worried than angry or protective. "Just… just be careful, love. The port would do all of us well, ensure that we can all travel to and fro easily, but you do have your own throne and family to care for. Do not drown in these politics." She schools him gently, perhaps a bit too concerned over her northern husband starting to poke at southern politics.
But then they have company! And company is no place to discuss politics. So, Corrie presses a warm smile across her delicately flushed features, looking back up to Tiaryn and Sae as they approach. She carefully shifts out of the chair she was in, pushing herself up to her feet still fairly smoothly, though her center of gravity is slowly changing. "Tia! Ser Charlton… it is good to see you both… You've been… walking together?" Corrie asks, a curious brow arching…'I am sure there is ale indeed…"

"Thank you, Lady, for the consideration," Saethwyr says, a smile coming to his features. He's willing to accept a maybe, and to do so graciously — it's better than being told 'no' right out, isn't it? Once in sight, he offers a bow to both who are present already. Then his attention comes back to Tiaryn, and he inclines his head towards her. "Ah, my Lady… there is reward enough in having had the time to spend with you whilst escorting you back, in enjoyment of your company," he says, a smile coming to his features. Then his attention shifts to Anders and Cordelya, and he inclines his head to Lady Cordelya. "Aye, we walked from the list fields together, and it was very pleasant. An ale would be welcome, if there is such to be had," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. Refreshment is never a bad thing, nor is accepting an offering of hospitality.

Tia's cheeks go a touch pink at Saethwyr's compliments. She takes a moment to comport herself appropriately, and then she moves to find a seat, her knee starting to ache somewhat. "I had stopped in conversation after the tourney ended," she says in reply to Corrie, as she settles in to her seat, explaining the delay in her return easily enough. "Bethy, some ale for Lord Charlton, if you please, and a cup of tea would be lovely." The guard is finally released from duty and he bows before he departs, leaving whatever camp guards there are on duty. Bethy curtseys and moves to get the refreshments. And Tia then turns her attention to Anders. "Well - it was quite something else. Lord Riordan won his two challenges, though I was quite impressed that Ser Kell stood up to him for seven rounds. That was quite an exciting match."

Anders nods in acknowledgment of his wife's words to him, and his response is quiet, "No fear, Corrie. I would easily turn my back on these lands filled with ungrateful wretches."
Returning his attention to the pair before them, the Young Lord's brows rise at the flattery towards his goodcousin. His words, however, addresses the answer to the question posed, "I'm glad Lord Riordan won. I had coin on him, too. It's one bet that I will enjoy cashing in on." Shifting his position, he looks to the pair, and gestures towards seats. "Stay, if you've mind to, and relax. At least for as long as it takes to finish your ale."

For just a moment, Corrie is about to go and fetch the ale herself, but then she remembers — that's not proper. She's the Young Lady Flint. She had to represent their house, even at camp. So, still standing from her seat, she smiles wide to both of them, even if Tiaryn is getting a slightly longer, more curious look from her own muddy green eyes. Yes, she will be bothering the Lady about this later. "Well, I am glad the two of you had such a pleasant walk. It is nice when one can find such… enjoyable company." Oh yes, there is most certainly some hinting behind Corrie's words, a grin decorating her lips.
She then gently folds herself back down into the chair at her husband's side, leaning just a bit closer so her knee brushes his, and the edge of her shoulder. It's not entirely proper, but the couple certainly gives the look of a pair that actually enjoys each other's company. They might genuinely even be in love! Corrie exhales gently and half relaxes, "Ale for all of us, actually… " She calls to the servants behind. "And I'm glad your coin paid off. Makes up for the lost purse by poor Einar."

