Page 340: A Dance At Seagard
A Dance At Seagard
Summary: A ball is held to finale the betrothal tournament of Patrek Mallister and Syrah Redwyne.
Date: 25/06/2012
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Ballroom, Seagard Castle
Use your imagination.

It's a feast and a dance! There is lots of purple, and silver, and blue. There's music, and wine, and everyone is having a good time. Huzzah!

Even for a dance, there are splashes of black around Seagard, showing where Mallisters stand, sit, dance, or talk. Kamron Mallister arrived early, and so stands a half-dozen paces off the dance floor, watching other early birds whirl around as the musicians warm up. A goblet of wine hangs from the fingers of his left hand, mostly idle.

Amidst the festivities, the pair of Haigh sisters - Katrin and Ilaria - slip into the mix. As the elder of the two, Katrin has her arm linked with her sister and looks around her with a bright smile. "This seems even more grand than the dance at the Twins," she gushes to her sister quietly. It seems that the girls have managed to dress for the occasion with Ilaria in a bright robin's blue while Katrin has chosen a deep amber. "Why don't we see if we can find someone we know," Kat suggests, nibbling on her lower lip. Behind them slink their Septas and maids.
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Lucienne is here in her usual swathe of black silk, currently speaking with a few of the ladies from the Reach Houses. They stand together in a loose semi-circle at the edge of the room, positioned perfectly to converse and watch the growing crowd at the same time.

Tia is so very close to the end of her mourning period that for tonight's event, she's actually wearing a fancy dress that is not black. Or grey. The shades of lavender and violet actually do suit her colouring quite well, though the dress, in deference to her mourning, is comparatively modest. Tia has her guard and her maid around, as usual, though they do get to relax somewhat, given an opportunity to chat with the other chaperones. As Tia enters, she glances over at the musicians, frowning slightly, but as they get tuned up, she takes a breath and offers them a smile. That's better. Next she moves to see if there's a spot to sit. Einar should perhaps be here, and he's no doubt somewhere around. She's not waiting on him, instead being swept up onto the dance floor by some knight or other.

An inquisitive quirk to her lips, Danae lingers at the fringes of the party and slowly makes her way through a round of greetings with a number of the Reach comers. Pleasantries. Lovely. Catching sight of a familiar dark haired Terrick, she slowly excuses herself to draw closer to Lucienne's party and offers a smile.

Hugh tries to sneak into the dance. Not because he he is not allowed to be there. He is. But more because he looks very wary of getting drawn into any actually dancing. Plus, the poor lad is moving rather slowly today, though he is cleaned up better than usual. His hair looks like it has been wrestled into submission for a short while at least. His attempts to sneak are thwarted by him stumbling just as he comes in. He finds a wall and stick to it for a while as he looks around.

Roslyn seems to have no intention of sitting aside for today's feast, given what happened at the last. The small, studded gems that pin her hair up catch and reflect the light of the dance floor, her gown an orange that clings to her frame even where the cut remains modest. As does the dance she goes through with her partner, no extra spins nor flourishes as she speaks lowly to the lord. As the music draws to a close on one set, she offers a curtsey and turns away, her gaze catching on Danae but moving instead for a glass of wine.

Despite helping the Haigh girls finalize their dress decisions, Saffron has managed to get back to the Banefort tent with enough time to spare to get ready herself. She enters the Castle with the rest of her Banefort kin, Lady Edith Banefort and Quentyn nearly flanking the girl — but they are at least talking in easy conversation. Since her own mother could not be present, Saffron is getting the maternal treatment instead by her aunt who decisively tucks a spun curl of cinnamon-fire behind her ear. At the sight of Ilaria and Katrin, she nervously smooths out the front of her skirts before she deposits a kiss to her aunt's cheek. Edith shoos her off and takes her son by the arm to be escorted. Saffron has yet to notice Kamron, so she sets her path toward the Haigh girls.

As ever, Anais is marked by gold and purple silk moving through the crowds of people, her hair braided and twisted up off her neck, leaving the slender column and most of her shoulders bare, with the wide-necked cut of the gown. Laughter follows her, as she trades cheerful words with those she passes, smile bright as sunshine on the seashore. She's already shared a few dances, but with her husband in attendance, she's limited herself and the energy with which she dances, checking back with Lord Jacsen between every set.

Ilaria twirls the end of her braid between her fingers, but at the sight of the early arrivals she flicks it over her shoulder and self-consciously runs a hand over her dress to smooth it down. "I see Ser Kamron," she murmurs quietly to her sister, refraining from pointing as her curious gaze darts from face to face. "Lady Tiaryn is over there." The girl gestures faintly with her chin before turning to look at Katrin. "Shall we get a drink and look for others?" But a movement on her periphery catches her attention, and her lips turn up in a warm smile at the sight of the Banefort. "Oh, but Lady Saffron is headed our way. Look at that gown, sister…" There is no disgusing the reverence in her voice.
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Dressed in Dark colours, Rutger is an easy one perhaps to slip by. A dark high collared doublet of leather and black breeches stuffed down into boots, do not make for the grandest of party wear. However what little colour he wears stands out. Orange piping along the collar, and thread at the sleeves shows, add that to the long, green and orange sash worn over his shoulder, and maybe he does stand out a little. A glance is given as he makes his entrance into the ball already in full swing- the Nayland takes time to take in those guests already here.

Looking about with an arm folded across her chest, hand resting on the opposite shoulder, covering whatever cleavage the fiery gown affords that her thick, curly hair of the same color does not. Alys is undoubtably uncomfortable as she enters the Castle, though she is taken aback with a bit of awe, so many nobles, so many pretty gowns. Her maid follows closely behind her as she takes off in the direction of Katrin and who Alys is assuming is her sister. "Lady Katrin, my lady." She addresses Katrin and the other women with a curtsy. Alys leaves her hand dropped as she looks around and sees far more skin than even her gown proffers.

Nicodemus Groves is dressed finely in a white shirt and dark brown pants, a vest the colors of House Groves set overtop. He's collected a glass of wine from somewhere, and he's sipping from it as he looks around at all the intricate gowns and fine, uh, finery. A bit self-consciously, he gives his vest a small tug.

The great hall of the castle has been decked out magnificently, and Muirenn pauses at the entry to gaze at the sparkle and delights within. Lingering but a moment, she glances over her shoulder excitedly at her Septa before drifting in to mingle. There is something different tonight, sleeker and more adult. The ethereal silk clings delectably to the outlines of her form, the starkness of the black relieved only by a silver comb in her hair and the bold design of the amethyst and silver necklace and earrings. Not quite scandalous, her attire is striking and somewhat edgy compared to other gowns that flutter about the dance floor. Discreetly behind her, the Septa follows as she steps forward. Here..there…she looks for someone she knows…or considering there is a giant number of her family here…someone she *doesn't* know.

Kamron has not yet spotted Saffron either, but he does see the Haigh girls, bowing from across the room and starting over in their direction. He takes a sip of his wine, and then sets the goblet down on a passing server's tray, clearing his hands as he approaches them. "Lady Katrin, Lady Ilaria. You both look wonderful. It's so good to see you — " What's that? Guess who just saw Saffron. His eyes widen, he unconsciously straightens up all the more, and his mouth opens to say something, without a single word coming out. Yes, that's right, Ser Kamron Mallister is speachless.

Kittridge has been here all along, eating, drinking, chatting, drinking, dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking. He finishes a turn about the floor with a pretty blonde in Cockshaw colors and bows over her hand with a grin and escorting her back to her group, which just happens to be that near Lucienne, towards which Danae is currently headed. "Ladies," he greets them with a bow and a smile, "Good evening. All enjoying yourselves, I trust?"

Brennart strides into the dance straightening out his belt and clothes before he runs his fingers through his hair to get any stragglers back and away from his face as he glances around not really sure where he needs to head just yet but decides that the safest place is on an unoccupied section of the wall as he crosses his arms and leans up against said wall and taking the time to observe the dancing.

Perhaps Roslyn is acquiring her own glass from where ever Nicodemus obtained his, but she catches that self-conscious tug with a twitch of a smile. Glass in hand, she draws over to the other Groves brother and offers a curtsey as she greets him, "Lord Nicodemus, I recall. You look quite gallant tonight, my lord."

"Saffron, you look absolutely /stunning/," Katrin says immediately on seeing the redheaded Banefort moving in their direction. "If this is the end product you seek from seamstresses, it is no small wonder that you have left so many in tears. But many more will be crying after tonight for seeing what you have managed to accomplish yourself." She flashes a wide smile to Kamron. "Ser Kamron, doesn't Lady Saffron just shame every other Lady here tonight with her beauty and her gown," she hints, not quite going so far as to nudge the Mallister. Hearing her name behind her, Kat half-turned and beckons Alys into the group. "Lady Alys, come join us. Have you met Lady Saffron Banefort and Ser Kamron Mallister?" she inquires. Looking to Ilaria a smile appears. "And this is my own dear sister, Lady Ilaria Haigh."

Dressed in a empire waistline deep primrose colored dress, Jocelyn Naylands bodice wraps around and crisscrosses over her upper body. Long sleeves that bell out at the wrists of her arms. Just below the bust line of the dress is braided material of gold, silver and primrose fabrics that reach around her body. The drop of material flows over her body elegantly, a small train of material follows behind her. Long, small thin braids have dressed her head in streaks around the crown of her head. White flowers have been wrapped and entangled into the braids that fall around her, complimenting her complexion. She slips into the feast with a soft smile and excited bright eyes. Her head tilts and moves one way and then the other, taking in the scene. Her slow pace allows to her take in the sight of the room as well as those that there.

"Lady Nayland," Nicodemus greets with a courteous bow. "I suppose I do. I'm washed, anyhow," he adds wryly. "But you look quite a vision in your fine gown. I hope you're enjoying yourself? It's certainly quite the to-do."

Catching sight of Danae out the corner of her eye, the lady Luci takes a step back to open up the half-circle and excuses herself from the flow of conversation for just a moment. "My lady Danae, you look absolutely stunning this evening," she greets warmly, extending a hand toward her friend. "And my Lord Kittridge, yes, thankyou. Was that the Lady Chandra I saw you dancing with?"

Tiaryn finishes her dance, and curtseys to her partner, before she moves to her table to find herself a drink. Dancing is thirsty work, after all. She pauses to speak to a few folks as she wanders, catching sight of Anais and pausing to give her a bright smile. "Lady Anais, it's good to see you once again. You look lovely, as always. And here's to hoping everyone gets to dance all night long." She

Tiaryn finishes her dance, and curtseys to her partner, before she moves to her table to find herself a drink. Dancing is thirsty work, after all. She pauses to speak to a few folks as she wanders, catching sight of Anais and pausing to give her a bright smile. "Lady Anais, it's good to see you once again. You look lovely, as always. And here's to hoping everyone gets to dance all night long." She glances around, and then adds, "This is absolutely stunning. It's like a dream."

"Lady Lucienne," Danae says, taking her friend's hand with a warm squeeze and then releasing it. "You love entirely lovely as well. Did," she begins, breaking off with a pause as Lord Kittridge Groves joins their number. The fair Tordane sweeps her skirts in a graceful curtsey, lifting her chin towards the Lord. "Good evening, Lord Groves. It is a pleasant collection of amusements and people. A lovely finale for the tourney," she says softly.

Oh so many faces already. Ilaria has only a moment to reach out in the hope of touching the fine sleeve of Saffron's gown before the approach of Ser Kamron and Lady Alys. Her head nearly swims as introductions are made, and she offers the Mallister a curtsey accompanied by a quiet greeting of "You look as handsome as ever, Ser Kamron" before her attention is whisked away. Turning breathlessly toward Alys, her lips curve upward into a warm smile as she dips her head toward the woman. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Alys."

Saffron offers the Haigh girls a twirl of the moon-cream skirts, the inset of dark starry skies striking in the gesture. "Thank you, Katrin," she says with a beaming expression. "You look just as stunning. I'm so glad we picked that color for you." Now she turns her sights on Kamron with a slightly devilish smile trying to pull its way onto her lips. "You look quite handsome tonight, Ser Kamron," she prompts him with Katrin's assistance, though its hard to hide the laughter that leaps into her eyes. She turns her head a bit as she is being introduced to someone new, and she brightens to a fellow redhead. "A wonderful pleasure to meet you, Lady Alys."

"One does appreciate a washed companion when in a crowd such as this," Roslyn replies lowly, lightly. Her smile remains polite, even if a hint of subtle humor flashes along eyes that have darkened with the rich coloring of her gown. "Tell me, are you enjoying yourself? That is the more interesting answer, my lord."

Stepping away from Jacsen's side, Anais finds herself facing Tiaryn, a smile curving for the Northern Lady. "Lady Tiaryn," she greets in turn, warm. "Thank you," she laughs. "You're looking lovely yourself as well." She tips her head back, looking out over the crowd with a wistful cast to her smile. "Everyone looks…beautiful. It's like an illustration from a storybook." Looking back to Tiaryn, her smile takes on a teasing cast. "And is there a storybook knight to attend you this evening?"

"It was," Kittridge confirms to Lucienne, "I happened to make the acquaintance of one of her brothers this week, he introduced us." He smiles, to her and then to Danae, agreeing, "It is indeed. And what a pleasant surprise to see you here, lady. It has been some time. When last we spoke, we had thought to talk of trade at some point, but I imagine you have rather more pressing concerns these days."

A sniff at the fare before he is nodding, to one Servant who does offer a drink. Yes a drink certainly will put the Nayland knight at ease. With so many Lords and ladies from the Reach mingling with those of home turf, one can feel-intimidated. Or something close to it. One finger itches at his collar before wine is sipped. A nod passed, to some fellow-or the other as he weaves his way through the hangers on, like a serpent through reeds. Another sip of wine-that should do it. Rutger does pause however as he finds himself coming into the vicinity of Kittridge, Lucienne and

"Lady Tordane." a wry smile given with the title.. "Ser Groves, Lady Terrick." of course. "Pleasure to see you all."

Must. Make. Brain. Work. Kamron blinks hard, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and finally engages his brain. "That is… it's so good to see you both, and you both look lovely, and thank you." And then he shifts his attention to Saffron, "Wow. You have… absolutely outdone yourself, My Lady Saffron." As if his reaction weren't proof enough, "I fear you quite outshine anything I could have even imagined." Oh, right, there was someone else to be introduced to. Shifting his attention to Alys, he bows his head slightly, "Lady Alys. A pleasure, I'm sure." But his eyes keep trailing back to Saffron, and amazingly enough, even to her face.

Desmond might've dressed as a wallflower if he had the material for it. He lingers in the dark, watching the small parade of lovely ladies in lovely gowns, hands at his back. That is until a serving tray passes and he trails after it, awkwardly trying to get the servant's attention without exclaiming.

Some would say that there's something about the dancing events that makes Ser Martyn Mallister look a bit less comfortable than other situations. But then again, others would rather truthfully claim that it's the normal situation of him getting his ribs bashed in a bit during some of the events that come before the dances that cause that kind of behavior. Having taken a bit more time than his sister in getting to the venue of the dance, he makes his way in through the doors now, stopping to take a few deep breaths right after entering. Looking around for a few moments before he begins circulating through the crowd, he seems to be looking for somebody now.

Alys flushes a bit red faced as she realizes she cuts into Katrin's conversation. "Pardon my intrusion, ladies, ser. It is just Lady Katrin was the first familiar face I saw." She curtsies to Saffron. "What a lovely gown my lady, such a pretty color, and the stars. My, my, it must have taken quite some time to complete no? It looks lovely on you. Well met, my lady." She flashes Saffron and Kamron a smile, "Ah, yes, Ser Kamron, it is a pleasure to see you again and on much better circumstances. Though I am afraid I had not brought my basket of foodstuffs this eve.'" She chuckles lightly before finally turning to Katrin and Ilaria, "Cos, it is good to see you again. My lady Ilaria, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I shall be marrying our cousin Ser Perrin, that is, I am his betrothed anyway." Alys smiles brightly to the group.

"No," Nicodemus admits, "Not yet, but I haven't had very much wine. I expect the celebration will improve with a few more glasses. I'm afraid I've fallen a little out of enjoying large, unfamiliar cwords." He has another generous swallow of his wine. "But please, such confessions are terrible manners. Have you a dance partner for the next song, my lady?"

Her chin dips in greeting as Muirenn is approached by an acquaintance. Laughing softly she murmers a greeting and then slips away to gather a glass of wine. She glances towards the Erenford holding up one of the Hall's walls, about to change course but with her attention elsewhere walking almost directly into Desmond's path.

Stepping up as though from out of nowhere, is Saethwyr. He appears at Lady Tiaryn's side and offers a smooth bow to the pair of them. "Good evening, Ladies," he says softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He looks, then, to Tiaryn, admiring the dress that she's chosen. "You look quite lovely this evening, Lady Tiaryn," he says, inclining his head to her. And a dark lock of his hair falls forward, half veiling one of his eyes. His gaze lingers on her for a moment, then turns back to Anais, and he inclines his head to her in turn. "As are you, my Lady," he adds. Not one to play favourites, perhaps, as he compliments them both.

"Isn't she a dear lady, my lord," says Lucienne, with a smile to Kittridge. "And quite the dancer, so it seems." As the Groves and Tordane share pleasantries, she snakes a slender arm out to nab a drink from a passing attendant, and notes Rutger's arrival with a prim curtsy. "My Lord."

Saffron laughs, and she steps forward to gently take Kamron's arm as if to draw him into the conversation with the ladies and to give him a reprieve from further brainlock. "Thank you, Lady Alys," she says with a growing smile. "My sister Terras is owed quite a bit of help, and Lady Anais even supplied some of the needlework." Because stars are a painfully simple stitch, so how could Anais mess it up? "I swore I would have it finished by Seagard, and I always keep my promises."

Katrin chuckles and shakes her head, "No, please do join us, Lady Alys," she says brightly. "At a dance, there is always room for one more in the conversation," she encourages. Her lips press together in an effort to keep her laughter in check at Kamron's reaction and she leans in to murmur quietly into Ilaria's ear. But a few giggles do slip through her defenses and she hides them behind her hand.

Slightly overwhelmed by the the crowd and all the talking at once, Jocelyn seems a bit lost as to where to go. At least at first. Ah. Wine. Yes, liquid courage will do the drink nicely. Her her companion by herself, she manages to slip towards the refreshment table. There she is offered a cup of wine and its readily taken. Stepping out of the way of those that are also present to receive their drinks, she finds an area not too far away so that she can watch and see the crowd. Looking for familiar faces she might approach.

"How lovely that he was so kind as to make the introduction. You both looked wonderful on the floor, Lord Groves. A rather practiced dancer, are you?" Danae wonders, pausing to take a sip of wine. She smiles, lifting a shoulder in a small shrug as she admits, "It has been a busy time. However, I would not object to such an opportunity in the future, my Lord. It is ever in my interests." When a tall, dark, and Nayland figure casts shadow on their small group, she turns her attention to that serpent in the grass. "Lord Nayland," Danae greets smoothly, lifting her brows in a mild arch as she tips her chin to meet his dark-eyed gaze. She echoes Lucienne's curtsey.

"Just… Yes, just that one leg. Just the leg. No not the whole damn- All right." The flustered servant hands off a complete roasted chicken to Desmond, who dangles it by the leg. Just as he turns to retreat to the darkness, Muirenn nearly walks into him. "Oh pardon me, m'Lady… Glad to see you in health!"

Tia is about to answer Anais, when Saethwyr arrives, and that brings a bit ot colour to Tia's cheeks. "And here he is," she says simply, giving Saeth an admiring look. "Thank you both for the compliments. I thought I should wear some colour to remind me what it is. It has been quite some time. But now that I've managed to take a break in the dancing, I thought I should find a drink. Perhaps we could find enough for all of us?" she suggests lightly.

"I suspect if I wanted lordly manners, Lord Nicodemus, I should have found myself near someone who hadn't so recently lived on the Stepstones," counters Roslyn with an easy smile, humor softening her words as she lifts her own glass to her lips for a much slower sip. "I haven't, though, please. Do not feel the need to ask me because I am here and partnerless." She pauses, her gaze skimming across the crowd for a moment before returning to Nicodemus.

