Page 183: A Drop for the Humors
A Drop for the Humors
Summary: The medicinal qualities of booze and conversation for Danae, Aron, Cherise, and Erik.
Date: 16/01/2012
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The Crane's Crossing Inn — Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
Mon Jan 16, 289

Between the news slowly trickling from men returning from afield, her relations taking a stay within the Inn's clutch, and the relative pleasantry of the atmosphere when paired with a stine of cider, perhaps it is no wonder that the afternoon finds Danae settled into one of the tables at Crane's Crossing Inn. Her guard lingers at hand, but a little away from his lady to give her an element of privacy in the safety of the Inn. Garbed in green and gold, she has chosen one of the tables near the firepit and the light causes her hair to shimmer as it catches fancifully.

Footfalls on the steps herald the descent of Aron from the upper levels of the Inn. He moves with a feline grace, despite a faint stiffness. Carrying a goblet of wine, the man makes his way toward the firepit. He is dressed in black silk today, the better to hide any blood seeping out of the wound to his gut. Lifting the goblet in the air as he passes a barmaid, the haughty knight gestures toward her. "Get me some more, would you, pet?" He doesn't appear to have spotted Danae just yet, though he stands only a few meager feet away, warming himself before the firepit, a hand pressed across his gut.

Broken from her somewhat distant observation of the firelight's flickering, Danae looks up towards Aron with widened eyes at the sound of his voice. She delicately settles her stine of cider on table as she regards him for a moment, raking his form for any sign of signal or regalia to denote his house. "Good day, my Lord" she greets softly, once she has finished. The silk alone is not the cloth of a common man.

With a pivot of his head, Aron takes in the young woman seated nearby. He grins, turning fully and offering a faint bow of his head. "Good day. I am Lord Ser Aron Haigh, my Lady." He seems to catch the woman's humorous attempts to identify him, azure eyes sparkling with mischief. Taking a slow gulp of his wine, he asks "What have the cooks prepared for the main dinner this evening?"

Danae smiles slightly and tips her head in a graceful incline of her chin, before standing briefly to offer a small curtsey. "Well met, my Lord Haigh. I am Lady Danae Westerling," she replies gently. She resettles her skirts with a careful brush of her hands as she takes her seat once more, blued gaze cool and considerate. "I believe I heard talk from one of the maids…some mutton dish."

"Mm. Mutton. I think I shall be subsisting on a liquid diet this evening." And Aron does just that - lifting his goblet and taking a lengthy gulp, before looking aside at the young woman with a waggish eyebrow. "I'm quite certain, Lady Westerling, that it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Or shall be, once this itching ceases to distract me." The hand pressed against his gut rubs lightly, drawing a wince from the man. "How very unfair. When it does not hurt, it itches. And if you scratch, it hurts worse." His tone is dry, a man observing some humorous dilemma. "No matter. You must be related to Lady Cherise Charlton, no?"

"The sort that will do much for your humors and little for your headache, then," Danae suggests dryly, raising her brows in return. "Then it is a shared one, Lord Haigh. Itching?" Her sharp eyed gaze catches that wince, then slides towards his gut with a furrow marking her brow. "Please sit, Lord Haigh. The slack may well ease the pull of the healing, besides it would be more companionable." For she is short and he his a lengthy way to look up to speak. She gestures towards the chair across from her with a smile. "Indeed, I am. Are you well acquainted with my cousin?"

"Actually, I've never met the woman, but I fought with her husband. Ser Aleister had the good fortune to come through this last battle without a nick, the lucky rotter." Aron takes the invitation, sliding into a seat with another faint wince - he seems to be trying to hide them - and sips his wine. "My diets always tend toward the liquid, when I'm not able to ride. My sister claims that once, when a poor lance wrenched my shoulder awry, I broke a Maester's nose. I'm afraid I do not recall." The man grins, pure innocence apart from the dark twinkle in his gaze. "Tell me, what -has- brought the Westerlings to the Cape?"

"That I am delighted to hear, fair hand as I know my good cousin to be in battle it is well that he came out unscathed…" Danae trails off with a soft, pleased smile for the news and takes a sip of her cider. Listening to his story, her wince for the maester's plight is accompanied by a gentle chuckle. "I am certain he was not keen for the next lance he had to remove then. Although your poor diet to be hindered so, does it pain you much?" She brushes a lock of blonde hair back behind her ear and smiles pleasantly at his question. "In theory, the business of trade however I think that is a matter to be somewhat delayed with the recent events."

