Page 519: A Day at the Inn
A day at the Inn
Summary: A dreary day has forced some of those at Stonebridge to seek the comforts at the Inn
Date: 24 Dec 2012
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Crane's Crossing Inn
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
24 Dec 289

Obviously it had rained over night. And with the size of the puddles that nearly wash out the streets here and there, as well as the gullies and streams fighting to hold in the run off with in their banks it must have rained very hard. Over head dark clouds scurry on the stiff breezes with more rain threatening. Even the fishermen, who are used to inclement weather seem to have that beaten down look where they know that another day of fishing may be interrupted. But in the Inn of Crane's Crossing the fire crackles tossing out it's drying warmth. Hot meals of stew and other dishes are the norm for the day. Sitting back at one of the tables, one leg crossed over the other and reading a parchment is Perrin Haigh. One hand holds said parchment and the other toys with a mug of steaming tea, well it once held such for now it's empty. Oblivious to the serving girl who stands impatiently with a hot kettle until she asks "Ser I said do you want more tea?" Blinking as he looks up "Oh, yes, my pardons, please." And he moves the mug over to the edge of the table to be refilled.

After arriving in the early evening the day before, Aemy had taken a room at the inn and had not left it since her arrival, weathering the storm from the relative safety of her comfortable room with her maid as her guards had taken rotating shifts outside her door. As the new days dawns, the Erenford makes her way from her room to gather in the main one, accompanied as she does by her handmaid Kyra and.. unfortunately three guards. Redmond, Symon (the one freed after being falsely accused by her betrothed in the recent stabbing) and Danyel, the newest addition assigned her by Brennart himself.

Not really expecting to see anyone she knows as of yet, Aemy just peruses the room and does notice one familiar face among the lot. Taking a deep breath, she approaches the table where Perrin sits only after the serving girl finishes there and offers a tentative smile while dipping into a curtsy. "Ser Perrin, how wonderful to see you here!"

The Inn door comes bursting open, a young girl, barely more than three skipping into the large room. She's followed by a disheveled maid with maid stains across her clean dress. The girl, noble by the looks of her clothing and bearing, is dressed entirely in black with a little black bow nestled in her dark curls to keep them in some level of restraint. A young guard is in shortly after the maid, his armor a bit dinged up and he seems muddier than the maid. The last person in the train is Visenya Goodbrook nee Nayland. Though she maintains her regal bearing, the lady walks with a faint limp and mud splatters her own black skirts with a smudge across her pale cheek.

The voice of Aemy causes Perrin to look up then stand, the parchment set aside as he does "Why Lady Aemy. I didn't know you were here in Stonebridge." His eyes dart to the maid and the now three guards before they return to Aemy. He bows his head and moves to one of the chairs about to pull it out "Please, join me, won't you?" If she agrees he will of course pull the chair out and help her adjust it.

It is then that the arrival of the young child grabs his attention, then the maid, the guard and then Visenya. His brows go up as he takes in the looks of them, a hint of a smile comes "Seems that some fun in the mud has been had?" Perrin asks before he once more bows his head "Lady Visenya, it's good to see you again." He can't help but allow his eyes to look at the smudge on her cheek with a but of amusement.

Guards step back leaving her room, taking to watching the room, since there is no immediate threat to the lady. And no Ashwood in Stonebridge. Perhaps they could rest easy while on this particular visit, since it was unlikely any of the Ashwoods would make an appearance for long here. Kyra remains at hand, to care for her lady, and as Aemy is helped into a chair by Perrin, she does go and place an order for tea and perhaps some fruit.

With a warm smile, Aemy does take the offered chair and as she is settled in, expresses her gratitude. "Thank you, Ser Perrin, for inviting me to join. I only just arrived in Stonebridge last evening, having been invited by Lady Nedra to accompany her."

As the door opens again, the little girl is seen first and her smile widens, though of course the black colors speak volumes. As the remainder of the group file in, the Erenfords eyes widen and she looks away from those until Perrin greets them. Putting on as friendly a smile as she can muster for the Nayland, Aemy dips her head into a brief bow. "How.. delightful to see you again, Lady Goodbrook." There is only a very, very slight hesitation before she says delightful, but a hesitation it is, all the same.