Alys keeps her smile as Saffron speaks. "Well a lady that can keep her word, is a very valuable lady indeed. Much praise to your helpers, my lady, the have proven quite adept." The red in Alys' cheeks calm to a lighter shade of pink. "My thanks, Lady Katrin." She grabs a drink of wine from a passing servant, proffering a nod in exchange. "I always find myself standing at the wall at these things, my father implored me to cease doing that. So this is me making an effort." Alys chuckles lightly, "It seems to be going well enough."

Kamron's eyes light with recognition at Alys' words, "Ah yes. My apologies, Lady Alys. You were so kind to bring food to the planning sessions in Stonebridge." And he's not going to say anything more than that about the circumstances, because there's no purpose in making anyone feel bad. Bowing his head to the women, he glances over to Saffron as she collects his arm, his right hand moving over to rest atop hers, "I'm afraid, however, that I will have to excuse myself, and steal My Lady Saffron, for I have promised her both my first and last dances, and I do mean to dance with my cousin's betrothed at some point as well." His attention then shifts fully to the Banefort on his arm, "If I may, My Lady?"

"Yes, I had heard news of your betrothal, my lady, and best wishes on your future as a wife," Ilaria answers Alys with spirited warmth, all smiles and sparkling hazel eyes now that the party is started. "I fully expect an..invitation…" Her voice trails off as Katrin leans in to murmur to her, and she cannot help the subsequent flush that lights up her visage at her sister's words. She playfully slaps Kat on the forearm but fails to illuminate the rest on whatever secret is passed. Instead, she darts a less than subtle glance at Kamron and Saffron in turn. "If you insist, Ser Kamron, but if I don't see her for the rest of the night I will be very cross."

"Just so," Nicodemus agrees of his crude past few years. "Strange the things you can acclimate to, and the things you can forget how to acclimate to. But, in point of fact my lady," he pauses as she glances around the crowd, "I asked because I lack a partner as well, and I thought it might be an enjoyable diversion."

Though she enters a little late, the artful, complex pinning of Rosanna's hair provides perhaps some hint. Drawn up off her neck for once, it gives her a little more elegance than the tempestuous little lady is usually prone to. Her gown is rich bronze-brown that pairs well with her features. She glides through the crowd, looking particularly vain this evening — surprise surprise — to find her family. "I can't believe you left without me," she complains to Kittridge, inserting herself easily into his circle. Because, you know, she wasn't taking forever to get ready. "Lady Lucienne," she says with a warm smile. And then, with more surprise: "Lady Danae." And last, with a particular sort of smile, "Lord Rutger. I hope you are all well this evening."

"Asked and answered," Anais laughs as Saethwyr appears next to Tiaryn, looking between knight and lady with a speculative arch of her brow. "Thank you, my lord," she dips her chin politely to his compliment, stepping back with a graceful sweep of her skirts. At Tiaryn's mention of a drink, she looks to where Jacsen sits, considering a moment before turning back with a small smile. "A drink sounds lovely, actually. All that dancing may have left me rather parched."

Taking a few moments longer to look through the crowd, Martyn makes his way over to where he could get hold of something to drink, pausing for a few moments as he gets there. That done, he makes his way out into the croud again, looking around at the various people there for the moment. Every now and then stopping to sip from his drink, of course.

"I had not thought to find you here." Rutger says with a faint grin. Perhaps NOT ALIVE AT ALL. "But, I am glad to see that Lord Patrek Mallister is friends with all of the finest people. I would have judged him ill if you were not present." he adds before offering a curt bow for both ladies, a nod for Kittridge of course. "I'd say Lord Patrek knows how to throw a better party than Lord Walder.." the Nayland knight comments before he is turning and looking over towards the ever beautiful Rosanna Groves. A deeper bow for her before a smile. "Lady Rosanna. You look wonderful as ever. I dare say you put all those fine ladies from the Reach to shame. How have you been?"

"Do you still know how, my lord?" Roslyn questions, the tease to her words a subtle thing only made obvious by the widening of her lips. She takes another sip, though she adds, "I would be honored to have you as a partner, Lord Nicodemus. There are not so many men clammering to dance with me as you would think."

Katrin chuckles, "Enjoy your Lady's company, Ser Kamron," she says with a nod and grins at Ilaria's response. "So what are your plans now that the tourney has ended, Lady Alys?" she asks curiously. "Are you planning to return home for the time being or will you be traveling at all?"

"It is good to see you in a colour, Lady Tiaryn," he says softly, a smile coming to his features. "You are most welcome," Saethwyr adds, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He looks to Anais, having awaited her answer on the drink, and then he gives a small nod after she's given it. "What would you both wish to drink?" he offers, his right hand resting at the small of his back and his left lightly at his side.

Brennart's eyes light upon the refreshment table and he hmms to himself before he pushes off the wall to head towards the table for a glass of wine and a bit of bread to munch on before he begins to head back towards his wallflower pot err spot on the wall as he begins sipping between bites of the bread and the gaze settling on the dance floor as he eyes the dances being conducted here as his foot starts to tap slightly with the music.

Saffron's laugh is filled with warmth as she is drawn away, and she flashes a wink to the gaggle of ladies she leaves behind. "I would not see you cross, Lady Ilaria, I will be sure that he does not hog my attention." Its then that she turns her attention toward Kamron as he begins to escort her, though her attention does drift from him to get a look at the others gathered in the hall. She takes note to see to her Lady cousin at some point, but also to visit with the Groveses and Naylands both. Is that Lady Danae, she spies? Huh. Now she looks to Kamron with a smile. "And Anais didn't even have to twist your arm to get you to dance with me," she teases him.

"Lady Rosanna," Danae greets softly. Pale eyes are sharp with amusement as Rutger voices his surprise, mouth pulled in a subtle, courtly smile. "Curious things, parties sometiems draw the most unexpected people."

"Of course, Ser Kamron, Lady Saffron." Alys dips her head to the parting couple, shifting her location to make more room for the small group. "My thanks, Lady Ilaria. Of course you will be invited, I would have it no other way. I do not think my father would make it a small affair. You know Lords, always trying to best each other when it comes to these types of things. The bigger, the better you are, or some such like that." She takes a drink of her wine and ponders Katrin's question. "I, I am not quite sure my lady, I had not thought on that too much. Any suggestions, I should say Stonebridge is out of the question for a while." Alys says that last bit rather lowly to Katrin and Ilaria.

"Indeed I think I do, Lady Roslyn. There is dancing on the Stepstones. Of a sort." Nicodemus finishes his wine, setting the glass aside before he offers his arm to Roslyn. "If you lack clamoring partners, then men lack eyes."
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A soft cry as Muirenn nearly runs into Desmond, but more frighteningly a roast chicken. Pulling up just in time, the girl's eyes sparkle with merriment "Oh do forgive me, my lord." There is a pause and she regards Desmond searchingly as he wishes her good health. Eventually a name rises to the surface, "Lord Desmond? I remember the name, but am not sure where we met." A hand gestures to one of the tables, "I thought to get a goblet of wine. I am pleased you could attend my cousin's ball, I hope that you will enjoy yourself. How fares your cousin Lord Garett and his new bride?" Moving towards the table, she looks over her shoulder at Desmond expectantly.

Tia curtseys politely for the compliments. "I think a glass of summer wine, if there is any," Tia suggests, with a smile to Anais. "And for you?" she asks, not making a decision for anyone other than herself. She does catch sight of the others, as she turns to locate the refreshments, and so she waves briefly to those she knows, just a gentle half wave. "Should we find a table?"

Kittridge nods to Lucienne and Danae, agreeing with an easy smile, "She is, and I like to think I am. Perhaps you can see and judge for yourself before the night is out, Lady Danae?" He turns to nod to Rutger as the lord arrives, and then looks to his sister at her appearance thereafter. "I thought it might encourage you to leave before the dancing was altogether finished," he says dryly, "And look, it's worked! You're welcome."

Roslyn laughs, her brows drawing up as the sound escapes her. She agrees, "You know, I had noticed a curious amount of men bumbling about blindly." She sets aside her wine, fingertips finding Nicodemus's arm in a light pressure though she allows him to guide them to the dance floor even as she watches the lord under the fan of dark lashes. "What sort of dancing do they do on the Stepstones, Lord Nicodemus?"

"I'm not the least bit particular when it comes to drinks, my lord," Anais assures Saethwyr with an easy smile. "Whatever's at hand when you're picking up something for Lady Tiaryn will be just fine with me. And a table seems like an excellent idea," she adds to Tiaryn, bobbing up onto her toes to take a better look around the hall. "I think I see a few seats that way," she muses, searching out a corner free of too many familiar faces.

Kamron bows his head at Ilaria's command, adding his nod to Saffron's promise. As he leads his betrothed toward the dancefloor, he laughs softly, taking his right hand off hers to flex his arm a bit, wincing as if it were bruised, "I think it is still a little out of place from the last time, My Lady." A little laugh accompanies the words, but he lets them trail behind, "You really do deserve all of the compliments you have been getting and more. You do that lovely gown justice and far more." As they reach the dancefloor, he turns in on her, loosing his hold to sink into an easy fram, his left hand holding her right, his right hand at her shoulderblade, "What do you think the Ladies Haigh might have been whispering about, perchance?"

Lucienne draws a short, delicate sip from her newly acquired cup, lowering it to greet Rosanna with equal warmth in her smile. "My Lady Rosanna, you look lovely." She seems content to sit on the fringe of the conversation, eyes slipping from Danae to the others and back again. Rutger's response for the Tordane girl prompts the kind of smile better hidden, so she lifts her cup again under the guise of drinking.

"In want of a champion," Rosanna sighs with pointed wist at Rutger. "Mine seemed to have fled the tournament. But thank you for your compliments, ser." She lifts her chin, preening under the admiration of — possibly her imagination. Maybe Rutger? "It's been so long since I've seen you out and about in society, Lady Danae." She frowns at Kittridge. Stupid brother.

Desmond holds the roast chicken away, somehow. He brightens when Muirenn recalls his name, and nods heartily. "That's right. Er, we met at your tent. After the bandit attack. I was looking for a kettle. And I'm sure I'll enjoy myself, the food is just grand… Look at the ladies! They practically shine. And you as well." When she mentions Garett, his smile fades somewhat. "I haven't spoken to him in a bit. I'm sure he's doing well. Lady Briallyn takes good care of him."

"Like moths to a flame." Rutger states with a chuckle back to the Tordane widow. "But, please know that I am ever joyed that you are here. I had been meaning to speak with you, but certain circumstances have kept me busy." and likely Danae very far away from Nayland lands. "Hopefully soon." as Rutger means he won't bother her during the party. "Hmm." Rutger states as he glances back towards Rosanna. "Had I not mistletoe to trim, I would likely have been here. My many apologies that I could not have championed your apparent beauty again." Rutger offers before he is looking back at the gathered ladies. "Perhaps I could steal one of you for a dance. My wine feels heavy, and movement always makes it go down, smoother." A glance to Rosanna first. Cause. YOU KNOW

Martyn makes his way a bit further into the crowd now, looking around to see who's present. And still stopping every now and then to take a sip from his wine. Look, there's some of those folks from the Reach, and some other people he knows, but they're the kind that would talk a hole in someone's head if they get the chance. His gaze then falls on Katrin, and he blinks a few times, stopping his goblet of wine right before he gets to take a sip. It's probably not what he's supposed to do, but for the moment he can't help, but stares at her, rather carefully.

Saffron sweeps her hand to his shoulder, her own frame squared off but still relaxed. She gives his hand a gentle squeeze before she permits him to take the lead. "Thank you, My Lord," she says with a happy smile. "I admit I was nervous that I would not finish it before tonight." Even in their stance, she shrugs her shoulders a bit. Then she lifts her brwos to him and glances once toward the Haighs before she looks back up into his gaze. "I haven't an idea," she says coyly though there is a glint in her gaze.

"Nothing like what you will see here," Nicodemus confesses, resting a hand lightly on Roslyn's hip as they take the floor, holding her hand with his other. "The music is wilder and everyone jumps about, swirling one another. There's foot stomping and whooping. A wholly undignified practice. Though, I find, immensely enjoyable."

Ilaria watches for a moment as Kamron and Saffron depart before turning her attention back to the conversation at hand. She extracts her arm from her sister's with a polite smile and glances over her shoulder at her handmaiden who has apparently chosen to linger beside the food and drink and indulge herself. The younger Haigh sighs quietly before turning an apologetic glance upon her conversation partners. "I feel a thirst. Would you like something sister? Lady Alys?"

"I think I would like that very much, Ser Kittridge, if you don't mind taking a widow for a turn on the floor when there are so many elligible young ladies," Danae answers, favouring him with a brighter smile. She takes a sip of her wine as the others handle their greetings, looking to Lucienne out of the corner of her eye. Turning back to Rosanna, she surveys the young lady's gown and nods at Lucienne's appraisal. "Positively stunning." It is a very fetching colour on her. "It has been far too long since I have felt myself in the proper spirits for it, I'm afraid. I am so sorry for your recent circumstances, Lord Rutger. Of course, we shall speak when it is proper." A ball is no place for business, is it not?

Saethwyr inclines his head to Tiaryn when she makes her choice, a smile coming to his features. His dark gaze lingers on her, looking over the way she looks in the dress she's chosen to wear. Then his gaze slips to Anais, and he gives a nod to her. "Ah, very well, my Ladies. Summer wine it will be," he says, then half bows to them before stepping back. "I'll meet you over at the table," he adds, since the pair seem to be about to head towards one. A server with the wine shouldn't be too hard to locate, but it saves the ladies having to do so.

Since coming into the room, Hugh has been lying low and hovering about whatever refreshments are available. He has managed to procure a goblet of something, and he is shoving something into his mouth as he watches the dancing.

Not far from the refreshment table, Jocelyn stands sipping her wine. Her hand mingles with the skirts of her dress, glancing down to move them around, straightening them out. Once all is right in the land of skirts, she looks up again and watches the couples dance. Her eyes taking in the sight of Saffron with slight jealousy for her gown.

Kamron steps into the dance with Saffron, and now he has to focus most of his attention on the steps so that he does not mess them up. There is absolutely no sense in ruining such a blazing display as his dancing partner and her gown by tripping or falling or anything like that. Still, he manages to gather together enough attention to respond, "Besides some whispers of how lovely a couple we make, of course. I blame you entirely, My Lady." He keeps his steps simple, dancing close but not improperly so and letting the lady spin out and promenade to display her own greater skill.

"Lord Rutger, certainly you are not expecting any of the ladies here to fight for an invitation from you," Rosanna teases the Nayland. "It would be most ungentlemanly of you to place to burden upon /us/ rather than choosing a lady to request a dance of." Her gaze sweeps between Kittridge and Danae with brows slightly arched, but her expression warms for the Tordane and Terrick compliments. "Thank you," she says oh-so-modestly. "You both look lovely."

Katrin squeezes Ilaria's hand as she stands and offers her sister a gentle smile. "A glass of watered wine would be quite delightful," she says brightly. "Ease the parch before the dancing begins." She considers before nodding to Alys. "If you have no particular place you must be, why do you not join Ilaria and myself as we return to Terrick's Roost," she suggests. "Ser Martyn Mallister was kind enough to offer us his escort both to and from the Tourney and I am sure he would be glad to extend that to you as well should you wish to return to us." Speaking of Martyn, the Haigh begins looking around. Maybe she feels like someone is staring at her but she seeks out the Mallister and lifts a hand in a vague greeting.

"Perhaps we should start such a trend here, though I feel as if our fellow nobles will be rather confused to find us suddenly stomping and jumping," muses Roslyn lowly, her fingers brushing against Nicodemus's shoulder as she draws into the proper placement for such dancing as is appropriate. "Do you miss them, at all?"

As Anais picks a table and Saethwyr very kindly consents to get drinks for the trio, Tia smiles contentedly, and her skirts rustle as she moves over towards that table that Anais has found. "This one here? It is superbly located, so that we may watch everyone," she says, as she takes a seat. "Thank you, Lady Anais. I'm sure that Einar will find us, if he should decide he wants to later on, so this is quite well situated." Yes, Anais is a genius, Tia is positive. And as Kamron and Saffron whirl past on the dance floor, just to prove Tia's point, she pauses, and then smiles. "Such a beautiful couple," she murmurs.

Kittridge glances at Rutger, and one brow twitches, but he lifts his wine and drinks deeply, saying nothing to Nayland or sister. "Not at all, lady," he replies to Danae instead, with an easy smile, "Whenever you like. I intend to dance with as many ladies as possible this evening," he says, smile widening to a grin, "Preferably those I have not danced with before. We will see how I do. You do look very pretty tonight, Rosanna," he adds to his sister, before looking back to Danae to ask, "Shall we right now?"

Alys shakes her head, sending her curls flip-flopping a bit from the front of her, to her back. She lifts her glass of wine to show Ilaria. "My thanks, but no, my lady. I was very sneaky and grabbed this from a passing servant. A believe a Riverland red, it has a bit of the sweet, and then bitter after-tones to it." Alys smiles and looks over her shoulder, spotting the staring knight and offering him a nod, anther familiar face, one of the men she fed along with Ser Kamron. "Ah, well, my lady. I think it is time I go to visit mine Lord-Uncle, and also my betrothed. I shall take your offer. It sounds pleasant enough." She smiles brightly to Katrin and steps out of the way so she may see the knight she seeks.

"Ahhh, he finally came to see me the day before his wedding. He was roughed up in the melee and needed the attention of a healer." Muirenn nods and smiles, giving a soft giggle as she catches up a goblet of wine. "Yes, I was so ill. I do not remember much" she adds, referring back to the incident where Desmonnd first made her acquaintance. Looking around, she notes Brennart near and a welcoming smile is flashed in his direction. Though she is trying hard to avoid family tonight, auburn lashes flutter as she cannot help but glance towards her brother lowering slightly as she follows his line of sight. For the moment though, the willowy girl returns her attention to Desmond and the unknown Brennart.

Dmitry has been around the ballroom this whole time, just he must have been talking to somebody else. He drifts over to the gathered refreshments to obtain a glass of something. This in hand, he drifts on in his dark-hued finery with dark eyes tracking through the various social clumps to find a new one to attach himself to after one or another has dissolved.

"The dances or the Stepstones?" Nicodemus asks as he begins one of the former, though certainly nothing like what he's describes. He moves gracefully enough, especially for a man six years gone from civilization. And, after all that time, it appears he still remembers the steps.

Hugh edges closer to Jocelyn, a familiar face. He smiles to her as he reaches for something else to ingest. Hugh can really put away the food when he wants. "You look pretty today, cousin."
Briallyn has arrived.

"Oh, look at her gown," Anais exclaims in pleased surprise when Tiaryn points out Saffron and Kamron, settling into her sheltered seat. "It turned out so lovely." Her smile deepens a bit as she looks back to Tiaryn. "They're adorable, aren't they? It's warms the heart." While Saethwyr's away, she leans closer to Tiaryn, grin spreading. "Now, tell me about /yours/," she teases.

Her lips twisting into a dry smile at the question, Roslyn questions in turn, "Do I have to limit myself to just one, my lord? Do I only have a set number of answers to redeem from you per dance?" She is rather well-versed with this type of dancing, and follows his lead easily while studying Nicodemus.

There is a small smile that quirks at the corners of her lips. "If I must take the blame, I will," Saffron sighs dramatically, though there is a warm light in her pale eyes. She curls her fingers gently into the man's shoulder as they move around in gentle twirls. She allows them to settle into some quiet so Kamron can concentrate on his footing without causing a ruckus on the dance floor. She does maintain her smile with each spin. After a moment, she speaks up in a simple question. "I would like to visit the shores before we leave Seagard, if you would like to join me?"

Lucienne catches Danae's look, her lashes fluttering to hide the subtle way her eyes shift toward the ceiling. She sips, and curls both hands about her cup as she lowers it again. "Thankyou in kind," she replies to Rosanna, dipping her chin for the returned compliment. "Though I believe you far outshine me this evening, my lady." Wearing a colour other than boring black probably helps.

