Page 341: A Change of Plans
A Change of Plans
Summary: Rutger goes seeking help in the Court of Mallister
Date: 26/06/2012
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Patrek Rutger 
Throne Room, Seagard Castle
There's a bitchin' throne. And stuff
June 26th, 289 AL

The morning after the party that went so well, save for that one messenger's arrival, Lord Patrek gets a messenger of his own, though the fellow is local and only carries word from the Nayland encampment. He reads through it as he eats a light breakfast and replies to the messenger who returns to said Nayland camp with word that Lord Patrek will consent to speak with Ser Rutger in a half hour, if that should please the ser as well. And so, in thirty minutes, Patrek is dressed (in black) shaved (ha ha, five whole hairs) and waiting calmly in the throne room for his 'guest'.

The timing seems to work fine. Only a few men linger in what remains of the Nayland encampment, and those are Rutger's own. So leaving them for thirty or so minutes is no great peril. Once words was given, Rutger would have cleaned himself up from the previous evening, had some tea, and now finds himself arrived. Of course, he waits for Lord Patrek's herald to quietly show him in. As for being dressed, Rutger has dressed down into muted tones of green-both in breeches and in doublet. Upon being shown in, Rutger is quick to Bow, and hold, before being given the okay to approach.

"My Lord Mallister." Rutger greets. "Thank you for seeing me at this hour."

Patrek returns the bow, courteously, and gestures that Rutger may enter as he likes. "Lord Nayland," the boy returns calmly. "You are welcome. If I may speak plainly, what is it you have requested to speak with me about?"

"You may, my Lord. I will never grudge a man openness or honesty. Specially as one who comes from such an honorable man, as your father." Rutger states, before rising slowly. "I had come to speak to you about the recent situation in Stonebridge, My Lord." and there Rutger pauses for a moment. "And to see if House Nayland could find friends in House Mallister, as I am afraid, my Lord we find ourselves at the brink of war."

"Oh?" Patrek asks, his brows lifting a little in mild and lordly surprise. Possibly, this is an expression practiced often and before a mirror. "It seems to me, Lord Nayland, House Mallister has no reason to vest interest in the going-ons in Stonebridge. If House Nayland wished for a friend in House Mallister, perhaps they should have better considered the actions they began more than a year ago."

"And for those actions, I am immensely sorry, My Lord. It is ever our nature to grasp for what we cannot have, or is within our reach. Doing so, removes us from having fast friends, as you do have with the Terricks." Rutger states. "An enviable position." he adds. "As it stands, Lord Mallister, I would have us make amends for the wrongs my House have shown you, and yours." he adds before placing his hands down by his side. "if I may, my Lord, I would like to present my case to you, and make my amends so that you may get back to your lovely fiancee, Lady Syrah." And there he pauses a faint smile showing. "She is a vision of radiance. and you my lord, a Lucky man. As you are the Wall that defends us, defends the cape. She is surely the jewel placed high up, to guide your people to your safe arms."

"Indeed it does, my lord, and as those are the choices your family has made, these are then the consequences you have shaped of them," Patrek answers. The flattery of Syrah Redwyne does cause the boy to smile faintly, his cheeks turning pink. "I am very fortunate," he agrees softly before he exhales slowly and nods. "Very well, Lord Nayland. I will listen to your case and your offer to make amends, though I do not expect they will lead to much, if your house is still so set on grabbing and grasping."

"I believe we grab and we grasp My Lord, because we do not have a liege as honorable or as caring as you. We're made to find our own way, as we do not have support." Rutger states before nodding. "As it is Ser, you recall, when members of your House, as well as others were taken by the bandits, my Brother and I were quick to join with the other houses to seek our ladies back and bring justice to the Cape. During this time, Lord Aleister Charlton, brough twenty five men at arms and knights into Stonebridge and took over our inn." He lets that sit. "While other men were out searching for his wife, he and his men held the inn, and it was rumored that they kept others from going in or staying. Once the women were rescued, he and his men continued to be quartered for some time in the inn. By the legal precedent, he did not ask as did the other houses if such men could be brought into our lands, And when the hostile time was over, he did not disperse."

Rutger pauses for a moment. "We had legal right to act, as the Charltons never once approached us with permission to move armed men through our lands. And When such a grace period was over, they still did not leave. Given what rumor there is, we see this as a blatant act of an dishonorable man. While others searched for his wife, he quartered men close to our tower, which was nigh empty as we were searching and trying to rescue the ladies taken. There was no reason for that many men to be there, specially armed as they were, if they were not to be of help. My Lord, I know, if Lord Walder Frey was to come to Seagard and park that many men within your walls fully armed and armored, your Lord Father would not stand for it. Specially if he was never asked, nor was this some joint defense of the cape." Or Rutger presumes to know.