With quick steps, Visenya swoops in to gather up the little girl in her arms, wiping her cheek against her daughter's to share the wealth of mud. "You just think yourself so clever, don't you?" she teases, tickling the the child's sides. The girl - Analyse Goodbrook - squeals with her delight, small hands clapping together. She seems to be a common sight at the Crane's Crossing for one of the serving girls comes up and dips into a curtsey. "Your usual, Lady Analyse?" she asks. And then remembers the mother. "For you as well, Lady Visenya?" The Goodbrook widow nods her head with a smile.

As she's hailed by Perrin, her smile brightens. "Ser Perrin, a pleasure," Visenya greets, even with the squirming child under one arm. "Have you met my Lady daughter? I am sure if I look hard enough, I might find her somewhere beneath this wildchild." But her eyes sparkle with affection and a deep love for the girl. Whatever she may be thinking of Aemy, it does not show on her face beyond the hospitality of a member of the host House. "Welcome to Stonebridge, Lady Aemy," she says politely. "I do hope you enjoy the hidden gems that our little township has to offer." Analyse waves her arms, eager to greet the new people, especially a knight! But her mother's grip remains strong.

"It is my pleasure, My Lady," Perrin says as he gets the chair just right. A single brow raises momentarily as he hears, well detects would be a more apt word, the hesitation in Aemy's greets "Oh, so you both know each other. How pleasant." Right, he is sure it will be. He moves to another chair "Lady Visenya won't you please join us as well?" He asks before he bends down to be on the same level as the little one "And what a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance, Lady Analyse. I am Ser Perrin and this is," he looks to Aemy "Lady Aemy Erenford." Straightening up he smiles to Visenya and grins "They are a handful at that age, but won't you please join us as well?"

Okay if there is any way to warm a heart it is the way a mother interacts with a child. Watching the Goodbrook-Nayland with Lady Analyse just draws another view of the lady. How could you not adore a child such as she? As her gaze settles on the little lady, it is with genuine warmth and a smile is offered. "It is a pleasure meeting you, my lady Analyse," Pleased when Perrin makes the introductions. Well it is inevitable, and her gaze lifts to that of the mother, "Thank you for the lovely welcome, Lady Goodbrook, I have not yet had the opportunity to explore the town beyond the inn, though I do look most forward to it." If her smile is several degrees warmer, she can blame it on having the child near.

"Thank you, Ser Perrin," Visenya murmurs as she accepts the offer and seats herself in the chair. Analyse is settled on her lap, though she hops down almost immediately to go right up to Perrin, her eyes big. "Another knight!" she says, delightedly. "Daddy was a Knight." The girl is very proud of this. But she does look at Aemy next and flourishes a wobbly curtsey. "Welcome to Stonebridge, Lady," she says solemnly, trying to mimic her mother. There is so much pride from the mother as she regards her child, but also fierce protectiveness. "There is much to see, Lady Aemy," Visenya offers. "I do hope that you do not miss even the most minute detail of our home."

There, everyone is settled in all nice and cozy like. Perrin makes his way back to his own chair, reaches for his tea when Analyse approaches. He leans again so that their eyes are at the same level "You are very correct, My Lady. I am a Knight. Just like your father. One day I hope to be like him as well for he was indeed a very brave Knight." He gives her his warmest of smiles and a bit of a wink. When he straightens up he nods to Visenya "You are welcome, My Lady." He sips his tea and can't help but watch the interplay between the two grownup ladies. "So, tell me, how do you both know each other?" His eyes go from one to the next as he waits for an answer.

All merry like, the four of them are all seated around the table. As the girl greets Perrin, Aemy just watches, perhaps imagining the day she would have a child of her own, listening to the way they all interact. Except for her brothers, Aemy was not close to her family, not really. When the lady comes to greet her, Aemy offers another warm smile. "Why thank you, my lady. I think you have quite a lovely home." Lifting her eyes to the mother, a nod is given accompanied by a quick flash of a grin. "I will do so, my lady, thank you for your hospitality."

Only at the question from Perrin does Aemy stiffen only slightly, looking between him and Lady Visenya. "We met at the wedding of my cousin Lord Ser Brennart to Lady Bryliesa Frey." Met is a strong word.

The serving girl who approached them earlier arrives back with a cup of tea for Visenya and some milk and little pieces of fruit for Analyse. "Dear heart, come sit and eat," she says gently to her daughter, holding out a hand. She plods over, sitting down next to her mother to have a sip of milk. The question makes her brow wrinkle slightly. "We first spoke in Terrick's Roost. We have a mutual acquaintance." And that's all she's saying on that matter.

