Page 360: A Hunt's Afoot...Maybe
A Hunt's Afoot…Maybe
Summary: Liliana returns from a scavenging trip, meets some new faces and Justin comes by to see what's what.
Date: 16/07/2012
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Martketplace — Terrick's Roost
Residents of the town and surrounding area bring their wares to sell here among small tables built upon the slate grey stone flooring of the outdoor expanse. The area is surrounded by thatched roof buildings and shops on all sides with roads and paths winding their way in and out of this thriving part of town. Most of the commercial capacity of Terrick's Roost can be found here with the storefronts attracting the attention of those among all classes.
16 Jul, 289 AL

Although enough time has passed for workers to clear away much of the debris after the attack of the Ironhorns, the marketplace is a shadow of its past glory. Only a few stalls are standing, and those offer a meager selection to the patrons who occasionally visit. Nathaniel is standing outside one of the stalls, talking with the owner. Both are dressed in the drab colors of commoners. "I think that the Sheriff was planning to use that scaffold. You saw the ropes. Everything was set. I don't know more than anyone else does about it. I work there, but I rarely see Lord Ser Justin. I only know that when the bandits offered to take the Black, he seemed surprised by the idea. He recovered quickly enough. I know that falling on those ladies was pure treachery, but all of us are hungry. That would drive some men to thievery. Beside that, they killed and ate Lady Anais's horse. If that's not desperation, I'm not sure what is. The Seriff showed great wisdom in my mind by sending them to the wall instead of killing them right there." The merchant looks skeptical, and mutters something anything but defenestration being too good for them.

A shadow of what it once was, perhaps, but the market seems still fit to attract some visitors. A small enough party, to be sure, two guards, in the livery of Terrick, a handmaiden, and a woman dressed in the colours of the House that once ruled the lands to the north of the Roost, but no longer, save only in name, and even that is fading. Still, Liliana seems, if not content, then certainly set to her purpose, as she swings down from her horse, moving to the one sat by the guard closest to her, checking inside the travel bags attached to his saddle, "Take these to the septon, and give to the Silent Sisters what they require." The guard nods, then turns, kicking his horse into a canter, as he heads north towards the rebuilding…or is it rebuilt(?) Sept. long has it been since she's seen it. Some thread of the conversation not so far from her drifts, and she turns her attention to the talk of Sheriff's and gallows and treachery.

The merchant is first to see the lady and her retinue. He straigtens and smoothes his clothes. On seeing the gesture, Nathaniel turns and spots the group as well. His eyebrows rise for a moment, and he murmurs, "More visitors?" Then he sees the guards bringing up the rear, in their Terric livery, and he glances to the merchant. "Visitors, but not strangers." The vendor, however, blushes and ducks quickly into his stall, which is quite empty. Clearly, he has nothing but conversation to sell today, and would not admit such to a traveling noble. Nathaniel steps forward, however, and bows. "Good day, lady!" he greets.

And the merchant's disappearance does not go unnoticed by the approaching Lady, though the reaction she offers is more sadness than indignation. She was better known and better welcomed amongst the people once. Still, today is not as yesterday, and she is no longer such a common sight as once she was. Still, she's still biddable enough to smooth her expression, turning a smile to the man approaching, and offering a nod of respect in return, "And a good day to you as well, master, though it might be brighter, if I had no scared away your business partner."

Nathaniel chuckles and offers a warm, welcoming smile after he glances back to the empty stall. "He is not my partner, lady," he answers, "but an acquaintance, and I regret that he is closing this stall for a time and moving to Stonebridge." He studies the young woman, and then mentions, "None of the merchants here have much to sell, lady," he continues, speaking in a sad tone. "I hope that you have not traveled far."

"I am sad to see any merchant make their way to Stonebridge, but I would not begrudge them what chance they might have to find such a life as the lands can offer them, in the passing of the reavers. Who among us would not travel to find better lands, if we were not bound by stone and honour?" A shake of her head, though, as Liliana looks about the marketplace, "I have traveled from far enough, but I am glad to be home now, and my needs are few. I have brought such as I could find for the Sept and the sisters there, and I am eager to return to my duties here." Another dip of her head, "But I am being rude. I am Liliana Camden."

"Lady Camden," he acknowledges. "I am sure that that the sisters will welcome your gift, and that the Terrick family will welcome your arrival with joy." The young man bows low once more, and adds, "I am Nathaniel Corbitt, lady, retainer to the Roost, at your service."

"There is no need to bow so, Master Corbitt, I am only a ward of The Eagle," that said in such a way as to place emphasis on the words, indicating that she means Jerold, "and not an eagle myself." And it is to those who rule the Roost you should reserve your services. As for the welcoming of my gifts, that I cannot say. They do their service well, but ever has your Stranger been a cruel master. And burdens such as they carry are heavy things, even if taken up with an open heart."

Nathaniel bites his bottom lip for a moment at the mild reproof, but he nods. "As a ward, you deserve my service as much, lady. I am not sworn to the family. I serve the house and all who come to it, whether they live there or visit."