"Indeed, it was quite something. It isn't very often that matches end up going that far," Saethwyr comments, a thoughtful note to his voice. His attention shifts to Bethy, giving the handmaiden a grateful smile, but then his attention returns to Tiaryn, watching her for a moment before shifting his attention to Anders, offering another bow. "I thank you for the invitation and hospitality, my Lord," he says. Then he moves towards a vacant seat which happens to be near to Tiaryn, and perhaps not surprisingly, claims it, settling comfortably there. Looking to Cordelya, he inclines his head politely to agree with her. "It is, very nice indeed, my Lady," he says, a smile coming to his features. "It's always good to hear when a bet pays off. The matches were quite enjoyable," he comments, a thoughtful note to his voice.

Tia grins at Corrie, not so worried at all at the couple perhaps getting a little close. She figures they are married, they might as well. And just look at the example they're setting! Tia catches the look she gets from Corrie and it does have her duck her head a bit. Though after a moment, she says, "Wait, Einar lost a purse? Is he okay? I've not heard - " Pause. Breathe. She tilts her head to look back over at Anders. "Aha, I should have known there was an ulterior motive for your cheering Lord Riordan." That comes along with a little chuckle. She is unconsicously rubbing at her knee, not even aware she is doing so, as she waits.
Bethy returns with the four ales requested. "The tea will be a few more moments, m'lady, so I brought you an ale as well," she tells Tia, with a curtsey, not spilling a drop. She delivers the ale to each in turn, before she settles down near Tia for a moment. "Should I see if there's more of that salve that Lady Muirenn made for you?" she asks Tia softly.
Tia blinks at her maid, and then looks a little rueful as she realizes what she's been doing. "Yes, do check, when you go for the tea. I think I might need some later." As Saethwyr sits, her gaze is drawn to his face, watching him.

Anders puts a hand out to Corrie's own to gently encourage her to retake her seat, and as she folds herself back into place, he feels a little freer to look upon the two that have so recently joined them. His words, however, are first for his wife, "It does help in making up for the loss." He pauses and lowers his tones theatrically, "But we won't tell him that."
Looking to Saethwyr, then, Anders' head rises, his expression curious. "Lord Charlton.. tell me, what are you in relation to Lord Andrey? His cousin Lord Aleister? I consider the latter as a friend of mine, a brother in arms."
As soon as the topic is broached, however, the news of injury.. or at least the requiring of salve is discovered for Tiaryn, and he looks to his goodcousin. "My lady…?" his tones begin expectantly. "What use would that salve be? Is there something I've missed?" Which is completely likely…

Feeling that slight need in her husband's body for her to just SIT, now that Corrie is down, she reaches a hand over to tenderly rub against his knee and reassure him she's not going anywhere. It seems she's finished with the food for now, though that plate of fruits and cheese is still near by and, truly, almost always on hand these days. Her free palm just rests against her stomach instead, fully getting comfortable sinking back and to the side in her chair, so she's half leaning against it, half leaning against Anders.
Tia's comment about the salve makes her frown a touch guiltily. "Oh, Tia, I've got things too, you know… Gods, you should have let me see to it. I'm not an invalid, you know… Before the night is out, let me check things over? How are you feeling?" She murmurs gently, though she goes quiet to let Tia tell her story to Anders'. SHe only dimly knows the whole situation herself.

The Charlton Knight seems to have no issue with the married pair showing some manner of closeness either. It actually agrees with him — or he with it. His dark gaze lowers briefly at catching some of the movement which is Tiaryn rubbing at her knee, and he tilts his head a bit to one side, concern reflecting in his dark eyes. A moment of distraction comes when the ale is offered to him, and he gives a nod of thanks as he accepts it from Bethy. Then his attention turns back to Tiaryn, watching her. "Is your knee troubling you, my Lady?" he asks gently, concern to his voice. Then his attention comes back to Anders, in response to the question asked of him. "A distant cousin, my Lord," he offers, a smile coming to his features. Yet he falls quiet as Tiaryn's injury and the tale behind it is pried into, and instead he lifts his mug to take a drink of the ale within it.