"Pain me? No, not at all." A clear and blatant lie, but the young knight carries it off with aplomb. He gestures loosely with his off-hand to explain. "I simply and completely despise being -slowed-. There is still a war to win, and then the tourney season, and here I sit." He takes another drink of wine, gracefully wiping the back of his mouth. "It simply irritates me." With a brief smile, the man shakes his head. "You'll have to forgive me. I'm told that I'm a very unpleasant drunk." And drunk he certainly is - though the young knight does not slur, his eyes have a glassy look to them, and he carries himself with the overly-precise movements of a man making every effort to seem sober.

"Well…if you're certain. Although I know for a fact that there are several excellent herbalists in residence who might be able to take an edge off, should you develop one of course," Danae suggests sweetly, without denying his manly claims of invulnerability. "It may not hurt to consider it and would certainly make it easier to move." Pausing she takes a slow draught of her cider, fingers playing at the curve of the stein. "At the moment you are fine company, my Lord," she assures, although likely those pointed markers are noted — even if they are not commented upon.

"Then I'm not trying hard enough to offend, I suppose. I have a reputation to live up to, you know." And the man does have a genuinely unpleasant reputation in some parts - a habit of vicious tempers, it is said. His dark eyes study Danae in silence for a time as he sips his wine, before offering up another charmingly-even smile. "I do not take milk of the poppy," he finally admits. "I find that even afterward, it slows me. Better to find other ways to dull the pain, no?" Taking another gulp, the man smiles. "So. Trade. Perhaps you should meet my brother, Harlyn."

"I will not tell if you do not my lord. I would never attempt to engender a man's fearsome reputation." Pale eyes bright with intelligence and even a spark of humor, Danae smiles at the man across the table from her. It is unlikely she has heard the full for of his reputation, come from afar as she has. "Mhm. It is cloying and powerful. There are milder alternatives for some pains though. Although you have found one of them." A look is canted towards his goblet, gesture small and direct. "I cannot say I have had the pleasure. Is your lord brother involved in the same?"

"He is, and other things. A shrewd man, Harlyn, and I'm told that he tried to save me in the battle, after I was unhorsed. I strongly recommend that the two of you find one another - you might enjoy his company for its own sake, let alone profit." Aron's smile is a bit biting as he continues, his gaze traveling up and down Danae's form. "Tell me, Lady Westerling, are you not married yet? You're certainly of an age to be wed." His tone is clinical rather than inviting. "This trade business must be such a bore for you. It'd be much easier, would it not, to let a man take over?""

"He sounds most a exemplary man, your brother," Danae remarks with a slow smile, tipping her chin in agreement. "I am sure he would be equally estimable company, particularly with a shared topic in common." The small blonde watches him as his gaze blatantly travels along her figure, which is modestly curved and healthy, features schooled into a polite pleasantness. The pair have settled at a table near the fire, light dancing along Aron's black silks and Danae's gown of green and gold. "I am not as of yet, my lord," she answers simply. "In the contrary, I find trade quite invigorating even if it would be easier, as you say, to let a man take over. I am the one that my house sent."

"Ah, well. I am certain they knew what they were doing." The vague condescension of the knight seems to imply that he is certain of no such thing, but he smiles blandly and moves on. "Yes, I'll tell Harlyn to track you down, Lady Danae. I don't know where the man is. Perhaps enjoying the fruits of his heroism, off somewhere with all the other lads." His tone holds wry amusement. "It'd be the first time, I suppose." He seems to lose interest in the topic at that point, noticeably casting about in his mind for a new point of discussion. "Ah! So what goods did you bring? Silks, perhaps? My sister is always in the market for new dresses."

If anything, Danae's expression seems to grow sweeter at the Lord Haigh's condescension with blue eyes and a further guileless smile. "I am certain that they did," she agrees with a quirk of her brow. The lady lifts her drink for a long sip, casting a brief look about the room before looking back to Aron. "Metal goods, fine jewellery…things of that nature came with us. Several of the local craftsman came as well, a few of whom remained to take temporary residence in Stonebridge before the siege."