"We shall," she answers the Lord Groves. There is a touch of honest delight at Kittridge's invitation."I think your Lord brother has kindly excluded me from any competition of the sort, my Lady," Danae suggests with a smile towards Rosanna and a softer one towards Lucienne. She places what is left of her glass of wine on a passing tray, then turns back to Rutger with a pleasant look. "Hopefully the Lord Nayland will not prompt a further decision from you and Lady Lucienne."

"Again, it was lovely to meet you, Lady Alys," Ilaria offers to the woman before she turns to depart. She glances sidelong to her sister, smiling, and then follows her sister's gaze toward the familiar knight. "Well, perhaps it will take me extra long to scold Heolla," the girl mutters to nobody in particular before whirling about in a flurry of blue and white skirts and heads toward the refreshment tables. Once there, Ilaria's gaze slides over the unfamiliar faces until she has found Heolla and sidles up to her, pinching the handmaiden viciously on the arm. The resulting yelp does not faze her. "Two glasses of watered wine. Deliver them to my sister, please, over there." She lingers while her maid sees to the drinks.

"He's always in some state of… damage, isn't he," Desmond chuckles half-heartedly, before catching Muirenn's subtle look. He briefly follows her gaze to the Mallister sibling, then back to her. "Is everything all right, m'Lady?"

Rutger looks for a moment at Lady Lucienne, as the corner of his lips catch and raise there. Only before he is looking back towards Rosanna, his hand offered and a bow. 'Well then, allow me not to bring blows between Terrick and Groves." the knight croons out with a soft chuckle. "Lady Rosanna, would you do me the honor of a dance?" Only then does he rise up, but the hand remains out and offered to Rosanna as well.

Alys smiles and whispers to Katrin, I think I will see to refreshing this wine. "I will speak with you further on this, my lady, later perhaps?" Alys inclines her head respectfully and moves out of Martyn and Katrin's way. She sends Ilaria a knowing small and a appreciative nod.

Tia blinks and then she smiles at Anais, though she does blush somewhat. "Ser Saethwyr?" she asks, which of course is a dead giveaway, as if one was needed. "He's very charming, I think. I keep wanting to push that lock of hair back behind his ear for him," she murmurs, keeping her voice low enough that most shouldn't hear her. "Though we haven't really known each other too long, it seems like we have known each other forever. I am not sure it makes sense."

Oh, he's still staring, isn't he? Ahem. Martyn finally lowers his goblet, as he sees that vague greeting from Katrin. Blinking very momentarily, he starts making his way over in her direction now. "Ah, Lady Katrin. You look absolutely fabulous tonight," he offers to her a bit quietly. "I hope you are enjoying yourself?"

Brennart's gaze leaves the dance floor and heads back over to the refreshment table where he notices the glance and smile from Muirenn which he replies in kind and a nod of his head before he looks back to the dance floor and another sip of his wine and some more nibbling on his bread.

Kamron relaxes a little as the conversation tapers off. Dancing is hard enough without adding talking to it. He manages to actually perform a paired turn almost well enough, just stumbling a little as he comes back face-to-face with Saffron. It doesn't have anything to do with, you know, coming face-to-face with Saffron again. Really. Despite his stumble, his face is split by a broad grin. When she speaks up again, he settles into the simpler steps once more, "Certainly, My Lady Saffron. I would be glad. I can show you a small cove I used to swim in as a child, or the best place to watch the ships come and go from the docks if you prefer." And then he continues to dance stumblingly, but well enough that Saffron can show off, as his player is driving home from work.

Saffron and Kamron go spinning about on the dance floor.

Rosanna gives a gracious glance to Lucienne, as if to say, don't worry, you're still pretty. Just not as pretty as her as she lifts her hand to slip into Rutger's to accept his dance. "I would be honored, my lord," she says to him, leaving behind poor Lucienne by herself. She needs a better friend.

Hugh looks downs the refreshment table as the handmaiden yelps. He gives Ilaria a curious look, and some more finger food turns into handful food and disappears quickly, followed by a swallow from the goblet.

Anais twists a sympathetic smile for Tiaryn, shaking her head. "It makes perfect sense," she murmurs to the other lady. "And if you'll just let me know when you want me to step away, I'll be happy to leave you to catch up with him," she adds, chin tilting up as she watches the flow of people. "I think I see Dmitry out there. I don't think anyone could object if I danced with my husband's cousin, and I've heard he's rather good."
Kamron has connected.

"Mmm, now there's an interesting game. Let's say three. Per dance. For each of us," Nicodemus suggests with a flash of a grin. "And to answer your first question, my lady, there are tiny things I find I miss, but overall, should I never see the Stepstones again, I would not be saddened."

With all the somberly clad Mallister's in attendance, Nedra is just one more face in the crowd, though at the moment she is surrounded by a rather advice sodden clutch of aunts and - most importantly - her mother, who can't seem to resist fussing at Nedra's hair before her attention is drawn away by the arrival of the sight of Kamron dancing with his betrothed, Lady Saffron. Taking this as her one slim chance to slip away from the clucking, Nedra slips through the crowd in any direction that'll lead her into the crowded room, hopefully the crowd of brightly and elegantly clad notables will be a good screen to duck behind.

The barest shift of her brows marks Lucienne's response to Rutger's look, and she dips a curtsy to see the two couples off to the dancefloor. She drops another step back towards the wall, intending on lingering there where she might - hopefully - blend in with the decorations. And people-watch.

"Wait, I'll…" Katrin trails off as Ilaria abandons her to scold the maid. And then she looks over at Alys, shooting her a look that says, 'Don't you dare leave me here by myself'. Especially as Martyn brings himself in her direction. Her cheeks flush at the compliment. "Thank you, Ser Martyn," se says quietly, dipping down into a polite curtsey. "Lady Saffron and my sister convinced me to wear this particular gown so all compliments must go to them." She looks aside to her cousin. "Have you met Lady Alys Charlton? She is a recently met cousin who will become a cousin again as she is betrothed to Lord Perrin of my House."

"I had not meant for you to take that as a suggestion, my lord, but I see my own tongue has given me trouble again," Roslyn bemoans softly to Nicodemus, his grin earning a bright smile in turn. "Alright, then. Only two more? I shall ask—How are you finding your reception now that you are returned?"

Tia gives Anais a brilliant smile. "Truthfully, we are not so young as all that. You are welcome to stya for as long as you wish, and I'd be glad for the company. But if you wish to dance, then I would not hold you back from it. I am hoping to dance with most all the gentlemen here tonight myself, if there is enough time."

Judging by the last such dance he attended, not to mention that he only arrived the other day to see his squire participate in the melee, perhaps there are those who expected Ser Riordan to stay away, or be back in Stonebridge by now. But here he is instead, dressed in fine clothes, utterly behaving himself. For now at least. He's contented himself to mingling in the crowds for the time, people watching and such. He had just spotted Rutger and was heading to greet him, in fact, when the elder Nayland sibling swept off with the Lady Rosanna. The Regent seems about to go back to his wanderings, when he sees Lucienne. So, coming up to her (behind her, just because of his previous position in the room) he offers a polite, "Good evening, Lady Lucienne."

Alys stops in her tracks as Katrin gives her the glare down of 'no you don't bitch.' "Yes, my lady. I had met Ser Martyn in Stonebridge, with Ser Kamron coincidentally." Alys flashes Martyn a smile, bringing her arm up again to hide what little cleavage her hair does not cover, though she gives up when she realizes she needs to curtsy, scratching her shoulder as if to hid what she was doing. She curtsies, "A pleasure to see you again, ser. And happier circumstances, at the very least." Alys shoots Katrin a tilt of her head and a lift of her brow that says, 'go on, dance with the man.'

"Grudging though gradually improving," Nicodemus answers Roslyn's second question as he does twirl her a little, though in a purely proper and sanctioned fashion. "But, that's a mess of my own making. I can hardly complain about it."

Kittridge smiles, and offers Danae his arm, leading her out onto the floor with arm becomes hand. He is a practiced dancer, as she noted, familiar with the steps and comfortable with the rhythm. "Have you been enjoying the tourney?" he asks as they begin.

Alas, everyone needs better friends in Westeros. Still- Rutger does lead Rosanna out to the dancefloor, and easily slides his hand to her hip, as appropriate, and goes to lead her into the dance as the beat comes to cue. And there a smile eases into place as he moves with her. "You really do look fine tonight." a little less formal in his speech, but perhaps the affection will ring true enough. "And I am sorry I could not fight in the melee for you again. I had all the intention of doing so again."

"Honestly Lord Desmond I know not if all is well. But it is not yet life threatening, so I shall say all is well." A radiant smile is given to Desmond, though she asks "Do you know that noble there? I am familiar with most attending tonight but do not recognize him." A slight gesture of her fingers indicates Brennart before she lifts her goblet and takes a slow sip of wine.

Roslyn's humor seeps softly through again as she replies, "Well, you could, my lord. I would promise not to say a thing, since you hold a secret of mine." She considers Nicodemus again, carefully, as she turns over the possibilities of her last question, finally arriving at, "Will you ever leave again?"

It is round the edges of the dance floor that Dmitry prowls, though an unlikely predator he makes. Sipping from his glass, his narrowed eyes laugh a little as they track one couple or another. He wanders on, glancing to this group or that of ladies temporarily without escort. Step light, he paces along, angling the trajectory of his path to sketch a bow to Tiaryn and Anais. "Lady Tiaryn; Lady Anais. I am suffering woefully in want of a dance partner, as you see me, but the pair of you present me with a dilemma. I believe I owe one of you a joke and the other of you a duet."

The summer wine perhaps turned out to be more difficult to hunt than what was first considered. But either way, the Charlton Knight is successful. With three glasses of it claimed and held, Saethwyr starts to make his way towards the table where the ladies have made themselves comfortable. There, he offers a half bow to them, allowing them to choose their own glasses of the three that he holds. "My ladies, your drinks," he offers, a smile to his features. Though that lock of hair is still partially veiling one of his eyes, as it seems to have a habit of doing.

The Lady Danae and Lord Kittridge depart Rutger's good company for the dance floor, the blonde Tordane directing a winning smile at Kittridge. He is as good as he looks. Delightful. She's not bad either for a widow, easily falling into his lead as they begin. "I honestly have. Your house and the other Mallister vassals have made fine showings," she replies. "The squires in particular were a delight. How unexpected that Lord Mallister would participate."

Lucienne near jumps out of her skin at the sound of her name, clearly not expecting to have been approached to soon. Wine sloshes about in her cup, and she jerks her hand to try and save it from spilling out as she turns. "My lord," she greets Riordan, voice far smoother than her startled manner. "Why, I hadn't thought you in attendance," she says innocently, brows arching in question.

"But it is you that's wearing the gown, so at least some of the compliments should go to you to," Martyn offers, before he adds, "After all, it is not a matter of one part making the other look good, but a fabulous lady and a fabulous gown making the combined result absolutely wonderful." It's offered with a bit of a smile, before he looks over to Alys as Katrin introduces her. "Ah, yes. We met in Stonebridge, that's true," he offers, with a bit of a bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you again under much happier circumstances, Lady Alys. I hope you are enjoying yourself?"

"I suppose you'll just have to compete twice as fiercely with my favor in the next tourney," Rosanna tells Rutger as she falls into bright, skillful step of the dance. "I was surprised to hear about the events at Stonebridge. Shouldn't your brother be handling all of that?" AKA not you because you are supposed to be fighting in the melee for her, obvs.

For all the paying attention she was doing to the dance floor and surrounding areas, Jocelyn hadnt obviously been paying attention to who was closest to her. At the sound of Hughs voice she jumps slightly and turns to look in that direction. Laughing softly and smiles, "Hello, my apologies, I did not see you approach." she says. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"No," Nicodemus answers. That question is easy, considering he's been obliged to offer it repeatedly. Keeping pace with the other dancers, he adds, somberly, "Not while I breathe." And then his smile resumes. "And now it is my turn. Tell me, my lady, what think you of my brother?"

"Dmitry," Anais flashes a swift smile to the Terrick, even as she looks up to take a glass from Saethwyr with a murmur of thanks. "I was just wondering if you might dance with me. It seems there are ever so few lords who can take a lady for a proper spin. And I do like to show off every now and then." There's a glimmer of mischief in her eyes as she takes a sip of her wine. "Unless you were asking Lady Tiaryn, in which case I'm afraid I'm /certain/ I just heard her saying how she hoped Ser Saethwyr here would ask her."

That slanty-eyed look toward Alys only deepens as she gets one back and Katrin steps forward to take Alys' arm in hers to anchor the girl in place. "I was just telling Lady Alys that she should consider taking a trip to Terrick's Roost, Ser Martyn," she says with a smile. "I told her what a wonderful escort you made and that surely you would be willing to extend that to one more, should she wish it."

Ilaria is watching Heolla tend to her order, heading in Katrin's direction with two goblets of wine (watered!) The hairs on the back of her neck prickle to warn her of another's gaze, and she glances sideways out of the corner of her eye to catch sight of Hugh. Her eyebrows arch upward in curiosity, and she watches openly as the boy stuffs food into his mouth and chases it down with wine. Hmm. Sidling past others lingering about with their repast, she arrives within a foot of Hugh and stops. "Do not give me that look, boy," she mutters, intentionally misreading his expression. "I only pinched her lightly."

Desmond bristles somewhat. "Life threatening," he repeats under his breath, looking wary. Finally, his eyes settle on Brennart. "No, I don't know him, m'Lady." And he just stands there for a moment before realizing he ought to introduce himself. Still holding onto that greasy roasted chicken, he extends his free hand to Brennart. "Lord Desmond Westerling. And this is Lady Muirenn Mallister."

"Forgive me, my lady," Riordan says, raising an eyebrow first at Lucienne's reaction, and the other at her words. "I had not realized you gave thought to my wherabouts, Lady Lucienne," he notes, with a light and easy grin. "So I shall thank you for the compliment of your attention, however brief." There's a good chance he's teasing her, but it's rather hard to tell. He's just so damn cheerful most of the time as it is. "Are you enjoying yourself thus far?" he asks, coming to stand beside her, with enough space between them to be appropriate, and gazes out at the crowd while they converse.

Alys nods, "That I am Ser Martyn, it has turned out to be quite the pleasant day. Though I will say I am still quite worn from the ride here. I am sure I will leave a bit early this eve'." As if cued Alys yawns a little before turning to Katrin giving her a bit of a wide eyed 'what are you waiting for' as Katrin links with her arm. "Though you are right, Ser Martyn, her dress is quite lovely, and it suits her just perfectly." Alys blinks as Katrin speaks. "Are you not coming as well, my lady? I could not go without you, surely you will come along?" She says squeezing Katrin's linked arm with hers.

Lord Dmitry," Tia says with a smile. "How nice to see you again. And I will hold off on that duet, if you will dance with both of us in turn?" It's a nice charming smile, full of mischief that Tia offers to the Terrick Lord. At Anais' comment about Saeth, she glances over at the Charlton knight and offers a sweet smile. "I would indeed love to dance with Ser Saethwyr, if his injuries will allow." Cause he was somewhat beaten up, as she recalls, having watched the whole melee thing.

"You do not start with easy questions, do you, Lord Nicodemus?" Roslyn asks, the question rhetorical even as the focus of those hazel eyes slides through the crowd to pick out the man where he dances. It only lingers a moment before she is looking back to his twin. "He is charming, handsome. He makes me laugh."

Hugh looks back to Jocelyn and gives her a shrug, "The food is good. I'm not sure what this is," he says pointing to some sort of sausage thing. "…but…" He is cut off as Iliara addresses him. "Oh, you pinched her? I wondered why she made that sound." He looks a little confused. "And…I'm Lord Hugh Asterholm. You needn't call me boy…" He adds a "My Lady" at the end of that.

Kittridge smiles at Danae, his manner politely friendly as they dance and converse. He nods, "Thank you, lady. We have done rather well. My house perhaps not quite so well as others, but I thik we gave strong showings in each of the melees, at least, if it was not our week for jousting. And yes," he agrees, "I was surprised to see him, too. But pleased. He fought well and graciously, and I think it was a gesture the people enjoyed."

Uninterested in making waves at the moment, Lady Briallyn settles for seeking out the one family member she can stand. Who appears to be lingering somewhere near a semi-familiar squire, which is just as well. She's equally uninterested in dancing for the time being. "Not caught up in the rounds of gossip, Ilaria?" That teasing voice would be too familiar to her poor younger cousin, but Briallyn is wearing a pleasant enough smile as easily as she wears the low-cut, silken maroon dress with its liberal slashes of gold and embroidery. It is purposefully low key in design, but elegant for all its show. As she pauses, awaiting Ilaria's realization to set in, Bri lets dark green eyes scan the room with a well crafted facade of serenity, particularly for Hugh.

Brennart shuffles his bread to his hand with the wine glass to accept Desmond's offered hand and gives it a good firm shake, "Ser Brennart Erenford, pleasure to meet you m'lord." As he releases Lord Desmond's hand he turns to bow towards Lady Muirenn, "Pleasure to meet you m'lady." Then address the both of them, "I appologize for not having been introduced to anybody yet I was looking for my cousin Ser Elrick Erenford but it looks like he's missed the dance which is just a shame on his part."

Nicodemus smiles faintly, considering that answer as he nods. "He is the charming one," Nico agrees, "always was, always will be." And then, for question number two, "What think you of Justin Terrick?"

"How about I make it thrice as hard, and fierce thus to prove I am the knight who will fight for your honor." Rutger says with a grin there. And his hand presses at her hip, to give a small vault with the music. A swirl of skirts and all. As to Rosanna's next question there is a furrow of brows. "I believe he was indisposed and thus could not handle such a rough situation." Which Rutger totally can, because he is awesome. "Otherwise I imagine he would have dealt with the matter and come here, as opposed to being back home." He is home, right?

"The Nayland knights were conspicuously absent from the sporting," explains Lucienne with a benign smile to Riordan. "I always enjoy my time in Seagard, my lord. It has been a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances and dear friends alike, not to mention the making of many new ones. And — yourself?" She turns her face to follow his gaze out to those gathered.

Is he? Because Rosanna catches sight of Lucienne's conversation partner and frowns. "He seems to be here speaking to Lady Lucienne," she informs Rutger dryly.

"He is young," Roslyn begins carefully, her tongue wetting her lips as she attempts to formulate a thoughtful response. It seems for a long moment as it that shall be all she says, until she adds, "He is not fully mature, and his emotions tend to swing towards one direction or the other. But, he tries to do good, and could be easily led."

At the interaction between Iliara and Hugh, Jocelyn watches carefully. Allowing Hugh to have his reaction before she says, "Lady Iliara, is it not?" the question is asked with a small smile on her lips. "I'm sure you would not remember me. I'm Jocelyn Nayland. We…" how does one describe the cave in delicate words? "We spend a few days together after the tea garden party?" she tries. "I'm pleased to see you again under much better circumstances."

Saethwyr inclines his head towards Anais, a smile to his features. "You're most welcome, my Lady," he says softly. At the latter of her words, a bit of colour creeps to his cheeks, and he slightly ducks his chin. A nod of greeting is offered to Dmitry. His dark gaze then turns to Tiaryn, and he lifts the glass remaining to him, taking a sip of the wine. "My injuries have improved, my Lady. I do believe that they rather will allow me to be able to have a dance with you," he says softly, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. Carefully, he sets his glass upon the table, and he offers a hand to her.

Martyn nods a little bit, "If…" He pauses for a few moments to glance around for a few moments, as if checking something. "If my ribs are healed enough to travel, I would be more than happy to escort you ladies," he offers, with a bit of a smile. Looking between the two ladies for a few moments, before he seems to come to a decision. "I've been instructed that I should stay away from the more lively dances," he explains to them, before he smiles a bit wider. "But I do believe I owe you a dance, Lady Katrin?"

"I think that can be forgive with you, yourself, champion at the last? It is only in the best of graces to give the other knights a turn to garb themselves in laurels," Danae suggets lightly, tone gentle as it polite. Her pale lashes brush against her cheeks, considering Kittridge's words for a moment. "It was strong and fine match. One which his people do well to be proud of, I think. A bethrothal, a tourney, it is good for spirits after all the blight that has befallen the Cape this past year."