Tia stops rubbing her knee, self conscious now, and gives Corrie an apologetic look. "I was visiting the roost, when I saw Muirenn, and you were still in Stonebridge," she offers to Cordelya firstly. "It was not - of course you may look, if you wish to. Later." Not showing her knees in front of a mostly-stranger, even if he is handsome. She looks over to Saethwyr and starts with, "Nothing to signify, Lord Charlton. It is merely a little bit sore. I have just walked a bit too much today." And then she looks over to Anders, and now she actually does look embarrassed. "Truly, Anders, it is not anything worthy of note. It is more - a catastrophe of errors the likes of which would not be believed if it were written into a humorous song." She pauses, taking a breath, and a sip of ale, and then she gives the short version of the story. "I was just outside Stonebridge, with some company, when a poor hedge knight was unexpectedly head-butted by his horse. Which sent him flying forward. Then my guard tried to catch him, but the knight's momentum was too much, and both came barrelling into me. Unintentionally." She pauses. "I had a few bruises, and a bump on the back of my head, all of which are healing nicely, but the knee was somewhat worse and is taking longer to heel." Another gulp of her ale.

Anders makes sure his wife does stay close for so many reasons, the food tray also kept close at hand. He looks beside him every couple of minutes, checking on her even as he continues conversation with those gathered. When his questioning is the one that elicits the most response, he sits back in his seat, his head rising slightly, his mouth opening in a soft 'ah'.. "Hedge knight.. head butted by his horse," he echoes. "And.." the knee is the last to heal. "Is there a lesson to be learned in there, somewhere?" It's asked lightly, a gentle tease. "I'll find a slightly stronger and more agile guard for you."
Once he's received his answer from Saethwyr, Anders nods, his smile welcoming, "Well, know that you have friends around this camp, my Lord."

Quite well settled and comfortable is Anders' wife, Corrie looking rosy cheeked and relaxed. She's had ale brought for her too, but she's not quite touched it yet, anything strong like ale, wine, meads, or even some heavily brewed teas still don't quite sit with her other than a few sips. Still, she wishes to celebrate with them. Even if her head is lulling, just a little bit. The more she leans against her husband, the warmer and more comfortable he feels the drowsier she gets. Her appetite might be back, but her energy isn't quite.
Still, green eyes focus gently on Tia as the woman tells the full story, "Gods, Tia, yes… do let me look upon it. Tonight or in the morning. I am certain Muirenn is a good hand at these things… still. I'll worry." She affirms gently, not trusting any healer than herself most days. Gods only know how she's going to get through this pregnancy. "Mm… it's a shame the Lord there is no doubt quite busy. We could hire him on at quite a good rate to protect Tiaryn." She murmurs after a few moments of thought.

Saethwyr raises an eyebrow slightly at the answer she offers to his question, and he inclines his head to her, giving her the benefit of the doubt. "Well, I suppose it would be expected for it to be sore, given the walk from the list fields to here," he says in a thoughtful manner. Yet he's not dismissing the pain, merely considering the walk to be a fair cause of it. He shifts his position somewhat, lifting his ale to take a sip from it, listening as she regales her tale for the second time today. Then he looks to Anders at the statement, and gives a smile as he inclines his head to the man. "Ah, thank you, my Lord. It means much to know that I have friends here," Saethwyr says, his smile returning to his features. His gaze turns to Cordelya, and he raises an eyebrow slightly before inclining his head to her. "I am not so terribly busy, Lady Cordelya, that time could not be made for protecting Lady Tiaryn," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. And he would be glad to do it, too.

"A lesson? Of a certainty, be careful when wishing you might be in an epic song, for it might be a comedy?" Tia suggests first, responding to Anders' teasing. And then, she says, "More seriously, I think that perhaps some of the common knights might perhaps benefit from a little more instruction with horses prior to their knighting. If that's at all possi - " Wait. What? Did she hear that right? Tia stares at Corrie, at her comment, and then that somewhat startled look goes to Saethwyr. Wait, he didn't. Oh, come on! "I'm sure I don't need a knight to be my guard, m'lords," she says, sounding a bit wary. Okay, a lot wary. She is looking at Anders like he might grow a second head and it's Corrie who is stirring up the trouble. Still, he's the one with the final say, after all.

