Page 315: A Gift Worth Receiving
A Gift Worth Receiving
Summary: Alys and Riordan talk about horses, and her want to breed her mare, Shane. She offers to breed Shane with Riordan's wild tourney horse, Aemon. A deal is struck leaving Riordan most happy.
Date: 30/May/289
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Alys Riordan 
The Fortress of the Sevens: The Stables
The ancestral seat of House Nayland
Wed May 30, 289

This morning finds the Regent of Stonebridge inside House Nayland's personal stables. He is stripped down to his undershirt, as is his want with working with his equine friends, with his doublet hanging up nearby. Currently, he is inside the stall belonging to his black gelding, the one he uses for long distance travel. Murmuring quietly to the beast, the Nayland knight is very attentive as he brushes down the steed and looks it over for any injury or discomfort.

Hair bound at the nap of her neck with a leather strap the wild curls almost look tame despite the short tendrils that frame Alys' face. She wears her hunting greens, a full brown skirts split at the sides green bodice and brown leather breeches and boots. She carries an small basket in her hands loaded with apples and carrots. Alys walks into the stables and catches Riordan and lifts a brow, "Does the lack of clothing make the horses more comfortable, ser?" she chuckles as she approaches her horse Shane, blowing a tendril of curls from her face as she gives her a pat over.

"No, but it prevents me looking like I just rolled through a barn when I am done," Riordan says, after glancing around with a chuckle at Alys comment. The shirt he wears is still completely properly covering everything, and is still rather nice and befitting of a noble, with light green embroidery done up the collars and the cuffs of the white material. And, given that it is already covered in horse hair and a bit of dirt, his concern might well be justified.

"That is to say, good morrow, Lady Alys," he then adds, eyes sparkling. he turns back to his horse only briefly, giving it a last few strokes of the brush, before putting the tool up for now and moving to exit the stall so as to approach where Alys currently is. "Ah, so that is your beast, hrm?" he asks, admiringly.

Turning from Shane she flashes Rio a smile. "I jest, truely, ser." Now that she has his attention she curtsies, "I had thought of crossing on the ferry and going for a ride." she says politely. "My thanks again for entertaining me here. It has been most pleasant." Alys smiles brightly and grabs an apple from the basket with a flat palm she feeds it to Shane. "Aye, this is Shane. She is has some Sandsteed blood in her, the breed of horse found in Dorne. Lovely thing she has a smooth gate and is very smart."

"I thought that might be the case," Riordan says, though he seems even more impressed and pleased with the confirmation. "I've seen a few of similiar kind before, but never had the chance to do so up close. She's magnificent." He moves to stand near Alys, utterly caught by inspecting the beautiful creature. The horse, that is. "No thanks needed," he then says, genuinely, if rather distractedly. "I am glad to have you here for as long as you wish. At the very least, until my party, or whatever it is that my sister has planned."

"She was given to me for my ten and fifth name day." Alys smiles pleased that he admires her so. "She is nearly three, I should breed her soon." The Charlton girl admits, "Say, Ser." she turns to Riordan. "Might you have any studs you are willing to breed, or find worthy rather." She blushes at Riordan's distracted yet polite retort. "

"Then mayhaps I will stay until your party, if that would please you that is." Alys raises a brow slightly. "It is certainly a calm place here. The Mire makes one feel safe and it is well taken care of. You have very good servants who seem to care about the place, it shows." Alys nods and smiles. "So, what do you say, if you have a stud worthy I would be willing to breed twice for your benefit. Less she births two, albeit unlikely."

Riordan's eyebrows lift in surprise, but also in pleasure. "That would be the greatest nameday give of all, Lady Alys," he tells her. And indeed, turning back to the Charlton lady, he actually executes a rather deep, grateful bow. "My only regret is that I've none of similar breeding to continue her line. However…" he pauses, thoughtful. "Perhaps the charger I rode in the tourney?"

He gestures a few stalls down, where the snow white, muscled beast is casually munching on some of Riordan's special blend of feed. He if very particular of his horses' diets. "He is larger then her, but not too much to make the breeding uncomfortable I think. And with luck, any blend would be a good mix of the two. More suited to war or tourney, but also faster and more agile then the normal breed." For now, he only smiles and nods in regards to her appreciate for the Sevens. Right now, he is rather caught up in the idea of having his own horse with a partial Sand Steed bloodline.

She didn't think nothing of asking him so his excitement resonated to her. "Aye, well, ser. I will stay your care of and for horses is what made me come to the decision. I had not thought you had a similar breed, I should think it would be hard finding someone who has one of the breed."

She smiles brightly to see him that happy, "You are most welcome, ser. Oh yes, very strong, and very fast if the colt gains her size but the fathers strength. Her like are well known for their speed and grace, Shane is of no question, and she is quite beautiful, standing and in stride." Alys nods and smiles. "Now, let me see this horse of yours if you will?"

"Of course," Riordan agrees, simply and eagerly. Truly, he exudes all the excitement and passion of a young boy about to… well, get a most favored nameday gift, in fact. "This is Aemon," he introduces her, after leading her in front of the stallion's stall. "I found him wild, and rode him during my last tournament before the Invasion."