"Ah, jewelry. I've been meaning to have a necklace made, actually, for a certain Lady.." Aron trails off thoughtfully, taking another gulp of wine. If he notes the way Danae's demeanor changes, it doesn't show on his slightly-intoxicated features. "You say metal goods - arms and armor, or purely jewelry? Lannisters have some fine steel, and I'd be interested in a new sword. Always interested in new swords." Men and their toys. He settles back into his seat with a wince, exhaling and rubbing lightly at his gut. "Oh, did you want some of that mutton? Please, don't let me stop you from eating just because I won't be."

"They do very well at jewellery," Danae agrees, trailing her fingers along the delicate craftswork of her own necklace with a smile. "A fair few arms, but no armor. Which is well enough as armor is no good unless it is made to fit, lest it give way in battle. I am certain there is someone who could provide you with such, I could make inquiries if you so require." Boys and their toys, indeed. She dismisses his niceties with a smile and a wave of her hand. "Perhaps later I will partake, but for now I am fine."

"I'll have Harlyn look at your jewelry, then, when he meets with you." By the way Aron speaks of his younger brother, he uses the poor man almost like a servant. Taking another gulp of wine, the haughty young knight nods to Danae as she refuses food. "And of course, I'll have to see your arms myself. A sword must be the proper weight, after all." Eyeing his goblet, the man sighs and lifts it up. "Excuse me? More wine, pet." This to a passing bar-maid.

Heading into the common areas of the Inn from the private quarters, Cherise is flanked by two of her handmaids all dawning their cloaks as if ready to greet the conditions beyond this establishment. Crossing the greater room with the Lady Charlton at the forefront they would begin to make their way to the exit until the bright blonde hues near the heart catch the lady's eye. A small detour as she gestures for her maids to remain where they were. She closed the distance between she and the pair, her cousin and a familiar face. "Well met cousin." Cherise greets warmly to Danae with a pointed glance in Aron's direction. "I see we are entertaining good company this day?"

"And a cider for me," Danae adds, glancing briefly towards the bar-maid as she passes their table. The pair are seated near the fire, the lady in green and the lord Haigh in black as they are joined by the Lady Charlton. "Of course, my lord." As her cousin joins them, she flashes Cherise a warm and genuine smile. "Well met, cousin. New company, so well as good. This is the Lord and Ser Aron Haigh, he fought with your Lord Aleister so recently. Lord Haigh this is my cousin, Lady Cherise Charlton." She gestures gracefully from one to the other as she makes the introduction.

With a feline grace, Aron comes to his feet and offers a slight bow toward Cherise. Though the man's glassy eyes hint at intoxication, he is perfectly steady on his feet. Smiling evenly toward Cherise, he says "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Cherise. Your husband fought very bravely at Alderwood, and I understand he came through completely unscathed. You must be very proud." He resumes his seat with a faint wince, wagging his empty hand apologetically. "Forgive me for not staying on my feet, Lady Cherise. I'm afraid I wasn't as fortunate as your husband."

The door to Crane's Crossing Inn opens up to admit more patrons and this time it is a young lordling and his squire that steps through the entrance. The young lordling seems to be scowling at the younger squire, "Do you need me to clout you again, boy? It doesn't take that long to stable our mounts." Now, if it wasn't such a public setting then the squire may have been clouted but for now, Erik's and is stayed as he gives new instructions, "Go secure us a room, I will find a table. Now hop to it." Finally, he has a chance to take a look around the common area, noting that it is better than most inns he has seen on his travels but certainly nothing worth noting. The quality of the people is indeed a step up though, less commonborn around.

"And yet you live which is more than some unfortunate souls can not do Lord Ser. I heard your men fought bravely as well and yes I am very proud of my husband." The lady returns after introductions are made, her eyes studiously on the man's injured demeanor until suddenly takes an interest in her cousin. Briefly. However the finely dressed woman accented with gems and gold folds both hands before her rounded belly. "Do not let me intrude on your discussions…" She says to the two before landing her eyes on Aron, "My cousin is most delightful company. And ever the skillful woman with herbs. Perhaps she may be able to offer you something to ease those proud burdens?"

"Cousin please, join us," Danae bids, rising from her own seat to gesture towards a place at their table with a smile. Presumably one of Cherise's maids will pull it out for her, if with a gentle look from herself. Once she has seen Cherise settled, she returns to her own seat and folds herself into it. "I suggested some alternatives, yes."