Perrin studies the two Ladies over the rim of his tea mug. After lowering it he nods "I see," is his reply to both as they explain where they met. "I was unable to attend the wedding, sad to say." His voice doesn't seem to carry to much sadness though. "I only arrived after word of my niece's abduction. By then I had other things on my mind. I will have to make it back there to formally give my congratulations to the couple though." Oh, he so wants to ask about that meeting, but dares not.

"Oh.. right. My apologies. We did formally meet in Terrick's Roost, though I believe I had seen you at the wedding." The words mutual acquaintance gets an ever so brief disbelieving look before she quickly lowers her gaze as her maid brings the tea and berries, quietly placing them before her then stepping back.

"The wedding was lovely, and if you like I could send your regards to Lord Brennart in your stead, though you are indeed welcome in Heronhurst at any time. I heard of the rescue of my cousin and I was so happy to hear of her safe return."

"The Erenfords are a most hospitable House," Visenya replies with a nod. Her smile is sweet but like a rose - thorned and easily pricked if one is not careful. "Your bravery has not gone unnoticed, Ser Perrin," she notes, looking back to the Haigh. "The way you risked yourself to beat out the blight that had come across our lands. All of the men were brave. I offered what assistance I could in soothing pains once it was over, but it was nothing in comparison to what you all achieved. I heard that it even won a young squire his knighthood."

Perrin lets the two ladies talk of their meeting and says nothing on the matter any further. He does turn to Aemy and bows his head slightly "I would be most thankful if you were to do that for me, Lady Aemy, and thank you for the invitation as well. Perhaps when I am next in the area I could pay my respects to Lord Brennart myself. But as it is now I am uncertain when I shall be back passing through Heronhurst. It could be some time."

He smiles then as he turns to Visenya "I really didn't do that much, My Lady. There were men as brave if not braver than I." He pauses a moment before nodding "Yes, Ser Darek he is now. A good lad, if not a bit brash. But" he chuckles "what youngster isn't, no?"

Unlike Visenya, Aemy wears her emotions right out there, despite her trying to keep a neutral expression, she is so unpracticed at deceit or subterfuge that at the words and sweet smile from the Nayland born lady, her blue eyes regard her with confusion. "Truly, my lady, I wish not be at odds with you. Is it merely my betrothal to Lord Daryl you find so dislikable in me or is there something more? Please speak freely on the matter, I would honestly want to know what I do to offend you, my lady."

After her words, heat flames in her cheeks and she looks back to Perrin, "I will indeed, my lord ser, extend your wishes to my cousin." Falling silent then to listen to him speaking of the rescue.

A servant from Tordane tower arrives at the Inn, looking around and then approaching Visenya with a bow. "Pardon, my lady, but your Lady Mother was looking for you and Lady Analyse," she says. Visenya just nods. "Of course, I will return immediately." Her blue eyes flick back to Aemy and Perrin, focusing on the Erenford with genuine confusion in her eyes. "If you believe that you are at odds with me on any particular matter, Lady Aemy, you have quite deceived yourself," she replies gently. "For if you must know the truth, I have counseled Lord Daryl to let nothing keep him from what he desires, and in our conversations, that has seemed to be you. I would advice you to be far more careful with your accusations for a less tolerant lady than I might take offense." And with that, she rises, taking Analyse's hand in hers. "Always a pleasure, Ser Perrin." And then the mother and daughter - so similar in appearance - depart.

As the Nayland departs, Aemy just watches her leave with a bemused expression. Accusations. Quite a serious word for a mere inquiry and the Erenford was sure she was not reading the actions of the other lady wrong. Finally, her gaze rests back on Ser Perrin and she gives him an apologetic smile. "Forgive me, my lord. I seem not to be at my best lately." Quickly she lowers her eyes, regarding the tea and berries while making no move to touch either. "I fear I made a mistake in coming to Stonebridge. One which I will remedy soon."

Perrin stands as the Lady Visenya does. He does look down as both women speak of matters that are private to themselves. As if cutting off their words if he doesn't look at them. Sadly he hasn't learned to hear with his eyes yet so all the words are heard. He raises his eyes only when she addresses him directly and he nods "It is my pleasure, My Lady." And then Visneya is gone and Perrin takes his seat.

A deep breath is taken in and let out as he reaches for his tea and turns his attention to Aemy "The Naylands are a strong worded family, My Lady. I would take what she has said with a grain. I am sure she is under a lot of stress so maybe her anger is misplaced and directed to you."

