Page 196: A Fascinating Book
A Fascinating Book
Summary: Luci and Dani have Corrie's book. ZOMG.
Date: 29/January/289
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Lucienne Danae 
Lucienne's Chambers
Rooms. They're nice and neat an there is hidden liquor.
Jan 29, 289

Lucienne's chambers are a spacious affair, whether by chance or by virtue of being the only (and therefore favourite) Terrick daughter. There's a fireplace, lit this evening to provide both light and warmth, and from under the bed she has retrieved her secret stash of alcohol, all neatly concealed in nondescript corked flasks. There's a few different little bottles of exotic liqueurs from gods-know-where, one of which has been emptied into a pitcher of sweet berry tea. Upon the bed, a large thing with many pillows, the little lady is in residence with her hands curled about a cup of the stuff, her nightdress hitched and her legs tucked up as she giggles along with Danae. "You can hardly taste it," she complains, eyes already bright and glassy.

"Can you hardly taste it because that is your third glass or simply because it is too sweet?" Danae wonders warmly, cheeks rosy with drink and nose especially darkened with freckles from her slow ride up to the Roost for a visit. She lays sprawled out on her stomach in her own nightdress next to Lucienne, her feet slowly kicking at the air and ribbons twisted against her skin. "I think it's delicious," she replies with a giggle taking a sip from her cup. The fingers from her free hand tap atop the cover of a thick Dornish volume, mischief crinkling the corners of her eyes as she looks to the other girl. A volume that was attempted to be opened at the beginning of this evening — only to be met with flustering and flushing cheeks and then tucked away hastily. However, as their cups have been drained it has creeped back into sight and into their hands.

Lucienne's cheeks take on an entirely flatterin shade of pink, and she answers that first question by tipping back her little teacup for another taste. Smacking her lips after (most improper, oh no!) she mocks a thoughtful face and decides, "I think it's too sweet. We should've used the other bottle." Not that it's preventing her from imbibing. She flushes again, even darker this time, as Danae taps that sinful book. Taking a deep breath, and sighing a deep sigh, Luci gives a series of nervous little nods. "Go on," she says. "Open it!"

Danae laughs outright at that decision, girlish and unaffected by more than the mildest sense of propriety. Blue eyes are bright with delight as she looks up to Lucienne with a lopsided smile, "Well, then. My lady I should not argue with your taste if you deem it so. Next time." Next time is a declaration to do this again — one she may regret come the morning when the hangover sets in. "Alright," Danea says slowly, licking her lips. She downs the rest of her own teacup for courage. Then flips open the book.

"Yes, next time," agrees Luci, with a sharp, decisive nod. She finishes off her own cup of tea with a few swift gulps, wincing at the sweetness, and sets the empty vessel aside in favour of a large, soft pillow to cuddle. Shuffling a little closer, she shuts her eyes tightly as Danae flips the cover, peeking one open to look at the other girl after a beat. "What's the first page? Is it letters?"

"It's letters," Danae affirms with a stern dip of her chin, fingers trailing over the title page for the book with somewhat giggly hesitation. Title and ornament in the olde style. "Should I flip?" That anticipation, paired with the evenings earlier horror can be heard in her question.

Letters are safe. Letters are something that Lucienne can open the other eye for, and turn both to scan over curiously without too much heat in her cheeks. "Ahhhh," she hums, now unsure. Another deep breath. And another. "Okay," she nods. "Next page!"

"Okay." Danae takes a deep breath, sets her empty cup aside with a somewhat wobbly gesture. Letters. Maybe it'll be more letters? Those are safe. Right? Finally, she flips to the next page and squeezes her eyes shut with a squeak. It is a man and woman, intertwined as men and women do…together. Eep!

Luci tangles her hands in the folds of her hitched-up skirt, grabbing at the fabric nervously. As Danae turns the page, her own dark eyes widen, staring blankly at the picture. Her knuckles whiten as her fists ball tighter, and then one snaps open to cover the gape of her mouth as it dawns on her what - exactly - she is looking at. She gasps. And then gasps again. "Oh," she says, bluntly. "Oh!" She should look away, shouldn't she? She doesn't.