Liliana tilts her head, studying the man's expression, "I meant no insult to you, Master Corbitt. You do not know me, that is true, and likely know my House even less. But we were ever better turned to sharing burdens than delegating them to others, and lived with our smallfolk, and did not rule them. In my own way, I too serve the Roost, and I am glad to do it and would work happily with others who do the same."

Nathaniel inclines his head to the lady. It is far from the stately bow that he first offered, but respect still shines clearly in his eyes. "Then I honor you more, Lady Camden, because you understand the importance of service," he answers. AFter taking a breath, he continues, "You will find that we cannot serve as elegantly as we once did, due to recent events." He waves to indicate the evidence of the recent attack. "But our enemies did not rob us of our generosity."

"I would be better honoured if my hands had some good work to be about. I have never had the knack for being idle." She turns looking back to the far end of the market, "I recall days upon days of clearing stones and burned timber with no titles and only work, honestly done, between us." There's a ruefulness in Lilana's smile, coming out and then passing away again, "There were many things the Reavers took from us, both during the siege of the Roost and in its aftermath, but the spirit of the folk was not among them."

Nathaniel smiles, again warmly. "You will find that spirit still here, lady," he confirms with sincerity. "Not many weeks ago, Lord Ser Justin asked me to go with him to the woods. Our purpose was to hunt game for the people here - lord and commoner serving the same cause. Others of high birth have come as well, many offering to help as they can. It is a good thing to see."

"There is not much my lands can offer the Roost now that is easily gotten, but what game and such wood and necessities as can be brought out of the Oaks, I have offered to Lord Jerold and to his folk, and I give it gladly to those who have need of it. It is good to know that it is being well used, though, I think I have only heard of the Lord Justin, if you mean he who is son to Lord Jerold. He had been gone from the Roost long before I came to live here, and he was not here when last I left."

Nathaniel bobs his head and answers, "I mean the same. I know but little of him. Still, I am glad to serve him when he asks." He looks around the area again, and says. "I am sure that some things have changed since you left. The sept is not as fine as it once was, but it serves those who need it. I'm sure that your guard will tell you that much when he returns."

Walking without his horse, Justin comes from the direction of the town square and the inn and into the marketplace. The young Terrick lord is dressed in black for mourning, his summer weight surcoat discreetly trimmed in his house colors as well as his sword and dagger, to set his appearance apart from a man of the Night's Watch. The Sheriff makes his way, looking around for familiar faces for he seeks someone he heard was seen in the area, but has no idea what she might actually look like. He stops by a vendor whom he knows works for the leatherworker to sell his finished goods and take orders, "Barton … have you seen the Lady Camden walk through? Someone at the inn thought they might have seen her come this way and I wished to have a word with her." However, does Barton know the woman himself?

The marketplace is much as it always is, these days, desolate and with paltry stores compared to the time before the reavers, but there are at least a few new/old faces. The old, in the face of the people, and of the courier standing not far from one of the deserted stall. The new, after a fashion, the Lady Liliana, her (still much put-upon) handmaiden Elise, and one of the two sworn swords that accompanied her back to the Roost. She is not so difficult to pin down, her maid and sword dressed in Terrick colours, the lady herself in the colours of her House. But she seems, for the moment, in conversation with the courier standing not far from her, "Truth to tell, I did not much visit the Sept during my time here, but I know how much those of your lands as follow the Seven, valued such a place as it was, and even in its diminished form, I have no doubt that it serves them well, until such time as it can be returned to what it was. Faith is ever a thing of the heart, is it not? And what the eyes cannot see, the heart and the mind can create." Liliana takes a moment, turning to the red-haired handmaid still astride her horse and the other guard, "I think I should like to walk back to the keep, when I am finished here, but you both may take your ease until then."

Following Justin at a bit of a distance at the moment, Martyn looks around for a few moments, glancing over at the wares as Justin stops to talk with Barton. "Nice things, these," he offers, smiling a little bit. Studying some of those things a bit quietly for the moment, he starts to whistle a bit absently.

Kamron walks alongside Justin in his search, the Mallister man probably recognizeable only to those who know him, given that he's wearing simple working clothes and is rather dirty and dusty. Might have something to do with the cottage being raised a short distance away from the Square. Or maybe he just likes being dirty. In any case, he waits until Barton answers the new Sheriff's question, then poses one of his own, although to the Terrick in this case, "Looking to get permission to expand patrols, Justin, or just want to meet the Lady?" He nods to Martyn's idle statement, evidently agreeing with his cousin.

Justin turns his head to glance to Kamron, "Well, mostly I'd like to meet her. But also, my goodsister Anais had suggested a hunt and game around here is getting far too thin. So, I seek her permission for I would not tresspass. Though, if she will give it, there are many reasons to keep an eye on what's going on up that way. And to see if the Charltons have … encroached upon Lady Camden's holdings."

As it happens, Barton has seen her and points her out, "There she is, m'lord Sheriff. Over there with the courier." Ah, Justin has no problem picking Nathaniel out so he nods, "My thanks, Barton."