He takes another deep breath "I wish you would not hurry off, My Lady. Wait and meet with Lady Jocelyn. Stay and relax some. Be," he pauses as he thinks of the right words "the better for it or of it. Which ever the case may be.

"I should have said nothing and I do apologize, Ser Perrin, for forcing you to hear all of that. It was very unbecoming a lady and I know now why I forced the confrontation. It shall not happen again in the future." Aemy has always been proper, it was who she was, and with the recent rumors surrounding her and her betrothed as well as the accusations against her guard by Lord Daryl, her name had appeared in more rumors since her betrothal than the entirety of her life.

"If they are all so strongly worded, perhaps I should leave before I am forced to confront more." Though this time there is amusement in her voice, gaining her humor back. "Lady Jocelyn is lovely and I adore spending time in her company. I suppose I could remain a little longer and be all the better for it, as you suggest. Thank you for helping me to see reason."

"My Lady," Perrin says as he hold up a hand "You have nothing to apologize to me about. Not one thing. And," he grins "I hope you don't change one little bit. It's good to see those that feel slighted to stand up for one's self. It shows backbone and not some lap dog." He then smiles warmly as his eyes wrinkle a bit "Something tells me that you are not and will not be a lap dog for anyone."

He chuckles as she jests "If we all ran at the first sight on any conflict, be it words or other means then we would all be running all the time." He wrinkles up his nose "Stay, meet with Lady Jocelyn. But do not bow or bend to the will of others. I have found that those that offend me are taken aback when I don't flinch and don't run. It is then that I poor on the sweetness. That is what many can't seem to be able to handle. It frustrates them." He grins, gives a wink and takes a sip of his tea.

As she becomes more relaxed now that the tensions of the moment are passed, her easy smile returns and she gathers her cup of tea in her hands. "Thank you, Ser Perrin, both for your words and your wisdom. I shall try and remember to abide by that in the future as well." Finding his smile charming, with his eyes crinkling at the sides just a bit, she studies him. "I wonder why I always think of Lady Katrin as my cousin yet when I think of you, cousin happens to be one thing I forget to remember."

Lifting her cup to her lips, Aemy takes a sip cradling the cup as she continues to regard him. "I will bend to the will of no one other than the man I marry, for he will be my lord and.. I wish to be a good wife."

Perrin laughs, even drawing a few glances as he does "Well it works for me, I guess," he says shrugging a shoulder. "Though I am not fully sure. Yet, I find that I can attract a lot more with honey than I can with," Oops, yes he almost said it. Slightly embarrassed he looks at Aemy "Forgive me, well you know what I mean." He seems to ponder a moment "I would have to say it is my charming wit, my good looks and," no he can't keep a straight face any longer and laughs again "my incredible line of bull," yes he once more almost said it but leaves it be. Surely she can fill in the blanks.

When she speaks of her husband to be he tilts his head slightly "And so to the man you love the most you would bend your will so that he will be happy? Huh." he says a bit puzzled and seems to think on her words more deeply.

Lightening the moment, Aemy laughs with him, perhaps she is able to input the word he was refraining from saying into the conversation. Yet with an ever so innocent look, she leans forward just a bit. "Why, Ser Perrin, a lady such as myself would never know any such words to fill in." The laughter dancing in her blue eyes is genuine and he seems to have successfully coaxed her out of her melancholy mood. "Yes, I have to agree. Your charming wit and your good looks, that must be it."

Though at the mention of the man she loves, she does not look away, instead she offers, "Perhaps for nobles it is different. The man I love would not necessarily be the man I marry. I would submit to the man I marry, as my lord, yes, because that is what is done." Or so her mother told her.

Perrin snickers conspiratorial "Oh, of course not, My Lady. I would never suggest that you would know of such words." He thinks a moment "That's not what I was thinking, My Lady, about bending to the will of your husband. You see," he leans forward a bit "I don't want that in a wife. I want someone strong that isn't afraid to tell me what she may think. To maybe knock me on the head when I need it or pat me on the back when it's deserved." He shakes his head a bit "No, I want someone that will stand up to me and beside me."

"Ah but you misunderstand me, Ser Perrin. Of course I would bend to his wishes. I simply meant in the public. I would never dare to contradict his word among other men. Though in the private.." There is a certain fire in the Erenfords eyes as she regards him. "I would wish him to know my thoughts and hope he would value me and my opinion to seek it at times even. I expect an equal partnership of respect, and hope eventually love and admiration grow from it." Aemy does feel rather strongly about it, thought there is not often a time she speaks about herself as much. Even now, she is turning the topic to him.