Rutger offers a twirl to the Groves' lady before he is catching sight of whom Lucienne Terrick is speaking to. "So he is.." he replies with a faint frown. "I assume he came up to catch our cousin's showing yesterday." Which he totally did. Still Rutger looks back towards Rosanna. "And did some knight of the Reach come and seek your favor, while I was away?"

"It seems a most fair and temperate trade you offer, my lady," Dmitry says, his smile bright in his dark eyes. He nods aside to Saethwyr, and then says lightly, "Though it seems I must cede any claim I have til later in the evening, and beg instead the favor a place on Lady Anais's dance card." He widens his eyes at his good-cousin, cheery-bright, and holds out his hand to her so that he might swirl her off onto the dance floor. While his player idles. Charmingly.

Well then. Ilaria is appropriately abashed, flushing crimson at Hugh's correction. She glances away and down to her toes while summoning up her courage. "I apologize very much, Lord Asterholm," she offers in a solemn, formal tone accompanied by a respectful curtsey. "Lady Ilaria Haigh." The last is supplied in a rushed tone, hoping to push the conversation along quickly lest her cousin, whom she hears approaching, overhear the younger girl's obvious blunder. This is what she gets for feigning to be high and mighty. "Cousin," she greets, her voice soft as she looks up to Briallyn and reaches out a hand for her. "You know I do not have a taste for gossip, and yet you goad me so! If I dared, I would pinch you like I did Heolla." Her expression softens quickly, however, and she laughs. It is, perhaps, a bit forced. "But you—should you not be in the thick of it? Ah, cousin, this is Lord Hugh Asterholm. My lord, this is Lady Briallyn Haigh."

The pretty Charlton wallflower stands outside the dancer's floor while embracing a goblet of wine with both hands. Cherise's attention strays from the swaying couples to stare absently at both the floor and the half full cup. Being of mind not to appear whole heartedly sullen, she manage to brave a smile on occasion, when it had been deemed necessary.

"My squire and cousin, Hugh Asterholm, fought for us, as well as his own house, in the squire's tourney. Which is why I came for the last part of events, to support him, and celebrate his nameday," Riordan tells Lucienne, still looking at the dancing. "Unforunately both myself and my brother were a bit occupied when most of the events transpired, otherwise we likely would have made a fine showing indeed." Obviously. "How am I enjoying the evening?" he asks, with a chuckle. "Well, thus far, it is alot more peaceful then the last one we attended. So… I am enjoying it rather well." He glances aside at Lucienne, giving her a rather large grin at the memory of the ill-fated Dance at the Twins.

Nicodemus has one final question, then, until the next dance, as he leads Roslyn around the floor in a swirl of skirts and footwork. "And should you prefer to lead, my lady, or to laugh and be charmed?"

"Excellent," Anais approves with a swift grin, taking another swallow of wine before she reaches out to take Dmitry's hand and stand. "If you'll both excuse of, of course," she adds with a brief curtsey to Tiaryn and Saethwyr before she follows Dmitry out to the floor. She'll take him through his paces first, all the better to see if he really is as good as he claims to be before risking life and limb on anything more complicated.

Slender fingers rest on Desmond's arm slightly and Muirenn gives a little shake of her head as she smiles "No, please relax my lord. My words are meant in jest." Grey eyes widen a bit and she looks… up.. at Brennart. An honor and a rare event, Muirenn dips her knee in a shallow curtsey to the Erenford noble as she glances up through lowered lashes and then straightens, "Well met my Lord Brennart. I am sorry that you have missed your cousin. It is a large Hall, so he may yet be found." Ok, two men…beautiful dress…music…wine..and she still has not been asked to dance…obviously the men are to blame..because it definitely is not the gown. Lifting her goblet, she takes another sip of wine and then sets the glass aside to turn and watch the dancers, smile warming considerably as she watches Saffron and Kamron glide about the floor.

"All the visiting knights of the Reach have been very gallant," Rosanna says in an airy fashion to Rutger that sidesteps neatly around actually answering him.

"We would be pleased to wait until you have recovered enough to travel," Katrin offers gently to Martyn. "I remember that you were a little sore for a while after the Tourney at the Twins." She gives Alys a reassuring smile. "Oh, I will of course be going as well," she nods. "I would not let Ilaria travel alone for anything." She looks back to the Mallister and blushes. "Oh, well, I, uh…" She clears her throat. "You are far too kind, Ser Martyn."

Tia reaches her hand out to Saethwyr's, setting her own drink down on the table, as she is given permission to concentrate on the man, at least for the time of the dance. "Thank you for the company, Anais," Tia says. "Do enjoy your dance!" And with that, she promptly moves to the dance floor herself, with Saethwyr. It's easy enough to turn to face him, her hands going where they are properly supposed to, as she catches the tune swiftly enough.

"That would be a pleasure, Ser Martyn." Alys smiles and looks at Katrin. "Very good, I would have it no other way. A dance my lady? you must make good on your debts, and allow others to make good on theirs." Alys slips Katrin a wide grin when a blush picks at her cheeks. "Come now cousin, what is one dance going to hurt." She unravels her arm and looks about. "Oh look, it is my good cousin Cherise. I must go see her, It has been since Highfield since I had the opportunity." Alys' glance to Katrin is genuinely urgent. She curtsies to Martyn and Katrin, "Come find me cousin when Ser Martyn here has paid his debt." She smiles and skitters away before Katrin can stop her.

"Have they, should I challenge a man to meet me in the courtyard then for your favor, or for something else?" Rutger asks with a slightly raised brow. BECAUSE HE TOTALLY WILL.

"Do you need to ask, my lord?" Roslyn murmurs in counter, her brows rising upwards as her gaze holds his with a concentration that bespeaks a will not to seek either party out in the crowd again. "I suppose my answer to you is this, Lord Nicodemus. I prefer whichever man I find waiting for me at the altar, if either comes to be."

Desmond smiles sheepishly at Muirenn. "Jest, right. Elrick Erenford…" He gives the dance floor a token glance, then shrugs. "Don't know what he looks like and haven't heard his name. I'll keep an ear out, though." More familiar faces keep popping up. "I keep forgetting this is a dance. Would you like to, Lady Muirenn? Or are you waiting on someone?"

"Lord Rutger, I know my propriety. Any knights who wished my favor would have had to challenge you," Rosanna tells the Nayland with a wry twist to her smile. "Although I should very much like to see such a challenge occur. I think it would be marvelous to watch."

That smile upon her lips broadens to a near devilish grin. "Lady Briallyn Westerling," the young woman corrects smoothly. Adelia, panting, trots in after her with flagging steps. Once the handmaiden has caught her breath, she is sent to fetch some wine for both mistress and herself. In the mean time, Briallyn settles upon her heels. "That's a pity, Ilaria. Who am I going to get it from?" That disarming smile is difficult to offer reproach. "I jest, Ilaria is as virtuous as the day is long," Briallyn offers more somberly.

At the curtsy, Hugh also remembers he should give a bow. But it huuurts, and he winces and his smile, which was trying hard to be pleasant, is turned more into a grimace. He watches Ilaria turn red with interest. "Apology accepted, My Lady. How are you to know? Why did you pinch her?" Curiosity wins out over any sort of insult taken. And he adds, "You know my cousin Lady Jocelyn? And my Ser is here. My Lord Cousin, Riordan."

Saethwyr smiles softly as he gently helps her to her feet, and he inclines his head to her. He leads her out to the dance floor, and he acts for all the world as though he's not injured at all. He, much like Tiaryn, keeps his hands where they're properly meant to be as he dances with her. "Your dress is truly lovely, my lady. I've not seen anything the like of it before," he says softly, his dark eyes showing a sparkle in them.

"I do not question your propriety, my sweet." Rutger replies. "I question the honor of a man who would try and take it from me." A grin there. "Well, should any man insult you, or seek your hand I would challenge him forthwith."

"How kind of you to travel so far out of your way for him," Lucienne responds airily, watching some couple or other twirl enthusiastically about the floor. "The lack of Freys and their vassals on the whole was rather disappointing, but never mind. The Reach knights more than made up for it," she adds, head tilting idly. She glances aside as he does, her smile a little more pointed and far less wide than his. "I do so hope, for Lord Patrek's sake, that it won't be anything near so eventful as the ball at the Twins."

Martyn smiles a bit at Katrin's words, then nods a little as he hears Alys, offering her a bit of a nod, before he starts leading Katrin over to where the dancing is done. "I have warned you that I'm far from a good dancer, haven't I?" he offers, with a bit of a smile to her. "Someone once told me that in such a thing, good intentions are important too…"

"Well, that's very pragmatic of you, my lady," Nicodemus answers with a small, wry smile. He twirls Roslyn again. "And now both our questions are spent, what shall we do until the music ends?"

Garett likely had to be dragged here. Large social events makes the Westerling feel ill, but he did tell his wife that he would at least make the attempt at leaving tent. A promise that he's now gretting a bit. So, upon entering and being fashionably late as he is, he slowly starts to manage his way through the crowd in search for Briallyn. Romaing serving with cups of wine? Yeah, he'll take one of those.

"I shall keep that in mind next time I find myself the victim of insult," Rosanna says with with a hint of laughter on her voice. "Are there any stipulations as to the source of the insult? Any man too great or too close to yourself for you to challenge?"

Alys grabs a fresh cup of Riverlands red as she tips back the one she has, setting the empty to the tray when she finishes. She strolls over to Cherise and smiles. "Don't you laugh at me, cousin. This gown was not my choosing. I guess, by the looks of this thing, my father wishes me to dress as grown up as I am. I.. I do not know. But don't you laugh."

As the newly betrothed Kamron and Saffron finish up their first dance, both are laughing as if something has passed between them. It is good that they have stopped at the edge of the floor, because they would be an obstruction in the path of others out on the dance floor. She loosens her hand from his, though her other hand remains poised on his shoulder for a moment, moving to touch the side of his neck with a fond brush of fingertips. She steps away then, bowing her head. "Thank you for the dance, Ser Kamron."

Catching Alys' soon approach, Cherise does gain the attention of one servant dutifully refilling the cups should it be necessary. And it was. Her libations rejuvinated, sampled and then savored, she was able to easily slip on a pleasant smile. "Lady Alys." She greets with cool familiarty. "You've made it after all."

Tia's smile is bright, her eyes filled with the joy and mischief that haven't been there in quite some time. "It's a very lovely dress, and can make even me look good," she says, offering a glance through her lashes as the dance brings them together for a moment, and then as it separates them, she keeps her gaze on her partner's face, enjoying the opportunity to stare without it being improper. Much. Then once the opportunity presents itself, she adds, "To be truthful, it is quite a new style for me. But I think I like it."

Twirled, Roslyn gracefully spins in to the gesture, ending up that bit closer at the end of it before she draws back to the proper length. "Can I afford to be anything but, my lord? If I can, I think I have spent all the coin I have in—." She only gives him a look. You know where she's spent that coin. "Stomp and jump?" she suggests instead.

There's a wordless protest from Katrin as Alys abandons her but she takes Martyn's arm as they head toward the floor. "You have mentioned it, Ser Martyn," she says with a reassuring smile. Her fingers tighten across his arm a little and she seems restless. "I feel a little nervous," she admits in a soft voice.

Brennart nods and shrugs, "Not a problem about my cousin if he's not here it's his loss but thank you for keeping an eye or rather I guess an ear out for him I am a bit sad that I missed the Tourney but I'm sure there will always be another one down the line didn't even arrive in time for the squire's melee."

"Why would I stipulate as to whom would infringe on your honor?" Rutger states. "Were the king's own son to insult you I would seek challenge." BOLD WORDS, but then Rutger hates the Baratheon-so probably not entirely false flirting.

"Oh, I would very much Lord Desmond. I love to dance!" A dimple appears as Muirenn brightens and a rapturous smile curves her lips as she turns her head to look at the Westerling beside her. "Excuse us Lord Brennart?" Eagerly a hand is extended as she begins to move towards the dance floor.

Rosanna laughs aloud at that. "And what of the King himself?" she wonders innocently.

Rutger grins into an almost wild twirl on the floor, before catching control and moving to the music. "Lady, I fought against him once before for a dragon. I would do so for a Rose as well."

At the introductions that seem to be coming Hughs way, Jocelyn has to smile. She offers a courtsy to the two Lady's after her comment to Ilaria and then when her cousin approaches. At the other introduction from Hugh she says, "I think we have met, yes. Its good to see you under much better circumstances." she reinforces.

Kittridge chuckles and nods at Danae's words, "Indeed, lady, it is only fair, after all. I should have liked a bit more luck in the joust, but I had uncommonly good luck in my partner for the team melee, so it all evens out at the end of the week. We will go home happy at time well-spent." He twirls her on cue, and then nods, "I agree, certainly. I think that was the idea of all this," he says, "To show that Seagard rebuilds, and carries on as before, and help to return somewhat to the way things were. It seems a fine match, and so far everything has gone off well this week. A wise move by the Mallisters, it seems, and a good show of strength. And how have you been since, Lady? I heard you were staying at… Highfield, is it called?"

"Aye, I did cousin." She shoots a look around the room, landing her cool-blue eyes on Riordan. "Did you see I brought your belongings?" She asks Cherise politely before tearing her gaze from the Nayland to turn back to her with a bright smile. "I had thought your finery would bring you the smallest bit of comfort." Alys softens her smile to more of a warm one than a bright one to tone down her excitement for the dance a touch.

Kamron's fingertips remain at Saffron's shoulderblade for that same lingering moment, just brushing the skin at the back of that daring gown. His smile broadens, if that were even possible, and then he too drops his arms, offering his left arm out to her very properly again. "Shall we see what your cousin is up to, My Lady? I believe that between this and the last dance, I do owe her a turn about the floor at some point tonight."

"He is family, Lady Lucienne. There is little I would not do for family. Besides, it is his first tourney event, and he is my squire. I needed to see him in action if I'm to properly train him." Riordan continues to smile, regardless of the pointed look from Lucienne, or her comments. "Well, the night is young. But yes, perhaps the night shall go better." For a moment, he falls silent, before glancing once more aside to Lucienne and saying, "I would ask you to dance, but as you no doubt have heard, I am singularly terrible at it. I would hate to add crushed feet to my growing list of crimes against you."

"Westerling, damn," Ilaria groans, sighing heavily and reaching up to touch her forehead. "I feel as if I am going daft these days. Of course, my cousin was most recently wedded to Ser Garett Westerling, a knight of great skill. And I pinched Heolla because she was not where she was supposed to be doing the duty for which she was hired." Despite that, however, the girl offers Hugh a warm and charming smile. "Lady Jocelyn, Lord Ser Riordan," she greets with all required deference.

Nicodemus laughs. "Do not tempt me, my lady," he says to Roslyn as he falls back into step of the song. "You dance well, I've quite remembered my feet." And then, the music begins to roll to a close.

Rosanna catches her bottom lip between her teeth for a breathless moment as Rutger twirls her so enthusiastically. Her color bright in her cheeks, she looks up at him from beneath her lashes and says, "Well, I suppose I shall have to be content with that."

"And why should I not? It would hardly be any more scandalous than how my family behaved at the last," Roslyn counters with an innocent smile, her expression warming at his laugh with a friendliness. "Alas," she adds where the song draws to an end. "Perhaps next time, my lord. It was a pleasure, for all that it lacked of the Stepstones."

"Grand," Desmond grins and takes Muirenn's hand, finally passing off the damn chicken to another meandering servant. "Give it to Lady Briallyn," he whispers, then leads Muirenn straight to the floor, guiding her into a slow, chaste step, hands in the appropriate places.

"Don't worry about it, Lady Katrin," Martyn replies with a bit of a smile. "If both of us feel nervous, that'll probably mean that it will go well, right?" There's some kind of weird logic there, but don't ask him to explain it, please. Getting to the dancing part now, the part Martyn isn't particularily good at, after all. He offers her a bit of a smile, though. "I had a nice chat with your cousin today," he offers. "He seems like an interesting person."

"I had. Your efforts will not go without appreciation cousin." The amount of comfort it brought was left be unspoken. "Thank you, cousin." Cherise returns tepidly as her blue eyes also float along the dancers and fellow peers. "I trust your venture to Hollyholt went well? You're not quartered to its walls again."

Perhaps Rutger is preying upon the crowd of the dancers, but he does bring up his hand, and offer a caress of Rosanna's cheek with his thumb. If he can, and she doesn't jerk away or Kittridge hit him. "Lady." The Nayland's voice lowers. "You never should have to be content. Always reach for what you want."

The Banefort continues to laugh, though it is restrained to her eyes. She inclines her head to him as she takes his arm once more. "You should, she would appreciate that. I would like to see in on the Groveses and the Naylands —" And Danae, but that is more of a curiosity. She begins toward where she last saw her cousin with Tiaryn and Saethwyr.

"I find myself more appeciative of such things, of late. And yes, Highfield. My cousin's kin have been very kind to me in the the time since my husband's death," Danae says, tipping her chin in a mild nod. They continue their dance for awhile, conversing lightly and easily. "Thank you for the dance, my Lord."

Hugh looks over to Jocelyn with a little surprise and leans closer to her to ask. "She was rescued as well?" He watches the young woman and then looks back to the food. It's a hard choice…women…food…women…food… He asks Jocelyn, "Are you enjoying yourself. I would dance with you, but you know for a fact, that I am not that good a dancer. And I'm a little sore."

There's a moment that Rosanna does allow it, her breath caught. And then she smiles and laughs, ducking her head away from the touch with a knowing sort of smile on her lips. "I don't think reaching would be entirely appropriate at this particular moment, my lord."

"How very noble of you, my lord," replies Lucienne, to Riordan's comments about family. "I most certainly feel the same way about mine. So perhaps it is wise if we avoid the slight of your toes upon mine, for I'd hate to make my goodsister jealous." Her smile is sweet to honey the barb, and she dips quickly into a curtsy. "If you'll excuse me, I've just spotted the Lady Syrah and it would terribly remiss of me not to offer my congratulations to her."

Out on the dance floor, Anais and Dmitry cut a fine pair, steps nimble and increasingly intricate as they grow more familiar with each other. The Terrick lady seems to be enjoying herself, smile easy.

The Charlton Knight smiles warmly at Tiaryn as he dances with her, his eyes showing a sparkle within them. "Even you, hmm? My Lady, I have never seen you not look lovely," Saethwyr says softly, watching her and twirling her across the dance floor. His gaze holds to her face, certainly not seeming to mind that the dance makes it able to be done. It's a wonderful opportunity, and he'd be crazy not to talk advantage of it. And enjoy it, which is what he does. "I rather like it as well, my Lady," he adds, smiling warmly at her.

Alys nods and smiles warmly to Cherise, "I had thought it would help a little. I had written Lord Riordan while I was home. He kindly returned it all, I do have one article I must ask him about though. And of course, thank him properly for seeing to their return. Including my beloved horse, Shane." Alys smiles a bit brighter, and obviously relived about that one fact. Though, her smile darkens slightly at Cherise's last. "It was, well, to be expected. You know my father." Alys leaves it at that, but her demeanor seems saddened as well. She straightens the fiery red fitted skirts of her gown as she spots a nonexistent crease.

The room isn't a crush of people, but the Lady's eyes alight upon a familiar figure. "If you'll excuse me," she says politely, still grinning toothily. "Lady Ilaria, if you've need of me." Briallyn makes a vague gesture before slipping away from the small cluster of people with a smothered sigh of relief. Weaving her way through the mingling crowd, poor Ser Desmond is brushed past with a pinch, and then Briallyn is squarely cornering her newly minted husband. "You brought me wine, did you?" There is a playful hint to her laugh as slender fingers reach for the goblet that is clearly intended for the Westerling knight's own lips.

And back to munching bread goes Brennart and a sip of the wine and tapping of the foot and watching of the dance floor.

The smile upon Rutger's face widens as his hands move to their appropriate stations and he moves slightly from the floor, in case the Lady should wish to cease dancing. But, close enough to dive back in as well. "Perhaps not right now, and not here." Rutger adds with a wink.