Elise sniffs, at her lady's suggestion, sliding down from her mare, and checking on the comfort of the animal, but she doesn't go far. The sword comes to ground as well, though he begins a slow meander in the area, doing his duty as he's been bid. It's the redhead that catches sight of the three strangers approaching, and she comes to stand between them and her mistress, as if it were she, and not the sword who was bidden see to the lady's protection. "My lady, we have company." That does bring Liliana's attention around, and though she might be not at all familiar to the three men approaching, there is something in her features, that if any were to have met the Lady Tiaryn, they could see the family resemblance, though the elder woman be fair-haired and the younger darker. Liliana offers a soft pardon to Nathaniel, before she moves to join her handmaid, the two standing shoulder to shoulder, her sword approaching as well.

Martyn nods a little as he listens for the moment, placing down again that thing he was studying, moving to follow after Justin now. At a bit of a distance, of course. Turning to offer a grin at Kamron. "So, how's the shoulder now?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Kamron rolls his shoulders at Martyn's question, "Not a problem at all. Bruising's even faded." He follows along with Justin as the Terrick approaches the Camden, and though he may be the meanest-looking of the men in his dirty and plain attire, he speaks first, and it is with a cultured tone, "Lady Camden?" He waits slightly for confirmation, and then moves on, "You have the look of Lady Tiaryn to your features, Lady. It is quite clear that the same beauty moulds you both." Pressing one hand to the lacings of his shirt he adds, "I am Ser Kamron Mallister. May I introduce you to my cousin, Ser Martyn Mallister, and Ser Justin Terrick, new-made Sheriff of The Roost."

Ehm, wow. Justin stops, not having expected Liliana to be such an attractive woman. No, he shouldn't stare, especially at a woman who is his father's Ward. He glances aside to the Mallister as Kamron steps in smoothly to make introductions. Justin draws a slow breath and offers Liliana a half bow, his mending ribs no longer making him too stiff in his movements, "A pleasure to finally meet you, Lady. I have oft heard your name since my return from Riverrun."

Lady Ilaria steps away from a jewler's stall, circling behind a crowd of bodies to find an empty space where she can stop and breathe. In her hands she holds a cloth-wrapped parcel which she passes off to her blonde handmaiden, Heolla, without looking. "You paid too much for it, my lady," the robed Septa on her left clucks at the young Haigh, taking the girl by the elbow and ushering her farther away from the throng. Ilaira reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, casting a curious look at Septa Shiella as she does. "It was a commission, dear woman. One always pays extra for commissions, and father will not even bat an eyelash. There is a purpose to all of this. Now, I fancy a new gown to accompany the brooch. I have nothing that suits it."

Nathaniel stands not far from Lady Camden, but remains silent. He inclines his body in a polite bow to Justin, then Martyn, and finally to Lady Ilaria when she joins the growing crowd. With these formalities past, he offers a polite nod and warm smile to Heolla.

Liliana nods softly to Elise, who steps back and tries to look slightly less likely to stab someone with a sewing needle, if needs be, turning back to the horse, but keeping a weather eye on the horizon, as it were. Liliana seems not at all put out by the appearance of the men approaching her, nor of the man who addresses her first, but returning the greeting with a respectful curtsey to each man in his turn as he is introduced, "I am Liliana Camden, yes…though I think you offer me too high a compliment. My Aunt has a beauty I shall never manage." Noticing neither the looks or the possible string, she greets each in turn, "Lord Ser Mallister, Lord Ser Terrick, Lord Ser Mallister. We are well met in the Roost. Though I hope what you have heard has not been ill. And if it is, then I can only hope that I will have the chance to redeem myself." She's polite and formal, but ever is there that slight hint of humour in the voice and mein of this lady of the oaks.

Unable to hold back a bit of a smile as his cousin takes the lead with the introductions, Martyn bows a bit to the lady now. "A pleasure to finally meet you, Lady Camden. And my cousin is right in what he said." That part offered with a bit of a smile. He nods to Nathaniel, offering the man a grin, before looking around and noticing Ilaria as well, offering a smile and a nod in her direction too. Then back to the others.

Kamron laughs lightly at Liliana's demurral of his compliment, gesturing as he does over to his cousin and his words. "You see, Lady Camden? You would not call two good and honest knights liars, would you?" Like her own words, humor and amusement lurks not far beneath the question. "But please, Ser Kamron is more than formal enough." Glancing over to Justin, he adds, "The good Ser Justin simply had to meet you, I fear, Lady Camden. He had heard rumors of your presence, and could not be dissuaded from seeking you out. Not that we tried very hard."

She makes him smile faintly ere Justin says, his baritone low in volume, "Nothing ill, Lady. The lady Muirenn speaks fondly of you, and of course I know the lady Tiaryn who's way with harp and song lifts every man's heart to hear it, has spoken only well of you also." If Justin might argue that Liliana is more pleasant to his own eyes than her aunt, he certainly keeps that to himself. He gives the man with her a nod, "Nathaniel," yet he has come with a purpose.

Justin flicks a grey eyed glance back to Ser Kamron, his mouth twisting wryly. His attention back to the Lady, Justin lightly clasps his hands behind his back in a pose unconciously remeniscent of his father, "Yes, well, I wished to speak to you of permissions, Lady Camden. The lady Anais has suggested a hunt, for we are in sore need of meat and our people hunger. However, our game is getting very thin. It was my thought that perhaps you might be so kind as to allow us to hunt up in the Tall Oaks forest." And knowing this is not really a light thing that he asks, Justin adds quietly, "We would also be keen to watch for signs of bandit camps, and … perhaps, with your permission, scout out to see if the new Charlton holding encroaches upon your lands."