"You're absolutely right, Lady Cherise - I did survive, and my men did fight very well. Which doesn't surprise me - they're fine men." Aron clears his throat, rubbing at the side of his neck. "In all honesty, I had better be getting back to my room. Too much time out here has worn me down." And Aron looks it - his handsome features are wan, worn-down. "I do thank you for your suggestions, Lady Danae.. I'll speak to my sister about some of those milder herbs. She keeps quite the stock, I know." Rising to his feet with an even smile toward the pair, his gaze noting Erik's arrival, the mildly-intoxicated Haigh knight bows slightly before beginning to move toward the stairs.

Not many in the Riverlands may know of House Jast since it is a House in the Westerlands, east of the Crag, but this particular lordling and his squire was at the Battle of Alderbrook. It seems like Erik had decided to return to Stonebridge after entering the Roost with the army and seeing nothing to his liking, a charred town usually means little entertainment to spare and a Keep recently lifted from siege the same. On closer inspect, one may see some bruising and bandaging behind the collar of Erik's doublet on the right neck and shoulder area.

On his way to find an unoccupied table in the commons, Erik passes by the Haigh Knight and returns the bow in kind though no words are exchanged as the other man appears to be on his way out. The Lordling's squire is already off to do as commanded while the young lord himself moves towards an empty that just happens to be next to the one Danae and Cherise are situated at.

Cherise would come to sit beside her cousin, Danae, after a chair has been pulled out for her. A cast of sympathy is visually extended for the sufferings of the Lord Ser, "I will have your swift recovery in my prayers." She offers upon the man's departure, following his wounded movements until noticing the tall figure chastising his squire. Nothing too uncommonplace for Aliester is known to do the very same. After Aron has departed Cherise speaks to her cousin without giving the woman her pale blue eyes. "A few days after healing will perhaps lighten his spirits. Though I am glad to have encountered you, there is something weighing on my—" When Erik comes to sit nearby, the lady Charlton is inclining her head politely, "Lord Jast." From this distance she could notice the emblem of his house, though which one she had not known.

"And mine as well," Danae murmurs, following her cousin's words with a gentle smile for the Lord Haigh. The two cousins are alike in the trace of their gaze, although she merely glances towards the door at the chastising entrance before looking back to Cherise. "It seems like, although should he only heal by vessels of wine — he may find it to be the wrong manner of spirits he finds himself in." Raising her brows when her cousin trails off, she adds a quiet, "Oh?" before looking towards the lord. "Good day, my lord."

As greetings are delivered from the neighboring table, Erik turns his attention to the two ladies before he takes a seat and chooses to remain standing while he returns the pleasantries in kind, eyes first on Cherise and then Danae, "Good day, ladies." Since women do not usually wear badges of identification and whatnot, it is hard to place them and the young lord is a new arrival to this part of Westeros. Dipping his head in his own bow, Erik smiles at the two as he continues, "I am Ser Erik Jast and am most pleased to make the acquaintance of you two ladies."

"Well met Lord Ser." Cherise relays warmly, her head turned just enough to keep both the visions of her cousin and the male in sight. "I am Cherise Charlton and this is my cousin…" An open palm notes gracefully to the nearby female, "Lady Danae Westerling." Introductions made the woman then asks, "I had not known House Jast would be heeding the call to arms. Have you just arrived?"

"A pleasure indeed," Danae agrees with a gentle smile, looking up at the knight and folding her hands against the table. She dips her head in a elegant nod as her cousin offers introductions, listening curioustly for his answer.

As names are put to faces, Erik graces both ladies with a warm smile as he nods again as introductions are made, "Lady Charlton, Lady Westerling." Repeating the names as if to taste the words on his lips, "I have no had the chance to speak to my Lord Father about the situation back home, or where his levies and knights will be heading towards, as I had left home before the savages decided to taint these shores with their presence." There is a pause before the knight continues with his tale, "I was on the road when rumors reached me that there was trouble here in the Riverlands and I decided to ride here at haste with my squire to lend my blade to the defense of these people." And of course, to partake in the chance to bring glory to himself and his House. "So I arrived in time to help drive off those barbarians, though I would say the outcome was never in question."