At that sound of Luci's voice, Danae slowly spreads apart her fingers to peek at the page — her hands having come up to cover her eyes amidsts her nervous flushing. Blue eyes peek through the shade of her crossed fingers, widening as she stares down at the entanglement drawn onto the page in front of them. "Lady Corrie said…this is what they do in marriage," she says, low voice pitched a little too high for normal.

Lucienne keeps her hand pressed against her mouth as she smirks, finally shifting a glance away from the page to Danae. She peels her pinky and ring finger back, the others still pressed under her nose, to murmur softly and scandalously, "I know. Have you ever…?"

"Not…this, no," Danae protests, turning pink as her feet still in the air, crossing awkwardly at the ankle. Her hands slowly fall away from her eyes, gaze flitting to the book and back to Lucienne. "Have you…?" She wonders breathlessly.

Lucienne presses her hand back flat over her mouth, eyes widening disbelievingly at Danae. "Not… this? No, me either, not this." To support her answer, she shakes her head vigorously, eyes landing upon the picture again. Uh-uh. Not this.

There's a somewhat flustered huff of a laugh as Danae dips her head is sharp, acknowleding agreement. Okay. So neither of them this. Swallowing thickly, she casts another look towards the book and says, "I believe you, on my honor." A long heart-beat's worth of silence follows her words. That page is mesmerising in it's own right. "Have…anything?"

Lucienne closes her eyes, not quite able to face the picture anymore, nor her guest and friend. Deep breaths seem to be the order of the day, and instead of answering Danae, she prompts, "Why don't we look at another page?"

"Gladly." This time Danae sliiiides the book across the bed towards Lucienne. It is her turn to flip.

"Oh," exclaims Lucienne softly, taken aback by the glide of the book toward her. "Oh, alright." She steels herself, clenching her teeth a little tighter and… flip! The next page. It shows a man and a woman too, only this pose is no threat to anyone's maidenhood, IYKWIMAITYD wink wink nudge nudge. The man certainly seems to be enjoying himself, with a smug smile quilled in on his little flat face. Lucienne doens't gasp this time, but the tips of her ears flush pink, and blush creeps down her neck, too. She keeps her mouth firmly shut.

Fingers curl into the sheets of the bed; Danae watches Lucienne's steely flip of the page of the book with wide eyes. The next page. The small blonde's jaw drops a little, flush quickening its way over her skin to where it seems to coat her from head to toe. Oh. My. "She…Oh." Uhm.

Lucienne wriggles back a bit from the book. It might bite! How did it know?! She disguises her guilty look by shifting around until she's on her tummy like Danae, staring again at that page. Oh, that wicked, sinful page! "She - yes." Luci clears her throat.

Danae wriggles over on her elbows, shoulder brushing against Lucienne's as she shifts into a better angle of sprawl on the bed to accommadate the other woman's new position. She continues to stare at the book, tipping her head to one side in tipsy inquistion. "It doesn't seem like it should fit," she comments softly.

At that, Lucienne giggles merrily and jostles into Danae. "It doesn't," slips out before she has a chance to censor herself, and she promptly looks rather horrified. "I mean - !"

A giggle slips from Danae. It is quickly followed by her gasp of, "Lucienne! " She looks to the other woman with wide, fascinated eyes as a fount of new-found knowledge. "No? Really? …what was it like," she whispers in low, secretive tones.

"W- ah, ahmmm…" Lucienne is rather lost for words, and as red as a beet. She nudges forward an elbow to reach over and cover the picture with a hand. Dirty, dirty picture. "Uh," she says, absolutely ineloquent. "The lead up to it was better," she explains shyly. "Where - oh. Oh, hells. Oh, hells, I said hells."