Septa Shiella is muttering a mile a minute in Ilaria's ears, the general gist of the conversation being conservation of funds, humble bearing, and a lack of useless frippery. The girl listens intently, glittering hazel eyes distant and unfocused; she misses entirely the greetings sent her way. Heolla, however, has taken notice of the other people present in the market, and she offers a sultry smile and a wiggle of her fingers. Finally, Ilaria holds up a hand her Septa quiets down, having said as much of piece as she can. Silently, the girl links her arm with the older woman and they begin a leisurely, silent stroll about the marketplace. It inevitably leads them around to familiar faces, and she pauses abruptly as if loath to interrupt.

Nathaniel is still surveying the gathering when he hears Justin's request for permission to hunt new ground. The courier remains silent, but he nods solemnly at the request. Like many, he has spent some long days around the Roost only to return with a few rabbits or squirrels that he gladly shared with the most needy families in the community.

Liliana's laughter is a merry thing. "I would certainly never call any knight true and honest a liar, nor question his words. I am only reminded of my mother bidding me not to allow my head to grow too large for my shoulders." Laughter, tinged with pain and loss, but as most in the riverlands, the Lady seems determined to remember her lost in happiness and not in sorrow. "I am glad to meet you all, and think no returning wanderer has been so well received." Her expression, at the request, though, grows serious. Because even things willingly given, are still serious, "Permission is given, and has been given, freely to my Lord Jerold and to his House. What family I yet have in this world, excepting my aunt, are such that were made by my heart's choice and not by blood, and reside in the Tower of Four Eagles. And what I may yet have, land, game or tree I am happy to offer. The land surrounding Tall Oaks is yet fallow and is little more than a field of graves, but the lands further out and away are rich with game, and fish, if that is your desire. I thank you for doing me the kindness of asking my permission. In truth I would have no way to stop you, if you chose to go. But I think in this case, I would not wish to." There's a twist to her lips, a slight narrowing of her eyes, as she hears the last, "You owuld not have to look far for bandits, or for the invading Charlton hoards, but truly, what power do I have to stop them. The Lord of Riverrun has other concerns than a burned wood and a dead House." Liliana's eyes flicker, turning to the woman coming in close behind the men, but she Liliana does not know.

"Sounds like she was a wise woman, your mother," Martyn offers as he hears Liliana's words, but otherwise keeps silent, letting the others handle the talking for the moment.

Kamron bows his head at Liliana's response to him, letting a crooked smile drift across his lips for a moment before the talk turns serious and it fades away. He glances over to Justin, then back to the Last Lady of the Oaks, "We may not be able to do anything about the Charltons, Lady Camden," evidently, the Mallister knight considers himself part of a 'we' with the Terricks, "But we can certainly do something about any who have turned to banditry." The promise is a bit grim, but his smile returns — if a little diminished — as Ilaria and her septa approach, the knight bowing his head once more, "Lady Ilaria, a pleasure to see you as always. You're looking lovely today." See, it's not just Liliana that he flatters. Gesturing from one woman to the other, he does the honors, "Lady Liliana Camden, Lady Ilaria Haigh. Lady Ilaria, Lady Camden." He offers up the proper terminology to indicate that Liliana is the Lady of her House, not just a lady of it.

His mouth thins as Justin listens, "Indeed, even we can do little about the Charltons if they do tresspass. At least, not at /this/ time, but we would like nonetheless to be aware if they are doing so." He gives a semi-dismissive gesture to the issue of bandits, "I doubt bandits range so far. Any such folk we are liable to find are more likely to be the scattered and desperate remenates of your own smallfolk, and I would not wish them harm if they yet live off of the land. Still, it is wise to stay informed of what transpires upon our borders, dear Lady." Justin's own seriousness eases, "You have our thanks. We would likely go for a span of days so to fill wagons with as much meat as we reasonably can. Smoke or salt it on site ere we return. As I have heard that you are fond of the hunt yourself, you might even care to join us, Lady Camden."

Ah, and there is Ilaria. Justin partly turns to offer the Haigh lady a smile, then a partial bow, "Good afternoon, lady Ilaria. I trust you are fully recovered?"

Ilaria startles at being addressed by Kamron, but she offers the familiar Mallister a cheerful smile and a bob of her head in greeting. "Are you surprised, Ser Kamron? I was sure I looked lovely every day," the girl teases, softening the jest with a quieter: "You look healthy and hale today, ser." Slipping her arm free of her Septa's, she steps forward closer toward the group and stares openly at Liliana during the introduction. "Well met, Lady Camden," is offered with another nod of her head before she looks sideways to Justin. Her eyebrows arch upward and her smile widens considerably. "Good afternoon to you too, Ser Justin, and yes, I am fully recovered thanks to your quick attentions. I did feel a bit stiff and sore the next morning, but… I hope you are well today too."

One Ser Nevan Erenford strolls his way into the marketplace from the town square, taking a moment to breathe in the sights and smells of it with only a light sniff of his nose at some of the more offensive odors. Assuming he spots the gathering filled mostly with people he recognizes, the young Erenford smiles quickly and jauntily makes his way over.

