Page 315: A Certain Curiosity
A Certain Curiosity
Summary: Saethwyr seeks out Aleister, looking for information on a topic that has recently become important to him: Mawwiage.
Date: 30/05/2012
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Saethwyr Aleister 
Aleister's Room at Stonebridge
It's a room. With a table. and Maps. And alcohol.
May 30, 289

With the exception of his venture to the Twins for the Melee, Aleister hasn't left his suite at the Crane's Crossing Inn in some time. In fact, the main room of his suite seems to have become a 'work station', for tables have been setup and parchments are scattered atop them, detailing various maps, troop numbers and progress reports on the land to the north. At this particular moment, the Master at Arms is leaning over one of the tables, palms settled on the wood surface, apparently contemplating the details of one of those very parchments.

Since everyone could use a good interruption to their work, it shouldn't be a great surprise that Aleister gets just that. The door of the main room opens, and Saethwyr steps into the room. He pauses a moment to look towards what Aleister is studying, and then he softly clears his throat as he approaches. "Lord Aleister, good day," he offers by way of greeting, giving a bow as well. Habit, perhaps, or more than that.

The interruption draws a faint grunt from Aleister, before he's even turning his head to look in the direction of the entryway and when his eyes fall upon Saethwyr, there's a slight nod of his head and the hint of a smile, "Cousin. Good day. Come in." Now, he straightens from the table so that a hand can motion Saethwyr into the room, "What can I do for you today?"

"I would hope that I'm not causing too much of an interruption," Saethwyr begins, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He does come further in and towards the table at the welcoming motion, though his dark gaze spends a moment in studying one of the maps across the table. This is likely a conversation he didn't expect to end up having, but… it is what it is and it needs be done. His gaze lifts to Aleister, and he inclines his head slightly. "I seem to find myself possessed of a certain curiosity. I realise that most marriages are arranged, and with that being said… well, I find myself curious as to if there have been arrangements made for myself or if I yet have a certain freedom in choosing a Lady," Saethwyr says in a thoughtful manner. Like most things, there is a reason for asking. But this is the first step to take, and so he's taking it.

"I find interruption from family to be most refreshing, Cousin." Shifting away from the table, Aleister moves over towards another table, smaller in nature, but just as important, for it holds wine and cups. Two of which are promptly filled and claimed so that he can begin to move back towards Saethwyr, "Now that is certainly an interesting topic, Cousin." A chuckle slips past his lips as one cup is extended towards the other Charlton Knight, "I am aware of no arrangements for you and considering how far removed you are from a position of power, I do not see our Lord Uncle taking issue if you were to approach him and request an arrangement of your own."

"And generally, family is the best sort of interruption," he comments, quirking a smile. He watches his cousin head over to the wine and pour cups of it, and he lifts his left hand to lightly draw his fingers through his hair. Then he chuckles softly and gives a nod. "It's a topic I've not spent much time dwelling on. At least, until more recently," Saethyr muses. He accepts the cup with his right hand, lifting it to take a sip of the wine. "Thank you, Cousin," he says with a smile. "A benefit of being somewhat removed from where the power falls. It would seem, then, that I'll have to speak with our Lord Uncle further on the matter. I would seem to have found someone to catch my attention and rather keep it held upon her," he comments.

"Indeed it is." Once the wine has been taken, Aleister is lifting his cup a touch before raising it to his lips so that a sip can be claimed. Then, as the cup is lowered, a chuckle escapes past his lips, "A valued benefit to some, Cousin." But, there's a pause and a slight lift of his brow, "There is a Lady that has caught your eye? Interesting. If you wish to court her, then it would do well to have her Lord's permission, as well."

"I rather value being able to have the benefit, myself. As I'm sure others in similar positions would," he muses, a thoughtful note to his voice. He holds on answering the questions posed at least for a moment whilst he takes a sip of the wine, and then he gives a nod. "Aye, there is one. There was bound to be one eventually, Cousin. I was intending to speak to those members in her family as well, however it seemed prudent that I should find out if there were intentions already in place where I was concerned first," Saethwyr says, quirking a smile.

This time, Aleister affords his cousin a laugh and a slight incline of his head, "Very true, Cousin." A pause is taken, this time for a shake of his head, "I'm aware of no intentions elsewhere and while I would not normally be told, I'm sure announcements would have been made by now. I can only assume that means you are free, cousin, to marry how you please." A quirk of his lips to a grin and then he's offering, "So, who might the Lady be?"