In listening Cherise nods here head when appropriate as the man spoke, sharing his details and reason for presence within Stonebridge. "Those invaded in the Riverlands I am sure are ever grateful for your blade Lord Ser." She compliments over a brief glance to her cousin. "Is it your intent to remain here as well as now the battle is over and most should be returning to their lands."

Watching the knight to a fringe of blonde lashes, Danae inclines her head as the knight offers his tale, a consummate and quiet audience without remark amidst its proceedings. "I think the Ironborn certainly felt the wrath of the Riverlands that day. There is much to be thankful for that so many men stood to hold her grounds," she adds warmly. Catching Cherise's glance in the corner of her vision, she quirks a brow at her cousin.

"That remains to be seen, M'Lady." Erik answers in response to Cherise's question, "If there is still Ironborn left lingering in these lands, then my place may be here. Though I hear that there may be a march down to Seagard as it is still under siege, from the most recent news and rumors." The young lord then nods in agreement with Danae's words, "Indeed, M'Lady. I was riding with Lord Flint on the right wing and the fighting there was brutal. But in the end, those who believed in the Seven and the Warrior prevailed."

Before more words could be shared, Erik's squire decided to return with his task completed, standing off to the side. The young lord does turn to the boy and frown slightly, "If you were able to acquire lodgings for us, then you best get our things moved in. Find some of the innkeeper's servants for help if you need it." Now, if the squire did not manage to find lodgings, there would no doubt be a clouting later. Luckily, the squire quickly nods to Erik before bowing respectfully to both Cherise and Danae before departing.

The men will leave once more seeking glory in the lust for battle. More time separated from their loved ones should they have any. Cherise does not appear to welcome the news of Seagard. "I pray for a swift end." She relays while laying an arm across her stomach. "And of course very little causalities." The woman needed to add before sounding to self absorbed. "Speaking of Seagard, cousin, my husband and I may be traveling to the Roost. I would extend an invitation to you in joining us."

The news of Seagard does not surprise. Danae's mouth thins slightly, reaching beneath the table she curls her hand over her cousins arm to offer a reassuring touch. "A swift victory is at most what can be wished for, Seven Bless. They will not leave without more blood on the grounds," she says softly. "I have met the Lord Flint, albeit briefly. A good man to ride with into the fray." As well as a heavily armed one. Looking towards her cousin, she tips her head in consideration. "I shall have to think on that cousin, if you would keep me availed of your plans."

With the squire dismissed and off to more labor intensive work, Erik returns his attention to the two ladies, "My apologies for that interruption, seems like I will have to teach my squire to learn some initiative later." As for the subject on Seagard and Cherise's wishes, the young lord can only smile, "Do not worry, we will ensure that the end is swift when we arrive at Seagard. We will smash the Ironborn line there as well and send them scurrying back to their ships." As for the ride to and from the Roost, Erik can only add a little bit to that conversation, "The roads between the Roost and Stonebridge here is once again safe. So it will be a quiet and pleasant trip."

That gesture of comfort is welcomed as Cherise quietly exhales. Still a part of the conversation she nods to her cousin, "Of course. And I will." While Erik relays his certainty of victory the woman smirks, "Hobbling would be appreciated." Adding in her own preference as to who the Ironborn 'may' return. "That is comforting to know the roads are safe." At least from Ironborn, bandits and starved peasantry is another thing. Cherise does quietly make her way to rise, "If you both will excuse me. It was a pleasure Lord Ser Jast and cousin, we shall converse at a later time. There is a room here my husband has procured so you may find me there." While there may be little found in the markets the woman felt the need for some air. Another march. Her head was inclined to both person before gaining the attention of her handmaids to follow her movements towards the door.

"I shall seek you later then," Danae agrees with a soft smile for her cousin, coupled with a squeeze of her hand. Once Cherise has left she turns her attention back to Ser Jast with an easy expression. "I am certain that all the Lords and knights will do as they may, but I had heard there is a good thousand salt-floaters at Seagard. How is it that you find yourself so easy, Ser?"

Erik manages to chuckle at Cherise's preference of how Ironborn retreats, inclining his head to the lady, "Hobbling and bleeding then, M'Lady." He then nods again as she announces her leave, "The pleasure was all mine, Lady Charlton, please take care." Then the young lord's attention falls on the remaining lady present, "Indeed, a thousand squids on the shores of Seagard from what the rumors say. When I made my way north, I was on the Kingsroad and had heard that there was a call to arms at Stonebridge to repel the invaders. The Kingsroad is still safe and will remain so until they gain a firm foothold on our lands, which will not happen, M'Lady."