There are surely better dancers, but few match the enthusiasm with Muirenn moves to the music. Her steps are exact and her slender body lithe, but mostly it is the flash of sunshine in her smile, the gleam in her eyes, and the excited flush of her cheeks that make people look on her and smile. "I am making my way to Stonebridge after the tournament is over" is offered by way of conversation as the girl moves easily with Desmond to the music.

Riordan lets out a snort and a dry smile at Lucienne's statement. He simply raises an eyebrow to her, then turns and offers her a more formal bow. "Please give my regards to your father, my lady, when you see him next. And have a pleasant evening." And then, for now, Riordan will turn back to his people watching. And not be scandalous. Good plan, that.

Kamron stops as he realizes that Anais isn't present where he spotted her last, and he laughs softly over to Saffron, "It appears she's disappeared. I bet…" He guides her about so that they can turn and look out over the dancefloor once more, "Why yes. There she is. With Ser Dmitry. I suppose I'll just have to wait. Which, of course, means all the more time to pay attention to you." His eyes may dip a little then, but they lash right back up to her gaze. He was looking at Saffron's face the whole time, really.

"My cousin?" Katrin asks, peering up at Martyn as they dance. She is more skilled at dancing than her partner, to be sure. "Cousin Harlyn?" Her lips press into a small frown. "He has been keeping a very close eye on me of late." And her nose wrinkles. As she looks about the different dancers, she just stops entirely on seeing Rosanna. And her arms tighten a little around Martyn.

"It was, indeed," Nicodemus agrees, lifting Roslyn's hand to press a chaste kiss to the back of it before dipping into another bow. "Thank you, my lady, it was a pleasure. Perhaps we'll have another cause to dance again, soon."

But the dance does come to an end eventually, and Tia sinks into a curtsey before she rises. "I think I should finish my wine," she says, now that she's standing next to Saeth once more. "And perhaps see if I can find Lady Saffron to congratulate her on that dress." She definitely has to agree with Anais on that one, Saffron has outdone herself. "Shall we go sit for a moment or two?" she offers, giving Saethwyr the option to do as he pleases. But then, she and Saethwyr are coming by just who she was wanting to find, and Tia stops short. "Saffron! You look exquisite - that dress is perfect."

"If I'm going to get through the night with so many people that I don't know?" Garett grouses when he finds Bri. "Yeah, I'm going to wine just to level my mood out. Oh, for -you-? Well, hell." he corrects for her sake, but not before taking a drink from the cup and passing it over to the new Westerling lady. "So, there anybody I need to know around here that I knew previously?" he asks, glancing over to acknowlege Kamron and Saffron about. "Correction; is there anyone here that I previously liked that I don't know now? Anyways, how has the evening been for you, love?"

Taking another sip of her wine, Jocelyn nods to Hugh as Lady Briallyn excuses herself from their company. "Indeed, she was." she says in a lowered voice. "Not something that anyone likes to talk about." she says. When her eyes fall on the dancing pairs she shakes her head with a light laugh, "Do not worry yourself, Cousin. I have seen and I should not put you through that." or herself through that. Her gaze slipping to other family members in the room briefly. "I am enjoying myself, even thoughout dancing."

"That I do." Cherise mumurs over her cup before drawing a few sips from its contents. "All but what matters most." Noting the use of article and not person she lowers her goblet carefully, returning a duel handed embrace against her abdomen. "Have you thought of dancing with him?"

On the edge of the dancefloor with Rutger, Rosanna allows the wrap on this particular dance of the evening. "Mm," is her only reply to the Nayland's tease, though her smile is impishly irrepressible. Her gaze is caught by Katrin's notice and subsequent stillness, and she lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers at the Haigh lady, her expression all warm welcome. OH HELLO THERE. SO NICE TO SEE YOU.

He took that rather well, didn't he? Lucienne's own smile is rather smug, and she assures Riordan, "I most certainly will, my lord," before slipping off amongst the crowd.

Hugh says, "But /you/ should dance! Shall Ifind someone to dance with you?!" Hugh threatens to turn into Mr. Helpful. "I can go ask someone."

"Of course, though I fear for what questions you would ask me next," Roslyn answers, a laugh escaping her lips even as he kisses her hand. She offers another curtsey, adding "Good day, my lord," before retreating towards her brother and Lady Rosanna there on the sidelines of the dance floor. "Rutger. Lady Rosanna."

Saw that, Saffron's gaze seems to say as she squints a bit with amusement up at her betrothed. Before she can verbally tease him however, her name is heard as she turns her head toward Tiaryn with a blossoming smile. "Thank you, Lady Tiaryn," she returns with a flourish of dimples. "You look equally lovely. I'm so happy to see you in such a wonderful spectrum of purple." She squeezes the arm of the Mallister knight beside her.

Riordan seems quite content to people watch for the moment, at least until he spots Rutger no longer on the dance floor, but on the sidelines, with Rosanna. And Roslyn there too? Well, of course Riordan heads that way, greeting all three with a smile. "Good evening, brother, sister, Lady Rosanna. I trust you are all enjoying yourselves?"

Dmitry shows himself quite able on the dance floor, at the least: this dance considerably less hazardous to his health than the melee, he moves with a clean, practiced competence and a lightness on his feet that bespeaks both his inherent quickness and a skillset kept in frequent usage. He spins easily with Anais on the dance floor and has probably made a joke by now. Probably.

"That's probably only because he cares about you, my lady," Martyn replies, with a half-smile. "We men tend to be a bit protective about our relatives. But he seems like a good man, your cousin," he adds. Looking around for a few moments as well, he blinks a bit as her arms tighten around him. Turning to look where she's looking, he pauses very momentarily. "Don't worry about her, not for tonight," he offers, a bit quietly.

Rutger does not spy Katrin and Martyn, rather he does see the waggling of fingers, and the knight turns to crane his head in order to find whom is being waved to. Though, given the sudden appearance of Roslyn, there is a pause and a grin. "Lyn." he intones before Riordan shows himself. A bare nod given his brother as his smile comes back into place. "I would hope we were." A glance to Rosanna. "Are you enjoying yourself, my dear?"

Once Dmitry's proven he's not a danger on the dance floor, Anais picks up the pace a bit, throwing in an embellished step here and a spin there. She even laughs at his jokes! Because she's an excellent dance partner like that.

Alys nods ruefully to Cherise's words. "Greedy, if you ask me. But I suppose it…" Alys stops and looks to Cherise, her cheeks turning over a light blush. "You meant Cousin Aleister, did you not? My apologies Cherise, Lord Alric was pouring himself over tomes whilst we were in Hollyholt to see if there was anything that he could do to free him." Alys sends Cherise a sympathetic glance, noting the way she holds her stomach. "I will not, if you ask me not to, my lady." She says watching the dancers twirl about. "Though, it couldn't hurt to save appearances, no?" Alys says lowly to Cherise.

Oh, look at that. Rosanna. All close and dancy with Rutger Nayland. So,, it seems, Nicodemus and Roslyn do not part ways just yet, as Nicodemus heads in the same direction. While Roslyn greets her brother, the Groves twin offers his sister a bow. "Rosanna, you look beautiful this evening. Hello, Lord Nayland." And then, as Riordan arrives, he too gets a small bow and another, "Lord Nayland."

Taking a deep draught from the goblet, Briallyn politely passes it back to the man, regardless of how odd it might be for her to be drinking his wine. "I just arrived," the Lady admits, grin waning to something more relaxed and at-ease. "Poor Ilaria is already flustered." A small sigh follows that statement, and the young woman is giving herself a proper once over to assure that her state is acceptable; naturally after entering the room. After that, she turns her attention to the milling crowd. "There are a few, here and there. As for whether or not you like them, I'll leave that to you to re-learn. You might have a change of heart. But, I doubt it."

Kamron gives Saffron a helpless little shrug, having the good grace to blush just a little. It quickly fades, however, as he looks over to Tiaryn and Saethwyr, bowing his head and nodding to the lovely lady on his arm, "You thrive in color, Lady Tiaryn. It's so wonderful to see the change." Looking over to the Charlton, he quirks a half-grin, "And I would say the same to you, Lord Saethwyr, but I simply don't know enough about you to know the difference."

Katrin's eyes narrow a little more. "She stands there and /mocks/ me," she growls a little but she lifts her chin and gives a bright smile in Rosanna's direction, calling out over the general din of the crowds. "You look lovely, Lady Rosanna. Lord Rutger must be envied by almost every man here." And then she goes back to her conversation with Martyn. "He is protective of the House, not me."

Desmond is spurred on by Muirenn's enthusiasm and, well, radiance. He dances along, following as best he can, trying to avoid drawing /too/ much attention. He's no exceptional dancer but he's not terrible. "What business do you have at Stonebridge, if I may ask?"

Oh, hey, then Roslyn totally arrives with Nicodemus, surely, given that they move to the same place from the same place. "I am, Riordan. Lord Nicodemus was kind enough to spend some of his time dancing with me instead of the lovely young ladies surely hoping for him to ask them," she replies lightly, smiling to Riordan in greeting.

"Oh, you look beautiful, Lady Katrin," Rosanna calls back. "I told you no one would even notice." La la la. She looks back to the gathering group around her, all smiles. "Of course, I'm having a lovely time," she says in warm agreement, slipping her hand into the crook of Rutger's arm. "Thank you, Nico," she says airily to his compliment. "You look lovely, of course, Lady Roslyn."

"Although I appreciate your willingness to help, cousin…" Jocelyn begins and then shakes her head, "I thank you, but no." wouldnt that be something? She glances slightly around her.

Cherise does steal a glance at her side where Alys stands, a brief landing of her eyes accompanied by silence. Further conversation required another sip from her cup. "If appearnces are in need of saving. Your nameday was stolen from you, enjoy what you may cousin."

'Lord…" Rutger says as he looks closely at Nicodemus before blinking quickly. 'Nicodemus Groves. Good to see you." he adds on before he is looking back towards Roslyn with a bow of his head. "I do trust you had a fine time with my sister? I know she takes pride in her dancing." And there comes Katrin's call-which brings a raise of a brow to Martyn's direction.

Yay! Dmitry compliments her easily on this quality: "You make up for many hours spent danceless and alone, my lady," he tells Anais lightly as they dance blithely across the floor.

"Nonsense, it just means that Lord Nicodemus has only the finest of tastes," Riordan returns to Roslyn, the smile he gives her large, and fond. He gives a friendly smile in response to the Groves knight, saying, "Please, Ser Riordan will do just fine, Ser. Our father is Lord Nayland." He glances to his brother, then, and nods, but does not say anything in return to him at the moment.

Martyn attempts to turn Katrin around a bit, so she won't have to face Rosanna at the moment now. "That's probably because she's insecure about something. Wouldn't be the first person to try hiding their own insecurities in that way," he offers quietly. Noticing the raised brow from Rutger

"Ser Kamron," Saffron says to her knightly betrothed. "I've been trying to find time to speak with Lady Roslyn and Lady Rosanna. If I leave you here, will you promise to stay out of trouble?" She asks him with a wry smile budding on her lips. She of course assumes that he will stay out of trouble as she gently slips from his grasp, and she begins to sweep toward where she will find Roslyn and Rosanna, and whoever else is hanging around them. She assumes a lot of handsome, strapping Lords.

Alas, this is an unfortunate part of dancing. It must always end. As it comes to an end, his dark gaze is yet upon Tiaryn. Saethwyr smiles at her, and he bows to her, the movement smooth. "It is a good wine, my lady, and worth finishing," he says softly. He starts to guide her over to the table they had been at, but then they run into Saffron. "My thanks to you, Lady Tiaryn, for the dance," he adds, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Excuse me, Lady Tiaryn… I will seek you out later," he adds. A promise, that is. Then he gives a nod to Saffron. "You look lovely, my Lady," he offers, a smile touching his lips. Then he steps back from them in order to start to wend his way over towards Lady Cherise and those within her company.

"Well, damnit that doesn't help me at -all-." Garett replies, humored. "Well, I guess it'll just depend if I'm spoken to, won't it?" he notes, taking the cup idly. Then he takes a pensive moment looking over the people that're here. His eyes narrow, as if trying to put face to names. "I want to say there's some people I might, but it's difficult. I can pick out the men I squared off with in the melee, ah, well, there's my cousin." he utters, managing to pick out Cherise. "Ser Kamron and Lady Saffron over there. I'll see if I can harass him at some point. But that's more or less it. I've heard my sister is about, but hell if I'll be able recognize her. Not like she seemed all that concerned my health anyways." His observation had, the looks at Bri. "Oh I'm sure Lady Ilaria looks just splendid. I might have to go make a mockery of myself and see if I can get a dance with her at some point. That is, unless you steal me first. You know," he his gaze at her becoming a bit more scrupulous. "You never told me if you enjoyed dancing."

Before she does depart, Saffron thanks both Tiaryn and Saethwyr and promises to come fetch her betrothed later.

Martyn attempts to turn Katrin around a bit, so she won't have to face Rosanna at the moment now. "That's probably because she's insecure about something. Wouldn't be the first person to try hiding their own insecurities in that way," he offers quietly. Noticing the raised brow from Rutger, he offers a shrug in return to the man, before he focuses on Katrin again. "The one doesn't neccesarily exclude the other," he offers. "He's probably protective both of your House and of you. At least that was my impression of him."

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a lord who not only /wants/ to dance, but has anything resembling skill at it?" Anais laughs to Dmitry, skirts spinning with a complicated series of cross-steps. "It would be like…Like if you always had to spar with squires. You could do it, but it would be terribly dull, and you'd never actually get to exercise your own skills."

Katrin mutters a word that sounds suspiciously like 'Brat', especially when paired with her glance in Rosanna's direction. But she's more than happy to turn away when the Naylands begin to appear and they all just get a wistful look and she does a quick scan about, trying to find someone else who is obviously not here. "Yes, I suppose you are right," she murmurs to Martyn. "What did you need to speak with cousin Harlyn about?" she asks curiously.

Alys blushes, "Not entirely cousin, though as far as a celebration with loads of friends and family. Aye, it was." she sighs lightly and watches the dancers go around and around. She sips her wine, "No, for all I know I would bring shame upon my house, or some such dishonor like that." Alys brightens a smile for Seathwyr who mingles their way. "Ah, cousin. How fare you this eve,' you do not look like you are doing too awful bad for yourself." She chances a glance to Tiaryn and offers the lady a smile if she is looking in their direction.

Hugh grins and shrugs, "Well, you let me know. I don't want you to miss out. Everyone seems to be having a good time." And some more of the food is gone. Inhaled. And the goblet gets filled again. He peers over and then says, "I should go and greet Riordan and our other cousins." He is loosening up a little and may actually pull away from the sanctuary of the refreshment table.

"Indeed I did, my lord," Nicodemus answers blithely to Rutger, "as I expect you had with mine." He offers a white and winning grin to Rutger. He looks over at Riordan and chuckles. "Lord Riordan, then, if you like, ser."

Humming quietly to herself, Nedra gives another nod to one of her aunts and accepts a glass of wine from the tray of one of the servants circulating through the room. She watches, a small smile upon her face, as the dancing couples execute the most intricate steps, one foot tapping ever so slightly to the music as she sips from the glass.

Tia blinks as Saethwyr is heading off, though as she looks to see where he is going, she smiles at Cherise, spying her there. And Alys as well, Tia nods her head and smiles in that direction. Which now leaves her with Kamron, just the two of them. After the goodbyes, and all, she turns to look at Kamron. "Do you suppose I should stay out of trouble too? However shall we manage such a feat?"

"Oh, I'm sorry — have you not met my brother?" Rosanna's smile actually grows a bit tight. Because, you know. Exiled traitor brother. "Lord Rutger, Lord Riordan, Lady Roslyn — this is my brother, Ser Nicodemus Groves."

"I think Ser Nicodemus has excellent manners," Roslyn counters lightly, but she spares him further conversation on such a topic with only an easy smile as she turns away to acknowledge Rosanna's compliment with a nod. "Nowhere near so beautiful as you, my lady, but I do not attempt to compete." She draws slightly away from all those strapping Lords where she sees Saffron, stepping instead to form their own little subgroup as she greets, "Lady Saffron! Have I said congratulations on your betrothal yet?" She attempts to catch her hands, to press a friendly kiss to the other lady's cheek.

Kamron nods to Saffron, "As best as I can, My Lady." He shakes his head at Saethwyr's departure, shrugging helplessly to Tiaryn, "I suppose we will have to do the best we can. And here we both are, left alone among such a crowd. Apparently, I'm not interesting enough to warrant attention." Obviously it must be his fault, rather than hers. "And how is Ser Saethwyr on the dance floor, Lady Tiaryn? I'm sure he's significantly better than I."

"We have met," Roslyn also adds to Rosanna. "He is a fine dancer."

Dmitry's smile is bright, his eyes laughing for all that he releases little of it with his voice. Apparently he is enough recovered from the crack to his skull to have little difficulty tracking the elegant complications of the dance. His manuevers seemed designed to set off his lady partner's, like he is some form of stylish accessory. "I can't imagine why," he says. "It is a necessary skill for any man with social interest above simple courtesy, and it is one of the few that requires only physical talent, which should make it more accessible to the — uh, to the less able of wit."

"None really. I just…" Muirenn murmers softly as she nimbly avoids the occasional rough step and saves her toes pain, "I just want something different. My reasoning is too deep and dark a conversation for this setting where everything is so joyous and exhuberant." As the music draws to a close, she glances at Desmond adding shyly "Perhaps we might talk about it another time?" Her fingers curl into Des' arm just a bit before she takes a step back and honors him with a curtsy, "Thank you for the dance my lord…it was glorious!"

Jocelyn nods to Hugh, "I'll greet them shortly." she says, remaining where she is for now, holding her wine and drinking slowly.

"Gods, no. I have two left feet," Briallyn laughs delicately, clearing her throat. A Lady that doesn't know how to dance? A hint of pink rises to her cheeks, and she gives a helpless shrug. "My time was spent hunting, gambling, and hawking back home. Dancing wasn't an interest at the time, and there was little time to learn how to do it with any skill before I left Broadmoor. If you want to dance with Lady Ilaria, be my guest, but—" The Lady pauses, and Garett is given a close inspection, with Briallyn reaching out to prod his still-battered ribs through the fabric of his clothing. "Are you up to it? I know very well that you're still a mess of bruises after Kamron was giving you a good working over."

"That's what /I've/ been saying!" Anais exclaims to Dmitry, smile flashing bright. "But no one listens. I think you're all afraid that it won't look manly. Which is a bit ridiculous, really. What could be more manly than a chance to spend time practically alone with a woman? Touching, no less. I'm surprised more men haven't put two and two together on that."

"He reminds me of Kittridge." Rutger states before he is squinting. "No, I do not believe we have met formally. I have seen him-though." And Rutger pauses to rub his jaw for a moment. "I believe we served together in the Usurper's War." Ah yes, some Royalists still hold hard into what they believe in. Rutger is one of them.

"I cannot possibly answer that, Ser Kamron, as I don't believe we've ever danced," Tia replies, with a charming smile. "If you wish me to compare, you will have to brave the dance floor once more." She pauses before she adds, "And thank you much for the compliment. It does feel good to be wearing something this lovely once again. I am pleased to see that it suits me better than the black did." Which is not really saying much as black is definitely not Tia's colour.

Martyn shrugs a little bit at Katrin's question. "Well, what we spoke most of was a few things regarding matters of trae," he offers a bit lightly. "He had a few insights to certain matters I've been thinking about recently. We also talked a bit at such things as life and death, although that was just the ending parts of it, really."

As if she defered to Alys' wisdom, Cherise tipped her crown, causing the lengthy mane of blonde curls to shift a little. Or perhaps it was in acknowledgement to the arrival of their cousin. "Saethwyr." She greets once he has drawn close enough. Words are directed to Alys while speaking of the Charlton, "He was quite impressive in the melee some days past. I had wished you were here to witness it."

"And -that's- why I love you. I'll take gambling, hunting and hawking any day of the week over other things." Garett smiles brightly, leaning down to kiss Bri on the cheek. "Heh, I'd dance with your cousin just to see how many shades or red I manage to get out of her. She's good fun. Where is she?" he looks about for a moment before laughing a bit. "Oh, I'm -fine-, love, really. I'm feeling much better after Lady Muirenn tended to me. And well, I can't really control that. Ser Kamron sometimes can't seem to keep his hands off me." An overly dramatic sigh. "That will just have to be my load to bear."