"What would you do with a wife who would.. knock you in the head when it was deserved?" There is still that amusement that makes a reappearance. "I still think in public, a woman should submit to her man, so his strength is not questioned."

"Ahh, then I misunderstood, My Lady. Forgive me." Perrin says as he listens to her words. He chuckles a bit "In public I would hope to avoid putting myself or my wife in such a situation." Yep, welcome to Perrin's world. Then he laughs again "I don't know what I would do if a wife were to actually do that. Hopefully I would deserve it but," he thinks a bit "well truthfully I am not sure. If I did deserve it then I guess it would depend on how hard she knocked me about the head. But it would get my attention wouldn't it?" He grins before adding "I will have to give this some thought." And by the tone he will do so. "I do agree that in public they should provide a common front, be together of one mind. Hopefully they will already know enough to be of one mind when the situation occurs."

"There is no need to seek forgiveness, I assure you, Ser Perrin. I had been most vague, which is how I am most of the time concerning matters involving myself. I much prefer to talk about the person I am speaking with at the time. How else can I learn new things? I already know all about me.." The same teasing glint is in her eyes as Aemy lifts her tea cup to her lips and takes another sip. Only after the tea is replaced on the table does she talk further. "Once you consider the question, I do look most forward to the answer, should you find one you are willing to share."

The two are sharing a table, sitting across from each other with Perrin having a parchment and a refilled tea on the table before him.

Oddly enough, Jocelyn Nayland enters the main room of the Inn from the Kitchen. Her shawl is wrapped around her shoulders and her arms are hugging it tightly to her chest at the midsection of her stomach. She is the first of three to come out of the kitchen first. The next person appears to the be the manager of the Inn and then finally Jocelyn's own maid. "Yes, that is it exactly. You understand. I'll need the pot seperated into indivual containers, as many as possible that can feed at least two or three each container. Nothing too expensive, but nothing too cheap either. I want to be able to feed at least five if not more families." The Nayland turned at the bar and was speaking with the manager directly now, her maid having maid her way back to her side.

"Its a kind thing you are doing, m'lady. I do not think many others would do such things." the gruff manager tells Jocelyn. In reply she says: "Its nothing. Barely anything at all, and I'm sure I'm not the first to think of such things. Nor will I be the last." The conversation goes on for a few minutes longer, arrangements being made for pick up times for her orders.

He chuckles and holds out his hands to the side "My Lady," Perrin begins "I am but an open book. If there is a question about me you have but to ask." Hands come back and take up his tea "So many try to hide what they are and who they are. I wonder if they really know who they are in the long run." He takes a sip of his tea and grins "I shall definitely think on it and when I have the answer you shall be the first to know."

Hearing that all to familiar voice, Perrin looks up and smiles as he spots Jocelyn coming from the kitchen. "Either something is amiss or My Lady is helping direct the cooking now?" He says over the dull buzz of conversation in the common room. Standing he bows his head to Jocelyn "My Lady," he greets.

"To every open book there are still discoveries to be made behind each new page. There is always mystery for how can someone know every single thing about another? Much as we try, at some point we discover yet another facet that keeps our interest in another." With another smile given to the Haigh, Aemy does think about the words he has said. "I think perhaps you are right. Possibly they do not know themselves at all."

Hearing the familiar voice of the Nayland she had spend time with at the wedding in Highfield, Aemy also rises as Perrin does and offers a polite curtsy and a warm smile. "My lady Jocelyn, what a pleasure it is indeed to see you."

"Whatever you desire, M'Lady, you may have it." the manager makes a few notes, "It'll be ready for you when you come back for it, I will see to it personally." Jocelyn beams at him, that type of dazzling smile she gets when she gets exactly what she wanted, the one that blinds a mind with e flash of her dimples. "You are a good man. Thank you for all of your help."

Jocelyn has just turned to walk away from the bar and the manager when she hears the call of her Perrins voice. Still happy from what shes just accomplished the smile continues on as she greets him, "Ser Perrin." her eyes drift to his table companion, "And Lady Aemy." a curtsey is given to the pair, "Its good to see you as well, Lady Aemy. I hope all is well, with you both? Somewhat of a dreary day out, with all the grey clouds and rain. You both did well to stay indoors and in a warm place."

"Very true and not all is told, Lady Aemy. For then there wouldn't be any surprises left, no?" He gives her a wink. Again when praise comes his way it's the only time he seems uncomfortable "I don't know about that, My Lady. I am just a man and a Knight trying to do what is right."