That book is not nearly so interesting at the moment. "Oh," Danae drawls slowly, leaning her cheek into the cup of her hand as she reclines on one elbow, lazily watching Lucienne. The inquisitive tip of her smile doesn't disappate, especially with the new bit of shyly shared infomation. It's followed by a softer, more gentle, "Oh?" At least unlike Luci's hell spiel sets the blonde off into a fit of giggles. "You did, you said hells."

"So did you!" Lucienne squeaks in accusation, rolling back onto her side, away from the other girl. Her heart is racing, her breathing gone shallow and raspy. "Well… he kissed me. In the stables the first time, but we didn't - not that time. Ah. Um. That time - it was up against a tree."

Danae just giggles harder covering her face with her hands, dropping down onto the mattress in a flounce of blonde curls. "I did!" She'll be okay in minute. Probably. Her laughter is of a hiccuping drunken sort as she calms, swallowing thickly as she rolls to her side. Calm, really. "Goodness," she whispers in reply. A tree. "I've been kissed."

"He pinned my hands up against the trunk and - oh, it was -" Lucienne sighs lustily, flopping onto her back to stare at the ceiling. Danae's laughter is contagious, and her shoulder start to shake as she echoes the sound. But wait! Her head snaps to the side, to look across the bed at the blonde girl. "Who?"

"Sounds—" Danae lets out a low breath, stalling as she sprawls indulgently on her side and lowers her lashes in thought. "Intense. It sounds intense and even a little terrifying," she offers finally with soft hum. Blue eyes grow wide as Lucienne looks at her with such sharp interest, then shift mischieviously. "Once…by a knight. Then again by a Riverlands knight more recently, I don't know if I should say who," she murmurs with a creeping flush.

"Anton is absolutely terrifying," agrees Lucienne, her voice thick with excitement. Obviously he is not terrifying in a bad way. Ahem. She narrows her eyes a little at Danae, and turns back over to scootch closer. "You have to say so, now!"

Danae's sliver of a smile is soft and quietly delighted for her friend. "It sounds like you enjoy that. The Oldstones men seem…fascinating," she agrees softly. Ahem. There is a rise to her fair brows as Lucienne scootches forward with pointed intent, eyes going wide as she shakes her head. Nuh-huh. "I shouldn't!"

Lucienne smirks, keeping her comments on the Oldstones men to herself. She has bigger fish to fry, says the pointed look she's giving Danae. She whispers, leaning in close and overpronouncing the consonants, "Was it Ser Gedeon?"

The blonde rolls onto her back to inch farther away from Lucienne's increasinly vulpine look, squirmingly slight against the sheets as her blonde curls frame her face like a halo. "No!" Dane covers her indignant mouth with bright flush, mutterign through her hands, "Ser Gedeon has been nothing but a friend and a gentleman."

"— He's entirely too proper, I can't imagine him kissing anyone, ever," supplies Lucienne all judgily. "Was it really? If not Ser Gedeon, then who?" Her brows quirk quizzically, and she mentally ticks through a few Riverlands knights. "One of the Freys? A Nayland? I could kiss Ser Rygar, if he weren't already married," she titters, ducking her head to stifle another giggle behind the back of her palm. And then… wait. Her eyes widen a titch, pupils wide in the dim evening light. "It wasn't Ser Jarod, was it? My brother Ser Jarod?"

Luciennes all too juicy supplication causes Danae to giggle beneath the curve of her head, eyes bright as she looks up at the dark eyed Terrick lady. "A — Seven, no. It was not your brother, Lucienne," she offers hastily. "Not that he isn't a lovely man…but." No. "It was a Nayland. Not the greater Ser Ryger…there is something in his sternness, is there not? He is a most authoratative man." Ahem. "No, it was Ser Riordan," she answers finally, giving in with a smile.

"Oh thank heavens," says Lucienne, releasing a tightly-held breath. "Not that he isn't a lovely man," she echoes, somewhat wry. But there are greater revelations to be had than what kind of man her brother is, and Luci practically squeaks with delight as Dani reveals her mystery man. "Ser Riordan," she breathes, gushing in a suitably inebriated fashion. "Oh, well he's very handsome. Is he… you know." A good kisser?????!!!?!?!?!!!!????