There are a few greetings and stops along the way, but Saffron finally ends up with Roslyn and her company. Happily, she captures Roslyn's hand and returns the friendly kiss with the same brightness and warmth. "Lady Roslyn, you look absolutely stunning. Even if you have, I could not remember. It seems I have been congratulated by al of Westeros." She only seems happier with each congratulations, however. She turns to those who are in Roslyn's company with a smile. "My Ladies, My Lords," she greets to the whole.

"Not until just now," Riordan says in response to Rosanna's introduction, giving Nicodemus another nod. "However, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ser." He then looks over as Saffron arrives, and greets her with a warm smile. "Lady Saffron, good evening. Congratulations," he adds, in addition to Roslyn's own well wishes.

"There are few enough moments in life to steal casual intimacy with a beautiful and elegant woman," Dmitry says, his glance slanted beneath the veil of his eyelashes as his smile skews just briefly smirkish at Anais across the dance floor. His dark eyes suggest more unspoken words that are totally inappropriate. He spins her instead. It is less inappropriate.

Desmond makes sure to give her a slow twirl before they stop and bow. Those curling fingers give him quite the wide grin. "You dance very well. So thank /you/." His voice lowers and he nods, "We can most certainly speak another time, I look forward to it."

Rosanna's smile goes even tighter at the topic of Robert's Rebellion, and she seems grateful for the distraction of a certain new betrothed. "Lady Saffron," she coos, turning to her. "How beautiful you look! My congratulations as well, of course."

"So we did," Nicodemus answers for Rutger's musings. "Do I remind you of Kitt?" he laughs. "Well, I'm flattered, then." Nodding to Riordan, he replies, "A pleasure, Lord Riordan." He, too, offers the Lady Saffron a bow as she joins their little group. "Good evening my lady. Please accept my congratulations as well on your betrothal."

Hugh starts to make his way across the room, drink still in hand towards Riordan and some other Naylands. When he gets closer, he bows again. Ow. "Ser. My Lords, Ladies."

Rutger nods once towards Nicodemus, before he is looking back at Lady Saffron who has joined up the conversation it seems. A nod is given the Lady though for now Rutger keeps his tongue. Eyes, surveying the room, as if looking for someone.

Once the Charlton Knight has reached his family, a smile comes to his features. He bows respectfully to them, then turns his dark gaze to Alys. "Good eve, cousin," he says, his smile returning. "Thus far, I would say I fare well," he says softly, then glances towards Tiaryn before his attention returns to them, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks. And the colour increases at Cherise's words, his gaze turning to her. "Ah, Lady Cherise… it is most kind of you to say so. Though I had wished for a better result for myself," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice.

Kamron holds up his hands to forestall Tiaryn's words, "Oh, please don't get me wrong, Lady Tiaryn, you looked lovely in black as well." Pressing his right hand to his collarbone, he shrugs helplessly, "I'm not much of a dancer, but I believe it's my duty to keep any woman who wishes to dance quite busy on the dance floor, especially after the fact that I was so utterly unavailable at The Twins." And then he offers out his left hand to the woman, "If you are willing to risk your toes, of course."

Dmitry is the cousin of Jacsen, Anais' husband. He's family. It's not inappropriate! And so Anais laughs as she steps into the spin, skirts swirling around her in a spray of gold and purple. Dizzied as she steps out of it, she grasps his hand a little more tightly, then takes a step back. "So, Dmitry," she muses, looking around the floor. "Who else are you planning on dancing with tonight?"

"Cousin. I had wondered where you had gotten yourself," Riordan says, turning to greet Hugh warmly, clapping the young man on his back. "My lords, my ladies, has anyone here not met my cousin, Hugh Asterholm? Champion of the Squire's Melee, wouldn't you know. Bested Lord Patrek himself." He beams proudly at his squire as he introduces him around.

Ilaria does not arrive in time to hear her name, but she does offer Garett a rather enthusastic curtsey. Her cheeks are flushed, and she brings with her the fresh air that signifies her return from out-of-doors. "Cousin," she practically purrs, unabashed at interrupting their conversation. Her hazel eyes sparkle overmuch - probably a sign that her wine was not quite watered enough. Still, her deportment is ladylike eough, and she does not accept another drink even as a servant passes by with a tray of full glasses. "Ser Garett, please tell me you have taken our dear Bri for a turn or two."

"Now that I did hear, well done, cos." Alys takes a sip of wine and slides a look to her cousin. "The first I saw you, you were speaking to Lady Tiaryn," Alys waves to the woman whom she speaks of, genuinely smiling back. "She is quite lovely, cos." Turning back to Saethwyr as he fully approaches, she dips her head in respect to her cousin. "Very good, I like to hear my family is doing well."

"Thank you, Lord Regent," Saffron says to Riordan, meeting his warm smile with a grace of dimples. "You are looking so much more alive since last we spoke, My Lord." That being directly after her argument with Lord Walden Frey just after the rescue. "I had heard some troubling rumors from Stonebridge concerning your health, I'm happy to see they are all for naught." She smiles toward Nicodemus and then Rosanna. "Thank you, thank you. But, please… I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation, but I have been seeking Lady Roslyn and Rosanna since the picnic." Which totally is not a necessary subject, really.

Katrin nods slowly as she considers. "When do you think we will begin back toward Terrick's Roost?" she inquires slowly. "If you require further time to heal or to spend with your family, I am sure Ilaria would be alright if we delayed our journey for a few days." She gives a small smile. "I find that I quite like Seagard."

Tia flashes a friendly grin at Kamron. "I will excuse you on the grounds that you are newly betrothed and should be all wrapped up in your bride-to-be. Allow me to add my congratulations to the many that I am certain you have received," she says. At the offer of a dance, however, she reaches for the offered hand with almost unseemly haste. Almost. "But you will find I rarely turn down a chance to dance, as it is one of my favourite pastimes." Tia will very easily let Kamron lead her onto the dance floor. What better way for them both to stay out of trouble?

"It does seem so, Lady Saffron," Roslyn offers lightly to her thoughts on all of Westeros offering their congratulations. "Anything in particular, my lady? You should not have hesitated to call at my tent, as I would always welcome a visit from you."

Her head ducks shyly as she moves off the floor with Desmond, "You dance well also my Lord. It was a pleasure" Muirenn replies as she moves with the Westerling noble off of the dance floor. "Will you excuse me for a moment?" She gives a toss of her head and the spill of dark crimson tumbles over her shoulders and flashes another smile to Brennart as well, teasing the two men with mischevious eyes "I hope to see you both again momentarily."

"Oh, don't mind them, Lady Saffron," Rosanna says, abandoning the Nayland men and her own brother in deference to lady-talk. "What did you wish to speak about?"

Over with lady Syrah, there are a few lady-types gathered to gush politely over her gown, congratulate her on her betrothal, etc etc. Lucienne has slipped herself into that circle, seeming friendly enough with the Reach girl as she extends her hand to squeeze Syrah's. That seems to mark the end of her part in the conversation though, and she excuses herself with a curtsy and turns to accompany another lady to flag down an attendant. More wine!

"Oh, I don't know," Dmitry says airily. He flashes a crooked grin, there and fading again as he returns to the more traditional steps, though not the simplest. "I thought to wander the ballroom and see who looked lonely." He goes on, "There's Lady Tiaryn I troubled but moments ago, of course, and I can't directly recall but I think I might owe Lady Rosanna a spin. Why? Is there someone at whom you would aim me, Anais?"

Hugh winces at the clap on the back. "Yes, but he's making me feel sorry for it today." He grins, and he of course knows he should appear modest, but that grin will not go away. He takes a drink, and his ears turn red. He asks, "When are we returning to Stonebridge, Lord Cousin?" he asks Riordan. Then he pauses as he realizes other conversation is going on around him.

"Someone who hasn't had a dance, I think," Anais muses to Dmitry, looking over her shoulder through each spin to scan the crowd for unattended ladies. "Lady Ilaria, perhaps," she suggests. "Or Lady Jocelyn. I can't imagine either wouldn't appreciate such a skilled and considerate partner for a few turns." She's not plotting at all.

"Ah yes, I'd heard about the newest one," Riordan murmurs in response to Saffron's mention of the picnic. And it is TOTALLY A COINCIDENCE that his eyes slide to Rosanna. Yes. Pure happenstance. But hey, he won't press a sore subject. For once. He's being good. Turning back to Hugh at the question, he shoots him an apologetic look. Sorry, sometimes he forgets about things like soreness. "Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I expect," is the answer to his squire, in regards to the trip back to Stonebridge.

Martyn shrugs a little bit as he hears that question. "A few days would be needed, I guess. I mean, if they don't think I can handle the more vigorous dances tonight, that probably means that I need to heal up a bit more before going to spend that much time on horseback." Another smile as he hears that last part of Katrin's statemen. "I'm glad to hear that you like Seagard," he replies.

Kamron bows his head as Tiaryn takes his hand, "I have warned you that except for… two dances now… it's been at least a decade since I danced? Yes? Good." Still, he's quite willing to lead her out onto the dancefloor and settle into a comfortable frame — if one that is more open than when he danced with his betrothed. "Thank you for the congratulations, however. I hope that you too can find such happiness," his eyes cut back in the direction they came from, and where he last saw Saethwyr, "in the very near future." And then he's keeping his attention on the steps, his concentration not quite enough to keep a smile from his face, but his movements certainly not the easy steps of a practiced dancer.

"The young Haigh and the young Nayland?" Dmitry's smile turns a little sidelong, and, just slightly, he inclines his head with the slow blink of his dark eyes. "I can't imagine why such beautiful young flowers should languish alone in a busy ballroom full of dancers. My heart aches for them to think on it."

"I did see that," Nicodemus answers with a small nod to Hugh as he's introduced. "You did well, lad. Just don't let it fill your head so much it blocks out the ability to keep learning." His eyes narrow just a little at Riordan's 'accidental' glance towards his sister.

With Saffron looking to speak about the Picnic, Rutger excuses himself, but briefly from the conversation, eyes catching Nicodemus' look to his brother. A faint pause before he is looking back over towards Riordan with a raised brow. "Excuse me, Sers." Rutger states before he is slinking off to find a drink. After all he needs to get his wine on.

The Banefort girl laughs brightly to the pair of women, shaking her head a bit. "Of course to first and foremost thank you both for coming to the tea, and also to apologize for allowing the reaver's honey to get to my head. Lady Rowenna had warned me, but apparently I had no idea what I was getting myself into." She colors gracefully at the admission. "I've actually come to see if both of you wouldn't mind me coming to visit Stonebridge and Kingsgrove respectively."

"You're a handsome man, you can't blame Ser Kamron," she breezes amusedly until Ilaria reaches them, and then Briallyn is all playful smiles and ceases to comment on Kamron's sexuality and any further knight on knight action. "I'm afraid not, Ilaria, and he isn't likely to. He'd have to truss me like a goose to get me to dance, and I'm not sure even that would work," Briallyn murmurs, still abashed with embarrassment. "I am not dancer. A rider, perhaps, and a halfway decent marksman—" Grimace. "Dancing? I'm afraid not. But, you're free to have a turn with him, but treat him gently. He's fragile in his old age."

Saethwyr inclines his head to his cousin, a smile touching his lips. "Thank you, cousin," he says softly. He tilts his head a little to one side, and then he gives a small nod. "Aye, cousin, I was speaking with Lady Tiaryn earlier. She is lovely, I had noticed. But so are you and Lady Cherise, as well," he says, inclining his head to Cherise when he mentions her. Looking to Cherise, he offers her his hand. "Would you care to dance, Lady Cherise?" he offers, a smile coming to the corners of his lips.

There's a certain speculation in her gaze as Katrin looks up at Martyn. "A few days? I believe we could handle that," she says with a nod. How long have they been dancing? It's hard to say but she gives a small smile. "Thank you for the dance, Ser Martyn," she says.

"Let's do something about that, then," Anais decides with a flicker of a mischievous grin up at Dmitry, tapping a finger on his arm to guide him toward Jocelyn. Once they reach the edge of the floor, she flashes a friendly smile to the Nayland lady, then curtsies politely to Dmitry. "Lady Jocelyn," she greets. "You look lovely tonight. Have you met my good cousin, Ser Dmitry Terrick?" She's not the most subtle person, but it's hard to resist the combo of her smile and Dmitry's eyes, right?

Surprise arches Rosanna's brows, but it is certainly not an unpleasant one. "Lady Saffron, I am sure my family would love to receive you at Kingsgrove. It is not as bustling a holding as Stonebridge, but I've yet to see my home's equal in beauty."

Hugh shakes his head, "No…I'm fine!" He proclaims. Riordan wasn't supposed to see the wince. He looks around and then nods at Riordan's answer. He pays attention as Nicodemus speaks to him. "I know Ihave a lot to learn, Ser. Thanks." And the the rest of the goblet disappears. Hugh's eyes follow Nicodemus' as he tries to decipher the unspoken conversation. He gives up and turns to see what the dancing is looking like.

"You have now," Tia says with a laugh. "But I think you should get into the practice. Won't you need to dance with every woman in the hall at your wedding?" she teases. Whether that's true or not, it should at least make him laugh. Tia's cheeks go a little pink, and she has to shrug as she deliberately keeps from following Kamron's gaze over where Saethwyr is. "I hope so too," she acknowledges, not even trying to deny the obvious. Her own dancing is such that she has little difficulty following Kamron's lead, comfortable enough on the dance floor to suggest she's done this many many times in the past. "Though I shall have to officially move out of blacks before anything can even be thought of," she adds, the closest she's come to actually admitting that there's been such conversations at all.

Alys blushes slightly and urges Cherise to join Saethwyr. "Come now, cos. It will be good for you." She smiles lightly at Cherise and gives her an 'air push.' "You flatter cousin, but my beauty is nothing compared to that of Lady Cherise." Alys smiles and leans back against the wall a bit telling her maid to remain there, where it is easiest to find her. She finishes her wine and crosses the dance floor when there is a break in the song to chase down the servant, leaving Cherise and Seathwyr to it. She needs to mingle anyhow.

"I believe that such a call would be my lord brother's to make, but I, as well, would love to see you at Stonebridge," Roslyn answers politely, her gaze drawing to Rosanna but not arguing against beauty. "Though, I assure you I took no offense to your behavior at the tea." And she genuinely seems to mean that sentence.

There's a couier that's come in from the eneterance hall, weaving his way to and fro, coming along to Bri and Garett. Politely bowing to Garett, he hands over a letter to the Westerling and then departs. Looking a bit perplexed, he shrugs and goes to read it. "Er, excuse me a moment, ladies."

If Martyn notices that speculation in his dancing partner's gaze, he doesn't make any comment on it for the moment, just offering her a bit of a smile. Looking a little disappointed at the end of the dance, though. But all good things must end, right? "Thank you, Lady Katrin. I really enjoyed dancing with you."

Riordan doesn't seem to feel guilty at the look he shot Rosanna, so he just gives Nicodemus another friendly grin, before he glances to his cousin with a brief cautioning, "Easy there, Hugh. Don't let the wine go to your head either." Cause he needs you to do squire-y things at the butt-crack of dawn, don't you know!

Katrin smiles, "Would you perhaps care to walk with me a bit, Ser Martyn?" she asks. "I would greatly love a glass of wine and a chance to relax for a few moments."

"I am sure you've done the best to your ability." She compliments, adding a small hint of smile there for effect. Cherise sips again. "That she is." Agreeing with Alys her eyes wander over to their male kin and the flattery lowers her eyes for just a moment. "Thank you." Not forgetting her manners, she stares to his hand in silent debate. Practically forced into an answer, by the nudge from Alys Cherise accepts. "It would be a pleasure." The goblet is passed to a servant before she accepts Saethwyr's offer by placing her hand upon his.

If Dmitry is surprised by the directness of Anais's shot, he gives no immediately visible sign, but plays it off like a champ, sketching an elaborate bow for Lady Jocelyn and sharing with her the sliver of a smile as he straightens, dark eyes glinting with bright humor beneath the thick veil of his dark eyelashes. It's a terrible arrow that does not flirt with the appropriate target (?)."Lady Jocelyn," he says, terribly prettily and so well-behaved, "I am honored, and would be still more honored if you would do me the gentle courtesy of joining me for a dance."

Saffron brightens to Rosanna's reaction to her request. "I have been trying to learn all I can about the Cape, and I believe that words in a book never perfectly describe the beauty seen by the eye." She winks to Roslyn's words before she puts on her best beseeching face as she leans toward Riordan, offering him the full power of her dimpling smile. "Lord Riordan, you missed your sister's hint" By glaring at Rosanna! "but would you mind if I came to visit Roslyn at Stonebridge? I would love her advice on some new gown materials, and of course give Stonebridge a proper visit." She pauses just once as a hint of mischief threatens her eyes. "I'm sure Lady Rosanna would be a wonderful help there too. Perhaps you wouldn't mind us both coming along?"

Martyn nods a little bit, "It would be my pleasure, Lady Katrin." Glancing around at the crowds present for the moment, then back to Katrin.

Desmond is left with… Brennart! And he spots Briallyn and Ilaria, so he beckons at the Erenford and makes his way over. "Come, my Lord! Meet a few friends of mine. Haighs. Or, well, Lady Briallyn is now a Westerling."

Lady Lucienne and her companion both approach an attendant, claiming fresh cups as they converse. The Terrick girl sips immediately from hers, dark eyes scanning the crowd out on the dancefloor. Her brows raise just a touch as she notes Dmitry being introduced to the Nayland girl, her smile close to approving. She quiets, allowing her companion to yammer on whilst she watches her cousin.

Kamron nods, laughing in rueful amusement to Tiaryn's words, "I'm planning to get some practice tonight, thanks to you lovely ladies. And since My Lady Saffron enjoys dancing, I think I will have to learn." His laughter rises as Tiaryn actually admits the attraction to Saethwyr — without actually admitting it. "Well, you seem to have put off the black tonight, Lady Tiaryn. So should I expect to hear about negotiations at least, if not a betrothal, before my own wedding?"

Rosanna doesn't even hesitate. "I always love my time in Stonebridge," she says, as if she hadn't been removed from the hostage-happy area and under the whim of the Groves men in regards to any further visits. "I would be delighted to join both of you there."

At the arrival of Lady Anais she smiles warmly, "Lady Anais. I should say the same to you. You are sure to outshine the majority of the ladies in the room, my Lady." This said before her male cousin is then introduced. To Dmitry she lowers her head and dips into a curtsy, "I do not think I have had the pleasure. I am happy to meet you Ser Dmitry." She glances between Anias and then Dmitry, and at his asking for a dance, she beams at the idea. "How kind of you, I would love to dance."

"Perhaps we could find a location a bit more quiet to speak," Katrin suggests. She looks around and flags down her maid. Best be chaperoned and all that. No need to cause /another/ scandal at a dance at a tourney.

"Well," Ilaria murmurs, obviously crestfallen as she drops down from standing on her tiptoes and watches Garett receive his letter and make a hasty exit. "I wonder what that was all about." She studies Briallyn for a moment, lips turned down in a slight frown, but the frivoloty of the occasion, accompanied by the din of people enjoying their time, invades once more and encourages her to smile warmly. She clasps her hands behind her back, turning her gaze outward to consider those around her. A few bodies shuffle back and forth, and for a moment they clear enough for her to catch sight of Hugh. She stares at the young man for a moment, expressionless, before resuming conversation with her cousin. "Have you at least collected any interesting gossip, Bri? Since you won't dance, that is."

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that. "That sounds like a good idea," he offers after a few moments of pause. Waiting as the maid is being flagged down, because it's true, another scandal would be bad, after all.

"I may need myself to go to the Mire shortly," Roslyn begins with a questioning glance to Rutger even as she continues, "But I will look forward to a time that we can spend together in Stonebridge, should the Lord Regent agree."

"Excellent." Dmitry bows to Anais, next, and his smile to her seems just a little wider, his eyes just a little brighter, and maybe a teensy bit like he thinks something is hilarious. "You have done me a great service by this introduction, Lady Anais," he says, and then turns away from her to offer Jocelyn his arm with eyebrows swept up. "Please," he says.