He then turns to Jocelyn as she approaches "It is a bit nasty out, Lady Jocelyn. Um," he glances past her to the manager that still seems busy at work "If I might ask, what was all that about?" Then blinking "Oh, would you care to join us?" he asks as a hand goes to pull out the extra chair.

Just as the Erenford is about to take her seat, Kyra walks over and curtsies to the nobles. "My lady, a message for you from your cousin." Aemy offers an apologetic smile to the two remaining and curtsies as well. "I have been waiting to hear word about.. some news I have been expecting." Riddle me that.. "I hope we meet again soon my lord, my lady. I hope the remainder of your day is bright." With another smile to the two, she straightens, walking towards her room at the inn, her three guards following behind.

The conversation takes it turn towards her previously dealings and Jocelyn looks back to see the manager still where she left him. "Oh." she turns back and blushes a little since she was noticed speaking with him. She should have known someone would see her coming out of the Kitchens, and Perrin was a likely person as he often did see most of what she did. "On days like this, it prevents some from being able to work. Which causes them to lose coin for the day that they depend on. For those that are ill it is even worse, the cold makes them ache something fearce." Jocelyn explains, "I arranged to have a large pot of soup made and then divided so that I might deliver some warmth to those that are in need of it."

The Lady Jocelyn was moving toward her seat as well, when Aemy recieved the note. Pausing in her actions until proper, "I see. It was good to see you, dont allow us to hold you back from your business." Then when he moves on, the seat is taken that was offered to her from Perrin. "

Perrin tilts his head as he does when he seems to think of things. He studies Jocelyn for a time "Every time I see you, My Lady, you yet have another surprise that you bring forth. How very thoughtful of you to do such a thing. Is there anything I can do to help?" He has already moved her chair out when the note arrives. He listens to Aemy nodding "Well thank you for such a pleasant day, My Lady," he tells her in parting.

Adjusting the seat as she sits Perrin then goes to his own and takes a sip of his tea. "And how do you decided who gets a hot meal and who misses?"

Arranging her skirt around her just so, Jocelyn leans on one of the arm rests of the chair, her maid having taken up the table behind her. Grey eyes flick to Aemy as she acsends the stairs and then they turn onto Perrin to continue the conversation. What he says does little help her blush and a pink hue remains on her cheek bones. "I'm sure its something anyone would do…" even if thats not the case in these parts. Once Perrin is settle she explains: "I start with those that are Ill or infirmed, the ones that suffer the most on days like day. Then, if there is some remain, to those that have loss work for the day and needed that coin badly." A cup is placed before the Nayland woman and she blinks at it in surprise. "From the Maester." the servant says, pointing at the manager. "Tis mould wine while you wait, it warms the soul." A gift from the manager, how sweet. "Ah, how lovely. Thank you, Emily." It is the servents turn of surprise when the Lady seems to know her name, but she nods and moves on before she says something stupid. "If you want to help… you could come with me." she tells Perrin, "I understand if it is nothing something you'd wish to see. However, I know they enjoy the comfort of a person to speak to as much as they enjoy the comfort of soup."

"No it's not, My Lady, you do it, but not many others," Perrin says as he leans forward to hear her words. Then another surprise as he learns that she knows even the servant's name. Again that head tilts of his as he studies her. It takes him a moment or two to realize that she has stopped speaking and that she has offered to allow him to go along with her. A shake of his head "Um, yes, of course I would like to come with you. It would honor me greatly, My Lady." Yes, very proper in public even though he fights the urge to take her hand into his and it maybe be telling, at least to Jocelyn, as he looks to her hands for a time.

Lifting the cup to her lips, Jocelyn takes a drink of her warmed spiced wine, the flavors flooding her tongue and warming her insides. Turning her head she sees him staring at her, it makes her laugh, "Why do you stare at me so, Perrin? You look as if I've grown a second head." Setting the cup back down on the table, her hands come together folded on on her lap. Following his gaze, she looks at her own hands and then looks up to smile at him, there is a subtle nod in understanding. "I'll be glad to have you along, and I dare say so will they. They will be pleased to have someone other than I for conversation. Not to mention a real Noble Knight."

Again there is a shake of his head "I wasn't staring," Perrin begins then grins "Well, ok, I might have My Lady. It's just that," his brows knit in concentration as he works out the right words "You just surprise me and amaze me every day with something new about you self. All in a good way, mind you," he adds the last quickly. Now it's his turn to be embarrassed "A real Noble Knight, I see. Well I think we could find one along the way if we try."