"I am fairly certain, m'lady…that sharing secrets in your bed about your brothers would make this a highly awkward engagement of our friendship," Danae offers dryly, settling a hand behind her head. A small but utterly genuine grin splits her features at Lucienne's squeak of delight. "He is very handsome. He…" There's a pause and another flush of her cheeks as she laughs, "Yes. Tender. I thought my heart might beat out of my chest…at least at the time."

Lucienne tilts her head in a more subdued way now, touched by that explanation. "Ohhhh," she murmurs, "That sounds terribly sweet." She reaches out almost idly to flip another page in the book. Ohboy. Is that… that is. There is actually no boy in this picture. Luci blinks a couple times, and looks back up to Danae. "Ah - um. So. Ser Riordan." She clears her throat again.

"It does, doesn't it?" That is not an…entirely happy statement, Danae looks somewhat sad as she rolls back onto her side to get a better look at the book. Whooboy. That…that definitely is. The blonde stares at the book with wide eyes, missing Lucienne's turn until she speaks. "Uhm. He's away at the fron — I think we need more of that tea." She sits up abruptly, grabbing her glass and reaching over to pluck Lucienne's off the table before scurrying over to the pitcher.

Lucienne catches that hint in Danae's response, and her mouth twists in something of an apologetic way. It's not quite a smile, but certainly not a frown. But the book, oh that fascinating tome, grabs her attention as the other girl hops up quicksmart to fetch more tea. "That's… at Seagard, is he? This - oh." She tilts her head to look at a different angle, puzzling over the two women in the picture, sneaking out a slender pointer finger to trace over the foreign image hesitantly. "They…"

They are going to need the renewal of their humors with the pull of that book. "Yes. At Seagard." If there are other complications to the matter they go unmentioned this night. Once the tea is poured, Danae slips back onto the bed next to Lucienne and carefully edges in close, trying to not spill a drop. She offers the other maid her cup, taking a long drink from her own before she is read to look back to the page. "They?" The question comes thickly; she squints at the page through blonde lashes trying to make out the meaning of the twined bodies.

Lucienne is kind enough not to push for further details, but probably only because she's so caught up in the book. She takes her tea gratefully (which means her hands must clear the page), and imbibes a quick few sips after her gracious little, "Thankyou." She blinks. "Well, I - they must find some merit in it?" Her eyes scan over to the adjoining page, in case there be some textual explanation to accompany the illustration.

"My pleasure," is murmur softly in response to Luci's thanks. Settlingly herself with her legs crossed beneath, Danae leans in to peer at the page quizzically, repeating Lucienne's own gesture of trailing a finger over the drawing. She is silent as she continues to sip at the brew for a moment. "They must…some of those are the areas the men hand their hands on? Perhaps it is a pleasurable thing."

Lucienne blushes at Danae's observation, ducking her head some and tilting her teacup back for another sip. "Mmm," she agrees quietly, her cheeks still pink as she exhales sharply, not daring or not able to tear her eyes away from the girls in the book. When in doubt? Drink more tea.

Drink more tea is the action of the hour. A slight hiccup just happens to accompany one of Danae's lady-like sips as she continues to stare at the page. Her fingers trace along the figures inquisitively, trying to unlock the puzzle of the women. She abruptly flips to the next page, which bears another image of the same although this one is a variation on an earlier act. "Oh."

"Oh!" Lucienne blinks her eyes wide, almost dropping her teacup as she startles. "Oh, my." This page gets her undivided attention for a good long few moments, not even forsaken for a sip of tea. "That is… well, I can see why that would… nevermind!" If she was pink before, she's scarlet now.

Perhpas Danae merely lacks…experience, but this page garners the same sort of flushed but quizzical attention as the previous one. "Ah — would it?" She frowns and takes another sip of her tea.