Hugh refrains from getting a refill. At least for now. He stops looking across the room and nods to Riordan. "Maybe I should go and get ready for tomorrow. A pleasure," he says to all and turns to head across the room to the exit.

"You are too kind, Lady Jocelyn," Anais smiles swiftly, releasing Dmitry's hand to relinquish him to the Nayland lady. "We'll have to talk later," she assures Jocelyn, then steps back to make room for other people dancing. DANCE, PUPPETS, DANCE.

Coming over Lucienne's shoulder, Rutger briefly shows up, a glass in hand. Pausing he leans in to whisper. Only then does he extract himself for a moment, to glance back over to where his brother is with the other ladies.

Nicodemus doesn't much smile back at Lord Riordan, though he does glance down at Hugh as the lad speaks, and chugs. "Learn well then, squire Asterholm, though not every lesson is worth retaining. Good evening," this as Hugh makes his exit.

Alys hears Saffron's question, and feeling quite humorous and showing the mirth on her face she pops in like the fireball she is and comments. "My lady, are you sure. Although, my Lord Riordan is quite a gracious host, he does like to keep his guest for an unreasonable amount of time." Alys giggles and looks to Riordan. "Is that not right, my lord." Alys' smile is bright and full of mischief. "I jest, truly, Stonebridge is lovely, just plan on staying two weeks." She sends Riordan a grin, and spies the wine servant. "There he is." Alys is off momentarily for a glass of wine.

"I'm sure you already know that Ser Kamron and Lady Saffron are betrothed," Briallyn offers most helpfully, balking somewhat. "Aside from that, I'm afraid not. I've been busy, understandably, the last few days." She doesn't say with what, and she doesn't have to. As Garett retreats through the crowd, her gaze follows him with unconcealed concern and a small frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Hopefully nothing pressing. We're awaiting word from his—Oh. Yes. His daughter." Well, that's mildly awkward, and perhaps she has gossip after all. But, Desmond's appearance brightens her expression considerably. "/Ser/ Desmond."

Tia bats her lashes at Kamron, though she has to laugh, unable to keep from it. "I should think you should be asking him about such things, shouldn't you? We ladies are the last to know, after all," she says. If she has any clue about any such thing, it doesn't really show. Though after a moment, she does drop the teasing, trusting Kamron and Saffron enough to say, "I think so, yes. But - " she doesn't need to finish that comment, surely. As any such negotiations will be up to others, and not her. In the meantime she continues to dance, enjoying the chance to spend some time dancing with a handsome and charming man.

"Lead on, Ser Martyn," Katrin says once Serra is standing with them. "I am sure that you know this place far better than either of us might."

Roslyn's lips part as Alys interjects herself into the conversation, closing them on a line as her gaze narrows on the Charlton lady. "Lady Alys," she says quietly.

Again, Jocelyn glances between the two cousins, something about the situation was humorous and she did her best to stiffle a little laugh, instead she brightens to a smile. Taking Dmitry's arm that he offers, casting Anias a farwell look that includes a nod and "Indeed, Lady Anias we must certainly will." Then she looks to her partner as he lead her to the floor. "You've done me a service of asking." she tells him. "I had been wishing to get my chance to dance this evening."

Once she's relinquished Dmitry to Jocelyn, Anais scans the crowd for her next target. Oh look. There's Luci. Friendly smile still firmly in place, she glides through the crowds until she approaches her goodsister. "Luci," she purrs. "I feel as though I've hardly seen you this whole tournament. You haven't been hiding from me, have you?"

"Hmm?" Riordan asks, turning to the ladies when Saffron speaks to him. "I was trying to give you your privacy, my apologies, I did not mean to ignore," he says, with an amused lift of his brow. He glances toward Roslyn, but then simply nods to both Rosanna and Saffron. "Of course, Lady Saffron. You and Lady Rosanna are both of course welcome, if it pleases you, and your families. I will leave Roslyn to schedule the arrangements. She is better at that sort of thing." See, the ball is back in Roslyn's court. "Good night, Hugh," he calls after their cousin, then. Before he then seems a bit distracted by the nearby redhead in the red dress, and her comment. He actually lets out a bright laugh, and a cheerful smile at Alys. "I fear that was a one time lapse in judgement, my Lady Alys. I was rather caught by your beauty and thought to keep you all for myself. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed." Ok, maybe not helping in the scandal department, but he is pretty obviously joking. For those that know him, anyhow. Others might actually believe it.

Saethwyr's blush remains to his cheeks, and a smile comes as well as his dark gaze holds to Cherise. He doesn't mind how long it takes her to make her decision, his hand still remains offered out to her. Then when she takes it, he inclines his head to her. "Thank you, my Lady — it will be an honour," he says softly. Gently, he guides her to the dance floor, the touch of his hand warm to hers. Once he's brought her to the dance floor, he starts to gently lead her through the dance. "I was planning a trip to Hollyholt, soon… is there anything that I might bring for you when I come back?" he asks softly, a mile touching at the corners of his lips. The offer is made not just because she's family to him, but also because he wants to.

Martyn nods a little bit at Katrin's words, "Will do," he offers, leading the way towards, and through, the doors now.

Rosanna's brows are arching all over the place. She looks at Riordan a long moment before turning to smile sweetly at Roslyn and Saffron. "Of course, my family will have to give me permission for a visit. I think they have been rightfully concerned at all the activity surrounding Stonebridge of late."

Hugh, emboldened either by the wine or by his recent success, cuts through the room and passes rather closely by Ilaria. He grins and whispers something to her as he passes on his way out of the room.

Brennart nods as he leaves the wall once again and heads over towards the ladies with Desmond, "Haighs, and a Lady Westerling, this sounds like a wonderful adventure." He grins as he approaches the ladies and pauses to allow Desmond to make introductions.

Alys hears Riordans retort as she thanks the servant for the wine. A goodhearted laugh comes from the bright, Charlton lady. "Too bad, it was just so delightful. You flatter truly, tell everyone the truth, my lord. You really just wanted my horse." Alys japes right back at Riordan, obviously in good spirits.

"It is tragic that you have been forced to wait so long, my lady," Dmitry tells her. His lead on the dance floor is smooth and quick, his careful elegance that of a practiced dancer. "At future balls that where we both attend, I will have to make certain to find you early in the night." His smile winks brightly across his expression, and then he inquires lightly, "So have you enjoyed the tourney, Lady Jocelyn?"

Saffron's pale blue eyes glimmer with satisfaction and amusement to Riordan, and she inclines her head. "Thank you, My Lord." She turns her attention back to the pair of ladies, and she offers them both a victorious smile. "That's that, then." Though, there is Alys and she blinks at the Charlton's words with a kind of owlish expression. Once again, she has managed to open the box of snakes without even knowing her hand was on the lid. It is incredibly rare for Saffron to don a disapproving look, and it adds a sense of cool maturity to her normal warmth and youth. She looks between Riordan and Alys, as if seeing what will come about next. A glance is afforded to Roslyn and Rosanna.

Pleased with the way Anais' introduction of Dmitry and Jocelyn seems to pan out, Lucienne turns back to her companion, only to be interrupted by Rutger's proximity. Whatever he says makes her smile, and she reaches down to swish her skirts in response. She might otherwise have said something, but Anais shows up, and her poor lady companion gives up and heads back toward Syrah. Luci just blinks, and replies in a stiff contrast to her goodsister's greeting: "Lady Anais." That is all.

Kamron shakes his head at Tiaryn's words, "Only if your potential betrothed is an annoying man too given to secrets." Which isn't him. At all. Really. Promise. He nods at her stopped words, however, and he bows his head, stumbling just a hint as he leads her through a slightly more complex step, but recovering himself before he can shame himself or her. And so he leads into a move that allows her to promenade and show off without him having to do much more than turn in a circle, "May the Seven watch over the process then, Lady Tiaryn." There's a momentary pause, and he frowns a little, "Or should I be saying something about the Old Gods about now?" The question is curious, but not prying.

Nicodemus offers a final bow towards the group in genera before he stands and drifts off into the crowd, perhaps to find another glass of wine.

There is no doubt that Ilaria is stunned. Her jaw drops, maw hanging open in astonishment for one very long moment. Wide eyes are fixed on Briallyn's features, and she has just blinked herself out of her stupor when Desmond arrives. Her mouth snaps shut with a loud click of teeth, and she clears her throat rather loudly. Silence settles upon the younger Haigh, but she offers Desmond a sweet smile—or she would, until Hugh passes her by and stops long enough to murmur in her ear. The girl's cheeks turn a pretty pink, her expression marginally baffled, and she turns to stretch out a hand as if to catch Hugh's sleeve; but he passes too quickly for her grasp, and her hand drops limply to her side. She looks torn, glancing between Bri, Desmond, the unfamiliar lord, and the exit where an intriguing prospect lies in wait.

Lady Roslyn's lips also set into a disapproving line at the continued banter between her brother and Lady Alys, her gaze sliding between the two without her usual hint of politeness. That is reserved for Lady Saffron where she offers a grateful smile, replying to Rosanna, "Of course, my lady. Surely you shall let me know." She looks away for a moment. "But for now, I spy someone with whom I owe a dance." It may just be an excuse, because really, who is waiting with baited breath to dance with her?

Riordan laughs again brightly at Alys, a truly genuine, friendly smile on his face as he nods to her. "Well, Shane is certainly a beauty. And part Dornish Sand Steed, don't you know," this last said to include Rosanna, Roslyn, and Saffron in the UTTERLY APPROPRIATE conversation. At Roslyn's extraction, he raises a brow, then says, "What, I do not get to dance with you, sister?" Despite his earlier comment to Lucienne, he actually seems to mean it.

Following Saethwyr's lead, Cherise keeps her nose upturned against the background pleasurable and not so pleasurable faces as they reach the dancefloor. Even her movements may appear withdrawn and lacking the enjoyment dancing. Hands are place appropriately upon his form with one upon the shoulder with caution. "The… majority of my belongings have been returned." She says at first, looking elsewhere but up. "There is nothing I need from there, at this moment. But thank you none the less." She quietly returns while engaged in the slow movements, sort of fitting to her careful demeanor. "Will you be absent for long?"

With a good lead, follows a graceful partner. Softly laughter mixes with the sounds of the music, "You are too kind, Ser Dmirty. It was not all too long. I rather enjoyed watching the couples. I will confess that it usually takes me time to make my way to greet everyone in such crowds, and so delays my love for dancing." A small toss of Jocelyns hair is given as a flower sneaks its way up closer to her face and tickles it from their movemeny. "I have, indeed. The Melee especially. You did compete, did you not? I feel i've seen your face before."

Well, after such a display of swishing skirts, Rutger is left with a baffled look on his features to the greeting that Lucienne gives to Anais, but, he doesn't speak on it. instead, he merely clears his throat, before offering his hand out to the Terrick Lady. "I believe I should dance with you, to be fair." he adds, as if that would get Lucienne out of the possibly awkward situation. "If you do not mind, Lady Terrick?"

Desmond isn't quick enough to catch the last bit of Briallyn's sentence, but he does puff his chest up a bit when she addresses him by his new title. "Lady Briallyn," he dips his head, then gestures to Brennart. "This is Lord Brennart Erenford. Did either of you dance yet?" Apparently he's still riding the high of getting to dance with Muirenn. "Lord Brennart, dance with Lady Ilaria!" he volunteers.

Liss steps into a doorway to the room, quietly, keeping to the shadows. Her eyes widen at the sight of all the nobles in their finery. She looks around the room, looking a little awed, for a moment, before lowering her gaze. She starts searching the crowd for a servant, as invisible against the colourful finery as a sparrow in a rhododendron.

Anais is apparently not put off by the icy reception from Lucienne. Still smiling, she leans closer for an air kiss by her goodsister's cheek. "You're looking lovely tonight, Luci. So few women can pull off black, but it's so striking on you. Your mother would be proud, I'm sure. Oh, Lord Rutger," she greets, smile unfaltering. "I didn't even see you there. My, the black and black will be so bold out on the floor. A pair of hawks amidst peacocks." She steps back, clearing the way to the floor. "Please, don't let me keep you from dancing."

Alys raises a brow to Roslyn as she goes, really she could have made a much less pleasant scene. But she is far to kind to do that, she beams a smile back with Riordan. "Come now, my lord. My stay in your towers kept me from having a nameday party, at the very least, you owe me a dance. No?" Alys crosses her arms and slides another grin that looks as if it is about to quickly break free into laughter.

Tia has no problem with the promenade, moving smoothly into it and enjoying the chance to dance. She turns back and a brow arches at the next question that is asked. "I should think whichever gods you believe in," she says, not commenting on his small stumble at all. It didn't happen. "I am certain that they will all understand, the Seven as much as the Old Gods, if we talk to those we hear. Or who seem to hear us." She takes the next few steps of the dance, letting her skirts swish with the motion, and then turns back to add, "Though if it's Ser Saethwyr's portion you are wishing them to look after, perhaps the Seven might be the appropriate choice."

Roslyn isn't completely lying - it may not be with baited breath, but, fresh off a dance with another Reachian, Ser Kittridge does appear to be headed her way. He smiles at those he steals her from, and then the pair head out to the floor to dance and chat too quietly to be overheard so her player can get food and his can doze.

(And Roslyn totally answers Riordan only with another disapproving look. Don't banter with former prisoners, it says.)

"I'm afraid if you saw my face only during the melee, you may not have seen it at its best," Dmitry says with something at least vaguely resembling humility in his easy, light voice, his eyebrows arching high over his bright dark eyes. "It was there that I discovered just how hard one might be hit in the head. But yes, I did compete."

"Enjoy, Lady Roslyn," Saffron says after the retreating Nayland. A glance is afforded to Rosanna before she offers the fellow noblewoman a slightly tight smile as the tensions build. "I hope you will excuse me, Lady Rosanna, I've been meaning to congratulate Lady Briallyn Westerling on her marriage. If your parents are favorable of a visit, just send a letter along and we can arrange it." She smiles brightly to the young Groves woman before she begins to step away and off toward Ilaria and Briallyn, making her rounds it would seem. She does cast a casual glance to see where her betrothed might have gotten off to.

Saethwyr keeps his hands on the proper places for the dance, continuing to guide her. "I am thankful to hear they've been returned," he says softly, giving a small nod to her. "I will be leaving within the next few days, so if you think of anything, be sure to let me know. Well… including the time it takes to get both there and back? Nearly a week, I would expect," replies the Charlton Knight, a thoughtful note to his voice. He's careful not to step upon her toes, and also careful as to where he guides her so as to not bump into others.

"Of course, Lady Saffron." Rosanna turns to slip off to find her own new group to mingle with.

Aha! A servant walks by carrying a tray of goblets. Liss hisses at him, catching his attention and a stern frown of disapproval. She moves out of her shadow to whisper to him, and at first is rebuffed, but, at her insistence, he reluctantly points to one of the dancers. Liss gives him a glowing smile and a curtsy to thank him, which he replies to with a muttered comment. She nods, hastily, makes some soft-spoken assurance, and starts to make her way quietly along the walls towards where her target is dancing.

If Riordan notices the look from his sister, he doesn't show it. Instead, he attention is drawn back to Lady Alys, and he offers a warm chuckle at the invitation. "Well, I would agree, but I am not sure how assaulting you with my feet is supposed to repair relations between our Houses," he notes, with that same warm grin on his face. "However, if you our prepared to testify before the Seven and the Realm that you were dutifully warned about my ineptitude, I will endeavour to make a brave showing." And, so saying, he will offer his hand to Alys.

"Desmond, you always find ways to compound my shame, don't you?" Pause; sigh. "I cannot dance, nor have an interest in embarrassing myself this evening. I shall keep my two left feet to myself, thank you." At least the Lady Briallyn's tone is gracious, even if her smile takes a wry cast. "It is not the end of the world, Ilaria, but I will tell you more later if you wish. Perhaps here is not the place to discuss such things." Offering the younger woman a wink, the Lady Briallyn is sliding an arm into the crook of Desmond's elbow. "So, now that you're a knight, Desmond, have you been busy? You do not appear buried beneath enough women. Do you hunt?"

Lucienne does not return Anais' air kiss, leaving her goodsister to do all of the leaning involved to deliver it. Her smile is thin and forced, her eyes cold. All of this changes, however, as she slips her hand into Rutger's. "I would be most pleased to dance with you, my lord," she says airily, her expression warming as she ignores her goodsister in his favour. "Shall we?"

Kamron laughs softly at Tiaryn's political answer, "The Seven it is, then. I have to admit, that's my preference anyhow." And since the Mallister man is a devil incarnate, he leads her through another simple dance step, and then arches an eyebrow, asking, "So that lock of hair that keeps falling over Ser Saethwyr's eye. Are you going to brush it out of the way, or am I going to have to do it?"

"You did not do that terribly. You did very well." Jocelyn says delicately, while she is unable to look over her partners head for the injuries he might have sustained. "Its takes a level a bravely just to compete. Also to get hit in the head so willingly." her eyes drop to look at him again and her face brightens with a smile. "Melee was my favorite to watch this tourney."

There is a touch of relief as Saffron overhears a bit more comfortable dialogue between Riordan and Alys as she retreats back toward Briallyn and Ilaria. She slips up beside the latter with a growing grin on her lips. "Ladies, am I interrupting? Oh, and Ser Desmond…" She offers him a slightly growing smile, not intending to tease. Really.

Ilaria glances sideways to Briallyn and presses her lips into a thin line of disapproval. The silent chiding easily slides over Bri's cheerful demeanor, as it usually does, leaving the younger Haigh standing awkwardly and staring down at her slippers. Desmond's introduction, however, draws her attention upward and she blinks owlishly first at him and then at his companion. "A pleasure, Lord Erenford," she greets politely and with a smile, dipping into a curtsey. "And yes, congratulations on your knighthood /Ser/ Desmond." Ah, that brings a bigger smile to her face, but as her cousin absorbs the man in conversation, so she is left to do the same for his friend. Hazel eyes fix on Brennart for a silent moment. "You do not have to dance if you don't want to, my lord."

Cherise nods slowly as she is given into relaxing with the rhythm. Although stiff, her apprehension about enjoying herself is dwendling. "Ser Andrey would appreciate your return, to hear of how the melee faired for House Charlton." Small talk, she was scraping the bucket for civil topics. "The lady's brows deepen as she catches wind of an unsightly vision. She mumurs under her breath, low enough so only the pair of ears closest to her may hear.

There's a brief smirk and a nod to Anais "Lady." he calls out before he is moving to lead Lucienne onto the dancefloor. His hand moving to press his hand gently at her hips, as he goes to begin the dance. Luckily for the Terrick woman, Rutger is a somewhat gifted dancer. He may not be Kittridge Groves, but he can cut a fine figure on the floor. A smile is given towards Luci as they begin to move. "You were correct..Or I was in my guess. You look lovely Lady Lucienne."

Anais' warm demeanor doesn't even falter as Lucienne and Rutger make their way to the dance floor. THEY'RE BESTIES. She does, however, take a drink from a passing tray. Because you can't smile and drink, so it's an awesome time to rest your smile muscles.

Alys does laugh a little. "Of course, I so duly swear before the Old Gods and the new that I put my feet up for danger in this endeavor and I was dutifully warned, my lord. So long as you do not keep me in a perpetual state of dancing for two weeks time deal?" She looks around at how fast his family cleared out. "Well I should say that they lack the stomach for witty banter, hmm?" Alys' eyebrows shoot up in question and then she giggles. She takes his hand after a curtsy. "I am not bad at dancing I should be able to lead you well enough, that is if your pride is not to swollen to allow such things." She elbows him with her jest and shakes her head with humor written about her face. "Truly though, are you well?" Alys said that genuinely enough as a bit of worry flashes in the form of a creased brow.

"Then I am honored that my small bravery has provided you with such fine entertainment," Dmitry says, still blithe and easy as they circle the dance floor together. For all his self-deprecating reference to his own head, his dark hair looks neat and there is no outward visible sign of the bump on his head so it must have gone down. "Thank you, my lady."