Freya Caul is dressed in her leathers when she enters the Inn. Instead of the usual dust the girl is covered in water. Removing her hood the girl fashions back the shock of gold spun hair that renders her instantly recognisable. Arms dangling awkwardly Freya approaches the table with Jocelyn and Perrin a measure of care in her step - not knowing what to expect since she was so recently burned in the Roost by a good friend of the aforementioned lady. "Mi'Lord Mi'Lady," she says bowing her head - but saying nothing more.

Laughing Jocelyn stares back at Perrin, "I'm glad the surprises are good ones. And do you not think that 'amaze' might be too strong a word, My Lord? I mean really… Its only a bit of soup." speaking of food she wished for a snack. "Uh, Emily?" she calls for the serving girl again. "Could you bring some bread and cheese to the table, please? The darkness of the day out has lead me to miss my mid-day meal and I'm starting to feel a pang of hunger." when she walks away she shakes her head. "You are a real Knight, Ser Perrin." titles and all, oh my, "You could tell them about searching for Hefwin. The rumors have reached Stonebridge."

Looking to the side toward the greeting, Jocelyn inclines her head, "Good day, Mistress Caul." her eyebrows raises at the girl soaked in water. "It must still be raining out." she frowns just a touch. "You should take to the fire and dry yourself before you turn Ill."

A firm head shake is given "No, it is not to strong, My Lady. If anything amaze is not even close to the truth." He chuckles "A bit of soup to those less fortunate, to those that are shut in, to those that it will bring a bit of joy…it's more than just soup, My Lady." Perrin says as he sips his tea as she orders something to eat. "Well I have the titles yes, but a real Knight?" He shrugs and only when she mentions the search for Hafwen does he look a bit puzzled "Tell them what? I wouldn't know how to do that. That the men there risked their lives to save a group of children. That through their heroic efforts they were able to bring back the children to their families? I think it would come better from others to tell that tale." It's as if he wasn't even there.

When Freya approaches he nods his head "Mistress Caul, you look drowned. Yes, get warm and something hot in your else you will be sick before the night is over." Well ok, maybe not that fast but still.

Freya smiles simply at the suggestion, "Thankyou for your concern," she says, "I followed a sailors advice back in the Roost however and visited my old master Bannon at the leatherworkers to get these oiled. It's not as bad as it looks." She does as suggested however removing the armor to reveal a simple shirt underneath but leaving the pants. She props it near the fire and warms her hands. "Making plans Mi'Lord?" Freya asks, "If it is okay for me to pry…"

"In that way, you are right, and its the real reason I do it. Anyone can bring them soup, but making the people of Stonebridge happy is a far more dear task to my heart. When I think of all they did to help protect the city when at war. They really love this city, and makes them dear to my heart. They wish to be here, and I just want them to know I wish them to be here." Jocelyn smiles softly, but its followed by a roll of her eyes when he explains about finding the children. "To the Seven, My Lord, you make it sound as if you had nothing to do with it at all. You were /there/. Just explaining how it was to be there and to fight, that will be enough to keep them entertained. Do not forget you wont be talking to Nobles that need you to over explain. These people only wish to live through your experience, and by story, see what you saw."

To Freya she turns her attention once more, nodding slowly. "Aw, with the weather, I only assumed it was water." giving her leathers another look and trying to see the oil, rather than water.

"Oh, not really plans, Mistress Caul. Lady Jocelyn is going to take some soup to those that can't get out in this weather and give them a hot meal. I was going to go along with her as an escort. Yet she wants me to tell a story and which I am not very good at," he says grinning. But maybe there's more, that he would gladly tell of the deeds of the others but not so much himself.

Turning back to Jocelyn he listens to her words, the smile growing it seems with each passing word. "That," he begins but starts again "Now I can better understand why those I have run into here speak so highly of you. Even Lady Visneya and I had a conversation about you." He grimaces a bit "Lady Jocelyn, I did the same, no more and no less then the others. As for what I saw," he drifts off a bit thinking as his mind's eye recalls it "Well there were wolves and an evil lady not to mention that Hunter thing. I just made sure that the children were rescued and returned home."

Freya nods, "You don't mind if I tag along? I like stories…" she says - finally finishing warming her hands. "Like the midnight caller… have either of you heard that one?" As a former carnie Freya thrived on amatuer and professional entertainments.