Liliana turns, partially, at least, away from the three knights, and towards the Lady and her retinue, offering her as polite a curtsey and greeting as she did the men, "We are well met, Lady Ilaria." At the sound of the question of Ilaria's recovery, Liliana's eyes sharpen, and that look that many a wounded man, and woman, have seen on a healer's face take her over, as she looks over the other woman for visible injuries. A habit, it seems. But look is all she does. She is not so impolite as to ask, "I would enjoy a chance to hunt and range as once I did. And I have knowledge of the woods and the game trails that will make the gathering and the hunt easier. And we have methods of quick tanning that would do for the hides, so that all that can be brought back could be brought back. And perhaps, we will see what we may see of bandits, both noble and mean." But as the conversation turns away from her, she's quite content to fall silent for the time being.

Offering a bit of a nod and a smile at Ilaria, Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he glaances over at Kamron. "Ser Kamron is fine, at least until a bird decides to land on his shoulder," he offers a bit lightly. "It's good to see you are recovered, Lady Ilaria." He looks between the others again now, offering them all a bit of a smile.

Justin moves his right hand to the left side of his chest and smiles, "My ribs seem to have taken no harm in carrying you up to your room, lady Ilaria. You are light as a feather when fainted away with fright." He grins and even if it had ached his mending ribs, Justin's not about to admit to it, no. Back to Liliana, Jerold Terrick's third trueborn son gives a faint nod, "I'm not supposed to draw bow," yes there's a glance to /you/ Nathaniel, keep your mouth shut. "Nor heft spear for a few more weeks lest Mistress Dania and lady Muirenn scold me most soundly. However, I can go as tracker to scout. Unless of course we do not depart for a few weeks yet, then mayhap I can get away with a bit more participation."

Kamron nods solemnly at Ilaria's words to him, "I might say so, Lady Ilaria, but I'm sure that My Lady Saffron would be wroth with jealousy." By his tone, he's teasing, and the laughter behind his words continues as he pats his distinctly plain clothing down, raising little puffs of dust, "Healthy, hale, and dusty." He lets Justin deal with the serious business for now, although he blinks at the mention of carrying Ilaria 'upstairs,' his eyebrows raising precipitously. Thankfully for the two involved, most likely, he is distracted by Nevan's approach, looking over to the armed and finery-clad man. There's a pause, then he offers out one hand, "Ser Kamron Mallister. And you are, ser?"

Brennart comes walking into the market looking around for one of his family members and spots his brother with a group of fairly familiar folks and heads over that way as well because lets face it Nevan gets into boring trouble without more Erenfords to make it more fun.

Ilaria studies Justin silently as he jests about his ribs, but her eyebrows draw together in obvious concern. Still, the conversation turns away from him for the moment, and instead she pays closer attention to Kamron and Nevan with their hasty introduction. "Oh, he is Ser Nevan Erenford, Ser Brennart's younger brother," she announces, offering the Erenford a cheerful smile in greeting. "He possess the great ability to haze squires."

Justin discreetly jabs Kamron in the ribs, voice very low, "Her Septa /and/ her sistter were presant."

Nevan's brows raise at Kamron's name, a wide pleasing grin broadening across the younger Erenford's features as he takes Kamron's offered hand and gives a firm shake. "Ah, Ser Kamron! I've heard of you, at the forefront at the last battle with Rodrik, I'm afraid I wasn't in the thick of it that day. An honor to meet you, Ser," cheerily greets Nevan, bowing his head to Ilaria at the introduction. "Thank you, Lady Ilaria. Yes, Ser Nevan Murrough Erenford, 4th son of Lord Miraz Erenford, Lord of Heronhurst. Brennart is my eldest brother by a year - and I'll note, I was just having a little fun with the boy! He seemed to be in a bad mood, however, and perhaps I could have timed it better," comes Nevan's excuse for that, giving a helpless shrug.

"Then I think we will not need to worry. I can draw bow well enough for both of us, though I think my skill in the spear is not so well as you could find elsewhere amongst your men. You can find the game and I will bring it down. It seems a suitable partnership." Of the others conversations going on around her, she offers no comment. She knows too little, nothing in truth, of the events that are being spoken of. "I would never entice you to do anything that would bring the Lady Muirenn's wrath down upon you. Though it seems best to go sooner, rather than later. Summer is coming to its height and the game will be easier to catch. And hungry mouths should not be made to wait." And again, silence, as yet another new face approaches.

Noticing Justin's jab at Kamron's ribs, Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin. "It's the shoulders that's his weak spot, Ser Justin. Not his ribs," he deadpans rather lightly. He just listens to the others for the moments, unable to hold back a grin at Liliana's words, "Ah, my sister's wrath is something that's good to avoid," he remarks.