Oh, evil evil man, Kamron! It's enough to actually cause Tia to miss a step, shock of all shocks. Though she then catches herself up quickly enough to add, "Oh, don't let me stop you. It is just that tempting, I do understand," she says a little dryly. "And you will save me the need to do it myself, which is not a bad thing, given the situation." See, Kamron can totally be a knight in shining armour, just by pushing some hair out of Saethwyr's face. How can he lose?

Brennart gives the ladies a bow and smiles at the ladies, "Pleasure to meet Lady Ilaria and I assume Lady Briallyn." He looks over at Lady Ilaria as the other two begin to walk off, "I wouldn't want to impose my own two left feet upon you m'lady unless it would please you to try and teach me to not stumble around terribly." And then what they ladies were saying to Desmond finally sinks in, "Oh Ser Desmond, I take it you were recently knighted, I must extend my congratulations for your achievement."

Liss moves along the wall, stopping by where the dancers are moving and swaying. She watches one of the couples, quietly, from under lowered lashes, waiting for them to finish their paces, her hands clasped nervously under her apron. One hand emerges to twitch, self-consciously, at a little tear at the shoulder of the neckline of her homespun dress, underwhich a growing red mark promises to turn into a rather colourful bruise.

"Buried in women!" Desmond exclaims a bit too loudly and draws an odd look from a passing maid. "…No I've been behaving. Hunt? Yes, I hunt! Well, in the evenings. Why? Want to go for a jaunt?" With another Lady on his arm (albeit a married one), he turns to smile at Ilaria. "Well thank you very much. And thank you, m'Lord," he nods to Brennart. "Never thought I'd see the day, really. What of you - Are you a knight?"

Alys' words bring another smile, and a light laugh as he leads her on to the dance floor. Maybe all the rumors about her being a prisoner are wrong? Because they seem nothing so much as the best of friends, as he begins to dance. Friends who try not to dance on eachother's feet. Because Riordan is truly and utterly just plain not good at it. Still, he does his best, having learned that his best bet is to not do anything too fancy, and just watch where he is going. "I am well," the Regent murmurs to the Charlton lady, smile still there, even as he makes a fool of himself with his dancing efforts. "Better then I have been, in some time, actually." And he truly seems to mean it. There is a real lightness in his step, in his posture. Not so burdened down as he was the last time he and Alys spoke.

Kamron laughs softly at Tiaryn's words, totally ignoring that missed step. never happened. As the song trails down to an end, Kam draws out to bow to the lady, then offers his arm to lead her off the dance floor. "I'll see what I can do. Although I would not be so forward as to touch another man's hair." Unless he's giving him a noogie. Or punching him in the side of the head. "I did mean to speak with Lady Anais," He looks about, then gestures over to her, "To offer her a dance next. Or should I drop you off with Ser Saethwyr, Lady Tiaryn?"

Lucienne is not as good a dancer as Anais, but she's not terrible, either. What she is, is wholly relieved to be out on the floor with Rutger, one hand draped gently upon his shoulder. "Thankyou, Lord Rutger," she practically sighs, taking some care with the dance steps. "For the compliment, as well," she adds wryly. "You look dashing as ever. I trust you're enjoying the dance? Or at the very least, the wine."

"Aye, I expect he would," Saethwyr says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. "I will be sure to share the news, though hopefully the next time I will place better. I did, at least, finish better this time than the last tourney," he muses, quirking a bit of a smile. Though his brow furrows slightly to catch what was murmured, and he tilts his head faintly to one side before giving a small nod. Then he offers a quiet reply, in similar tones to her own. The dance, like all of them must, comes to an end, and the Knight bows respectfully to her before leading her back to where she had started. "Might I get you a fresh drink, my Lady?" he offers.

"I do not know if it so much the small bravery that is shown or if it is the verbal bickering that can be hear from the stands and surrounding areas." Jocelyn says with amusment to her partner. "A strategy to distract is my guess? I'm happy to see it did not distract you enough to lose a limb. You must heal quickly, you look very well." blushing only slightly over her own words.

"At the moment? Much as I might like to, it might look strange." There is a certain sadness that creeps into the Lady's words. "No, but I plan to do so, soon. And I shall drag you along, I suspect, if you are willing." That said, arm still hooked into Desmond's captive elbow, the Lady Briallyn offers Lord Brennart a flash of a smile with a hint of white teeth. "Lord Brennart," the young woman murmurs, honeyed tone gracious enough that even Ilaria might be brought to smile at her manners. "My apologies; Ser Desmond is an old friend." Her elbow nudges the newly knighted Westerling in the ribs, but moss green eyes remained fixed upon the Erenford. "You have my condolences. Perhaps Ser Desmond should take the Lady Ilaria for a toss? It seems at least the two of you are itching to dance with /someone/."

Ilaria's smile is polite, and her lashes brush against her cheeks as she glances downward demurely while Brennart addresses her. "I am not the most attentive teacher, Lord Brennart, but if it pleases you to learn so it will please me to guide. Having danced with my dearest cousin, I feel nothing could be worse than /that/ experience." Her gaze darts upward to rest on the Erenford's face briefly, curiosity evident as Desmond poses his question. When neither of the men are looking her way, she makes a childish face at Briallyn.

Alys murmurs back, "Good, it will not serve to have the Lord Regent ill again, whilst my cousin is still there." but that is all she says on that issue for right now but the glance she gives him would say that she is burdened by it. She nods and picks a light smile, "You do look much better, than I last saw you. Though, as I am sure you know, I would wish to unburden you further. As well as thank you for sending my families things back. Well all but one thing, I do need that sword." Alys chuckles lightly about the sword the whole of Tordane Tower had heard about for two solid weeks. Alys leads him towards the inside where not as many are dancing about and to give him more room to move his feet.

And as the dance winds on and slows Rutger does at least attempt a spin with Lucienne. Nothing fast, but enough to show off her mourning attire. "I find dancing to be agreeable, Lady Lucienne. But, I find wine to be more in my spirits. If you like, I am sure we could go-and find a place to enjoy a quiet drink, if you prefer." There's a slight pause for a moment. "Do you not care for your sister?" Or goodsister as it was. Still a wry grin remains on Rutger's face over the question.

Saffron Banefort has arrived near the Haigh girls — as Briallyn still is a Haigh girl even if she's been wed. "See, I've returned, Ilaria," she says warmly to the girl as she looks over toward Briallyn with a bright and broad grin. "Congratulations, Lady Briallyn. I had meant to come and deliver those words sooner, but…" She shrugs hopelessly, that star and moon gown moving gently with the gesture.

At the edge of the crowd, Danae sips a new glass of chilled wine with a slight smile on her lips as she watches Lucienne and Rutger take a turn around the room. It is a lovely party. She takes up some soft conversation with a number of the Reach girls Lucienne was speaking to earlier, commenting on the dress and composure of the party goers and Lady Saffron's dress in particular.

Dmitry's eyes gleam. "I imagine I would look the worse for wear, if we did not fight with blunted tourney weapons," he says, and laughs a merry laugh on his next puff of breath as he turns her through the practiced steps. "Though I'll thank you for doing me the courtesy to call it a strategy. At the Roost, I understand it is believed impossible to shut me up. Though to receive fine compliments from such a lovely young lady may strike me dumb yet." He shows no signs of shutting up, though; he carries blithely on: "May I say that the color you have chosen for your gown makes an enchanting accent to the blue in your eyes, Lady Jocelyn? Am I too forward?"

Tia offers a rueful smile to Kamron. "I shall have to practice my stoic look, I can see. Apparently I am totally transparent," she says, though she does not seem too bothered by this. "Thank you very much for the dance," she says, with a curtsey and then she tilts her head. "I think I saw Lady Briallyn earlier and I'd very much like to find her and offer my congratulations," she says after a moment. "Do go ahead and dance with Anais. I believe she loves to dance."

Anais loves to drink at the moment, draining most of a glass of wine before setting the empty glass aside. Ah. That's better.

"The sword? Ah, yes. Well, with the importance it was placed on it, I truly feel I should present it to him myself, with my apologies. My letter explained all this, yes? Did you not send on word to Lord Ramsey?" Riordan asks Alys, raising an eyebrow in question. But the whole time, his smile never falters. In fact, between the Lady Charlton's guidence, and his own good mood, he's actually making a decent showing of himself. Only a few close calls, no actual bodily injuries yet. "And how have you been, Lady Alys?" he murmurs.
Desmond has left.

Their dance ended, Cherise is politely returned to her wallflower station with Saethwyr as the escorting hand. She answers him with subtle nods, lips pressed together as if she likely could not trust what may leave them. Off the dancefloor, the lady stares at those who remain spirited by the tune. "Thank you, but no. I should not have any more tonight." Wits and all that. "Although, I do believe our cousin would benefit from your talent upon the floors." She gestures with her chin towards the dancing pair she intended on breaking up.

"Despite her convincing display, she doesn't care for me," replies Lucienne after the twirl, sidestepping Rutger's question. "But that is a story for an entirely different setting to this, my lord," she smirks, settling into the tamer steps again. "Perhaps we could step out? It is a lovely party, but some fresh air wouldn't go astray."

"I think I would choose not to attend if the obects were not blunted." Jocelyn remarks, "I winces and cringed as it was everytime someone is hit with such force that I could feel it from my seat." adjusting and moving with the dance as it leads to a new turn, her grip tightening on Dmitry only briefly to smoothly transition to it. "I find someone that enjoys to talk enjoyable." she returns, "It keeps me from being bored." The compliment payed to her brightens her cheeks to a new shade of pink. "Thank you, Ser Dmitry, again you are very kind. If you keep this up, you'll soon find the color offsets the bright red from my cheek from your flattery."

Brennart nods towards Desmond, "Yes ser, earned them not to long ago myself." And then he glances at Lady Briallyn, "No m'lady please don't let me interrupt you two from having a nice conversation." He offers his arm out to Lady Ilaria, "If it pleases m'lady to accompany me onto the dancefloor?"

Kamron shakes his head slightly at Tiaryn, "I apologize, I just like to study pretty women." And as she takes her leave of him, he bows again, "Enjoy the rest of the evening, Lady Tiaryn." He glances around once more, spots Saffron, which gets a little smile onto his face, and then he turns away, heading over toward where Anais is standing and drinking. He bows to the wife of the Young Lord Terrick, "Lady Anais. I believe I owe you a dance from The Twins, so long as you don't mind an inexperienced partner."

Alys smiles, "I have not, I did not see it with the things. I must have missed that bit. Oddly enough I have yet to find my lord cousin about, do you mind if I go with you, escorted of course, you wouldn't want that scandal." she says lowly. "I… I had promised him I would return his blade. That is all, you may present it to him, I just want to see his face." Alys smiles brightly at that. "He is an interesting chap, I think you would like his oddness." Alys' smile falters slightly and responds quietly noting Cherise's gesture she shakes her head to her cousin with a bit of a pleading look in her eye that begs, 'not now.' "I will be fine, my lord. Honest, I just wish for my family to be together, that is all. But I cannot speak more to it than that. I was told not to meddle, and I fear that is meddling enough. My father is already quite wrath with me." She sends him an awkward smile as she looks up from the floor.

The dance ended he releases Lucienne, gently. "I agree. I feel as if I need more, relaxed air. And my legs, are stiff." a chuckle there, before he is bowing to her. "If you grab the glasses, I will come shortly." Rutger states, before he is moving to the edge of the dance floor.

"Lord Kamron," Anais curtseys gracefully to Kamron in return, smile easy. "I would be happy to collect on that debt. So long as Saffron's otherwise occupied?" She tilts her head to search out her cousin in the crowd, smile warming when she finds her. "She looks beautiful. I hope you told her so," she says with mock sternness as she steps forward to take Kamron's arm and rejoin the dance floor.

Ilaria beams as Saffron returns, jumping up onto her toes to administer a quick kiss upon the girl's cheek. "You have returned, and I am grateful for your presence, my friend. Have you met Lord Brennart Erenford yet? Lord Brennart, this is Lady Saffron Banefort—my /prettiest/ friend who is betrothed to Ser Kamron Mallister." She backs away to allow her friend room to breathe, and Brennart's offer is enough to make her smile widen into something truly cheerful. "I would love to, my Lord," she murmurs, resting her fingers lightly on his arm before offering an apologetic wave to Saffron with her free hand. "I'll be back soon." With that, she gestures for Brennart to lead the way.

"I find little more appealing than the roses in a lady's cheeks when she is unaccustomed to hearing her due," Dmitry assures her, blithe and immediate. He offers her one of his more charming smiles. As the spin and turn of the dance comes to its close, though, since everyone else who started dancing about the same time appears to be finishing, he turns to finally draw to a close. "It was delightful to make your acquaintance, Lady Jocelyn," he says lightly.

Saethwyr turns his dark-eyed gaze briefly back to the dance floor, looking over the remaining couples. Yet his attention comes readily back to Cherise, and he gives a small nod. "I understand, my Lady," he says softly. Lifting his left hand, he lightly runs his fingers through his hair, though the motion does naught for keeping that errant lock from falling forward and half veiling one of his eyes. "I will do my best not to step upon her toes, Lady Cherise," he says, quirking a smile and trying to give her at least a hint of humour. He catches the look from Alys, though, and remains in Cherise's company for the time being. Though he does lean closer to Cherise to murmur something to her before straightening once more.

Liss ducks back as dancers move away from the floor, trying to keep from getting trampled by them as they all head for the refreshments. She makes her way through the crowd and moves into Cherise's line of sigh, hoping to catch her eye, her hands under her apron again. She clears her throat and curtsies, with deep respect. "Lady Charlton?" she issues, tentatively.

Tia curtseys to Kamron, and then makes her way by the table where she collects her wine glass and takes several sips. Then she heads over to where she last saw Briallyn, leaving Kamron to keep himself out of trouble for a while. Now then, who is over there with Bri? It's an amusing question, that is. "Lady Briallyn, it's been quite a while," Tia says as she approaches. "Please forgive me my tardiness, but Desmond told me you and Ser Garett had gotten married. Congratulations." And of course Saffron is there too, and can likely see the slight flush to Tia's cheeks and the amused good humour she's showing, thanks to Kamron's staying out of trouble.

"Ah, well, it just explained what I told you, or there abouts. I tried to use flowery words and the like," Riordan murmurs to Alys as they continue to dance. His smile softens a bit at her continuing words, and he nods. "If we can find him before the I depart the Tourney, of course. I get the feeling you will not be returning to Stonebridge anytime soon, so that might make things a bit difficult." The glance and other things might be noted, but he doesn't comment, instead mostly focusing on finishing up the dance. "Well, if you ever need a friendly ear, Lady Alys, you know where to find me." He pauses, before he allows his eyes to alight mischeviously, as he quietly adds, "After all, you did spend two weeks there." Not feeding her words back to her or anything, nope.

Kamron nods his head, "Speaking with the Haighs. I'll fetch one of them for the next dance, and then My Lady again for the one after that." He blushes just a little at Anais' mock sternness, nodding his head as he offers out his left arm and leads Anais out toward the dance floor, "Indeed I did. Several times, I do believe. I've always found telling beautiful young women the truth to be a fine practice. Such as telling you that I'm a little worried that I'm going to make a fool of myself out there." As he swings into dance position, he raises his eyebrows to his betrothed's cousin, "Beautiful, intelligent woman that you are, you'll save me if I do?"

Brennart gives Lady Saffron a quick bow, "I appologize for stealing your friend from you Lady Saffron seeing as you've just arrived to talk to her, but I promise to bring her back in one piece." And on that note he guides Lady Ilaria out onto the dancefloor.

"You'll be lovely, Ila," the Westerling Lady whispers into Ilaria's ear, leaning in to her cousin after Desmond excuses himself. "I think I should go and make sure Ser Garett is doing alright. Hopefully it is no dire news." Green eyes flit towards Kamron appreciatively with a small smile. Directing a curtsey towards Lord Brennart, Briallyn straightens smoothly with a few fingers brushing over her skirts. "We will speak very soon, Ila. Saffron." For the Lady Saffron, there is a very wolfish, suggestive grin upon the Lady's lips before she excuses herself.

"Certainly," says Lucienne, dipping a low curtsy to Lord Rutger as their dance finishes. "Thank you for the dance, my lord," she adds, before swishing off to secure some drinks.

The dance comes to a close, flushed and happy from both the dance and her partner, Jocelyn pulls back slowly and lowers herself into a gracefully curtsy once again, "Thank you for the dance, Ser Dmitry and for rescuing me from my fate of no partner at hand." There is a pause and then, "I hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you and seeing you again."

A hint of disapproval flashed acrossed the lady's pale features. Instead of reacting without thought Cherise drew in a breath, swelling the square of her shoulders after Saethwyr murmured quietly. She nods a sign of understanding just as she is addressed by a familiar figure. The name escapes her so she simply confirms with a flat, "Yes?" With an arch brow raised at the under dressed servant.

"Oh, I'm sure you will, my lady," Dmitry says easily. He reaches to take her hand and bow low over it, though he is not so forward as to kiss it. Instead, he smiles up at her. "I shall look forward to our next dance."

"Nobody looks like a fool when they dance with me," Anais assures Kamron with an easy laugh, stepping into the music. Truthfully, she dances well enough to guide as she follows, and is graceful enough to avoid any stumbles herself as well. "Congratulations, by the way," she adds with a warm smile, once she's sure he's moving smoothly. "I don't think I had a chance to offer them personally. The two of you are…perfect. Truly."

Alys smiles and nods at his words, "If we cannot find him, would you mind relinquishing it to me?" Alys' brow shoots up in question though as if wishing he would answer. Though she nods, "Well you are not hard to find my lord, I must needs follow the sounds of swooning ladies." She chuckles lightly though quiets it to hear his whispered words. "Aye, that I did." She giggles lightly. "Please, my lord. You did me at least five favors, is there one that you would ask of me? Within reason of course Ser Riordan, I am no magical conjurer. Alys' focus is taken to Cherise's loud retort to the servant. She lifts a brow, "Hmm, what is this about?"

Liss flushes at Cherise's coolness, but bobs another curtsy. "I… I have a message for you, my lady…" she glances around. "May I speak with you in private?" she asks, her hands twisting under her apron, clearly nervous about being here in this company, in this dress.

The daring young Haigh follows Brennart out to the dance floor, casting a look over her shoulder at Briallyn before her cousin can run away. She turns back to her partner, however, and turns about gracefully to dip into a formal curtsey. "Did you participate in the tournament, Ser Brennart? I was indisposed and unable to attend most of the events," she addresses him politely, smilingly, opening the conversation while holding up her right hand in readiness to begin dancing.

Something about the grin that Briallyn gives her causes Saffron to blush, but she has no idea why. She does smile broadly after the departing Westerling-nee-Haigh woman before she shakes her head. "Enjoy your husband, Lady Briallyn," she calls after her — softly though as not to embarrass the woman. A bit alone on the fringes now, Saffron starts to wander. As she does, she ends up crossing paths with the same Reach girls that have captured Danae's attention. There are some greeting to familiar faces, and introductions to less than, and when she turns to face Danae, she is smiling with earnest warmth. "Lady Tordane, a pleasure to meet you."

Rutger watches Lucienne escape off to find drinks, where as he loosens his collar. There's a brief glance in the direction of Liss and Cherise, but he doesn't move to intercept. Instead he simply goes to follow after the Terrick girl.

Jocelyn watches him closely as he bows over her hand. "I shall look forward to it, as well. Until then." Inclining her head to him. Slowly she removes her hand from the grasp of his and turns toward the refreshment table to moisten her drying mouth.

Dmitry saunters off across the dance floor with only the tilt of his head in further farewell. Where shall he sexually harass next.

Brennart shakes his head, "I was unfortunately too late in my arrival to Seagard to take part in the tournament m'lady, in fact I only arrived a little earlier today." He steps in and places his hands properly to smoothly begin dancing with the music, "And I may not have been entirely truthful about the two left feet I do appologize for that."

Tia pauses as she is arriving in time for Briallyn to leave and Saffron to wander off. Well, that was most unexpected. She sips at her wine for a moment, as she tries to decide what to do next. She stands for a moment, almost lost. And then she finishes her wine and goes looking for another glass.