"I dont want you tell a story." Jocelyn explains to Perrin, "I want you to just relate your experience." she laughs, "Really, Ser Perrin, it will not be so bad. See, you've already thought of things to speak aobut. Tell of the wolves, what they looked like. I dont know about the Evil woman or hunter.. I wouldnt want to freighten anyone." there is that blush again when its mentioned that those speak so highly of her, and what was that? "You and Lady Visenya had a conversation about me?" blinking, "Well, now you certainly have to tell me what that was all about."

To Freya, she gets an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Mistress Caul, but I do not even allow Iulia to come into these peoples home with me. She has to wait outside. You see, most of the homes are rather small, and the ill have not tended to them. I would not want to embarrass them with bringing so many people into their home." she sighs, "I'm sorry. And no I can not say i have heard the story of the Midnight Caller."

Eyeing Freya warily "The midnight caller…this isn't one of those stories is it? But no, I haven't heard it." As to the question she posed about going along Perrin defers to Jocelyn. When the answer comes he just nods his understanding "It's like that at some the houses on Broadmoor. While they are a proud folk they also are easily shamed when it becomes apparent that they barely get buy. It's why," but he doesn't finish the sentence and instead looks to Jocelyn.

At first there is a look of relief on his face when he hears her first words. She didn't want him to tell a story. Yep, that sunk in. But when he continues that relief fades a bit. He nods about not frightening anyone "Yes, perhaps it would be good to leave that out. Let those that fancy themselves as writers tell that tale." As for the wolves again he drifts off and sees them once again. His eyes close momentarily and he nods "Yes, well ok. If you really think they would want to hear about it. I could come up with something." But her question about Visenya and his conversation with her brings a chuckle "My Lady, I fear it would be wrong of me to discuss topics that were said by the light of a fire between I and Lady Visenya. I mean, think of the rumors that could start." He grins as he jests. Before he adds "She thinks very highly of you, My Lady. It was just a simple conversation."

Freya cants her head an merely listens to the nobles converse her rejoinder to Jocelyn when she is denied, "That's okay my lady - I'll find something to do that is useful I am sure. Plenty of maps to pour over. And one or two I have to dry out now…" Freya says looking outaside.

"Actually the midnight caller is more of a mystery/horror tale - an old one that requires some audience participation. But I wont bore you with it tonight if you are busy. It's a good one for the road. And I think my bawdy tales have gotten me into enough trouble recently - I'm trying to avoid telling them," Freya says laughing softly.

Glad that she is understood, Jocelyn looks a little relieved, "Yes, exactly." she says to Perrin, and to Freya she offers a small grin. "Thank you for understanding, Mistress Caul." Then back to Perrin and reaches out and touches his forearm, "Dont worry so much. Whatever you say, you'll be fine. If you feel uncomfortable with relating your experience, they'll be find with just enjoying your company." She laughs when he wont give up what was talking about when she was the subject of topic, giving him a look. "Alright fine, I will not berate you for the information, but know that I'm above curious as to what is said."

There was a bit of concern that the midnight caller would be a story not meant for mixed company, but when its explained as to what type it is, she nods slowly. "Ah, well, perhaps sometime, then." If she was going to say more it was cut short when the manager of the Inn comes to the table. "M'lady… Your soup is ready for the taking. I've had it put in some baskets for easy carrying." please, Jocelyn again beams a smile at him, "So very thoughtful, Maester. I shall be there directly to collect it." when the manager walks away, Jocelyn moves back from the table and slowly stands. "If you'll excuse me, I'll see to the gathering of what else is needed." to Perrin she smiles, "Whenever you're ready, I'll be in the kitchen." a nod is given to Freya, "Good day, Misstress Caul."

As her lady stands, so does her maid from the table near by, coming up behind her, the two women make their way for the kitchen. Again, Jocelyn tightens her shawl around her arms.

Perrin is also a bit relieved when he hears about the story. "Then when we are on the road one night I look forward to hear it," he says to Freya. As the manager comes over and Lady Jocelyn begins to stand he moves from his chair and helps move her's out of the way. "I'm ready when ever you are, My Lady," he tells her but gives a grin about the conversation he had with Visenya. "Well maybe as we walk I can tell you some of it. But I am sure if you ask her she would be more than willing to tell you what was said." His coat, now long dry, is gathered up and slipped over his shoulders. He gives Freya a nod "I am sure this won't take to long. My story telling abilities are none to brag about." He then looks to Jocelyn, waiting to follow her lead.