"It was rather my thought as well that there would have been announcements if there were plans along such lines, but one can never be too careful in checking," Saethwyr comments, quirking a smile as his dark eyes reflect a bit of amusement. The Knight seems to be a bit more relaxed now, with finding out at least that much. Lifting his cup, he takes a sip of his wine, making his cousin await the answer. "It might just happen to be Lady Tiaryn Flint. Once her period of mourning has ended, at least," he replies, watching his cousin for his reaction.

"Oh, so very true. Especially where our Uncle is concerned." At that, Aleister allows the hint of a smirk to tug upon his lips before he's giving a quick laugh and a slight shake of his head, "I am aquainted with the Lady Tiaryn and I call her cousin, Lord Anders Flint, a friend. The Northerner and I have known each other for quite some time." A nod of his head comes to pass, "I am sure he would not object to such a match."

Saethwyr chuckles softly, and he gives a nod of agreement with Aleister's words. Then he lifts his cup to take another drink of the wine he holds. "Well, hopefully then I can look forward to an easy conversation with Lord Anders. Though I have Lord Einar to speak with as well, with him being her eldest male relative… at least, if I recall correctly how such things are done," he muses, quirking a smile. He's not gone through the process before, but since he's started with it now, it's likely he's wanting to get everything settled and in place.

"Speak with Lord Anders, as he is the heir to House Flint and can grant you leave for such a courtship. Lord Einar could disapprove, but could not stop such a thing like Lord Anders could." One more the cup is raised to Aleister's lips, a small sip taken from within before it's lowered. "When you speak with Lord Anders, Cousin, tell him that you have spoken with me about such a thing. That will surely lend weight."

Saethwyr raises an eyebrow slightly as he considers the information shared, and then he gives a nod. "This is very good to know," he says, a smile coming to his features. "Ah, I'll be sure to mention you, then, Cousin," he adds, inclining his head towards Aleister. Then he lifts the cup to take a sip of the wine within. "I rather find myself hoping that there won't end up being a reason find to disapprove of it. I've enjoyed the times that I've had the honour of sharing Lady Tiaryn's company," he says.

Lifting his cup to his lips again, Aleister drains the contents of the wine before shifting a touch to settle the empty cup upon a table littered with parchments, "I do not think they will hold much in the way of objections, Cousin. The Flints are not known for their wealth and power, so having a tie to a House such as our own would be a benefit for them. I imagine that they will eagerly agree to such a thing."

Saethwyr drinks the last of his wine before settling the cup aside on an empty space on the table. Then he gives a small nod, having not considered that himself before. "I rather hope for that to be the outcome, myself," he comments, a thoughtful note to his voice. A glance is given to the maps, but then he looks back to his cousin. "It's strange… from speaking with her, I feel as though I've known her longer than what I have," he muses, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

A chuckle sounds in the back of Aleister's throat as he gives Saethwyr another nod of his head, "It would seem that you are smitten, Cousin. Such unbecoming of a Charlton knight." There's a flash of a wink and his words are just a touch teasing in nature, "But, I do hope all will work out for you. The Lady Tiaryn is a good woman and you would do well with her."

Saethwyr laughs lightly, and then he gives a nod, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. "I would have to say that you're most likely right, Cousin," he comments, quirking a grin. Though the worst part about being smitten is having to wait. But the waiting will hopefully be worth it, in the end. "Time will tell, indeed. From what I've been able to observe in speaking with her, she is assuredly that. I think she and I would do well with each other," he muses, quirking a smile and inclining his head slightly towards Aleister.

"Then, Cousin, it sounds as if all things are in order, with the exception of seeking her Lord's approval. Once you have such a thing, you can offically begin to court her. If all agree's well, you could well be betrothed and married within a relative short period of time." There's a slight quirk of Aleister's lips to a smirk as he lifts his arms to cross them over his chest, "Though, finding Lord Anders might be a touch difficult."

Saethwyr quirks a smile, and then he gives a nod. "Aye, it would seem so," he comments, a thoughtful note to his voice. "Lady Tiaryn is in mourning for a while yet, so I find myself uncertain if I should wait until her mourning period has completed before seeking out Lord Anders. Though Lady Tiaryn would likely be able to advise me as to where to find Lord Anders," he comments, giving a soft chuckle. "Or she can find out from Lady Cordelya," he adds, giving a nod. "Well, I'm not in a terrible hurry — I've waited this long, so a little longer won't hurt me. I intend for Lady Tiaryn to have a say in how quickly she might wish things to be, as well," Saethwyr says.