Kamron 'oofs' companionably at the elbow to his ribs, shaking his head in amusement at Justin. Ilaria's introduction draws a nod, and he adds, "Younger brother, and already he overtops me by a hand." Just a little good-natured griping from a man of strictly average height. Nevan's enthusiastic greeting draws a laugh from the man, "Kind of you to remember Pyke and not the Grey Gardens, Ser Nevan. If you were with us on Pyke at all though, it's an honor to meet you as well. The reavers fell to the combined weight of Westeros, and every man jack who was there played his part — and many still at home as well." From some men, such humility would be played falsely, but the Mallister man seems quite earnest. As the group of nobles grows and gathers, Kam looks down at his dirty, dusty self, shrugging a bit self-consciously, "If you will excuse me, Lady Camden, Lady Ilaria, Sers… I should really make myself a bit more presentable. I look forward to news of a hunt, especially with expert guidance."

"Yes, but he might jab /me/ back in the ribs if I jabbed his shoulder, Ser." Justin quips back in good humor to Martyn. He gives a nod to the new arrivals, "Ser Nevan, Ser Brennart, a pleasure to see you out and about. I trust Ser Otto's aching head from indulging overmuch in drink he did /not/ share with me, has not done him in?" Justin jabs in other ways today, it seems for Otto had offered to drink with him and went on about it by himself, the knave. The Terrick seems to be in good spirits however, since his head isn't aching.

Justin looks back to Liliana and gives a nod, "I would find that agreeable, Lady. I'm certain the lady Anais would be most pleased to join her bow with yours. And as for the lady Muirenn, she and I have shared the wrath of our tongues to chew each other out but we are still good friends. I think I can endure it if I must." Yes, he might dare it if there's hunting to be done. Justin then turns to hear Ser Kamron speak of the fighting against the Ironborn. "Certainly, Ser. I shall keep you informed of our plans and be most pleased to have you join us."

"It is a difficult thing, that it is hard times that would make such skills as we woman have for the field of arms of such good use, but I think she would be a welcome bow to the company. And if her hawk and mine yet live, perhaps we can bring them to service as well." That Liliana offers with a smile, before once again, her eyes are drawn away, this time to her second sworn sword, who is now returning from the road to the sept, "If you will excuse me for just a few minutes, I would see to my sworn, and hear his report from the Silent Sisters." A smile for the gathered and a group curtsey, before she slips past, moving easily enough to meet the man on horseback, now divested of the traveling bags that graced his saddle.

Ilarai notes the ever growing crowd, and she tugs quietly on Septa Shiella's sleeve. Heolla notes the gesture and takes her leave silently, heading toward the town square. "I was just on my way home to meet someone," she murmurs to nobody in particularly, glancing between the Sers and the Lady. She offers a dip of her head once more and an equally quiet "Good day to you Sers, my Lady." And then she, too, takes her leave, turning toward town with her Septa at her side.

Martyn nods a little as he listens to the various people, although at Kamron's mention of the Grey Gardens, one hand moves up to rub at his neck a bit, and he looks around for a few moments. "Take care, cousin," he finally offers to the other Mallister, offering a bit of a grin. He looks over to Liliana and Ilaria as they both seems to take their leave as well, before he offers a smile to Justin, "Fair enough, I guess. And I'm not sure, but maybe my sister is less wrath when it comes to friends than for…" A brief shrug, and a grin, "Well, me, I guess." Turning to offer a grin and a nod to the Erenfords as well. "Sers."

Brennart grins as steps up next to his brother, and gives the other knights there a nod, "Greetings m'lords and m'ladies, it is a pleasure to be out and about again and although I haven't heard nor seen my cousin in a bit I believe he may have ended up in a stable someplace I should find him at some point but I think he'll be a bit short with a headache. And he steps off to the side to allow Ilaria to head off as well as Kamron and then blinks, "I must have ruined the party again my appologies."

"You do have a knack for ruining parties, Brother," Nevan admits teasingly, nudging Brennart in the side with an elbow before nodding at those who depart. "Good evening to you all, and a pleasure meeting those I haven't already." At the talk of Otto, Nevan chuckles and replies, "Yes, some gutter or somesuch I'd imagine. Brothel maybe. I get a little sick just thinking about it, in fact, you're probably fortunate he dove in ahead of you. You'll have plenty of chances to plunder his stock, I do not doubt."

Justin inclines his head to those who are taking their leave, his gaze perhaps to follow Ilaria at the last as she departs. He once more clasps his hands loosely behind his back and turns his attention back to the Erenfords. The Terrick Sheriff gives a negative movement of his head, "No, you have not, Ser. I am given to understand that the lady Anais was preparing a letter for you to take back with you? Have you received it yet?"

Martyn watches as Justin's gaze seems to follow Ilaria for a bit, and reaches out to pat the man on the shoulder a bit lightly. "Yes, I know. The ladies of House Haigh has such an effect on people," he offers with a bit of a grin. Otherwise going quiet and listening to the Erenfords with a bit of a smile now.

Brennart shakes his head, "Not yet but she'd also meantioned that she may be sending somebody with me but as it seems you are short on spare hands to send on a task that may or may not be bearing fruit." He chuckles and shakes his head at his brother, "I may steal some of his alcohol but I'll not be following him into any brothels or gutters it wouldn't be healthy…"

Ah, Martyn noticed his watching her leave, did he? Justin shrugs, keeping his voice down, "There are rumors … of possible alliances to be offered between our Houses, Ser. Though who knows if anything will come of it." Still, he's single and male and his House is in serious need of such alliances to help feed their people. Justin is well aware of his position to be mariage bartered. He turns his attention back to the others to listen.