"Oh yes," says Lucienne quickly, bobbing her head in a nod. And then she sips her tea. "Not that I - not with a girl - um." Gosh, this just the most embarrassing conversation ever. Luci clears her throat, and lifts her teacup again. That's twice this pose.

Looking every bit the startled bird, Danae's brows arch high on her forehead as she looks to Lucienne, pale eyes wide and bright. "That works with /men/ too?" Gosh and golly. She takes a stouter sip of her tea, cheeks bright as she looks down at the book again. "And it's pleasant…"

Luci turns her face to regard Dani somewhat curiously, dark eyes washing over the pale girl. She bites down on her lower lip, and lifts a shoulder to shrug silently before heading back to her tea. "Very," she murmurs into the cup.

"Well, yes I understand they have mouths but…" Danae flusters and flushes, the two alternating like the flickers of a firefly until she finally settles. The Westerling blonde blows out a low, embarassed huff through her pursed lips and attempts to hide in her delicate tea cup. It's not a very good hiding place. "That's good." That's it's pleasant. Really.

Lucienne can't help but to giggle, her tea sloshing around dangerously as her shoulders shake. "Oh, Danae," she gushes, seeming more and more drunk by the second. There's something wicked about her smile, now. "You don't even… you should ask Ser Riordan."

Sputtering on a sip of tea, Danae squeaks, "I cannot ask him such! What am I supposed to even… No, Lucienne. That's far too improper. I couldn't. What should I even say, that while we were looking at book of whores this seemed like a fine idea?" The small lady extends a hand elegantly as if to give to a gentlemen, before she lets out a low laugh for the idea. That's a hell of a conversation starter, certainly.

Luci lets forth another torrent of giggles, dazzled and delighted. "Oh," she says between breaths, trying to compose herself. "Oh, goodness. Can you imagine? How… oh, how terrible!" She spends a few more breaths laughing before calming down enough to suggest (with the obligatory flush of pink in her cheeks): "What about - don't you have a handmaid?"

Laughter has a funny way of building, encouraging itself as another joins into the mirth. Lucienne's giggles send Danae into another low trill, almost whistling as she gasps for breath and is forced to hold her tea between both hands. "It would be an absolute scandal. Terrible. I could never look a man in the face to suggest such," she manages airly, eyes bright with tears of laughter. "Somewhat of one — not really acceptable for…" Ahem. Well, that. "I brought mostly guards when I came."

Lucienne burbles a last few giggles onto the surface of her tea as she takes another sip to finish composing herself. "Oh," she says, teacup hovering close to her lips, as in: that's a shame. "I - no-one?"

It is a bit of a shame. Danae shakes her head in beruffled embarassment; this conversation does little to ease the colour in her cheeks. Pale eyes are overbright from mirth and…well, tea. Tea which she continues to stop. "No, not really. I — no. It's quite alright though."

Lucienne gulps down mouthfuls of tea now, to the point that her cup is almost drained when she comes up for air. She shuts her eyes tight for a moment, as though the liquid were some strong, bitter ether and not the sweet liqueured tea, and then looks up at Danae, sympathy evident in those deep brown eyes of hers. "Well. I - I mean, yes. Someday, hmm?"

"Yes, someday. Perhaps," Danae agrees, voice low if a little uncertain. The Lucienne is given a crook of a half-smile, tea cup half-settled on the Westerling's knee as she sweeps some of her hair back over her shoulder. A little remains in her cup, blonde lashes sweeping against freckled skin as she turns back to the book with quiet curiosity.

Lucienne finishes off the last sip of her tea and promptly announces: "Next page!" There are, no doubt, more intruiging and blush-provoking poses illustrated throughout this book, as well as detailed how-to guides, and it is not unfair to say that by the end of the night they are far more familiar with intimate machinations than any maiden should be. For now, there's a scandalised squeal from Lucienne, for this page has two girls, and a man! "Oh, heavens…"