"The law is on our side My Lord, and now, Lord Keegan rides from Hollholt, and is allowed passage by Lord Frey, so that he may come and attack us in force, all for us defending our rights as Noblemen of this land. They disregard Law, and when it backfires they seek bloodshed. Our liege Lord sits on his thumbs, where as Charlton riders come to seek our ruin. We have done the honorable thing, and released any of those who had no hand in the matter, and we have treated our prisoners with kindness. But instead of a trial before Lord Tully-they wish to take Stonebridge by force and have it veiled under injustice done to them. Are those the actions of an honorable man?" Rutger asks

He falls quietly there for a moment. "Now, I know you have no reason to love my family or even come to our aid. But, I see in you, your Father. And I would hope your Father would see the grievance done us in this and allow for us to make amends." A beat. "May I continue, my Lord?"

Patrek listens in silence as Lord Rutger speaks, brows lifting now and again. Once, he nods, though it's difficult to say if that's because he understands a point or sympathizes with it. For now, however, all he says is, "You may continue, Lord Rutger."

"My Lord, as a gesture to any friendship and support shown to us, by the honorable house of Mallister, we would give you, the finest tarriff rates that we have to offer in Stonebridge" And there he pauses. "Not only would these tarrifs before your House, but your vassals as well. If it bears the mark of the Eagle or Tree of Kingsgrove, it will surely pass favorably, through with little cost." And there he pauses. 'As such we are seeking to end hostilities with the Terricks and enter friendship with them. As a gesture to that and to show we would see your friendship as well, I am offering the whole of the surplus we bought, to aid in the sustaining of Terrick mouths, so that we may have a strong and unified Cape." Rutger says. "I will do anything to insure that friendship and support can be found my Lord, but I also know a good and honest Lord as yourself may need time to consider all things. I only ask, that you do not tarry." a pause

"And I do not mean that harshly. Recently the Charltons have taken Tall Oaks from what remains of the Camdens, the Seven keep them, and now they seek Stonebridge by any means nessecary. If they succed, I fear the Mire will be next- and who knows after that." Rutger finishes. "I would see Stonebridge, prosper and be free of villanous acts. I would see it add favorably to her old masters." a hint there. "But, to do that My Lord. We need help." And he is done.

"My lord," Patrek begins once Rutger finished, "I would be more sympathetic to your cries of justice had your family demonstrated inclinations towards the same. But, just as my father would not stand for Walder Frey's men marching to Seagard neither, do I think, would your father or any other Nayland rise to assist House Mallister, were such an insult to be done to us. You say the Charltons hide behind a cry of insult to do you a great wrong and claim Stonebridge, and yet your family has done the same, twice, for the very same cause. First, in the wedding of Isolde Tordane to Lord Ryker. Again, in the killing of Ser Gedeon when Lord Tully, to whom you now say you would appeal, made his ruling. Your family, so quick to snatch at the letter of the law and defy its spirit to further your gains, should not be surprised when the same is done back to you."

Patrek regards Rutger thoughtfully, shifting his weight a little before he speaks again. "However, House Mallister is not opposed to making new friends, even from those who might once have been viewed as foes. We would welcome such offers of goodwill as you have stated, but taxes and tariffs can change, as they have already since the Naylands came to power in Stonebridge. What is promised when one is in need may not be long-realized once that need is gone. If your liege lords have treated your family so callously that you must seek aid from those who are their enemy, perhaps, my lord, it is time to place your fealty elsewhere." Hint received. "House Mallister has never failed to come to the aid of those they protect."

Rutger is silent there as Patrek, like Lord Jason before him, levels down such charges onto the Naylands. Each one of them true, and whether or not Rutger agrees with some of the words he bears them in silence, his face faltering. A swallow. "I do understand your view, my Lord." Rutger says softly. When the rest comes out though he does look back.

"If you are worried, we can make a contract binding in paper and in blood. So as to cement these claims. A cousin of Mallister to Nayland, or vice versa.." Because that totally binds people. "And If we need to make things further permanent, I would be for it." he adds. When Patrek states that, Rutger nods. "I would have us be friends. And where as in our past- we may not have- we did ride though, to aid the Terricks and Seagard in her hour of need against the Ironborn. I wish we would have come sooner." admitted, before Rutger drops to his knee. "My Lord.." his voice chokes softly. "I believe in all sincerity-that it might be that time. For any liege lord who would allow this to come as it was, is no fit lord." TAKE THAT WALDER FREY.

"Walder Frey," Patrek agrees as Rutger kneels, "is no fit lord." Daddy said so. "Stand ser. Your sentiments encourage me, but I know this is not a decision that you can make for your house. I will give you a raven. Ride as quickly as you must to those who can make such a choice, and loose the raven when you have an answer. And then we shall see if House Mallister will have cause to take a side in this matter."

Rutger rises when he is bid. And he nods back towards Patrek Mallister. "I wish it was, as I would swear my house and blade to you here and now." Rutger states. As to Patrek's gamble, and instructions , Rutger nods. "I shall do so. And I will be as swift as I can." Perhaps he will make for the Sevens first, before doubling back up towards the Groves and Tower of Eagles.