There is a brief nod for Erik's words before Danae takes a sip of her recently filled cider, the bar-maid slipping in and out of their conversation without note by the lady. "Then by all means, the ground shall have to crumble out from beneath their feet. Their seas can take the lot of them back," she says with a touch of heat in her voice. It is like the flicker of a flame before a smile replaces it. "My apologies Ser, you would likely prefer to talk of other things than the news of the war you are so soon to return to face."

There is a slight shrug of Erik's shoulders as he doesn't seem too concerned about what the subject is though he can sense that Danae may have a strong dislike for the Squids, which isn't a surprise to him. "No apologies needed, M'Lady, we are free to speak of whatever you wish." There is a pause before the young lord glances about the common room again, "This is the second time I have arrived here at Stonebridge, though the first I was just riding though, towards the front. Seems like a nice quiet town, when circumstances permit. Have you been here long, Lady Westerling?" And by quiet, Erik means not a backwater place though Stonebridge does have a more rural atmosphere than some others, like the Roost.

There is little doubt in her words and manner for that to be other than the truth, along he might be ill-likely to meet a person of the Westerlands with particular care for them and even less to meet a Riverlander now. "Stonebridge has it charms, good Ser. It is a sadness that so many have come together only to face something so dark," Danae replies softly. Any defense of the town is mild, if favored with an attitude of visiting affection and not strong passion. "I have been here well over a fortnight, since before the invasion began. Where had been your destination before you heard word of the rally?"

"Sadness and tragedy is indeed the cause of this gather, M'Lady, but I believe there will be happiness and pride when this business of war is finished. There will be men who have risen up to the ocassion and perhaps make names for themselves, and people may find something within them they never knew existed, a self-discovery." Erik says as if willing to look for something positive out of war, for him it may be a way of life but for others like Danae, he understands it is an unpleasant reality. "As for my destination, that is indeed a good question. One I, myself, had not exactly determined. When I reached the Crossroads Inn, there were many choices but I ended up riding north without a clear goal. Perhaps all the way to the Wall, to see the fortification of legends." He ends with a grin, youth certainly in this young lord's blood as well as a sense of adventure.

"Perhaps for the men and the soldiers who have stood proud and brave in the fields, yes. There will be all those things that can only come with their noble success," Danae demurs softly, unable to share his optimism. Still, she smiles as a lady might and takes a sip of her drink. "Ah…I see you had found yourself on an adventure then, my lord," she acknowledges with a chuckle, eyes brightening at the turn of subject.

Erik can only smile and nod in agreement, "Indeed I have, though it isn't one of slaying dragons, wildlings, or creatures of the frozen north, but an important one nonetheless. I just hope that I am able to bring honor and glory to the name of my House so that the Riverlands may know of the men from House Jast, a name that will not be forgotten." He knows that the name Jast may not mean much around these parts, but he certainly has plans to change that.

Danae's smile curves in a lopsided twist as she rearranges her skirt with a flit of her fingers. "I should think, that you will find that Ironborn will bleed rather better than any of those to your glory. As well as be able to prove your deeds to men with a quicker readiness."

"Very true, easier to vanquish than other mythical creatures that are read to us from stories when were younger." Erik says with a chuckle, the confidence the young lord has seems to be ever present. The conversation the pair shares continues on for a little bit longer though it is again interrupted by the young lord's squire, though this time the boy isn't that close, but the waiting expression is seen by Erik. "My Lady Westerling, it seems like either my room has been prepared and ready or my squire has made afoul of things once more. So I must beg my pardon and excuse myself to see to things. Thank you for the wonderful conversation though, I am sure we will meet again in the near future." The young lord says as he rises to his feet before dipping his head respectfully to Danae.

Danae rises from her seat as well, dipping into a slight curtsey with a smile for the young lord. "That pleasure has been a shared one. I wish your well on settling your time in Stonebridge, I am certain that we shall speak again," she bids, looking up at him from her far slighter height. Farewells offered, she returns to her table to finish her drink and while away the firelight awhile longer.