Anders can feel the weight of fatigue on his lady's body as she leans gently against him, and he whispers in her ear as he puts an arm around her, ostensibly to help support her, but.. it is his expectant wife! Her choice in guards, however, does bring his attention around, surprise registering on his face. "Ah.." he begins.. and ends. Instead of answering it, he leans forward to aid her in rising. "I think we'll have a decision on that after I speak to Lord Charlton. After all, he is in the employ of his household, one with whom we hold good relations. I can't go purchasing his services like a common hedge knight." There. Happy Tia? Rescue, for the moment.
If you will excuse us, however. Some rest is required, I think, to continue considering festivities in the evenings to come." Anders pauses, "Lady Tia.. do not get into any trouble. I will not waste my breath, however, and instruct you to do so. I merely ask." His gaze turns to Saethwyr next, "Take care, my lord. Know that my goodcousin is well regarded in my family, and we have claimed her once again as kin." And she has brothers, even if her blood brothers are no longer in the world. "Enjoy your evening."
With that, now, he begins to lead the suddenly drowsy Cordelya into the pavillion behind them to lie down for a little while..

Somewhat realizing that, possibly, she went too far with that statement, Corrie seems to agree that her mind is too tired for polite company. She gives them both an apologetic smile and gently stands with her husband, at least enough energy to retire from the chatting area. "It was good to see you both, and yes… something to be thought upon later." She smiles a Tia one more moment, tips her head to Lord Charlton, then allows her husband to lead them back to lay down.

The Knight turns his attention to Tiaryn, watching her reaction to the suggestion of him guarding her. A smile tugs at the corners of his lips, and his attention shifts to Anders, watching the other man, and he gives a small nod. "Of course, my Lord. I assure you that I have the most honourable of intentions in regards to your goodcousin. If I am able to protect her, then it would be an honour to do so," Saethwyr says, his tone sincere. "Be well, and rest well," he adds, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. "It was good to see you both again as well," he adds. And after watching them depart, he turns his attention back to Tiaryn, watching her instead.

At least Anders didn't just jump over that idea, even if he's threatening to replace her guards with others who might not be quite so … accomodating. Hrmph. She watches after Corrie and Anders, and at last has to chuckle softly. "I guess it will be in the morning that Corrie will check my knee," she murmurs, before she glances back to Saethwyr to find him watching her again already. "You don't - please don't feel you /need/ to guard me. Even if Anders does ask - it's not, really it's not necessary, though a lovely compliment, thank you." Her words are a little bit too fast, really, but she does take a calming breath after, settling down. "Are you here to join Lord Aleister? He might have other thoughts for you, work he needs you to do?" she suggests, with a slight change of topics.

"I'd not be a burden to you, Lady Tiaryn… or at least, I would do what I could not to be a burden," Saethwyr says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. He offers her a gentle smile, giving a small nod, and a bit of hair falls forward over his face, veiling one of his eyes. "I do not feel that I need to protect you, my Lady. But it is a task I would not mind or argue to doing. It would truly be an honour to keep you safe and to protect you," Saethwyr says, watching her still. "He may have other plans, this is true. I was hoping to meet with him at some point, but it seems my luck has been ill thus far in doing so," he comments, a thoughtful note to his voice.

Tia's cheeks flush, as she is essentially caught out. "I would rather not be a burden to you," she says finally. "I am certain there must be tasks that make better use of your skills than guarding a simple widow." No one of importance, no one of any real consequence really. And yet, Tia can't help but feel a touch of sadness at the logical point she makes, though she's not sure why. A breath and then she tries, "May I suggest a compromise? When we do find ourselves in situations where we are together, then I will willingly accept any protection you are able to offer?" But that surely doesn't mean all day, every day, at least not in her head.

