Page 353: A Chat Between Cousins
A Chat Between Cousins
Summary: Katrin comes across her cousin, Einar, and the two stop to converse for a while.
Date: 09/07/2012
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Einar Katrin 
The coast just outside of Terrick's Roost.
July 9, 289

It's a hot enough day out and Katrin apparently has been spending the entirety of her day along the Coastline. The young Haigh leads her chestnut mare along behind her as she wanders with no direction in mind. Her hair has been left free and hangs in damp waves - apparently she has been swimming a bit. Behind her trails her Septa and maid, both of whom do not look overly pleased to be out in the heat of the day.

Einar is returning from a ride further along the beach. Seated atop his dark bay horse he slows as he approaches the Roost once more and settles into a relaxed walk. The other figures on the beach are spotted from a distance but it takes a little longer for them to resolve into identifable figures. Once they do though he turns Rae's hed enough to change course towards them and hails the leading lady, "Good day Cousin. I trust you are well?"

Katrin looks up at the call, a warm smile appearing. "Good day, Cousin," she replies in turn. "I am well. I hope the same is true of you?" she asks, turning and tilting her head in Einar's direction. "It has been far too long since we last spoke."

Einar does the decent thing and saves Katrin's neck by dismounting once he is close enough. Leading his steed he walks the few remaining paces between them and nods in responce as he does so. "I am also well thank you and I am glad to hear the same is true of yourself." He thinks briefly, trying to place exactly when they last spoke but has to give uo with a faint shrug. "Too long indeed, and I must admit that I have been lax in my promise to your Lady Sister with regards to also getting to know Lord Ian. It is no real exucse I confess but it seems when he is not busy, I am. I shall endeavour to do better in future though."

Katrin chuckles warmly, "Ian always seems to find himself busy with one thing or another," she says with a shake of her head. "You must not blame yourself for being unable to hold true to your words to Ilaria. With your travels with the Flints, it must make it even more difficult, though I will be sure to put it into Ian's ear that you would like to meet with him at some point soon. Surely he can put aside work long enough to spend time with family."

Einar smiles at the response and then nods. "I will admit to feeling faintly guilty for not having properly remade his aquaintance, bu equally as you have stated, we are both kept busy by our respective duties." He thinks for a moment then asks, "Was he at Seagard? I don't recall seeing him there and had been pondering exploring a few of the taverns with him of an evening."

Katrin shakes her head, "No, he chose to remain behind to keep an eye on business for Father," she says with a dry smile. "Ilaria and I were the only ones to go down to the Tourney, which was quite exciting." Her smile brightens. "I was saddened that I was not able to see you more at the Tourney, cousin."

"That would explain why I didn't see him then," Einar answers with a sage nod. As for the tourney he says simply, "I will admit I had been hoping to enter at least the archery competition but circumstances conspired against me. Still though, I managed a wager on Master Vis which covered most of my expenses for the week. I could have entered the Squire's Melee but I must confess to not particualrly enjoying that event so I passed on the opportunity."

"It seemed that not all had to be knights to compete in the melee," Katrin muses with a shake of her head. "Though perhaps it would have been all the wiser to have had that level of training." She huffs a touch. "So what has brought you back to Terrick's Roost? Are you still accompanying Lady Tiaryn? I had hoped to spend more time with her at Seagard. I find her such a lovely lady."

"Lord Anders is seeking an audience with Lord Jerold or the Young Lord Jascen," Einar answers easilly enough, "so those of us who have not yet returned to the Finger are all here at the Roost." Yes, that includes Tia. "If you wish I can inform my good-sister that you wishto visit? I am sure that she would be delighted by the prospect." SHe is after all, a very social lady.

Katrin nods, "I would be very pleased by that, cousin," she says warmly. She half dances over to give Einar a light touch on the arm. "I do hope that you plan to stay for at least a little while. I always enjoy the opportunity to see family." She tucks back some of her hair. "And I am sure Ilaria would be just as happy to see you as well."

"Consider it done then," Einar answers with a small bow, "and I believe we will be here until Lord Anders can arrange his meeting and then for as long after as it takes for business to be completed. I would imagine that this would mean that there will be plenty of time to visit with each other. Perhaps I should talk to Tiaryn about that as well?"

Katrin bobs her head up and down, "That sounds delightful," she says brightly. "Perhaps you would like to walk with me now for a short time?" she suggests. "I find these coasts so incredibly lovely, though I enjoyed walking along the Mallister coasts of Seagard as well while I was there." Her eyes narrow slightly. "It is a shame we never had such places at Broadmoor."