"Not following Otto is usually a wise choice," Nevan muses, folding his arms as he watches the conversation. This is interrupted, however, when a young boy dressed in Erenford livery bolts into the marketplace and looks around frantically, taking notice of the two brothers and scrambling over toward the youngest. "Ser Nevan, Ser Nevan! Yer horse is causin' all kinds of ruckus over at the stables, y'gotta come quick!" he pleads, huffing heavily afterward. Nevan rolls his eyes, shaking his head as he pats the boy once on the head and bows his head to the others. "Sorry Brother, Sers and Ladies. I suppose I ought to see what all the trouble is about, I'll try to make it swift. Good evening!" he speaks in farewell, jogging off toward the square with the boy scrambling after him.

Martyn chuckles a little bit as he hears Justin's words, "Well, trust me, there are far worse women you could end up with than that one," he offers a bit lightly to the Terrick, before he shakes his head a bit as Nevan runs off. "What kind of beast does your brother ride, Ser Brennart?" he asks, a bit lightly.

Going from speaking of possible marriages to asking a man what kind of beast he rides … well, for some reason that cracks up Justin. Man, does he try to keep a straight face. Be knightly! And all that. But he just can't help channeling his cousin Dmitry of late and asks drolly, "I didn't know Ser Nevan was married."

Brennart's face breaks out in a wicked grin as he's asked what kind of beast his brother rides, "I do believe…" He looks at Nevan, "That my brother here tends to ride any beast he can get his hands on. But I do believe his horse is a bit young yet and if it's the one I think it was when I left home a stallion with way too much spirit and not enough break."

It seems Liliana's conversations with her sworn does not take overlong, before she returns, to the group, new faces and old, her voice, for the moment, pitched low as she speaks to her handmaid, "Elise, I would not wish to keep Papa waiting longer than I have need to. All is well with the supplies, and if you have no business in the market that cannot be done on the morrow, I would be glad to begin the walk to the Roost." The redhead nods, and calls the two sworn over, as Liliana completes the walk back to the group, pausing to dip her head in Justin's direction by way of getting his attention. The men she does not know are offered polite nods of greeting, but she does not interrupt their seeming camaraderie.

Nedra hasn't exactly been the most sociable of late, but then this isn't exactly the best place or time to be either, and having access to the Library at the Roost has occupied her time for several days straight. Keeping herself busy seems to be one of Nedra's main pursuits and she'd spent the better part of this day making a rather well plotted survey of the vendor's to be found here in the market, the shop keepers found more within the work-in-progress of some of the buildings and, oddly enough, alternately down at the beach or consulting with some bit of parchment upon which she is making some manner of notations. She emerges from one of the last shops on her list, retrieves the charcoal pencil from behind her left ear and makes a few more notes before glancing up at the sky to get a good read on the hour. Accompanied by one of her guards and the ever-present form of her Septa, Nedra tucks the pencil behind her ear again and stands in the shade cast by the nearest awning and studies her own notes.

Blinking for a few moments as he sees Justin's reaction, Martyn shakes his head a little, especially as he hears that joke. And so he can't help holding back a bit of laughter as well. Shaking his head after a few moments. "He probably didn't know himself, if I judge from these Erenfords and their drinking abilities," he comments finally. "No insult meant, of course, Ser Brennart," he offers quickly. He then straughtens a bit as Liliana returns. "Was it good news, Lady Camden?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Nedra isn't noticed yet, unfortunately.

Oh yes, straight face. Justin looks perfectly innocent of anything that had just come out of his mouth. It was rather out of character for him anyway, usually the serious and quiet son. He notices the lady Nedra near by and though he might speak with her, Liliana draws his attention, "Welcome back, Lady Camden." To them all he adds, "I should be getting word back to the lady Anais concerning the hunt. She will be pleased to set those plans into motion."

Liliana nods, offering a smile to Martyn's question, "Quite. The Sisters will be well supplied, at least for the next month. If we are very lucky, perhaps closer to two. The land has not forgotten how to grow those things as can make their tasks easier, but it is silk thread and bandages that are in scarcest supply. But the Gods have been kind." A nod, for Justin, "If you have need of me for the planning, I shall not be so difficult to find. But, I think the day is growing late, and I wish to begin the walk back to the Roost before full dark. I ask only that you all will excuse me."

Nedra is paying only a faction of her attention to what her Septa, Anathe, is speaking about. Something about a dress fitting and remembering to take her horse for a ride more often than she has been. Nedra nods in a absent sort of gesture, "Of course," is murmured before she rounds out the tally she's working on and looks pleased by the numbers. "Well, isn't that something," she muses. "It never lies you know," she adds as she glances up again, "math, I mean, it never lies, as long as - " she pauses, seeing the look on Anathe's face and hastily reels the words back in. "Right. So," and she glances around before spotting her cousin Martyn along with a handful of others she recognizes and lets her Septa tug her forward.