As was often Riordan's way, as Alys has no doubt heard, he often found pleasure in taming the wildest of the wild horses, breaking them in right before a joust so they still had a strong spirit for the event. "I named him for the Dragonknight, for his white coat, and for his spirit and loyalty." He does not go into the specifics of the horse 's qualities, for they are there to see for any with a knowledge of horseflesh. He is tall, and strong, and Alys has of course already seen him perform in the joust at the Tourney of the Twins.

Grabbing an apple from her basket she holds it out for Aemon. "The Dragonknight eh? Well, good choice, quite a famed and well respected, not to mention fierce Targaryen. Sad thing he chose the Kingsguard, he would have made a great king." Alys smiles and runs a hand down his soft nose. "Did he suffer any injury easily?" She asks Riordan of the horses steadiness.

"We would want to make sure the foal is birthed from two sturdy beast, little to no weaknesses in both. From what I know of Shane she was wild as well, broken enough to get her aboard a ship. How my father got her, I do not know but I am ever grateful he did." Alys walks to the side of the stall and looks over the horse. "Yes, I saw him at the Twins. I had noted that he ran quite evenly, that is good." She turns and smiles. "He should do nicely, Ser Riordan."

Smiling lightly as Alys is of course drawn into the history of the name, Riordan himself focuses on her question. "He is hale and hearty. I have fed all my horses specific diets that promote good health, and he has never been sick or lacking in any of his facilities," he says. And, as Alys makes her pronouncement, he practically beams at the red-headed young woman. "Excellent. If you like, I can bring him to Stonebridge when we return there, and we can begin the breeding at that time. That way, we can both keep an eye on them throughout the entire process, and see that there are no complications."

"Very good. That is what I like to hear." She looks over to Shane with slight appraisal a moment, as Aemon finally eats the apple after sniffing it for a long while. Alys giggles as the little hairs on Aemon's soft nose tickle her palm. Icy blue eyes look back to Riordan, "Brilliant idea, ser. Bringing him to Stonebridge should be much better I should think. I like being able to look after her, the birth of a new foal is something to see." she blows a short red tendril from her face and smiles. "Would you like to ride her, ser?" Clearly his excitement has her a bit excited as well.

"That would please me greatly, Lady Alys," Riordan says with a broad smile, his excitement gathering momentum not only at the previous offer, but this new one. He can't help but look over at Alys' mare in anticipation. "Perhaps after the noonday meal? We could even see if my cousin Jocelyn or my sister Roslyn might join us. I had thoughts to introduce you to them, in fact, as I think you might find them pleasant company."

Alys dips her head to Riordan, "Then it shall be done. She does not mind other riders. Though, you will have to make sure you brush her mane before you ride her. It calms her, then she is sated and will accept you." she smiles ever brighter. "Meet your sister and cousin? What a great pleasure Ser Riordan. I should like that very much. I do not know many a lady. And I am always willing to endure pleasant company. After mid-day feast it is."

She rubs Aemon's nose again before walking over to brush down Shane's mane, "I hope you did not find me to presumptuous with my offer. Even though I see it makes you very happy to accept, I believe I was far too forward. Though, I should think no harm done." she looks over her shoulder to speak to Riordan, pulling the tail of her hair over her shoulder as she does so.

"To my knowledge, horses do not court, my lady, so I think there was no harm done, as you say," Riordan says, laughter and warmth in his eyes at Alys' concern. "Have no fear on that count. Truly, it was a graciously made offer, and I am pleased and grateful indeed to accept it." He will walk over with her back to Shane's stall, watching the way that the lady tends to her horse. "I am not sure how I can repay the kindness, but I hope to. Though I think, should the foal turn well, and we each have one from this match, then part of the debt will be re-payed. I truly believe Aemon will sire goodly offspring from your Shane."

A small chuckle comes from Riordan's jest. "Of course they do, but as they cannot speak, we do not know exactly how." Alys grins at her counter. "I had thought if anyone I wish to broker a partnership with when it comes to my beauty Shane, it would be you. I have yet met anyone who loves their horses enough to remove their doublet to tend to them."

A warm smile graces her lips, " No need to repay me, you already have. I have broken bread and partook in salt at your table. You accepted me into your home with no question. And have been a most gracious host, that is payment enough I should think. I very much value kindness, ser. As you now know. As I do have an eye for quality. Your Aemon is a horse I could have wished no better." She smiles, "If the first be a male, he is yours. If the first be a female she is mine, and Gods willing, we should try again for a male. It should be goodly stock indeed."

"Perhaps you are right at that," Riordan says in response to Alys' return jest, laughing quietly. He then dips his head to her. "A deal struck, then. Thank you, Lady Alys. Truly." He smiles gratefully once more, before turning as his manservant, Stanley, approaches to murmur something in his ear.

"Ah, yes," he says, dipping his head before turning back to Alys. "If you'll excuse me, Lady Alys, I am afraid I've something to attend to. But I shall look for you after the noon day meal, and we and whoever else who wishes to join us shall tour the countryside." And he'll get to ride her extremely magnificent mare.

"Indeed" Alys replies and curtsies when he makes his leave. 'Very good. I will prepare Shane, Ser Riordan. After midday feast then." She nods and turns back to her horse after he is out of sight and begins to brush her down before cleaning her hooves.

Riordan dips a bow to Alys, retrieves his doublet, and then exits the stable. And even once he is buttoned up and proper, he still moves with a light step and easy cheer, clearly in good spirits.