Einar has nothing else planned for the immediate time, beyond returning his horse to the stables and grooming it. "It would be my pleasure," he answers with a smile and moves to turn his horse so that they are all facing in the same direction before starting a slow pace along the sands.

Katrin rests a hand on her mare's neck as they walk and she considers for a few moments. "Tell me, Cousin, did you participate in the fighting on the Iron Isles?" she asks mildly. "There have been so many who left to fight there that I can hardly keep them straight anymore."

Einar nods as they walk. "I was with the army when it rode from Stonebridge so saw action in the liberation of both the Roost and Seagard. I then sailed to Harlaw and the siege of the keep at Grey Gardens. I did not however accompany the army to Pyke though as I was still recovering from a broken leg at the time." He does not however, go so far as to show of his scar, that would be uncooth and highly improper after all.

Katrin nods slowly, "From a soldier's point of view then, what do you think of Ser Martyn Mallister?" she asks. "Would you call him a good man? A worthy man?" She nibbles on her lower lip and eyes Einar from beneath her lashes.

Einar ponders that for a few moments as they walk before nodding slowly. "He seemed a good man, it was arguably foolish of him to enter the duel with Lord Rojr Harlaw given the situation, but he went about it in an honourable fashion." A few more paces and he adds, "he also partook in the search for the bandits and conducted himself well during those few days."

"He will always be an honorable man," Katrin says after some consideration. "I have no doubt of that. As I saw from the search for the bandits, he loves his family above all else and would do anything in his power to protect them, sometimes even stepping beyond his own means."

"He certainly cares deeply for his sister," Einar answers nodding, "and I'd certainly not balk from having him by my side should there be cause to take up arms again. I am afraid that I am not really aquianted with him well otherwise though."

Katrin nods slowly, "The Mallisters are not what I would have expected," she admits with a smile. "Some are, but some are a great deal more. Being a Frey vassal, I always just assumed that they were on the other side, and not to be thought of much." She shakes her head. "How silly it seems now, when I am not at Broadmoor."

"Perhaps it is an advantage that being bannermen of the Starks myself and Lord Anders were somewhat outside of the Frey, Mallister rivalry. It does however also mean that I can not say much now either I am afraid." That and he has a dislike of politics in general. "It can be interested what a degree of travel can do though. I know for myself that i have learnt a lot in the six months I have been here in the South."

"I could only imagine how much you have learned while with Lord Anders," Katrin muses with a smile. "Do you know the Naylands at all, cousin?" she asks curiously. "I find them to be the most unpredictable of the Frey bannermen, in truth, and I grow somewhat concerned by their erratic behavior."

"Not well no," Einar admits, taking a moment to rub the nose of his horse as they continue down the beach. "They did us a great service looking after Lady Cordelya when she was ill while myself and Anders were on Harlaw. More recently though I think you are right though, their recent behaviour, or at least, the behaviour of the Lord Regent has seemed out of the ordinary. I think perhaps, that you will have a greater understanding of them than I though, given the proximity of your houses."

Katrin frowns with thought, "Despite the proximity of the Houses, Father has warned us to keep our distance while they have continued with their more… unusual behavior," she says quietly. "It pains me as I have made the acquaintance of some wonderful Naylands whose good natures could almost offset the insanity that seems to be running rampant through the rest."

"I'm afraid I don't think I know any of them well enough to comment," Einar confesses after a moment or twos thought. "I would speculate though that, as with any family. I am sorry I can not assist further Cousin, but I simply don't know them well enougb to judge. I am sure though that your Lord Father will have a good idea of the situation."

"Oh, but it is sometimes better to seek the opinion of others not so closely related to me," Katrin replies with a smile. "But it was so good of you to offer what opinion you could." She gives a warm look. "I do hope you will stay long," she says again. "There have been so many changes since we were but children."

Einar nods in agreement to that. All of that really if he's honest. "I shall talk with my good-sister," he states, bring the conversation back full circle to where it started. "We as of yet have no plans to leave and so I imagine we shall be here for a bit yet, unless business takes us elsewhere briefly. I am sure there will be plenty more time to catch up on those years."

"Excellent," Katrin says with a nod. "But perhaps I should part from you now, cousin," she muses. "There is much still to be done with the day and I would not wish to keep you from yours. Pass my greetings on to Lady Tiaryn if you would be so kind, and that I hope to see the both of you soon."