A Folly in the Night
A Folly in the Night
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 28/06/2012 (OOC Date)
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Coastline near Seagard.
June 23, 289

The moonlight spilled over Seagard, the pale light lighting up the walls along the waterfront. It smoothed away the scars of battles of the past, making all seem new and virginal. It could still be fresh and young, ready to do its honor when the time finally came.

The young Katrin Haigh found her feet carrying her along these shores this night, unable to sleep, unable to be surrounded by people. Slipping free of people was easy, especially so late in the evening. But it was a matter of finding a place where she did not feel their judgments and desires bearing down on her.

Moving away from the evidence of man's influence, Katrin came across a small section of land riddled with rocks with one large enough to stand as a throne to her tiny and desolate kingdom on the beach. Settling in, she brought out the letter she had been so desperately trying to write all evening.

Dear Father,

I hope that this letter will find you well. I know that in the past, we have never agreed on much, and that in this moment, you may find it in yourself to hate me, but… as your daughter, I hope that in the future, you will have the heart to understand what I am about to tell you.

Her quill paused here in scratching across the parchment. What was she trying to tell him? Thinking back to earlier that evening, Katrin bit on her lower lip. Rafferdy had already left to speak with her Father, but there was still time to catch him. She could convince him to run away with her. They could ride until their horses gave out and let that be their new home. No one outside of the Riverlands would care about two minor nobles from bannerhouses of Frey.

I write to tell you that I am running away with Rafferdy. I know that you will never approve of him as a potential husband but I feel I must follow my heart. You always taught me the betterment of the House. But what of my personal betterment and happiness?

Katrin stared out at the water. She laid the quill down and considered the words she had already put to paper. Rafferdy was the very center of her world. The thought of not spending her life with him seemed unbearable. "Stranger take me should we be parted," she whispered.

Please do not blame anyone for what has happened. Everyone was diligent in their duties but I could not stop myself from seeing him. I know you told me to keep my distance from the Naylands. Perhaps you were right and if the advice had come sooner, mayhap we would not be in this situation. But Father, perhaps if you had cared a little sooner for your girls, I would not be so stretched to think it so important to choose based upon love, and not political advantage.

There was another pause as Katrin thought long and hard. It was true. Perhaps it was just a natural thing for any father in a noble's position, or perhaps it was specific to their own father. Politics had always come first. The House's standing had always come before the well-being of his daughters. Was it resentment that she felt welling up inside of her? Or the age-old bitterness that her father had not been there for her when she was growing up?

Biting at her lower lip, Katrin knew that she could not answer the question. He had taught her what she knew, and planted the seeds of what she would eventually become. True, in her middle-teenaged years, there were harsh words spoken and the eldest daughter had come to realize that she could out-wit the old man. But looking back, was that arrogance or the truth? Now, when contemplating her very own social ruin, perhaps it merely was the arrogance of age.

I do love you, Father. And Mother. Ilaria and Ian. But I love Rafferdy and we will be able to build a happy life together far from here. One day, I do hope that you can forgive me for what I am to do.

Tears dripped down, onto the parchment. He would never forgive her. She knew that. But that was not where the tears came from. The tears came from Katrin knowing that she could never send this letter. Never let this be the truth. It was nothing but a passing folly in the night. When morning came, she would instead resolve herself to the game. Never give up hope that her father would say yes and allow them to marry.

Her small fingers crumpled the parchment into a ball. More tears fell from her eyes. "I love him so much. It is unfair that we cannot be together," she raged to the crashing waves.

Rising from her rock, Katrin took several steps into the water, unconcerned with the hem of her skirt becoming weighed down by the water. Her arm raised and throwing as hard as she could, the small piece of parchment went arcing through the night sky, disappearing out into the wilds of the sea. Her words and greatest desire would be swallowed up by the vast unknowns of the ocean, never to be seen or heard of again.

In the emptiness of the night, she let out a pain-filled scream, uncaring of who might be about to hear. Katrin just wept. All she wanted was to cry out all of the anguish she felt building up inside of her. To be young was no boon, but merely a curse to try and survive.

Wiping the tears from her face, Katrin dragged herself from the water. This was her final resolve. There would be no more thoughts of running away, no more hopes of marrying in secret. She fed those ideas to the ocean's abyss, never to be seen again. She was determined now.

Consider the end. Her family's words. That was what she would live by.