As he turns to depart himself, Justin puts out a hand to get Nathaniel's attention, "As you are a courier, would you like to take a message to my goodsister, Nathaniel? She will be much pleased if you would take news to her of Lady Camden's permission that Anais might plan the hunt. Unless of course you have some other duties of your own more pressing." Justin waits for an answer before he looks to Liliana, "I would walk you back to the tower, if it pleases you, Lady. I'm headed that way myself though I was going to walk up the coastline a bit ere I retire."

While others are talking, Nathaniel steps aside to the leatherworker's shop. He remains there for a while, but finally emerges from the shop, calling over his shoulder, "Tomorrow, then? Very well!" Soon he is strolling slowly away from the shop and into the open space where the collection of well-born lords, ladies, knights, and their personal servants.

Martyn nods a little at Liliana's words. "Of course, Lady Camden. And if this hunt you two speak of come to be, I will be looking forward to it, of course. It was a pleasure to meet you." He looks around for a few moments, and noticing Nedra, he offers her a bit of a smile. "Cousin, how are you? you just missed your brother not too long ago."

Nathaniel bows deeply to Justin. "Lord Ser, I am quite free and will be honored to deliver this news. The Lady Camden is most generous. I shall not delay!" He bows once more, and soon hurries from the market at a brisk trot.

"I am certain we will see each other again, Ser Mallister, and the pleasure was mine." A dip of her head to acknowledge Justin's courtesy, "I would be glad for the company, if you do not mind the long road. I have need to feel the good earth beneath my feet before I find my way to the keep once more." Liliana has not changed so much, even at the seeming end of all things, that she doesn't prefer grass and earth to stone walls. "I and mine are ready when you are."

"Did I?" Nedra asks of Martyn in return, "Bother it! I thought I had my schedule better set," she says with a sigh of sound. She offers a quick, albeit graceful, curtsy to the group at large, seeing Courier Corbitt heading away just as she's joining the mixed group of Mallister, Terrick, Erenford & Camden. "Good eve to you all," she adds as she straightens, "Lord Justin," she adds, holding the bit of parchment curled in one hand, "I had meant to sent a page, pray forgive me, but if I may have a moment of your time, at your convenience?"

Brennart steps off to the side slightly, "I'll return to the inn and see if my brother's horse hasn't knocked it down or if my cousin hasn't started another drinking song… But Ser Justin if you have the chance to ask Lady Anais about the letter for my father I'll be awaiting word at the Inn." He gives a quick bow and awaits a response or even a lack of a response before he heads towards the inn.

"I am not a man for stone walls and cobbled streets myself, Lady Liliana. We can go back by whateer path you prefer." Bluff, shore, or otherwise, Justin doesn't care as long as it's not along the road. "I need only fetch my horse I leave most days at the inn while I've duties in town." Incase he's needed somewhere in haste. Ere he might go to get it, he hears the Mallister woman, "But of course, lady Nedra. Have you met Lady Liliana Camden, the Lady of Tall Oaks?" And to Liliana Justin adds, "This is lady Nedra Mallister, Ser Kamron's sister. If there is no objection, you are welcome to walk back with us unless you need to speak to me privately."

Justin gives the departing man a nod, "Of course, Ser Brennart. I will urge her to not keep you waiting."

"Take care, Ser Brennart," Martyn offers, before he offers a grin to Nedra. "Well, he was a bit dirty after having helped with the building of a cottage." He goes quiet again as he listens to the others for now.

"Then I will wander as I will, and you will be my companion. Elise will bring the basket, in case we should find such herbs as grow best in the dim light, and those too, might be of value." Her expression does not change, but remains open and friendly, as another new face arrives, and she offers again a polite greeting, "I am glad to make your acquaintance, Lady Nedra. And if you have business with the Lord Sheriff, I am certain I can begin and he can follow, if such is your need. And we could pick up the horse on our way west." To the departing man, a nod and a glance, but little more. She knows him nearly not at all.

"Lady Camden, it's a pleasure to meet you," Nedra replies with a sudden glimpse of a smile, another cheerful nod accompanying her words, "I do hope your travel here was pleasant as has your visit been, thus far," she adds. Her attention shifts back to Lord Justin and she replies in a manner that is a trifle contradictory, "Yes and no, my lord, I merely wished to speak with you for a moment on something, it's not absolutely vital, of course," she adds shaking her head slighty. Her attention shifts back to Lady Camden, "I wouldn't wish to intrude," she says, crumpling the bit of parchment in her left hand, twisting it a bit in her grip.

"Well, if it will only take a moment, the Lady Liliana can go on ahead and as she said, I can catch up to her. She isn't visiting, however. She lives at Four Eagles and is a Ward of my father's, lady Nedra." Justin moves to step aside and hear what Nedra has to say, rather than to put her off. For all he knows it may pertain to his duties as Sheriff.

Martyn listens quietly for now. Glancing around at the various people in the marketplace for a few moments, as he humms a little to himself now. Looking a bit lost in thought now.

Liliana nods as she steps back, "I would not think to steal all of the Lord Sheriff's time for my own, and your business is likely more pressing than mine. Find us along the way, we will not be difficult to track, if your skills as a scout are as well as you say, my Lord." Again, that humour, as Liliana offers a final farewell, before she, Elise and her two sworn begin to head back in the direction of the inn's stables, Justin's horse, and the way west to the Keep.

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