Saethwyr chuckles softly, and then he lightly shakes his head. "My Lady, you would be anything but a burden, I assure you," he says softly, his tone gentle. Shifting his position slightly, he takes a drink of his ale, and then he lifts one of his shoulders in a faint shrug. "Perhaps there are tasks that would make better use of me, or perhaps not. I rather consider protecting a life — your life — to be a very worthwhile use of my skills. You are more than a simple widow," he says, inclining his head to her. He falls quiet as he considers the compromise that she suggests, and then he gives a small nod. "This seems a fair compromise, my Lady. I will give you what protection I can offer," he says seriously. Even if it means his life.

Tia finds herself caught in Saethwyr's eyes, and it takes a slight cough by Bethy to recall her to her surroundings. "You are most chivalrous," she manages after a blink, and then she swallows. Ale - she's got some of that too. A drink is a lovely thing, right at the moment. She takes a big gulp, and then a second. "And that sounds entirely too serious for our - what? Second meeting?" Now there's a hint of teasing back in her voice. She continues to sip at her ale, until her mug is nearly empty. "I suppose I should go get that salve put on, right?" No, she doesn't really want to, and it shows.

The Lady isn't the only one to be caught, as Saethwyr finds himself captive to her gaze as well. Yet at Bethy's cough, he softly clears his throat and lifts his mug to take a drink of his ale. "I offer and do what I can, my Lady," he says softly, inclining his head slightly to one side. For her, he does. Lifting his right hand, he gives a slight gesture, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. "A second meeting it might be, and yet it seems to bear a feel to it as though there have been many more," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. He falls quiet for a lingering moment, taking another drink of his ale. "I suppose you should, if you wish and if your knee is troubling you to the point of using it. I will tarry a while longer here, at the fire," he muses. He leaves the decision to her, not one to tell her what to do as she knows her knee better than what he could.

Tia finds she doesn't much wish to leave while Ser Saethwyr Charlton is here. And of course that would be bad manners, would it not? She takes another sip of her ale, and relaxes into her seat. "I would not have you think our hospitality lacking," she murmurs softly. "You are most welcome to sit with me a while longer by the fire and drink some ale." Though a moment later, she is again rubbing at her knee, gently and cautiously. The idea that it feels like they've met many times before rings true for her as well, but she does try to keep that hidden. Not wanting to admit as much to Saeth.

Settled comfortably there, his dark gaze lingers on the Lady Tiaryn. She is a lovely sight, to be sure. Lifting the mug of ale, he takes a drink of the contents, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. "I assure you, my Lady, I would not think your hospitality to be lacking in the least," he says gently. He notices that rubbing at her knee, and it makes him feel guilty for lingering. To the point that he finishes his ale and sets the mug aside. "Lady Tiaryn, I can see that your knee is paining you, and I'll not have you continuing to be in hurt because of the fact that I tarry here at the fireside. I shall depart, so that you can tend to your pain so that it might heal," he says gently, giving a small nod to her. Smoothly, he rises to his feet, and he takes the initiative to close what distance lies between them. If she allows him to, he'll gently claim one of her hands in order to bow forward over it and place a kiss upon the back of it. Though while he does, he looks to her through his lashes. "It would honour me greatly if you would allow me to seek your company again, Lady Tiaryn. I need no answer for the moment, and would merely ask that you consider it," he says softly, watching her for a moment before giving a small nod. "I would hope that you rest well, and I bid you a swift recovery for your knee," he adds, a smile coming to his features. He gives her fingers but a faint squeeze, having kept them captive while he spoke — if she allowed him to, that is. Then he gently releases her hand, a bit reluctantly. Stepping smoothly back, he bows respectfully to her, no half-assed movements from this Knight of Charlton. Straightening then, his dark gaze lingers to her as though to take away that image of her there in the firelight. He'll tarry for a moment, in case she has anything to offer before he leaves, but if she doesn't or after she has, he'll turn away, his cloak ruffling lightly with the movement before it settles at his back, and he starts to walk away from the fire.